Wrote Colonel Goodwin re Miss Fox’s condition. Orders sent to Miss Newman QAIMNS for duty at 3 General as Assistant Matron. Correspondence re Casualty Clearing Station (Canadian) to DGMS. Correspondence re Private McGee Canadian Contingent who died at 5 Casualty Clearing Station forwarded to DGMS. Miss Knowles the Sister-in-Charge says if she could have his photograph she might be able to remember him, but they were so rushed at the time that it was as much as they could do to look after the wounded as they came in so quickly and were evacuated. Busy with correspondence. Sister A. P. Wilson has put in for leave and is anxious to spend it at Hardelot. Wrote saying it could be arranged, to apply through her OC and DMS 3rd Army, and I wrote to Miss Hordley, APM Boulogne to arrange it. Miss Mark to go Home about Wednesday. She is improving daily and is now going out each day. Great excitement when papers arrived in consequence of the Mentions appearing. Arranged Staff for No.20 Ambulance Train, just arrived.

Busy all day checking names and addresses with category under which every lady is working in France. Made more difficult by not being given definite instructions from the WO and the ‘Sample Unit’ for circulation which was forwarded had not been completed, as the return was … .  Letter from Commandant and Matron, Cimiez. Matron not quite satisfactory for the post. Am arranging to make a change. Busy trying to complete Staffs, giving them their proper proportion of trained and untrained – very short of trained Nurses. Leave question becoming a difficulty in consequence of the port being so often closed.
Miss Hordley Assistant Principal Matron vice Miss Mark instructed. Miss Woodford TFNS who meets arriving and departing Nursing Members transferred to 13 General, so as to be on Miss Hordley’s Staff, and to assist in her office. Telegram from Queen Alexandra, thanking us for our Christmas wishes. “I pray that you all may have health and strength to carry on your noble work , Alexandra.” This will be circulated, as also Sir John French’s letter is going to be. Letter from Matron-in-Chief re minutes (replies) which were sent from this office which she considered were not too courteous. Wrote at once saying that I was distressed that I did not know to which she referred, and that I regretted that any minutes could have been written which could have been read in any other spirit than which it was intended.

Busy with correspondence. Next of kin, names and addresses with amendments forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, sorted out and sent according to their various categories, forwarded by post in 4 separate envelopes, numbered, covering letter in No.1. Miss Barbier’s throat has been troubling her – took her to 2 Stationary where she was seen by Major Meadows – who has been given a tonic to gargle and swallow. The Canadian Hospital going to Boulogne after all, since the OC appealed officially. This arrangement necessitates 2 moves instead of 1 – No.4 from Versailles will now take up the position at Dannes Camiers which the Canadian now occupies.
Correspondence re S/N Priestley QAIMNSR now returned. There is no doubt she never wished to resign, and the OC has now been asked to forward either her resignation or her application for leave, whichever he thinks desirable. The whole matter is rather annoying as S/N Priestley has never been satisfactory, has never applied officially for leave, and has just created a fuss, her main object being to return to France, because of the allowances which she does not draw on board ship, and which was her original grievance and reason for leaving the ship. Heard from DGMS that the Cannes Home was not approved by either the IGC or AG. Wrote to Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox. Sent orders for Miss A. L. Walker QAIMNS 13 Stationary to go to Cimiez as Matron on relief, Miss Tunley to join 25 General as Matron, Miss A. Allen QAIMNS to do Matron’s duties at 13 Stationary during Miss Walker’s absence. Re-arranging the VADs, giving some to those units which have already had none, in the hopes of having sufficient trained nurses for all units, but when 4 General re-opens we will be very short. Miss Fox better, temperature down. Miss Cheetham and Miss Byers Gazetted Matrons. Wrote congratulating.
Mrs. Furze sent a large number of envelopes for VADs in France to be addressed. The contents a copy of which was sent to me, being a neat little envelope containing remarks as to what is expected of the VADs to be kept in their Pocket Books and ending – Do your duty loyally, fear God, Honour the King. Signed Katherine Furze, Commandant in Chief, Women’s VADs, and a verse from Kipling – L’Envoie.
Letter from Miss Barratt upon taking up her appointment as Acting Matron 7 Stationary Hospital, and letting me [know] of Miss Byrne CHR, engagement to a Surgical Specialist at 1 CCS, saying had both behaved very well and been quite straightforward about it. She had told the OC, and had said that she would be moved, she knew. They do not wish to marry until after the War. Captain Gale to know if Miss Amos, CHR, stationed at 5 Stationary Hospital, might be allowed to sing in a quartette at the Soldiers’ Home. Said I regretted this could not be permitted. Went to 2 Stationary Hospital. Saw the new sick officers’ accommodation which will be very good indeed. Delay caused in the completion is due to the slowness of the French workmen. Everything going very smoothly and happily. 2 Sisters were busy making all the curtains, which have to be dark green, and had been fortunate in borrowing 2 sewing machines from some neighbours.

Letter to OC Brassards and Miss Crowdy, Principal Commandant, VADs, saying that a circular letter was being sent to all areas impressing on the Matrons the necessity of the VADs taking special care of their Brassards. Copy sent to OC Brassards and Miss Crowdy. VAD Keppel, 2 months’ service, asking leave Home, mother very … . IGC had laid down except on very special circumstances leave is not granted under 6 months’ service. Staff Nurse Blackett applied for extension of leave, 7 days, anaemic. Replied DDMS Boulogne, she should have sent Medical Certificate as she should have returned on 2nd – 5 days leave was sanctioned to regulate her position. Letter from M-in-C WO re application of a Miss Teskey for Reserve, who stated she had been doing dressings at a Convalescent Depot, and had a certificate from Major Campbell to that effect. Will look into the matter, as in times of rush, I have always arranged for 3 Nurses to attend daily at these Camps to assist the MO with the dressings. Wrote Matron 10 Stationary to supply relief to enable Miss Snape QR from one of the Barges to get her leave. VAD Daly wrote to say OC Records had granted her an extension of 10 days leave!!! Engagement terminated. WO wire later asking for extension of 3 weeks leave to A. P. Smartt TFNS – brother fractured spine – sanctioned. Miss A. B. Smith asked that VAD Cameron, a cook, could be sent to Nursing Sisters’ Hospital, Villa Tino, so that VAD Warner can get her leave – arranged. Miss Batteson, Q retired, resignation accepted. Miss Taggart, 10 General replacing her, 20th.

Left 10am Treport, arrived 11am. Visited SMO Treport and then went over new quarters 16 General, with a view to seeing the maximum accommodation they have for Nursing Staff, the employment of VADs in quarters and kitchen, and the withdrawal of batmen. Everything very satisfactory and well managed. The Mess and Anteroom comfortable and pretty.
To 3 General Hospital, where I went over the officers’ accommodation, sick, which is vastly improved. Saw some of the sick officers, also Mrs. Ponsonby and Mrs. Hale, both relatives, a wife and a mother, with seriously wounded officers. They spoke most highly of all the care and attention they and their dear ones were receiving. The Nursing Sisters now have a comfortable sitting room. The building is now put in order and able to receive their maximum number of patients. The Huts are completed, also the one for the Nursing Staff, this enabling me to increase their staff by 14. This is a great boon as this Hospital has always been understaffed.
3pm. To Dieppe, Section A, 5 Stationary. Raining heavily. This camp is now hutted, Miss Barwell Senior being Acting Matron. There is much requiring attention which I pointed out. The Hospital is not in such good order as in Miss Bowles’ time, but then the weather was good. Now there are masses of mud which I feel should be taken into consideration. The house in which the Staff is accommodated is near the Hospital, is comfortable and well kept, but there seems some doubt as to the drainage, and another is being looked for that is better situated and larger, and it is anticipated that this Camp will be considerably larger before very long. Looking into all Nursing Home arrangements in each Hospital and signed Mess Books. Went out to Etretat, 1 General Hospital, arriving at 7pm. Stayed night. Everything most comfortable. Some of the Staff played and sang after dinner. The OC and Major had dinner with the Matron and myself.

Went over Hospital, and (quarters in 3 Buildings) Hospital in 5 different Buildings. Everything most satisfactory and comfortable, both in Hospital and quarters. Signed Mess Book. Accommodation here also for 4 Sick Sisters in Sisters’ Quarters, and 35 officers in Officers’ Hospital, the situation beautiful. Went out [to] Isolation Hospital, Havre where I had lunch – all now hutted. Everything in excellent order. The patients dinners were being given, which looked excellent and were appetisingly served. The Nurses’ Mess excellent. A VAD Miss Kydd, doing the cooking which was first rate. I saw her, she enjoys the work, and does not feel it too much – a batman doing the dirty work. Signed Mess Books. Telephoned to ADMS from Etretat, saying what I was doing and that I would call at the office on arrival at Havre, but received a message to go at 5pm, as he was going round with Col. Leishman.

Went direct to 2 General , to Quai D’Escale – going well. This has been recently considerably increased. All huts now being under the Matron’s care, and some more to come. In addition to soldiers, women and children on their way to India are accommodated for a day or two waiting to pick up their connection. The OC very keen and is constantly making improvements in all his separate charges. Nurses’ accommodation good. Then to Casino, which was not in its usual state of perfection, Miss Worthington being in charge, and seemed quite unable to manage. The teas were being given anyhow. She didn’t know how many Staff she had. It is unfortunate that such a senior Sister has no administrative powers. A nice woman, liked by everyone, but no manager. Mess and Nurses’ accommodation satisfactory.
Officer’s Hospital with Miss Hayes QI retired in charge. Hospital not as smart looking as in Sister Barber’s time. Accommodation for 28 officers and 6 Sick Sisters.
Palais first rate. Accommodation largely increased by Huts, which were excellently kept. Acting Sister Roy in charge, and managing well. Staff accommodated very comfortably in 2 houses.
6 Stationary Hospital. Well managed and an air of comfort everywhere. Only local sick, who were being well nursed, and look comfortable and happy. House for Nursing Staff – bedrooms most comfortable and well kept. Kitchen premises bad – badly kept and dirty, 3 batmen. The Matron is going to improve matters and pay more attention to this department, which it is evident has been left too much in the entire charge of a not very good Home Sister.
Went to the office. Saw ADMS and told him of the various points which I had already pointed out to the Matrons. Stayed the night at 2 General Hospital, in the Nursing Quarters at Quai D’Escale.

Left at 8.30am for Rouen, arriving at 6 General at 11am. Telephoned to DDMS, who asked me to go to the office at 6pm. Saw Miss Reid and OC Learned Mrs. Hoskins* had been sent to the Sick Sisters’ Division at 8 General, 2 days before. Her husband had been to see her, but had not seen either of the DDMS as he had only 2 hr to spare, and that the next day she was sent Home sick on the Copenhagen, Miss Reid seeing her off – she had already written to General Hoskins.
Before lunch went to 5 General Hospital. Nothing very satisfactory, a want of care and supervision. Meals not very comfortably given. The Nurses’ quarters very good, but a something lacking. A great many seriously wounded, and heavy operation cases.
After lunch to 1st Stationary (Meerut Isolation Hospital) and 9 General Hospital, 9 General being especial good, but all going smoothly and an air of comfort and order everywhere. All MOs talking in the highest terms of the Nurses and their care and attention to the sick. All quarters most comfortable, some of the bedrooms exceedingly pretty – only furniture Camp Kit and Red Cross boxes covered with pretty cretonnes, and dados on the wall made with coloured paper of different colours and shades, upon which have been pasted pictures of different kinds.
To DDMS office, where Mrs. Hoskins' health was discussed, the trouble Miss Claridge had caused, and the arrangements now being made for sick officers at 8 General Hospital. DDMS also spoke of Miss Roscoe’s capabilities, Acting Matron, 3 Stationary Hospital.
Returned to 10 General Hospital where I stayed the night. Miss Bills the Acting Matron having her Mess in most excellent order. Great care and thought had been expended in selecting cheap and pretty curtains etc., and some of the VADs had made cushions and corner seats most cleverly.

* Myfanwy Hoskins [née Williams] a former member of QAIMNS who had left in 1914 on her marriage to Major-General Sir Arthur Reginald Hoskins.  She rejoined the QAIMNS Reserve during the war, but was eventually invalided out on the grounds of neuraesthenia.

Began at 9am. Went over 12 General Hospital where Miss M. Smith had recently taken over from Miss Cheetham who had gone to the MEF. All arrangements good. Accommodation comfortable for Nursing Staff, the special huts for patients occupied and very comfortable and well managed. The OC satisfied with everything, and spoke highly of Miss Fairchild Assistant Matron, who he said had improved so tremendously in every way since he knew her at Woolwich.
10 General Hospital. Everything satisfactory. The OC Col. Birt speaking highly of the Nursing Staff. Very busy, many wounded.
11 Stationary Hospital. Miss Mackay, L. E., Acting Matron, not looking very well, a bad cold. Arranged about her leave, and am sending Miss M. C. Johnstone QAIMNS to do temporary duty there during her absence as she has not anyone capable of taking the holiday. The Hospital is in its usual condition, with numbers of seriously wounded, all giving one the comfortable feeling that they are having every care and attention. The Nursing Staff is now in huts, and the Mess is to be enlarged which will prove a great advantage, the present one being too small.
Then to 6 General, which is in its usual state of order and comfort. Many more seriously ill both surgical and mental. Cupboards, day rooms and wards all in order and great care being given to the serving of meals both in the wards and dining hall. Miss Reid the Assistant Principal Matron in charge of this unit, spoke of the great assistance given by Miss Beamish the Assistant Matron, and the OC spoke highly of his present Staff, also the relief which was experienced when Miss Claridge left for England. Miss Reid and I had lunch with the DDMS, Colonel Murray Irwin, and after lunch we visited:-
No.2 Officers' Red Cross Hospital with Mrs. de Winter in charge – only 30 officers at the time.
No.3 Stationary Hospital with Miss Roscoe as Acting Matron. This unit has always been a most satisfactory one in every respect, building, wards, and quarters.
Then to 8 General to see the arrangements which are being made for the accommodation of 100 sick officers. This so far is far from satisfactory, but the REs had been approached with reference to many urgent structural improvements which are required, and the Ordnance and BRCS had been approached for articles of furniture and equipment needed. When they are supplied, the rooms and huts set apart should prove very good and the accommodation ample. Miss Clements is very anxious for everything to be excellent and I arranged to send her some extra help in the way of Sisters who have already had experience in working in Officers’ Hospitals which are working well. Then left for Abbeville arriving 9pm.

During my absence that:
Miss Batteson’s resignation had been accepted for 21st. She had been informed. Miss Taggart instructed to relieve her on 20th. Miss C. M. Pearce’s report returned from Boulogne, with remarks from her, as she did not know that she had not given satisfaction, nor had the OC 14 Train complained in any way. Will look into the matter. Official letter from GHQ re arrival of Mrs. Henshaw a lady being sent by Canadian Government to see Canadian Hospitals in France with a view of returning to Canada to lecture and to let the Canadians know what is required. Miss Hordley APM instructed to meet her and take her round Boulogne area. Miss Irwin resignation from Isolation Hospital Etaples arrived, reason, approaching marriage. No.9 Ambulance Train garaged at Sotteville, Nursing Staff instructed to join 6 General temporarily for duty.  Miss Templeton-Hannah’s QAIMNS 3 months report arrived. Satisfactory and forwarded to GHQ.
Dehorted wired Nurse Piddock (transfer from BRCS, Duchess of Westminster’s Hospital) arriving. Sent orders to Boulogne to be given on arrival. Letter from DG re Convalescent Home for Nurses at Mentone run by BRCS to be reconsidered. This has already been refused for our Nurses, as the Home at Cannes was not approved in consequence of the length of the journey. The correspondence to be submitted to IGC as Cannes one had been. General Hoskins came to see me at 8.30am, left no message.

Letter from Matron, Lahore British General Hospital, re maximum number of Staff able to be accommodated. Circular letter sent re Queen Alexandra’s telegram and Sir J. French’s letter to all units, military and voluntary. Circular re importance of care of Brassards to all units where VADs are employed. Circular re leave and the taking of tickets at Assistant MLOs* office on quay on arrival at Boulogne by those who are returning to their units by train. Miss R. Lindsay N.Z. accepted.  Miss Reape QAIMNSR proceeded on leave. Relief sent to Barge during her absence from 10 Stationary.
News from Boulogne that they had been bombed from a German Aeroplane, at a great height. No damage done. This is the first time Boulogne has been attacked. Letter from Miss Fletcher - she wants to see me with reference to XI Train the next day I am in Boulogne. Application from Miss Chatfield BRCS, 16 Train for QAIMNSR. Papers sent. Miss Rankin QAIMNSR resignation accepted. Miss Couillard CAMC marriage reported when on leave, now Mrs. Gibson. Miss McKitrick late ANSR ___ .
Miss Fowler, American Sister 22 General mentally unstable. Matron asks whether she should be removed from the Service. Requested that the necessary arrangements should be made for her removal. Both she and Miss B. Duncan were transferred to England from Harvard Unit, since their arrival in France, both mental.
Miss Smartt’s leave extended in consequence of serious illness of brother – fractured spine. Miss Love, QR with orders for duty at Highland CCS at Villars Bocage sur Somme, was sent by mistake to Villars Bocage, Cherbourg – 3 days journeying before returning to her proper unit. These orders must be sent in future to travel via Amiens, to prevent any further accident.

* Military Landing Officer

Miss Thorold QAIMNS 3 months’ report forwarded GHQ, entirely satisfactory. Miss Oxley’s report since trouble in Boulogne sent from 6 General Hospital. Satisfactory except no real knowledge of surgical work.  Wrote Miss Ford QAIMNSR re her brother, who has just been invalided from the Navy, saying she should apply officially to War Office with reference to his going to Cimiez, and that this office will arrange the transfer if approved by WO. Miss Heffernan’s (QAIMNSR) transfer to Home Establishment approved.
Major Smallman brought a list of units, giving the departments and numbers where it has been considered possible to replace men by women. Received letter from General Hoskins re his wife saying she was unhappy at 6 General Hospital. 3 Nurses QAIMNSR temporarily lent to the Australian Hospital, transferred to Casualty Clearing Stations.

Wrote General Hoskins re his wife expressing regret that she was unhappy at No.6 as Miss Reid was one of our best Matrons and I did not think she would permit anyone willingly to be unhappy under her. Said that his wife had already approached the DMS with a view to getting on a train so that she might be nearer to him and emphasising the fact at the same time that her only cause of unhappiness was her separation. Said I would look into the matter, when his wife returned. Wrote to DDMS Rouen also sending letter and mine (copies). Miss Woodhouse sent maximum accommodation for Nursing Sisters. Received letter from Miss Reid re Mrs Hoskins and enclosing copy of letter she wrote to the General.

At Billet all day with severe cold. Correspondence brought to me. DG rang up asking that I would arrange for Miss Fox and his daughter Dorothy, VAD, to go to Villa Tino for change. He said he had seen Miss A. B. Smith on the subject. Wrote to Colonel Goodwin on the subject telling him that the DG had phoned on the subject. Miss Fox having now recovered from her severe attack of Influenza, I didn’t know whether the OC would not consider it advisable for her to go Home. Wire from Dehorted notifying Miss Walker and Miss Goodacre’s return from sick leave. Sent orders for them to go to 18 General Hospital.
Major Kettlewell called. Informed Miss Reid Miss … VAD engagement terminates in March. She should send in her resignation as she wishes to leave sooner. Sent circular letter re inoculation of VADs to all units where they are serving. OC 6 Train recommends N. Grassick for Mentions in Despatches in consequence of her recent excellent work on the Train at all times, especially in times of stress.

WO letter requesting report from MO 14 General who looked after Miss Dalton previous to her transfer Home on the Sick List. DDMS Boulogne telephoned re the Nursing Staff of the Canadian Unit going to the Jesuit College. The OC wanted the Staff to be billeted in Boulogne, until the Hospital was [ready].  Replied this could not be sanctioned, as they were now quite well accommodated at Dannes Camiers until their new quarters were ready. His suggestion would only cause an unnecessary expense to the Government.
Received VAD … resignation and forwarded it to DGMS. Forwarded Miss Morrison TFNS application to resign to WO, reason – wanted at the post she had left to come out here. Letter from Miss Becher, re Miss Teskey, an application for the Reserve who stated she had been doing dressings at a Convalescent Camp, and forwarded a Certificate from Major Campbell RAMC to that effect. Wrote explaining matters, and saying I would inquire into the matter.
Letter from Miss Richards for Miss Becher, re Members of the Nursing Staff in possession of RRC which had not been presented, reporting these particulars when going Home on leave, so that they should attend any investiture which may be occurring while they are Home. Said I would arrange it. A wire from Dehorted asking if it could be arranged for any Members who had been awarded RRC and not presented to be sent on leave for investiture on 15th. Arranged for 3 Qs, 2 TFNS and 1CHR . Wired instructions to areas and replied to Dehorted and GHQ, Miss G. M. Smith, Miss Congleton, Miss Corbishley QAIMNS; Miss P. M. … , Miss Le Sueur TFNS; Miss A. Hansard, Bart’s. Letter from Miss A. B. Smith re pressure of work and necessity of sending some of her Staff to Hardelot avoid them knocking up. Asked her to get temporary help from 26 General where their Staff is complete and where at present there are a large number of scabies. Letter from Miss Steenson 4 General, saying how they are getting [on] with the closing of 4 General at Versailles – all very sad.

Went to Boulogne with Miss Barbier, who is going on leave for 14 days, as she has not been at all well.
Went to 14 General Hospital. Saw Colonel Goodwin about Miss Dalton’s report. Then see Sister off. Went to lunch at DDMS office, and asked him to look into the question of Miss Teskey, working at the Convalescent Camp of which we knew nothing. Saw Miss Hordley who had been going round with the Canadian Lady Mrs. Henshaw who is much annoyed that she is not permitted to go to the Front. Wanted to know by whose orders, so that some pressure might be brought to bear!!! She is very impressed with what she has seen. Got back 4pm.

Colonel Halton Base Commandant came about his niece, a Miss Halton, VAD, not on our books. Miss Leigh’s resignation accepted. Mrs. Hope, a transfer from BRCS appointment received, ordered to 3 General.
Wire from Cimiez, Nurse urgently needed temporarily, Commander Jephson* dangerously ill. Phoned Versailles at 4.30pm asking them to send Miss Rooke QAIMNS without fail by 8pm from Paris – received wire that she had left. Received 1 case of Badges of 178, and received notice that another case containing 105 had left. Miss Priestley’s application for leave received – sanctioned. Arranged that relief should be sent to the Newhaven during her absence from Lahore British General Hospital Calais, where the ship now is. Excellent report received from OC 2 CCS on Miss … work during the past 8 months.

* George Douglas Jephson, Commander, Royal Navy
Commonwealth War Graves Commission entry

Miss Devenish-Meares and Miss Jarvis arrived and sent to 3 General. Instructions from WO through DGMS for 15 Canadians from Treport and Etaples to be transferred Home. Will be replaced by others. Wired instructions. DDMS Boulogne sent information re Miss Newton’s marriage and date – Mrs. Searle-Baker.  Miss Maxwell-Moffat and Miss D. Wood (both Reserves) resignations received – reason – both apparently marriage. Colonel Jenkins came to say goodbye and introduce his successor.
WO letter asking for report on Miss Nunn and Miss Weir with view to promotion – Miss Weir, MEF. Sent for Miss Nunn’s at once. WO letter accepting resignation of VAD Frost-Bransholt not on our books. Circular letter sent re removal of lodging and fuel and light allowance to all members of the Nursing Service, Army Order 501-1914. All officers are still drawing it!!
DDMS Boulogne reported the difficulty of obtaining house for Nurses. Sent on to Director of Works asking if he can assist in the matter. Wrote Matron-in-Chief re Territorial VADs – have only realized their existence. Sent by St. John’s – wear our cap and a red cross similar to RAMC badge on their arm. Ask whether VADs with a 2nd month’s probationary period, whether contract was still to be counted as 7 months. Leave granted Miss Smith VAD, mother terminally ill – sanctioned. New contract forms received this month for VADs 2nd term of service, which are most satisfactory. Three Nurses from Liverpool Merchants’ Hospital applied for QAIMNS – sent Reserve forms to Miss Colston, and Mackay had her regular forms. Wrote and explained to Matron-in-Chief.
Miss Keats application, I sent on to the WO explaining.

Busy with correspondence. Miss A. B. Smith promotion to Principal Matron in Paris Daily Mail – rang her up. She had had no news of it until then. Colonel Jenkins came to say goodbye – invalided to England.
Busy with Badges all afternoon, checking and sending off. Still a great many nurses going sick. Letter from General Hoskins acknowledging mine, and saying that he never knew until he had left No.6 General that the Matron was the Miss Reid [who] had been so kind to him at Aldershot. 7 Canadians arrived to replace some of the 15 who left for England yesterday. Message from Col. Goodwin saying that Captain Brough does not return until 24th when Miss Dalton’s report will be forwarded without delay. Forwarded this to DGMS.
Letter from Nurse Millard, asking for things to be returned to her address, Belgrave Road. She never I fancy intended going to France, and another communication from the sender written on a Harrods’ memo to here – the name he had erased, but address left, saying I should hear from Miss Millard as to the disposal of her letters and the parcel from Goldsmiths Company – most peculiar! Letter from Miss Tunley on her return from Cimiez. Letter from Miss Walker on her arrival at Cimiez.

Great excitement over Honours’ List. Sent RRC ribbon and broaches to as many as I could. Sent off first lot of Badges which have arrived since July order, in Registered packets, as I found it almost impossible to give one to each individual member. DMS and Sir A. Lawley started for Cimiez. Busy with correspondence. Entered Mentions in Despatches on list. Miss J. Morrison, TFNS resignation returned from GHQ for remarks. Correspondence re Pte. Magee arrived with photograph – being sent to DDMS Boulogne to see if Miss Knowles could identify it. Mrs. Bayley resignation – known to be Miss M. A. Harding-Sadler, returned for all claims to be adjusted. She went sick from Rawal Pindi Hospital in November – all Hospital now in Mesopotamia, including the Matron. Letter being sent to DDMS Boulogne to be passed to Base Paymaster for adjustment. Miss Dunlop TFNS, asking for 3 weeks leave prior to her marriage Feb.4 – necessary to be in her parish 3 weeks before marriage. Miss McPhail VAD on the Seriously Ill list with Erysipelas – friends have been informed. Miss A. B. Smith wrote to ask what arrangements can be made for leave as all Sisters are being sent back from Boulogne, and MLO is refusing to issue warrants on the quay. Wrote to Colonel Forest, DADMS, Boulogne, asking him if he would kindly make enquiries with reference to this leave question from the MLO.

Letter from Matron 7 General re accommodation of Nursing Staff when Hospital expands – only accommodation now for 35 in Hospital and house in grounds. When it is found necessary to increase the Staff, they will have to go under canvas. This was [done] last year, and the Staff were entirely comfortable and happy. Wrote DDMS Boulogne to hasten matters re Marine Hotel, which has been dragging on for months. Wrote Miss Crowdy re VAD Detachments, and Trained Nurses, whether there is any regulation ruling when these detachments should include a trained nurse. Miss Oxley report – satisfactory. Train report on Miss … excellent. Sent Badges to Matron-in-Chief MEF for distribution to Nurses now with that force, and 3 to Matron-in-Chief WO for Nurses now in England and address unknown. Letter from Matron-in-Chief’s Secretary re arranging an interview with one Miss N. B. Harker, candidate for Reserve now working at Scottish Women’s Hospital – arranged interview for next week. Wrote Matron-in-Chief in reply, also re Miss McPhail VAD suffering from Erysipelas, going on satisfactorily, re Badges and Home Honours, which are giving great pleasure to all out here. Letter from Col. Worthington, saying Miss Walker entirely satisfactory – things at Cimiez going splendidly. VAD Thomas from sick leave returned posted 24 General Hospital.

Miss Plaskitt applying officially to return to 2 General Hospital, her original unit, as she does not feel well in Boulogne. A minute from OC saying that this has not been noticed. Replied by DDMS to the effect that this request cannot be entertained – a very capable but a very difficult woman, never likes quite the place she is in. DGMS came. Colonel Fell came from 3rd Army – everything going smoothly at Casualty Clearing Stations. Captain Fullerton RAMC came about his daughter aged 22 – has had 1 year training at Hastings. Advised to call on M-in-C War Office, as he is anxious for his daughter to come to France and is wanting to know whether her experience will count towards her general training. He seemed to think it would – I said as far as I knew it would not, but that there may be fresh regulations with regard to training and training schools, but I thought it was hardly likely. Letter from Col. Forest re leave – only Members from Etaples are expected to go to Havre, but if the IGC was approached and approved, the MLO would arrange for Nurses from the Etaples area travelling by Boulogne, as also is the case of those from the Front, Boulogne and Abbeville.
M-in-C Secretary wrote re Mrs. Harker a candidate for the Reserve (from Scottish Women’s Hospital) being interviewed – forwarded reports to be returned – arranged for her to be seen on 24th by Miss Reid at Rouen, if she can get away from her work for long enough to enable her to travel to Rouen. A letter from another Secretary of M-in-C re Territorial VADs who we have in the country, wearing different uniform to the others sent by St. John’s, and the Secretary understands it quite in order, as she rang St. John’s Gate up on the subject. The M-in-C not at the office.
Letter from Miss Jackson TFNS who has recently joined MEF from here, saying how entirely different everything is out there. Many Nurses there who had been waiting weeks for work before they arrived – they now 9 weeks without doing anything. This letter was forwarded by Miss A. B. Smith to SO*.  She spoke most gratefully of having been able to work over here first. Miss M. K. Hall, now fit for duty posted to 7 Stationary Hospital. Reply from D of W saying negotiations re proper accommodation for Staff at Hardelot should be arranged at Boulogne. Wrote SMO Treport re setting apart 8 beds at Treport for Convalescent Sisters from Havre and Rouen area now Versailles has closed, now that 4 General has gone to Dannes Camiers. Staff of 3 Casualty Clearing Station temporarily accommodated at 10 Stationary Hospital GHQ while unit is opening up near Cassel in 2 Chateau, now that Canadians have taken over their old site.
Letter from Colonel Worthington – everything going satisfactorily at Cimiez now.

* Sarah Oram, senior member of QAIMNS, and at that time Principal Matron, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force

Lieut. Ponsonby much worse – Colonel Alexis Thomson sent for in consultation from 3rd Army. It’s particularly sad – he has been so long at 3 General and it was hoped his leg would be saved – a bad crushed knee. His wife has been with him since before Xmas. Miss Hope BRCS accepted for Reserve – contract expires 24th. Orders sent for her to join 3 General Hospital. Letter from Matron and General to say they had arrived at Dannes Camiers, their new position. Miss Minns, Matron 18 General, met them, gave them breakfast and are putting them up in their Mess until they can look round. They left everything clean and in order at Versailles, but unfortunately there was no-one to hand over to.
Miss Thorold and O. Donoghue QAIMNS, sent to General Hospital for their 2nd 3 months’ provisional period from Casualty Clearing Stations – forwarded their particulars officially, attached report forms. Sir A. Sloggett returned to GHQ, after visiting Montreuil with DDMS. Resignations accepted for Sisters Clark, Irwin, Bowles and Dunlop. WO letter received, Miss Thomas VAD returning after sick leave. Letters from Miss Reid re G. Dixon QR, a report being called for as she is applying for re-engagement. Letter from Miss Maxwell-Moffatt re her engagement to a French gentleman who she met at Lillers while at a Casualty Clearing Station. He appears to be a man of means – she and Staff Nurse Evers were billetted in his house.

Letter from Miss Devenish-Meares written in a not too pleasant tone, in consequence of losing her Matron’s work at Isolation Hospital, Etaples, where she knocked up with varicose veins. The Camp is a difficult and tiring one. I had intended that she should have a letter on arrival explaining, but owing to pressure of work this was not done. I wrote explaining, and at the same said that the tone of her letter was not at all pleasant. Have kept her letter and my reply. I feel annoyed at this as she is a very nice and most capable woman, has had good work ever since she came out which she has done most excellently. Dehorted wired re late Miss M. Hamilton, Chicago Unit asking if she had been paid from Army Funds – repeated it to ADMS Etaples asking for reply. DG rang up GHQ re the Red Cross Convalescent Home for Nurses at Mentone – where Sir A. Lawley is most anxious that some of our Nurses should have the benefit. This has been refused at the AG, and IGC had not sanctioned the Home we were wishing to have at Cannes, which Queen Alexandra, The Princess Victoria and Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox are interested in. He is going to send the correspondence to be referred to IGC. The BRC are offering to meet all expenses.

Forwarded particulars from Miss Suart re Hotel Moderne bill Havre to ADMS which had already been paid. DDMS and IGC went to Treport to see Major Ponsonby – let go be amputated this afternoon.
Letter from Sister E. Ward about her RRC saying that the King had also awarded both she and Miss Tremaine with the Medal of the Victorian Order. Letter from Col. Forest re Miss Teskey. She had been employed at Convalescent Depot before trained nurses were asked for – this will not happen again. Reply from ADMS Etaples re late Miss M. Hamilton. Paid from Army Funds. Claim submitted Oct.1 – 22. Address of nearest relative forwarded Command Paymaster, repeated GHQ.
A substitute being arranged so that Miss Stewart Richardson can have her leave. Miss Gow’s resignation accepted. Miss Nunn’s confidential report forwarded GHQ. Letter from WO asking that 3 Nurses of Cambria may be exchanged for 3 others. Unable to obtain Mrs. Bailey née Miss M. A. Harding’s particulars in this country, re insurance and gratuity. Have forwarded correspondence to her address before marriage, asking for it to be forwarded if not at present address, and to be completed without delay and sent to this office. The question of VADs’ passports has now been reconsidered. Those employed in our Hospitals are to conform to GRO 911 to carry orders with them during leave, so that they can be shown at anytime if asked for, the written authority granting leave.

Colonel Douglas rang up from Havre to ask whether we wanted to send Convalescent Sisters to Etretat if it could be arranged now that Versailles was not available. Said it would be a great boon to Rouen, if it could be managed. Said it should be arranged so that 8 beds are available. Dehorted wired to ascertain if Miss G. Chatfield BRCS had been accepted for Reserve – Contract expires 30th. Wire Matron-in-Chief TFNS, that Miss Morrison TFNS has applied to withdraw her resignation. Learn Miss Piddock’s transfer from Reserve had arrived. Received official application from WO instructing me to replace 3 Nurses on Cambria by three others. Issued orders. Sent circular instructing all Sisters who had been awarded the RRC and ARRC but had not been decorated to inform WO of the fact, when forwarding their arrival report and Home address, so that should any be on leave when an Investiture is taking place, they might attend also. Correspondence returned re Marine Hotel – an early settlement expected. Miss Hopton from No.1 Train came – am arranging to replace her and one of her Staff – have been on the train 9 months.
Have written to Miss Becher, with reference to … , leave, reduction of allowances, the proposed exchanges, asked that orders might not be sent until return from leave, or if more convenient to her, I will wait until the new arrivals are settled. Heard that everyone is extremely anxious about Matron of London Hospital. Miss L. E. Mackay, to have 3 weeks leave. Miss Gale, a candidate for Reserve now working with the French has been interviewed by Miss Reid Matron 6 General, and seems to be a most promising candidate. Forwarded particulars to M-in-C, WO, also a letter from a Capt. Matthews RAMC(T ) Quarter-Master, who is anxious his wife should get out on the Reserve, been trained at Leeds Hospital. Letter from Miss Devenish-Meares – she is no longer upset at her present surroundings.

Matron-in-Chief Canada, wrote for ruling regarding marriage in the QAIMNS when on Active Service. Forwarded her the only official information we have, which includes all branches of the Service – Circulars QN20/1 and 8/81. Also with reference to a Miss Dixon CAMC, who she understood was undisciplined, and causing troubles; as she was in Hospital might it be arranged that she might be invalided Home, and she should not return. I forwarded the letter to Miss A. B. Smith Principal Matron, asking her to look into the matter and to report officially. Official report from 17 Casualty Clearing Station, saying that the reasons given by Mrs. Maddock TFNS for resigning were sufficient, and were forwarded to DGMS. Authority now granted by IGC for 2 Sisters to travel via Boulogne on leave each day, thus saving the long undesirable journey via Havre. Application from Miss Marriott, Harvard Unit, for permission to withdraw her resignation – forwarded DGMS. No.6 Train temporarily garaged, Staff being employed 13 General pro temps.
Letter to M-in-C asking if in the proposed exchanges which she is making, Miss Steen and Miss Rannie might change first, then Miss Reid and Miss Willetts. I explained this would be an enormous assistance to me, and that Miss Becher might depend upon me arranging the departures with as little delay as possible.
Wrote at length to Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox, with reference to the question of introducing smoking at the Nurses Clubs and also certain days a week being set apart for inviting officers. Pointed out that smoking was against the regulations, and that the Nursing Staff were able to invite their friends to their Messes. The Matrons were always ready to welcome them and that they also had At Home days, when those off duty can meet their friends and have music etc. These innovations apparently were being suggested by some of HRH’s Committee, without any reference to anyone here, and HRH had written to Lady Algernon on the subject.

Left in Colonel’s car for Boulogne, 1pm, arrived 3pm. Went to DDMS office. Saw DADMS about the increase of Staff wanted both at 14 General and Auxiliary. Said I was going to each unit to discuss the matter. Arranged that help always was to be procured when needed for the Convalescent Depot, and that the Assistant Principal Matron would arrange that when the Canadian unit was established at the Canadian College, official instructions would be issued for help to be provided from there, as it was just on the other side of the road.
Then to 14 Stationary Hospital, where although I was there over ½ an hour, neither the Matron or Assistant Matron were visible. Saw the OC and arranged about supplying further help in the Auxiliary Camp.
Then to 8 Stationary Hospital, where Miss Knowles is Acting Matron had considerable difficulty in wheeling things into order, but now everything seemed satisfactory. Regular times off have been established for all, the orderlies having 2 meals as in England and regular courses of instructions. The OC expressed himself very satisfied.
Then to 7 Stationary, where I saw OC and learnt everything was going most satisfactorily and he was very impressed with his new Acting Matron, Miss E. G. Barrett’s capabilities. Saw Miss Hordley and Miss Lang. Then to see Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox about the Nurses’ Clubs, and in consequence wrote the letter already mentioned, the result of this interview and a letter which she had written and which had not arrived before I left Abbeville at midday. Returned 9pm.

Miss Close from 2 Ambulance Train came about examinations for her orderlies. Pointed out that examinations are not held on active service. It would be good if she held one to see what they knew and that according to their work and behaviour they could be recommended for their advancement. Orders sent for moves from 1, 2 and 15 Trains. Miss Keane QAIMNS to go as Assistant Matron 5 General Hospital. Miss Worthington to take her place as Sister in Charge 15 Train – I hope she will prove successful. Application from Nurse M. Hay, to go on leave pending acceptance of her resignation, sent in on 10th inst. as her fiancé has 7 days leave to England on 26th and wishes to be married. The DMS Sir Arthur Lawley, returned from Cimiez bringing the most gorgeous basket of flowers transforming all our grey old offices. They are a joy.
Miss Nunn, QAIMNS confidential report forwarded. Miss Taggart joined 22 Ambulance Train in relief of Miss Balliston resigning to be married. Received a telephone message that 14 Stationary Hospital had been burnt down, all patients safe, nothing more. The Hospital a large Hotel, 7 stories high and in a compound adjoining, bathing boxes were used for separate cases, and there were also 6 large huts – these escaped.

VAD Miss Disney applying again to go on leave from Rouen via Boulogne and a request to visit Calais. This has not been sanctioned. The correspondence re Private McGee Canadian returned. Miss Knowles recognises the photograph of a man who was admitted with G.W. [gunshot wound] of head and who died shortly after admission. Received telephone message from Assistant Principal Matron Boulogne with reference to 14 Stationary fire. Nothing but the 4 walls are left standing. No one lost their lives, all safe. Patients admitted to 14 General, 22 General and Auxiliary Camp. Part of the Nursing Staff were accommodated on top floor of Hotel. They had lost all they possessed. All the office records saved – this includes most valuable records of enteric and cerebro-spinal cases. A great deal of the equipment 300 beds lost. Fire caused by a fusing of electric wires – originated in a room where the Hospital bedding etc. were stored under 1st Floor. It was noticed 7.45pm, and spread with great rapidity. The behaviour of the Nursing Staff was said to be magnificent.
Miss E. M. Woods and Miss Maxwell-Moffatt’s resignation accepted, both going to be married. Colonel Colin-Jones came. Spoke about Miss Steen’s approaching departure. Hoped she would be recommended for the RRC next time – said he had not recommended her before as he wished to know her better before doing so. Colonel Profeit wrote with reference to 2 French ladies who are wishing to be employed in our Hospitals and who did great work for us in October 1914 at the Front. Replied giving all particulars – whether trained or untrained. Miss Edgar CHR placed on Dangerous List, gangrenous appendix. Informed Dehorted. Father been informed before and after the operation. Major Meadows telephoned to say Miss C. Smith was being transferred to 14 General – had an ovarian cyst and she would have to go Home. Colonel Barefoot to the Front.

Tilbury chauffeur returned from furlough. Car still under repairs – parts needed have not yet arrived. Capt. Addiscombe from 26 General wrote about Miss Domisthorpe VAD who is anxious to come out as a VAD. Replied. Application from Miss E. Edwards CHR 14 General to be married and remain in the Service – forwarded. Wrote Matron for particulars. Also (2) whether Chateau Mauricien recently attached to 14 General is ready for occupation. (3) Also for some particulars as in what way they helped in the recent fire.
Application from Canadian Sisters to go on leave to Paris. Replied leave only is granted to England except on very exceptional cases, when reason must be stated under confidential cover if necessary. Miss A. B. Smith replied with reference to M-in-C’s Canadians letter asking for Miss G. Dixon CAMC to be invalided, and she was undisciplined. Said she had enquired into the matter and could learn nothing on the subject which merited this. There was a possibility however of her being invalided. An officer had visited her 3 days running, but when they were both told visitors were not permitted at Sick Sisters’ Hospital it was discontinued, and there had been no trouble whatever. Matron 3 General reported Miss E. Tozer VAD on Seriously Ill list, bronchitis accompanied with very weak pulse. Informed Dehorted. Instructed her VAD sister, working at Rouen, to proceed Treport forthwith. Miss Edgar better.
Amended sick list returned from WO, asking particulars of Miss E. Searle and B. B. Walker, sent home sick, December, for which they had no particulars. Forwarded departure reports, also said we had no record of Miss Shaw, E. Frazer and I. Robertson’s return. Wrote M-in-C re Staffs on Ships, quoting WO letter re no removals to be made. Said if she would instruct us officially it will be quite easy to make the changes she is requiring. Enclosed a letter from Mrs. Priestley QAIMNS Retired, Acting Matron Cambria asking for a change. Wrote Mrs. Priestley, said I would write again as soon as I had a reply from WO.
Letter from Rouen area re difficulty BRCS Nurses and VADs are experiencing when going Home, forwarded to APM, L of C. Letter from Miss Barwell, A/Matron, Section A, 5 Stationary Hospital saying now that they were all only drawing their salary, they could not afford to pay the franc a day into the Mess. Reminded her that everyone was still drawing 3/- a day Field Allowance. DMS went to Boulogne and returned in the evening. Said that the behaviour of everyone during the fire at 14 Stationary was magnificent. No one was hurt, and none of the patients any the worse. The Nursing Staff behaved in a heroic manner – some had to be simply dragged out of the smoke, their only thought being to help. All are well and none suffering from shock. Wrote to Miss Crowdy re the necessity of having a trained nurse at all Rest Stations at the stations where VADs are employed.

Miss Southcott and T. Robertson returned from Sick Leave, posted to 14 General. Miss Fairchild ordered to 6 Stationary Hospital as Acting Matron relieving Miss C. Mackay, who has had orders for 9 General Hospital Rouen to relieve Miss Blakely for Matron duties 24 General Hospital and APM of Etaples area. Wrote to Miss Steen and Miss Reid on the subject of approaching moves. Wrote to all Sisters in Charge of Casualty Clearing Stations emphasising the importance of paying special attention to the instruction of the orderlies when ever work is slack, and if possible arrange for weekly instruction. Sent copies of letters to each of the DMS. Wrote to Matron 14 Stationary Hospital to ascertain how many of VADs had lost their identification discs in the recent fire. Answer from WO re VADs whose probationary period exceeds the authorised 1 month, are in all cases only to serve 7 months for 1st Contract. Wrote to Miss Fairchild re her new appointment.

Miss G. Dixon’s confidential report needed re appointment to QAIMNSR, forwarded to GHQ completed by Miss Reid, Matron, 6 General Hospital, Rouen. Circular letter giving particulars re VADs working in Military Units proceeding on leave to England.

Left for Etaples 1pm, arrived 3pm. Went with Miss A. B. Smith to inspect Corn and Baltic Exchange Hospitals. The OC out, the Assistant Matron shewed us over the Hospital, giving me all particulars, the Matron being out. When going over the Nurses’ Home found she had been delayed, so I had an opportunity of discussing various points with her. The Hospital is well managed, and orderly. The scullery accommodation small, but the most has been made of the space, and everything was clean and in good order. Poison cupboards have been provided, with locks and keys, which were locked. The X-Ray Department and Operating Theatre side by side and supplied with every modern convenience. Kitchens at the top of the Building run by 3 VADs. Miss Carr, late ANSR, Matron.
From there we went to Liverpool Merchants’ Hospital, a fine hutted Hospital in first rate order. No expense had been spared, and the Hospital was well managed, Miss Whitson the Matron being an excellent and capable, ladylike woman. The Staff entirely fully trained.
Then to see 24 Hospital Mess, as the Staff is now entirely accommodated in huts and are exceedingly comfortable. Returned Abbeville 8.30pm.

The DGMS at Etaples making a very thorough ___ of all units in that area, the ADMS Etaples Colonel Carr, at present on leave. Heard from 14 General Hospital that Captain Woodhouse had met with an accident while travelling on a train and fractured a rib, caused by an ambulance colliding with the train. He was thrown out and taken to Hospital in an unconscious condition.

Left for Boulogne 10am, arrived 12.30. Went to BRCS, Sir A. Lawley away. Saw Colonel Stewart, discussed my visit at Corn and Baltic Exchange. Said it would be an assistance to the Matron if the OC would let their Matron accompany him on his inspection of the Hospital, at least once a week.
2. That it is desirable he should discuss any changes he considered necessary in the Nursing arrangements with the Matron before issuing any orders.
3. That the Matron should have entire control of the orderlies working in her wards and have the power of moving them to where she considered they were needed. This at present is done by the Sergeant Major.
After lunch went with Miss Hordley to see Captain Woodhouse, who still was in a great deal of pain. Saw the Matron and OC. Then to 14 Stationary Hospital, saw OC and Matron. Nothing but 4 walls are left of the Hospital. All patients comfortably established in huts in compound adjoining the Hospital, and at the Auxiliary Camp, and the Nursing Staff comfortably established at Villa Edward, where there is every possibility of the Matron being able to establish a comfortable Mess, which will be an improvement upon the recent arrangement of Messing at a Hotel near the old Hospital, which of late had not been too satisfactory.
From there to DDMS office to report before returning to Abbeville. Picked up Miss Barbier who had returned from leave. Left at 5pm, didn’t arrived till 9.30pm in consequence of the lights going wrong. An anxious journey to Montreuil where an officer belonging to the Cavalry Division lent us an accumulator.

Abbeville 9.30pm. Found a lot of correspondence awaiting me. Miss Hopton from 1 Train, asking whether she should take 1 journey with the Sister who was relieving her, which I arranged. Also a telegram to say Staff Nurse Slingsby has been sent Home with an abscess of breast.

Letter from M-in-C WO re approaching moves. Miss Smith to remain, unable to arrange for Miss Rannie to take over from Miss Reid. Wanted to know why I hadn’t replied to her question as to whether more VADs were needed. 45 Australians who are being sent back from Egypt are going to be sent to this Country shortly. Replied by King’s Messenger. Asked if the moves could be arranged for the end of the month, to enable me to take my leave before hand. Asked that all new arrivals might come over in possession of their Camp Kit, as it is used practically everywhere. Miss Walton from Anglia arrived and posted to 3 General. Went to 2 Stationary Hospital to see the Officers’ Hut just completed, and now taking in patients. The arrangements are good, and will be very nice indeed when actually completed. There are many etceteras required just to put the finishing touches, and complete the picture. This Hospital is well managed, and everyone is working well and happily. The hutted Sisters’ accommodation at 2 Stationary Hospital is most comfortable. Miss Gow, Miss Irwin, Miss Rice’s resignations accepted. Miss Hanson’s report received, quite good.

Medical Certificate received from 14 General, with reference to VAD Cecilia Lawley, VAD, still ill in London. Wrote Sir A. Lawley. Miss G. P. Jones CHR put in for leave to make arrangements for her approaching marriage, returned to DDMS Rouen to ascertain whether she wished to be married when on leave as the application was not understood. Miss Blakeley’s orders sent for duty, 26 General Hospital Etaples, vice Miss A. B. Smith coming to this office. DMS 2nd Army wired for extra help, 10 Casualty Clearing Station. Sent extra nurse temporarily from GHQ Tried to get extra rooms opposite for office without success. OC 2 CCS wrote asking for 2 Nurses not strong to be replaced by 2 more capable of doing Clearing Station work – arranged.
Forwarded Capt. Brough’s report on Miss Dalton to GHQ for WO. Miss McMillan CHR resignation received – returned for reason to be stated. Staff asked for, for No.19 Train, the new one. Supplied. Miss Ogilvie VAD returned from sick leave. Miss Herbison 3 Stationary application to resign forwarded – reason – father’s serious illness. Informed DGMS of completion of moves on Cambria. Matron 7 General to ask for help, 7 of her Staff on the sick list. Miss Rice QAIMNS and Miss M. Hay TFNS resignations accepted. Orders for Miss Gort to return to England – Miss Dick replacing her.

Miss Kempthorne’s resignation forwarded reason marriage. Sister in Charge Nurses’ Home wishing to see me, with reference to how the Home is to be run in consequence of reduced allowances. Miss Brundle returned from sick leave 8.1.16 On Jan 27th the WO letter with reference to attending a Medical Board before returning to the country, dated 17th Jan. was forwarded to her. It was sent on to this office and has been returned to DDMS, Rouen, to ascertain the state of her health. Miss Clarke’s (ANSR) particulars re her resignation completed and returned from Treport. VAD reports from Rouen received on completion of 6 months’ service. DGMS rang up with reference Miss Blakely and Miss A. B. Smith approaching moves. Said I was going to GHQ and would see him on the subject.

Left for 1st Army 11am, arrived 1.30pm after a very trying journey with a strange car and driver. Had lunch at Sisters’ Mess, quite comfortable. Went over Casualty Clearing Station, very busy evacuating. Many too seriously wounded to be moved left behind, as well as many who later will be able to return to duty. Officers’ division very much improved. The operating theatre being moved into a large room where 3 tables can be going at the same time. Went on 2 Barges, all very comfortable and well arranged. All the more seriously wounded are moved by Barge from here to Calais. On to Aire arriving 5.30pm to see DMS 1st Army. Found him on leave – anxious to discuss the question of instruction of orderlies at Casualty Clearing Stations with him. Find they are being instructed daily in practical work, and showing marked improvement and interest daily. On to GHQ arrived 7pm. Saw DG and Colonel Burtchaell. Discussed moves and the proposed employment of women to replace them. Went to 10 Stationary Hospital where I slept the night. Found letters by DRLS awaiting me.

Wet and foggy. To 7 General Hospital Malassises. Went over everywhere, everything in first rate order. Have accommodation now for a staff of 42 which will be brought up to that number as soon as possible. A great many infectious cases of different kinds, the Enterics and Cerebro-spinal Meningitis wards being extremely heavy with many most anxious cases. Many of the Staff have been ill and off duty with a form of influenza – at the time of visit, 7 had been sent to the base. On to DMS 1st Army where he had a guide waiting to take me to St. Venant, to 32 Casualty Clearing Station, which has been recently opened in a block of a lunatic asylum. Very full, and an evacuation was going on at the time in an orderly manner. From there to Lapugnoy, 18 Casualty Clearing Station, a Camp Hospital, where they were busy taking in. A bombardment was taking place and one could hear the deafening sound of guns. Everything was done in a most orderly and systematic manner. All particulars were being taken of the patients in the recovery marque, before being taken to the marque for admission. Then back to DMS 1st Army and from there to DGMS, a long trying drive in a very dense fog.
GHQ 7.30pm. Got back. Saw DDG, arranged to go to Calais in the morning. Received correspondence by DRLS. After dinner went over 10 Stationary Hospital. Well managed Hospital, always improving. Unspeakably sad so may hopeless cases, and so many quite blind, mostly very young.

Left 9am for Calais, arrived 10am. To ADMS office, to learn that the club he had arranged for the convenience of the Train Sisters is not patronised and in consequence it is being closed. He was disappointed, as he had gone to a good deal of trouble to take this room in a house quite close to where the trains are garaged, and as it was an out of the way place it was thought to be a great want, and that it would be much appreciated. A piano had been hired, papers supplied, as well as notepaper etc. Here too the woman of the house was willing to provide teas.
Then to Duchess of Sutherland’s Hospital – hutted – and just being established. Should be nice later, but at present nothing in order. Accommodation for 86, to be increased to 100. An operating theatre and X-Ray department was established. The Staff consisting of Trained Nurses, VAD, orderlies. The Duchess and her daughter Lady Rosemary*, were there at the time of my visit and I was introduced to them both.
Then to Isolation Hospital, which has increased considerably and more help is needed – arranged to send them 1 more nurse. In the grounds now are as many Alwyn Huts as space will allow, and since my last visit, a very nice officers’ ward of 4 beds has been opened in the building. Everything appeared to be satisfactory.
Then on to Lahore British General Hospital – very busy – more help needed. The accommodation for the Nursing Staff must be increased before they can be sent. 20 beds for officers are now arranged, an increase of 10 beds. The marques in the compound have been replaced by huts, a vast improvement. The Casino is in good order also, the patients well cared for and comfortable. Left hoping to arrive at GHQ in time for lunch.
Car wouldn’t go, arrived 3pm. DG, thinking something must have happened, drove himself to meet me, but missed me on the road. Had lunch, went on to the Officers’ Hospital, very good indeed. Had no time to go to Hazebrouck as I had intended. At 5pm left for Headquarters arriving at 7pm.

During my absence found that there had been a great deal of correspondence to tackle and nurses urgently needed at 3rd Army where heavy bombardment was taking place and wounded being taken to Corbie. During my absence found:
The question of Passports for BRCS going on leave sent to Rouen for particulars of those ladies’ difficulties when going Home by Havre. Orders received that Field Allowance in addition to all other allowances are to be discontinued in the Nursing Service. DMS has approached the IGC on the subject. It will not be possible to carry on without them, and many of the Reserve and TFNS will, I am sure, resign in consequence. Miss Hills and Miss Horton QAIMNSR resigning.
A reply from DGMS saying there is no objection to me changing the Nursing Staff on Ships. Miss Gore VAD unable to return from leave in England, sick. Extension of leave also asked for by VAD Finlayson in consequence of father’s illness – sanctioned. OC 23 General Hospital, Chicago Unit, applied for subject of allowances to be re-considered for the Nursing Staff. Arrangements completed for admission of 4 convalescent Sisters being admitted at 3 General Hospital from Rouen and Havre areas when needed. IGC sanctioned passes for Canadian Matrons to go to St. Cloud, to inspect 4 Canadian Stationary Hospital, also gave the Matron from England permission to return by Boulogne instead of Dieppe.
Dehorted wired, Miss Chatfield accepted for Reserve – informed BRCS, HQs Boulogne. She was allowed to go on leave to England by BRCS in spite of this information – I informed War Office. Letter from Matron 4 General Hospital, Miss Good refuses to be inoculated. Came out July 1915. Recently been Home with Scabies. Matron of Hospital Ship Jan Breydel saying OC wished her to sign for equipment, was this right on Active Service, also no cupboard accommodation where anything can be kept. New leave passes now made out omitting ‘With Authority of IGC’. Miss Steen wrote about Miss Porter QR still seedy, being sent Home with Debility to Millbank. DDMS Boulogne telephoned that Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox said HRH Princess Victoria entirely approves of my letter with reference to the Nurses’ Rest Clubs. Miss Kempthorne QAIMNSR resignation forwarded, reason – marriage. Letter from Commissioner to IGC arrived asking for authority to have them recognised under the Joint War Committee.

* Lady Rosemary Millicent Leveson-Gower [1893-1930]

Establishments opened
30 Casualty Clearing Station
19 Ambulance Train

New Members joined
From England – 2 Trained (Anglia Staff)
From France – 1 Trained

Transfer to Home Establishment
6 – who were already sick in England

Sent Home Sick
12 – Trained
12 – Untrained

At present sick in England
29 – Trained
17 – Untrained

Returned from Sick leave
9 – Trained

Resignations sent forward – 9

Leaves grained during the month – 158 approximately

VADs returned to England on termination of 6 months’ service – 24
VADs resigned – 4
VADs invalided – 2