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JULY 16th – 31st 1917

Sick Sisters 123
57 General Hospital: 48 VAD members for 57 General Hospital arrived.
Left 39 Stationary Hospital at 10 a.m. – visited 57 CCS at St. Venant. The hospital was very quiet at the time of the visit – about 112 patients, including 4 officers – chiefly local sick and self-inflicted wounds. The Sister in charge is Miss Laughton, QAIMNSR. The hospital is in a building with a nice garden – the CO and officers are all members of the TFNS. The Sisters’ quarters are in the hospital and are quite comfortable.
To Merville – visited 54 CCS – Sister in charge A/Sister G. M. Jones, QAIMNS. The number of the patients at the time of the visit was 115 including 12 officers – a large number of these Portuguese. The Sister in charge reported that they were quite good patients but very dirty in their habits. The hospital is in a school – the wards are well kept and the Officers’ wards most comfortable. The nursing staff are comfortably housed in a billet about 3 minutes from the hospital. Had lunch with the Sisters in their billet.
To 51 CCS – a Territorial unit with Major Stirling, CO and Sister McCormick, QAIMNS Sister in charge. This hospital is also in a building – no officers’ wards. The accommodation for Sisters is not as comfortable as in other units – they have one sitting-room in the hospital and sleep and mess in a convent quite close. I asked the CO if he could try and arrange for the Sisters to have a mess of their own which he promised to arrange. Returned to Aire at 3.30 p.m. and left for Abbeville at 4. Did not arrive till 8 p.m. owing to an accident to the motor en route.

Sick Sisters 123
Efficiency Stripe: Received telegram from DGMS asking if the Efficiency Stripe had been awarded to all VAD members who were eligible for it. Repeated it to all areas.
VADs for 6 and 12 Stationary Hospitals: Sent orders to Havre, Etaples and Rouen for senior members to proceed to 6 and 12 Stationary Hospitals, it being necessary that these hospitals should now have a portion of VAD members owing to the shortage of trained nurses.
Sick List: DDMS Etaples telephoned that 2 Sisters had been admitted to Villa Tino from 2 Canadian CCS, both badly injured, one suffering from fractured ribs and the other from concussion, as the result of a motor accident. Their names were Sisters Jones and Savard, CAMC.
AANS in British units: Sent letter to Miss Conyers, Matron-in-Chief, AIF re moves of Australian Sisters and requesting that further moves should be withheld for the present.
Leave: Sent memo to Acting Principal Matrons, all bases asking that leaves should be curtailed.
10 Stationary Hospital: Spoke to DGMS about the Officers’ Hospital at St. Omer – had not observed anything to find fault with at 10 Stationary Hospital but thought at present that the service for officers at 58 General Hospital was a little rough and ready.

Sick Sisters 122
Reinforcements: 54 Americans and 24 VAD members arrived at Boulogne.
Miss Hordley’s pay: Copy of War Office letter stating that Miss Hordley, Matron, QAIMNS, could draw pay at £175 per annum for the period March 13th to April 19th whilst doing the duties of Principal Matron during the illness of Miss McCarthy.
Miss Macdonald: Matron-in-Chief, Canadian Contingents, called with Lady Perley, the wife of the High Commissioner, and Miss Rayside, Senior Matron, CAMC. The Matron-in-Chief had been making a tour of inspection of all Canadian Hospitals and Casualty Clearing Stations in this country.
Staff for CCS: Arranged for 8 members of the nursing staffs of 53, 54, 55, 56, and 57, 58 and 59 General Hospitals to place themselves in readiness for duty at Casualty Clearing Stations should their services be required.
Miss V. Thurston: Received letter from DGMS asking that if possible the services of Miss V. Thurston might be made use of in a military hospital. This lady was Matron at Dr. de Page’s hospital but had resigned. Rang up Principal Matron, BRCS and found that she is employed by them and therefore her services are not available.
A/Sister E. Hadfield, QAIMNSR: OC 31 Ambulance Train, forwarded through ADMS Ambulance Trains, a recommendation that A/Sister E. Hadfield should be awarded recognition for special devotion to duty during 10 months’ work on 31 Ambulance Train.
Sick List: Sent telegram to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, reporting that Sister E. Rumball, CHR, was dangerously ill with hydronephrosis. Informed DGMS.
Efficiency Stripe: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence with reference to the refusal of the Medical and Surgical Specialists at 83 Dublin General Hospital to sign the certificate for Efficiency Stripes for VAD members in the unit.

Sick Sisters 125
25 General Hospital: Miss Mackay, A/Matron, 25 General Hospital, reports completion of handing over the unit to the Australian nursing staff and disposal of mess funds.
South African General Hospital: Received copy of wire from War Office notifying that 5 Sisters and 18 probationers of the SAMNS for duty with South African Hospitals were embarking on the 21st, if this would be convenient. Replied yes.
Miss I. V. Jolly: Forwarded to DGMS confidential report on Miss I. V. Jolly, VAD. Report recommended that her probationary period should be extended.
Miss Wilton Smith, QAIMNS to Dieppe to 5 Stationary Hospital to give any help and information required to the Matron of the Australian nurses who have just taken over nursing charge of this unit from British Sisters.
Staff of CCS: Received telephone message from DGMS saying that all Clearing Stations in the 4th and 5th Armies were to have their nursing staff made up to 25 temporarily.

Sick Sisters 115
Sick Sisters’ Annex, 2 Stationary Hospital: Miss Haigh, A/Matron, proceeded on leave, and A/Sister E. Woollett, QAIMNS took over temporary charge during her absence.
4th Army: Received telephone message from Colonel Morgan, GHQ, to say that the Sisters for the 4th Army Casualty Clearing Stations would not be required for several days.
5th Army: Received telephone message from Surgeon-General Skinner, DMS, saying that 45 CCS and 3 Australian CCS were being established in the 5th Army, and 24 Sisters for each would be required on the 27th inst.
Promotion: Received letter from Matron-in-Chief, TFNS authorising the promotion of S/Nurses C. Pearce and E. J. Stokes, together with 18 other Staff Nurses, to the rank of Sister.
Application for QAIMNSR: Application received from Miss A. Stead, trained nurse in the employ of the BRCS, to join the QAIMNS Reserve. Forwarded forms to Miss Fletcher, Principal Matron, BRCS, for this lady to fill in.
Sick list: OC 4 CCS reported that Sister James had been sent down sick to Abbeville, and asked for someone to replace her; OC 19 CCS also reported that Sister Brasher had been sent down sick and asked that a relief might be sent at once.
1st Army: Received telephone message from DMS 1st Army saying that after the 27th, 20 nurses could be spared from his Casualty Clearing Stations for duty with another army if urgently required.
South African General Hospital: Received memo from Mrs. Creagh, Matron, South African General Hospital, saying she could spare 10 trained nurses for work in Army areas if required.
3 Australian General Hospital: The Matron of 3 Australian General Hospital also stated that she could spare 12 nurses for work in Army areas.

Sick Sisters 111
Reinforcements: 24 VAD members arrived in Boulogne for duty in the BEF.
Barges: 12 Sisters arrived at Abbeville off Barges which had been taken off the Somme area for Northern Canal duty. 6 of those ladies were sent on leave and the remaining 6 are to be accommodated at the Nurses’ Home, awaiting the re-establishment of the barges.
11 CCS: DMS 2nd Army wired for the Sisters for 11 CCS to rejoin their unit. These ladies have been resting at Hardelot after the recent bombing of the unit from aeroplanes.
WAAC Hospital: Report received from Matron, 35 General Hospital, re the number of servants required in the WAAC Hospital, which is about to be established at Calais.
American units: Authority asked by the OC 1 General Hospital (USA) that 4 nursing Sisters of the unit might be sent to Compiegne for the instruction in the Carrel Dakin treatment, for 10 days. Returned, asking if the expense was intended to be borne by the public.
Reinforcements: 5 Nursing Sisters and 18 Probationers for the South African General Hospital arrived in Boulogne.

Sisters McCarron and Weatherhead, AANS: Received copy of War Office letter authorising the embarkation of Sister M. McCarron and Staff Nurse H. Weatherhead, AANS for 2 Australian General Hospital. These ladies had previously served with this unit but had been sent to England by the OC for refusing to be inoculated.
Sick List: Miss M. Evans, VAD, who has been seriously ill with cerebro-spinal meningitis at 14 Stationary Hospital died at 5.55 a.m., her Sister being with her. The funeral has been notified to take place at 2 p.m.
Barges shelled: Received telephone message to say that shells had been dropped at Aire, also that 2 Sisters, Miss Benallack and Miss Flanagan, QAIMNSR had been brought in to 39 Stationary Hospital slightly wounded. These ladies were on duty on a barge when a shell burst at the side of the canal and sent up gravel and stones on to the barge.

Left Abbeville 2 p.m. – arrived DDMS’s office, Etaples, at 3.30. Saw Miss Stronach, A/Principal Matron of the area, and arranged about the withdrawal of more of the VAD members working with the American units, and for Miss Bennett, QAIMNSR to look after the interests of the VADs attached to 11 General Hospital in addition to those attached to 18 General. Discussed nursing matters in connection with various units in the area.
Visited 25 General Hospital at Hardelot, the nursing of which has recently been taken over by the Australians with Miss Kellett, RRC as Matron. She expressed herself delighted with the hospital and the accommodation for nurses, and reported that Miss Mackay, the late Matron, had made everything extremely easy and thoroughly explained the working of a British unit. The mess furnishings of this unit were taken over by the Australian Sisters at a valuation of £50, this valuation having been arrived at by a Board of three officers.
Visited Lady Gifford’s Convalescent Home at Hardelot – 16 nurses were in at the time of my visit, many from Clearing Stations at Bailleul, which had recently been evacuated on account of the shelling. Three more beds are now available for Convalescent Sisters in this Home, making a total of 25. Stayed the night at the Home.

Left Hardelot at 8.45 a.m. arriving at Boulogne at 9.15. Visited 7 Stationary Hospital – saw the CO and Matron, Miss Barrett, QAIMNS Retired. The hospital was not full at the time, and all was working well.
To 13 General Hospital – saw Miss Steenson, A/Principal Matron, who gave me a report on the work and nursing requirements of all units in the Boulogne area.
Visited the Hostel for Nurses recently taken over for the accommodation of nurses passing through Boulogne, with Sister G. Williams, QAIMNSR in charge. The house will be ready to accommodate nurses in three days’ time, the necessary equipment having been procured from the Ordnance, and the engineering service completed. This house is in a central position near the station and should be of the greatest benefit for the purpose for which it is intended.
To DDMS’ office – saw Colonel Forrest and discussed the establishment of a large club at Wimereux, there being now 500 nurses in that district and the present club insufficient. Arranged that nurses leaving for the front area should go through the anti-gas school and be fitted with respirators before leaving the Base. Asked the DMS if women servants could be supplied to the Chateau Mauricien as a temporary measure pending the decision as to the employment of General Service BRCS members.
To 14 General Hospital – lunched in the Sisters’ mess. Told Miss Fox, the Matron, to again apply for women servants as a temporary measure for the Chateau Mauricien, and said I thought she would have no difficulty in the matter.
Left for Calais at 2 p.m. Visited 35 General Hospital and the proceeded with Miss Mackay, the Matron, to 38 Stationary Hospital, a new unit just established and being staffed entirely by the Australian Nursing Service. Saw Miss Davidson, the Matron, who is delighted with the hospital, which is not yet completed, huts being in course of erection and only tents available for patients and staff at present. The huts should be completed in about a fortnight. The tents in which Sisters are accommodated are all boarded and quite comfortable. At the time of the visit, there were about 100 patients in hospital.
Visited the Duchess of Sutherland’s Hospital – No.9 BRCS Hospital, with accommodation for 150 patients. There were about 80 patients in at the time of my visit – all serious cases, the majority under Carrel-Dakin treatment. The new hut of 50 beds is now ready for occupation – very comfortable, and all in excellent order.
Visited the new Club just opened for nurses, under the presidency of Princess Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland. This Club is much appreciated by nurses stationed at Calais and also by nurses from trains and barges, who are constantly there, making use of the tea rooms and bath room, the latter being in great demand.
To ADMS office – saw Colonel Gordon, who discussed the requisite staff for the new hospital for WAAC workers on the site of the old Isolation Hospital. This hospital will not be ready for some weeks. Stayed the night at Calais, in a chalet near the Casino – part of the Sisters’ quarters.
Rest Club at St. Omer: Received memo from AQMG approving the establishment of Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses at St. Omer. Forwarded to DGMS and St. Omer for information.

Sick Sisters 118
Reinforcements: 24 VAD members arrived at Boulogne for duty with the BEF.
Nurses for Salonika: 30 VAD members on their way to Salonika arrived in Boulogne.

Left Calais 8 a.m. – arrived at Malo-les-Bains 9.45. To Headquarters, DMS 4th Army – saw Surgeon-General O’Keefe, who told me the number of nurses he would require at the CCS in his area during the next push - 25 in 1 Canadian CCS, 24, 39 and 36 CCS and possibly in one other (? 5 CCS) which is not yet ordered to this Army.
Visited 36 CCS at Zuydcoote – this CCS is situated in part of a huge sanatorium for consumption on an elevated site not far from the sea – sand dunes all round. Three pavilions of this sanatorium, with 75 beds in each, have been allotted to 36 CCS, and additional huts (Nissen) and tents were in course of erection. The Sisters have not yet been brought up. Arranged with the CO that there should be sufficient accommodation for the 25 nurses asked for. The Sisters will be comfortably accommodated in small Nissen huts in which additional windows have been placed for their comfort. A mess room of sufficient size to accommodate 30 has been put up. No patients were in at the time of the visit.
Proceeded to the Belgian frontier to visit the hospitals at Oost Hoek, but was turned back on account of difficulty with the Belgians who require a special pass in this part of the country. Returned to the DMS 4th Army’s office for the required permit. Lunched at St. Malo, and whilst waiting for the requisite pass visited Queen Alexandra’s Hospital at Malo-les-Bains – a small hospital of 200 beds which is entirely financed by Quakers and staffed by BRCS. This hospital received no battle casualties but local sick – English, French, Kaffirs, West Indians and Chinese – so many beds being allotted to each. A few bad accident cases were in at the time of my visit, and there were altogether 7 officers and 110 other patients.
Received Special Pass from APM and proceeded again to the Belgian frontier. Had considerable difficulty even with the special pass, this being a new piece of the line taken over by the British, the Belgians were not accustomed to the Army Nursing Service and desired to treat them as civilians. This matter will be put right before more nurses are sent up.
Visited No.1 Canadian CCS at Oost Hoek – 900 cases in at the time of the visit, all badly gassed. The CO informed me that they had had 2500 of these cases through and a large number of deaths. The patients appeared to be suffering very acutely. As this is the only hospital with the full nursing staff, the brunt of the work was borne in this CCS. No.24 and 39 CCS which adjoin were not ready for reception of patients, but would be in two days’ time. The nursing staff of 24 CCS are under orders to proceed.
Left Oost Hoek at 5 p.m. and arrived at Abbeville 9.30, being held up on the road many times by movements of troops.

Sick Sisters 112
Efficiency Stripe: DGMS approves of the certificate for the Efficiency Stripe for VAD members being signed by the Matron and CO only, if it is not possible to obtain the signature of the Medical and Surgical Specialists, as laid down in the original certificate issued by him and forwarded to all units.
Sick List: Visited Miss C. Cameron, CHR at the Sick Sisters’ Hospital, suffering from Pyelitis. Her condition has slightly improved, but she is still very weak. There were 5 patients in this hospital at the time of my visit, 2 of whom were WAAC Workers, Miss Cameron being the only one seriously ill.
SAMNS: 10 nurses from the South African General Hospital were detailed for temporary duty at Casualty Clearing Stations, the Matron, Mrs. Creagh, having offered their help.
55 CCS: Received telephone message from Miss Potts, Sister, ANSR who has recently taken over charge of 55 CCS, saying that Miss Lloyd whom she is relieving had had no orders. Repeated copy of orders to DMS 3rd Army, this unit having now been taken over by that Army.
Miss Wyllie, QAIMNSR called at the office. She has just been relieved from 10 Ambulance Train, after 10 months, and asked that she might be given work in a front area.
83 Dublin General Hospital: Received letter from A/Principal Matron, Boulogne, asking that more trained people might be sent to 83 Dublin General Hospital.
Mrs Furse: Letter received from Mrs. Furse, Commandant-in-Chief, VADs, saying that the 3 VAD asked for – Miss Knapp, the Hon. E. and the Hon. A. Stopford – would embark for France the first week in August.

Sick Sisters 106
4 Canadian CCS: Forwarded to DGMS application from ADMS St. Omer for nursing staff of 4 Canadian CCS to be brought over from England – 4 only of this staff are already in France.
Rest Club at Boulogne: Received memo from DDMS Boulogne re the question of an additional club for nursing Sisters at Wimereux. This club would also be one of Princess Victoria’s Clubs; the present one being too small, it is suggested that a larger house should be taken. There is already one nurses’ club in Boulogne which is under Mrs. Robertson Eustace’s management. This only provides for trained nurses in the Boulogne area, but the club at Wimereux would provide for trained staff and VAD members – there are about 500 nurses in the Wimereux area now.
Leave: Circular sent to all Bases notifying that all ordinary leave for nursing Sisters should be stopped for the present – applications should be submitted later. Leave under special circumstances will still be granted.
25 Stationary Hospital: Correspondence shown to me with regard to complaints made by a VAD member about her treatment at 25 Stationary Hospital. These complaints proved not to be justified. The VAD members who were called upon to substantiate the complaints did not support the member who had made them.
A/Sister Nicholson, QAIMNS No. 25 Ambulance Train, called at the office with a request for leave. She was told that she must re-submit her application at a later date.
Miss Wilson, Matron, 3 Australian General Hospital, reported a sick Sister, and called to ask where she should be sent. Arranged a bed at No.2 Stationary Hospital Annex.
Request for nurses: Sent letter to Miss Richards at the War Office by King’s Messenger, asking for more nurses if possible, on account of heavy demands which have been made for nurses in the front areas.
Miss Perkins, A/Matron, QAIMNS returned from leave in England and was sent for a few days’ extra leave at Hardelot.

Sick Sisters 95
Reinforcements: 26 VAD members arrived, from England.
American units: Memo received from DDMS Etaples stating that the money for mess furnishings taken over by the two American units at 11 and 18 General Hospitals had now been paid over by them to the late Matrons of those units for distribution amongst the members of the mess, in accordance with instructions issued.
54 General Hospital: Received from DDMS Boulogne, application sent from 54 General Hospital, asking that the nursing staff who have been temporarily employed in Army areas may, on completion of this duty, return to their own unit. Replied that orders to this effect had already been issued. The OC also asked that all casualties occurring in the unit might be made up from the 3rd and 4th London General Hospitals, as this arrangement had been made prior to leaving England. Application was made to DGMS that the 3 members of this unit who have been sent home sick, namely, S/Nurses E. Wood, E. Labart and D. Goss, TFNS, might be replaced.
Visited 3 Australian General Hospital, and inspected the Sisters’ quarters, which are all most comfortable and well ventilated, extra windows and cupboards having been put in for the convenience of the nurses.
2 Australian CCS: Letter received from Mrs. Stobo, Sister in charge, 2 Australian CCS at Trois Arbres, telling me of bombs dropped on the hospital – 2 orderlies and 2 patients being killed and 12 patients injured. No Sisters were hurt.

Sick Sisters 93
Sister Pratt, AANS: Arranged that Miss Wilson, Matron, 3 Australian General Hospital, should proceed to Boulogne to visit Sister Pratt, AANS who had been wounded at 1 Australian CCS and is being evacuated to England this afternoon. Miss Pratt has only been 3 days in Boulogne having been kept 3 weeks at 10 Stationary Hospital before being moved.
Sick Sisters, Rouen: Application received from DDMS Rouen for 2 additional maids for Sick Sisters’ Hospital, Rouen, 50 additional beds for WAAC workers being now in use. Forwarded to AAG.

Sick Sisters 95
Sister E. Baugh, QAIMNSR: Received copy of War Office letter ordering a Medical Board to be held on Sister E. Baugh, QAIMNSR, this lady having returned to France without waiting for a Board which had been convened in England. This Board has been held on the 27th inst. and the proceedings forwarded this day to the War Office. This lady is resigning her appointment, after having been passed fit by Medical Board.
Miss McCarthy, Matron-in-Chief: Application received from Miss McCarthy, Matron-in-Chief, BEF for 7 days’ extension of leave from August 2nd to 9th.
3 General Hospital: Miss Willetts, Matron, 3 General Hospital, telephoned asking for extra help owing to pressure of work. Promised VAD help on the arrival of the next contingent of VAD members from home.
Barges: Wire received asking that the 12 Sisters who had been taken off the barges on the Somme should rejoin their barges forthwith, the barges being on the Northern Canal. Six of these Sisters were on leave and have been wired for, to return forthwith.
Nurses for Corfu: 7 nurses en route for Corfu arrived at Boulogne to proceed through France to Taranto.

Sick Sisters 100
Miss McCarthy, Matron-in-Chief: Wire sent to Miss McCarthy, Matron-in-Chief, BEF approving extension of her leave on private affairs from August 2nd to 9th.
Rest Club, Abbeville: Application made to DGMS for an additional VAD to work in the Nurse’ Club, Abbeville. At present only 2 are employed on this duty and as the house taken is a large one, it is considered additional help is required.
American Units: DGMS returned application made by OC 1 General Hospital (Presbyterian Unit, USA) for permission for 4 Sisters to proceed to Compiegne for instruction in the Carrel-Dakin treatment. He gave the reply that arrangements could be made, on the understanding that no expense to the public is incurred.
Almeric Paget Masseuses: Received copy of War Office letter notifying the arrival of 10 masseuses of the Almeric Paget Military Massage Corps – date of departure to be notified later. War Office letter requests that in making further demands it should be borne in mind that the numbers are limited, and they are greatly needed at home for orthopaedic cases.
The Archbishop of York and Bishop Gwynne visited Abbeville and dedicated a new chapel recently built at the South African General Hospital, - dedication service and confirmation.
Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox came to Abbeville, and called to see me re the day to be selected when Sisters might invite officers to tea at the Nurses’ Club.

Sick Sisters 95
Miss Wilton Smith, QAIMNS proceeded from Headquarters on leave to Hardelot.
Matron-in-Chief, AIF: Received letter from Miss Conyers, Matron-in-Chief, AIF stating that she was proceeding to France on a tour of inspection of the Australian units as soon as her permit could be arranged.
Rest Club, Wimereux: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence re the Rest Club for Nurses at Wimereux, stating that an extension was urgently needed in view of the fact that there were over 700 nurses in that district.
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office telegram asking how many trained nurses could be accommodated by August 14th. Replied 250, and 50 urgently needed.
1 Australian CCS: DMS 1st Army asked for 3 extra Sisters for 1 Australian CCS – urgently needed.
Demands for staff: Urgent demands for increase of staff in Boulogne and St. Omer hospitals received, owing to large numbers of serious shell gas cases, which required incessant day and night nursing and the consequent heavy calls on the nursing staff. Additional nurses also required for the infectious hospital at Etaples owing to a local outbreak of dysentery.

Left Abbeville for Boulogne at 11.30 a.m. – visited 7 Stationary Hospital and the Nurses’ Hostel, which is now ready for the accommodation of nurses. Visited 3 Canadian General Hospital, and went round the hospital with the CO and Matron. About 500 patients only were in at the time of the visit, but a convoy was expected. A number of serious shell cases were in.
Visited Chateau Mauricien and saw all the sick Sisters – at present no-one on the seriously ill list.
Returned to Abbeville 8.30 p.m.

Establishments opened
No.38 Ambulance Train, on 16.7.17; Staff supplied – 3

Establishments closed – Nil

Trained Nurses – 30*
Untrained Nurses – 97*
*This does not include the total staff of 59 General Hospital (Trained 50, Untrained 49) and the untrained staff of 57 General Hospital (Untrained 48) who arrived during the month.

Transfers to Home Establishment
Trained – 4

Sent home sick
Trained – 16
Untrained – 11

Returned from sick leave
Trained – 2
Untrained – 7

Total sick at present in England
Trained – 102
Untrained – 67

Resignations sent forward
Trained – 7

Approximate No. of leaves granted - 533

VADs returned to England
Resigned – 6
Invalided – 2
Termination of contract – 10
Transferred to Home Establishment – 4
Total – 22

S/Nurse M. Meikle, QAIMNSR – Mrs. Smalley.
Miss G. Hockey, VAD – Mrs. Yates
Miss C. G. Morgan, VAD – Mrs. Morgan.

Miss M. Evans, VAD on 22.7.17, from cerebro-spinal meningitis.

Total Nursing Staff now in BEF
Trained – 2512
Untrained – 1822

Shortage according to War Establishment – 287


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