DECEMBER 1st – 31st 1917

Sick Sisters 133
Villa Roquebrune: Received copy of letter from Commissioner, BRCS, asking that sanction should be given for a lady driver to be attached to the Villa Roquebrune.
Queen Alexandra’s birthday: Sent telegram of congratulation to Queen Alexandra from all Nursing Services and VADs in France on the anniversary of her birthday.

Sick Sisters 123
Leave to Paris: Sent to all Bases and Armies amended circular with instructions concerning granting of leave to Paris, - all members of the Nursing Services may be granted leave to Paris and could stay at the Nurses’ Hostel or with friends, provided they reported their address.
Principal Matron, CAMC: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that Matron Boulter, CAMC had been selected for the appointment of inspecting Matron for the Canadian Overseas Hospitals in France. A report is to be furnished when the necessary arrangements have been made.
Exchange system: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that 2 Sisters and 3 Staff Nurses from the Military Hospital, Nottingham, and 2 Sisters and 3 Staff Nurses from the War Hospital, Dartford, were to embark for France on December 15th under the exchange system.

Sick Sisters 126
Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox came to the office to talk over various matters in connection with Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs for Nurses. She wished it to be understood that only light refreshments could be provided, and not lunches, etc.
Matron de Cormier, CAMC: Received copy of letter from AG Canadians to the Secretary, War Office, notifying that Matron C. de Cormier, 8 Canadian General Hospital, is now fit and available to return to France.
Monthly return: Forwarded to DGMS monthly return showing the wastage and reinforcements in the Nursing Service during the month of November: Wastage – 125 Trained and 128 Untrained = Total wastage 253. Total reinforcements – 89 Trained, 39 Untrained (including those released from units closing). Present shortage according to Establishment = 349.
No.1 Rest Camp: Received copy of War Office wire saying that Sister H. B. Munro, TFNS will not be returning to France. Sister G. Aitchison, QAIMNS Retired, should be sent in charge of No.1 Eastern Rest Camp, and reliefs should be sent for Staff Nurses Walton and Dean. Confidential correspondence with reference to Sister Munro forwarded to DGMS.

Sick Sisters 130
American Nurses: Received from DGMS copy of special memo received from Headquarters, American Expeditionary Force, stating that Reserve Nurse Lulu Bener, ANC, had been relieved from duty with No.12 Base Hospital (No.18 General Hospital) and will be sent by first available boat to Ellis Island, New York. Reserve Nurse H. L. Leete, ANC, is relieved from duty with Base Hospital No.4 (No.9 General Hospital) and will report on arrival in Paris to the American Headquarters, Place de la Concorde.
Rest Clubs: Received memo from AG, saying he is unable to give the authority for the attachment of PB men to Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs for nurses. Any assistance required for heavy manual labour should be applied for to the local Commandant.

Sick Sisters 130
Queen Alexandra’s birthday: Sent to all Bases copies of the telegram sent to Queen Alexandra on her birthday and the reply received from her, thanking all members of the Nursing Service for their good wishes.
Correct addressing of letters: Sent circulars to all Bases asking all members of the Nursing Service to be careful to give their correct address and to keep the Post Office informed of all changes, as the large number of letters and parcels received for redirection could hardly be coped with.
Harvard Unit: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that Sister M. Noyes has returned to America on the recommendation of a Medical Board. DGMS replied to the question as to whether nurses of the Harvard Unit were entitled to a gratuity on resignation, saying that these nurses, if paid from Army funds at QAIMNSR rates, were entitled to the same gratuity.
Honours List: Received telegram from Dehorted asking for length of service in France and previous service in England of Sister A. Davies, QAIMNSR and Frances Henderson, VAD. Replied that Sister M. A. Davies had served in France since August, 1914, and had been transferred to England on 15.10.17 – Miss Henderson joined Army Service and arrived in France on 29.7.15.
Efficiency Stripe: Asked DGMS for ruling as to whether Efficiency Stripes should be given to VAD Members who had severed their connection with Military Hospitals.
General Service VADs: Forwarded to DGMS extracts from two letters relating to the uniform of General Service VAD Members. As these ladies wear the same uniform as nursing members, unpleasantness is arising: also the uniform of the SJAB General Service section is precisely the same as the indoor uniform of the Nursing Members, SJAB.
Leave to Paris: Received telephone message from DAAG saying that tickets for Sisters proceeding on leave to Paris must be paid for as no concessions are made for British officers. Authority must be obtained from the AAG in order to obtain the ¼ fare.

Sick Sisters 189
Principal Matron, CAMC: Sent reply to DGMS concerning the appointment of Miss Boulter, CAMC saying this lady would share one of the rooms in the Matron-in-Chief’s office. As she is an inspecting Matron, she will require a car. A billet can be arranged for her.
Loss of kit: Forwarded claim of Sister M. A. Clinch, Harvard Unit, for loss of kit through an enemy bomb being dropped near the Sisters’ quarters.
35 General Hositapl: Forwarded memo to DGMS with reference to the question of accommodation for the nursing staff of 35 General Hospital. The are now living in scattered quarters. In order to carry out their duties conveniently, it is very necessary that hutted accommodation should be provided, and authority for this is required. The GOC, L of C has given his approval in principle to this scheme. Forwarded copy of this correspondence to AQMG.
South African General Hospital: DGMS forwarded copy of wire from Dehorted asking if nursing reinforcements are required for the South African General Hospital. Replied that 4 nurses and 19 probationers were required.
Resignation: Staff Nurse A. S. Stuart, QAIMNSR 48 CCS came to the office to see me with reference to a confidential application to resign on termination of contract in April which she had forwarded, owing to a slight misunderstanding with the surgeon with whom she had been working on a surgical team. They had both been working for some months and were tired out. Miss Stuart was granted leave to the United Kingdom and expressed a wish to continue her duties.

Sick Sisters 194
A/Principal Matrons: Received copy of War Office letter informing us that the A/Matrons at Boulogne, Etaples and Rouen will be relieved of all duties in connection with their hospitals and will become A/Principal Matrons with the pay and allowances of that grade. Their posts in hospitals will be filled by the promotion of 3 ladies to be Acting Matrons with subsequent promotions lower down. This will take effect from the 1st inst. inclusive.
72 General Hospital: Received information that the first party of nurses for 72 General Hospital will be required about the 15th inst. – 1 Matron, 14 Sisters and 21 Staff Nurses.
Anaesthetists: Sent to DGMS syllabus of training of nurses as anaesthetists. This syllabus had been obtained from Etaples, Rouen, Boulogne, Havre, Dieppe and Abbeville, and after careful consideration, the syllabus forwarded by Etaples was the one chosen to be forwarded to DGMS.

Sick Sisters 194
Miss Emblyn Middleton: Received from DGMS copy of Dehorted wire asking if we had any information of Miss Emblyn Middleton who was stated to have been left behind owing to illness at the Bralo Rest Camp. Repeated telegram to ADMS, Mediterranean L of C as there was no information about her in this office.
CAMC Matrons: Received copy of letter from DMS Canadians, asking for an exchange to be arranged between the Matrons of 2 Canadian Stationary Hospital and 8 Canadian Stationary Hospital on the arrival of the latter in France. Matron Urquhart was the original Matron of 8 Canadian Stationary Hospital and it was recommended that she should rejoin it and Matron Pope be posted to 2 Canadian Stationary Hospital.
Principal Matron, Italy: Miss D. Taylor, QAIMNS with Miss Cooke, QAIMNSR, arrived in Boulogne where she stayed the night, and proceeded to Abbeville the next day. She stayed at the Nurses’ Home and came to the office to discuss various matters, and was given nominal rolls of the 2 hospitals and 4 trains which had proceeded to Italy from this Command.

Sick Sisters 194
Principal Matron, Canadians: Received memo from DGMS with reference to a inspecting Matron for the Canadian Overseas Forces in France, saying that the question of provision of a motor car for this lady should be taken up with HQ, L of C.
Miss D. A. Bates, VAD: Forwarded to DGMS application from Miss D. A. Bates, VAD who wished to take up nursing as a profession and wants to know if her services in a military hospital will count towards training.
Jura Hospital: Received telegram from Boulogne reporting that the 5 Canadian Sisters for the Jura Hospital had left this evening.
Gerardmer Hospital: Replied to ADMS Marseilles with reference to the Canadian Sisters for a hospital at Gerardmer for the Canadian Forestry Corps. The Corps had taken a suitable building but it was 3 miles away from the Corps and the MO would have to visit the hospital every day unless a second MO could be provided. It is thought that if two trained Sisters were there, they could do the nursing and send for the MO in case of emergency and thus save the services of a second MO. Replied that the Matron-in-Chief would be visiting Marseilles in a day or two and would discuss the question.

Sick Sisters 200
Uniform: DGMS forwarded copy of a letter sent by him to the War Office with reference to the uniform of VAD Members asking if some distinction might be made between the uniform worn by General Service members and that of Military nursing members and those on duty in BRCS units.
Identity kit: Sent circular to all areas regarding Identity kit for members of the nursing staff and the importance of being supplied with brassard, and disc before proceeding to the Armies.
Transfer: Received application for transfer to a warmer climate from Matron E. Bond, ANSR, now Assistant Matron, 26 General Hospital. Returned to DDMS Etaples, asking if this application is recommended on medical grounds. Forwarded to DGMS application for transfer to the Home Establishment from Sister M. Hook, TFNS and of Staff Nurse E. Busby, TFNS. These applications had been held back in the hope of arranging a transfer under the exchange system, but no more were being arranged for the present.

Sick Sisters 197
Military Medal: Received copy of recommendations for the award of the Military Medal to Sister G. M. Foley, QAIMNS and Sister M. Jennings, TFNS of 33 CCS, by DMS 1st Army. These ladies had displayed conspicuous bravery during the shelling of Bethune.
Accommodation: Received communication from AQMG authorising the hiring of the Chateau de la Falaise for the nursing staff of 83 General Hospital.
23 Ambulance Train: Interviewed Sister Howard and Staff Nurse Cunningham, QAIMNSR of 23 Ambulance Train who had been adversely reported on. These ladies have been replaced on the train.
Harvard Unit: Received copy of War Office letter giving authority for the appointment of Miss Parkman and Miss L. Haydock, VAD members for 22 General Hospital, if the strength of Medical officers is less than establishment, as some of the Sisters are doing work which would otherwise be performed by Medical Officers.
33 CCS was shelled and the Sisters have been brought down to the Nurses’ Home, Abbeville, prior to proceeding on leave or being re-posted to other units.
Miss Fitzgerald: A/Principal Matron, Boulogne, rang up to ask permission for Sister Fitzgerald, Edith Cavell Nurse, to proceed to Paris on the 13th on termination of contract instead of to England, as this lady was joining the American Red Cross for duty. Asked DGMS by telephone and he replied that he could not give permission until an official application was made. He proposed that AAG should be asked if this lady could be given leave to Paris in anticipation. This was done and the AAG sent a permit direct to DDMS Boulogne for Miss Fitzgerald.

Sick Sisters 211
Anaesthetists: DGMS returned syllabus for the training of women as anaesthetists, saying the course should extend over 3 months and the administration of nitrous oxide and oxygen could then be taught. The syllabus should be revised accordingly.
Motor Convoy: Received copy of an application from Commissioner, BRCS for 2 more VADs as house members attached to the Motor Convoy at Treport. Forwarded to ADMS Dieppe for his remarks.
Loss of holdall: Circulated to all Bases notice of the loss of a holdall by A/Sister S. J. Moore, QAIMNSR requesting that the loss might be inserted in all Base orders.
Matron-in-Chief’s office: Received copy of War Office letter giving approval for an establishment for the Matron-in-Chief’s office of 1 Matron-in-Chief, 1 Matron or Acting Matron, 1 Sister or Acting Sister and 8 VAD Members, and adding that promotion should be to acting rank only.

Sick Sisters 212
Pension claim: Received correspondence from OC No.2 Base Remount Depot asking for the whereabouts of Sister M. E. Davis, QAIMNS as she was required to give evidence with regard to the pension claim of Pte. Thomas Goss, ASC whom she had nursed. Replied that Sister Davis was now at 26 General Hospital.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: Sent orders for Miss Freshfield, VAD and Miss K. Scames, VAD to proceed to Cannes for duty at the Convalescent Home, Hotel d’Esterel.
Villa Roquebrune: Returned correspondence to DGMS regarding the appointment of a lady driver for the Villa Roquebrune, saying that this appointment is recommended.
Sister i/c, Nurses’ Home: Forwarded to DGMS an application for the appointment to rank of Acting Matron of the Sister i/c of the Nurses’ Home, Abbeville.
2 Stationary Hospital: Correspondence returned with reference to auditing the Sisters’ Mess accounts at 2 Stationary Hospital – the ADMS Abbeville was unaware that according to the Standing Orders of the QAIMNS the Matron-in-Chief was required to sign all Mess books at regular intervals.
Miss Hartigan: Colonel Morgan, GHQ telephoned with reference to an application which had been sent forward for some recognition from the Belgian Government to be made to Matron Hartigan who had served at the Malassises Hospital in 1915 during the outbreak of enteric amongst the civil population of the Belgians. He stated that there was no Belgian decoration which could be awarded to women, but the matter had been brought to the notice of the Queen of the Belgians.

Sick Sisters 216
Sister M. Davis, QAIMNS: Forwarded to DGMS medical report on Sister M. Davis, QAIMNS admitted to 14 General Hospital on 31.1.17 with ICT foot and leg. In the opinion of the Medical Officer, this disability was contracted in the service and caused by such.
Establishment: DGMS requested that the draft of a letter should be submitted for forwarding to the War Office, showing the total increase in establishment required in France.
Miss Woodford, TFNS: Received application from DDMS Boulogne for promotion to temporary rank of Matron of Sister I. C. Woodford, TFNS whilst employed on disembarkation duty. She had carried out this work since May, 1915, in an eminently satisfactory manner and it was considered advisable in the interests of discipline that she should have this rank. She would be eligible for appointment as Matron of a hospital should she leave her present post. Forwarded and recommended to DGMS.
General Service VADs: Received statement from DGMS showing the categories of 124 General Service VAD Members required for duty with 72 General Hospital, Trouville, for whom accommodation and equipment is now reported ready and requesting that a demand on England should be made for their despatch as soon as possible.
18 General Hospital: Correspondence concerning a complaint made by Surgeon-General Howse, DMS, AIF, on the treatment of patients, NCOs and men of the AIF, at No.18 General Hospital, returned to DGMS with remarks of Miss K. Williams, VAD and further remarks by OC 18 General Hospital.
Sir Arthur Lawley came to the office on his way to Marseilles and enquired where things were most needed from Queen Mary’s Needlework Guild. Telegraphed to Lady Lawley giving the names of CCS where dressings were most required.
55 General Hospital: Forwarded to DGMS application from OC 55 General Hospital, for casualties amongst the nursing staff to be replaced.
General Service VADs: Sent to ADMS Dieppe AFB 213 asking for figures of General Service VADs to be verified – establishment shown as 93 for 3 General and 62 for 47 General, making a total of 155 and actual strength given as 175.

Sick Sisters 203
Sister Sands, ANSR: Received correspondence from DDMS Boulogne regarding Sister Sands, ANSR who refuses to work under a junior Sister – she manages her own division and gives a report to the night Sister.
Military Medal: DMS 2nd Army forwarded copy of a recommendation for award of the Military Medal to Sister E. King, QAIMNSR wounded on Nov. 29th at 63 CCS.
Principal Matron, CAMC: Received letter from Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief, Canadians, saying that the suggested establishment for the office of the Principal Matron, CAMC, in France, was being prepared. The question of the Matron’s car is also being taken up. Received memo from DGMS – it is presumed that the appointment of an inspecting Matron to the Canadian Overseas Forces will not in any way interfere with the duties hitherto carried out by the Matron-in-Chief, BEF as the welfare of patients other than Canadians is involved.
South African reinforcements: Received notification from DGMS that 4 Staff Nurses and 19 Probationers have been asked for, for the South African General Hospital.
8 Canadian Stationary Hospital: DDMS Etaples notified that the accommodation was now ready for the Sisters of No.8 Canadian Stationary Hospital.
Messing accounts: Sent circular to all A/Principal Matrons and to all Matrons of odd units with reference to the messing accounts – the following procedure should be adopted – in addition to the periodical inspection by me, at the end of each month the messing books must be checked and signed by the Matron, Assistant Matron and Home Sister of the unit.
Transfers: Wrote to Miss Becher with reference to applications for transfer to warmer climate; said that the applicants should be medically examined before the applications were sent forward, and suggested that all such applicants should be transferred to the Home Establishment.
Miss Williams, QAIMNS and Miss Fox, QAIMNS, A/Matrons of 14 Stationary and 14 General Hospitals, came to the office at my request as I wished to see them with regard to the question of uniform of their staff, leaves, taking over of equipment and paying for loss and breakages, etc.

Sick Sisters 214
9 Canadian Stationary Hospital: Informed DGMS that the accommodation was now ready for the nursing staff of No.9 Canadian Stationary Hospital.
Transfer: Forwarded to DGMS application from Miss S. Minton, APMMC Electro-therapeutic Hut attached Convalescent Depot, Etaples, to be transferred to a Home Station on account of her mothers’ health. Asked for a relief to be supplied.
General Service VADs: ADMS Abbeville, asked if General Service VADs were to be considered as WAAC and evacuated in the same way or if they were to be considered as Nursing Members. Replied that they were to be evacuated in the same way as WAAC.
72 General Hospital: Received wire from DGMS to the effect that 34 Trained nurses and 50 probationers for 72 General Hospital were ready, in addition to the first party of nurses embarking via Havre, and asking when they were to be sent. Replied on the 22nd.
Indemnification claim: Received claim from Miss M. B. Lamb, VAD for summer coat ruined by disinfectant – she had shared a room on two occasions with nurses suffering from measles.
Transfer to WAAC: Received and forwarded to DGMS application from Miss E. V. Graham, VAD to resign before expiration of contract in order to take up a commission in the WAAC.
Resignation: Forwarded to DGMS application to resign from Staff Nurse F. McNally, QAIMNSR Canada, in order to join the CAMC. DGMS returned correspondence with reference to Sister A. L. Fitzgerald, Edith Cavell nurse, saying it was presumed that this lady would report to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, as directed in War Office letter. Returned correspondence, explaining that as no direct orders had been received for this lady to return to England, she was anxious to proceed to Paris and had been given 7 days’ leave in anticipation of approval.
Miss Schofield, CHR called to see me before taking up her new duties as Sister in charge of 20 CCS.
Colonel Carr, on his appointment as DMS, L of C, inspected the office and went round all the rooms.
Colonel Stevens, representative of the British Medical Journal, called to see me.

Sick Sisters 214
Miss Preston, QAIMNSR, who was sent out as Matron of No.72 General Hospital, came to the office. This lady has now been appointed Matron of No.39 Stationary Hospital, as No.72 General Hospital has only just been opened in a new area, and it was thought that as this lady was fresh out from England, it was better she could be posted to a hospital already running, and a senior member of the Regular Service appointed to 72 General Hospital, who will also be A/Principal Matron of the Trouville area.
A/Principal Matrons: Arranged the appointments of the A/Principal Matrons of Rouen, Etaples and Boulogne, and filled the vacancies made by these moves: - Miss M. M. Blakeley, QAIMNS to be A/Principal Matron, Boulogne; Miss M. M. Tunley, QAIMNS to be A/Principal Matron, Rouen, and Miss C. G. Stronach, QAIMNS to be A/Principal Matron, Etaples.
Total No. of Nursing Services: Sent to AAG return showing the total number of trained nurses and VADs working in Military Hospitals, including Almeric Paget Massage Corps and members of the Australian Red Cross:
Total Trained – 4161: Untrained 1660. Others – 37. Grand total = 5858, exclusive of BRCS.
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that the total number of reinforcements sent to France during November was 16.
Villa Roquebrune: Received authority from DGMS for the appointment of a lady driver for the Villa Roquebrune.
General Service VADs: Received ruling from DGMS with reference to the procedure to be adopted to replace casualties in the ranks of the General Service VADs – all casualties to be reported by the OC through the usual channels.
Anaesthetists: Returned to DGMS suggested syllabus of DDMS Etaples for the training of anaesthetists. He had realised that this course was to be 3 months, but only felt empowered to deal with a 2 months’ course at the Base. Instruction in oxygen and nitrous oxide will be given practically and by lecture.
Hardelot Convalescent Home: Received communication from DGMS in respect of HRH Princess Louise’s Home at Hardelot. HRH Princess Louise is unable to accede to the request that her house might be re-opened as a Convalescent Home on January 1st. The Commissioner, BRCS, can secure 2 or 3 Villas which, if connected, would make a suitable Convalescent Home for Sisters at Hardelot, with accommodation for 50. Returned correspondence to DGMS saying that the need of a Convalescent Home is much felt and as Cannes Convalescent Home closes in May, it is thought that this kind offer should be accepted.
35 Ambulance Train: A/Sister Morgan, QAIMNSR came to see me before taking over charge of 35 Ambulance Train, which has just been put into commission.

Sick Sisters 217
Motor Convoy, Treport: Recommended to DGMS the increase of the VAD Motor Convoy, Treport, by two house members.
8 Canadian General Hospital: Correspondence referring to letter addressed to Miss Woodford, TFNS by OC 8 Canadian General Hospital, returned from DGMS to this office. As the OC 8 Canadian General Hospital is under the DMS, L of C, he must report what action has been taken with a view to preventing similar irregularities in correspondence. Forwarded to DDMS Rouen, asking for an explanation from OC 8 Canadian General Hospital.
Harvard Unit: Received copy of War Office letter approving the appointments of Miss P. Parkman and Miss L. Haycock, VAD members to 22 General Hospital, owing to the shortage of MOs and the number of Sisters employed in the performance of Medical Officers’ duties.

Sick Sisters 227
BRCS Sick Bay: AQMG forwarded copy of authority for the issue of coal and anthracite to the BRCS Sick Bay at Hotel Sussex, Boulogne.
Staff Nurse Baxter, TFNS: DDMS Etaples returned correspondence regarding Staff Nurse Baxter, TFNS 20 General Hospital, recommending that she should be transferred to the Home Establishment as she appeared to feel the cold.
23 General Hospital: Received correspondence from Headquarters, American Red Cross, asking for certificates of service at 23 General Hospital of Miss Ada Graham and Miss Sylvia Bastin, in order that they may get the Insigne d’Honneur.
A/Sister E. Kerr, QAIMNSR: Received wire from DGMS asking if A/Sister E. Kerr, QAIMNSR 83 Dublin General Hospital, wished to return to Jerusalem for duty at St. Helen’s Nursing Home. Repeated to DDMS Boulogne and received reply that A/Sister Kerr wished to be released. Wired to DGMS accordingly.
Hazebrouck Hospice: Wrote to the Directeur, Hospice Hospital, Hazebrouck, regretting that as at present there is no British unit in that town, Sister Wright cannot return for duty at his hospital, with Captain Saint. His request will be born in mind if any unit is opened there in the future.
Reinforcements: Forwarded to DGMS return showing the discrepancies in this office figures and the return forwarded by War Office of reinforcements sent to France during November. War Office letter shows 6 reinforcements and 16 off sick leave. No. actually arrived = 15 reinforcements and 11 off sick leave.
Suspension from duty: Received application from Sister E. Stokes, TFNS Marseilles Stationary Hospital, to be suspended from the service for 6 months, owing to illness of husband.

Sick Sisters 188
8 and 9 Canadian Stationary Hospitals: Received notification that Nos. 8 and 9 Canadian Stationary Hospitals were proceeding to France on the 22nd instant. Informed DDMS Boulogne and ADMS St. Omer.
72 General Hospital: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that 34 trained nurses and 14 VADs for 72 General Hospital were proceeding to Havre on the 22nd. Informed DDMS Havre and Trouville.
Recreation Hut: Received correspondence from DGMS regarding the Recreation Hut attached to 40 Stationary Hospital – owing to the withdrawal of PB men, the OC asks for the services of 2 VAD Members. Asked DDMS Havre for remarks.
A/Sister Martini, QAIMNSR: Received correspondence from DDMS Boulogne referring to the refusal of A/Sister Martini, QAIMNSR 14 Stationary Hospital, to pay for breakages. Her discourteous manner was complained of. This lady has since apologised to both the OC and the Matron and the matter has been settled.
Staff required: Received application from 83 Dublin General Hospital for 4 more nurses to cope with emergency duty on hospital ships. Arranged to send help as required.

Sick Sisters 197
Sick Bays: Received correspondence from DGMS on the subject of VADs in WAAC Sick Bays drawing rations and fuel. Recommended that they should draw free rations and fuel. Forwarded and recommended to AQMG – these ladies are on a different standing from those in Military Hospitals and give their services free.
No.10 BRCS Hospital: DGMS forwarded application from Commissioner for 1 Nursing Sister and 1 VAD to increase the staff of No.10 BRCS Hospital, on completion of a new ward.
Nurses for CCS: Asked all A/Principal Matrons and Matrons of odd units to render lists of nurses in every way suitable for CCS work who have not served in the front area for the past 8 months.
Resignations: Circulated instructions received from War Office regarding those members who sign AFW 3538 or 3548 and are desirous of resigning. A written statement as to their willingness to refund the extra pay drawn is required of them.

Sick Sisters 189
Colonel Barefoot, CB, CMG left for Etaples to take up new appointment as DDMS Etaples.
Nos. 8 and 9 Canadian Stationary Hospitals: The nursing staffs (1 Matron and 29 Sisters) of Nos. 8 and 9 Canadian Stationary Hospital arrived – No.8 proceeded to St. Omer and No.9 to Etaples.
Sick Bay: Received memo from DGMS to the effect that the Commissioner can arrange for 2 VAD Members to be provided for the WAAC Sick Bay at Rouxmesnil, but states that at the present moment there is not sufficient work for a sick bay at this station. Forwarded to ADMS Dieppe for remarks.
Motor Convoy, Treport: Received authority from DGMS for the employment of 2 additional VADs as house members for the Treport motor convoy.
Anaesthetists: Received application from DDMS Etaples asking that 24 General and 7 Canadian General Hospitals might be added to the training centres for women anaesthetists. Forwarded and recommended to DGMS.
Sick List: A/Principal Matron, St. Omer, reported that Miss P. Greenland, VAD No.3 Section, No.59 General Hospital, had met with an accident. She had been knocked down by a motor car and was admitted to 10 Stationary Hospital suffering from bruises on the face and fractured fibula.
South African Gifts: Received wire from Command Paymaster asking for nominal roll of all members of the South African Nursing Service in France. Forwarded together with postings. This was required as the South African Gifts Committee wished each nurse to receive 10/- for Christmas.
WAAC Sick List: Informed Dr. Sandeman, CMC, of the condition of Pte. Head, WAAC, on the dangerously ill list at No.3 General Hospital with frontal sinus.
Accommodation 35 General Hospital: Returned correspondence to DGMS with reference to No.35 General Hospital accommodation for nursing staff, giving a list of the number of normal and crisis beds occupied during the last 2 months. The increase asked for not so much on the crisis beds but owing to the fact that this hospital takes all serious cases, both officers and men, for the area, the frequency of air raids which entails extra night work, and the necessity of supplying extra staff for hospital ships in harbour.
Nursing Sister McAdams, CAMC: Reported to DGMS that Nursing Sister McAdams, CAMC had arrived on the 17th at Boulogne with 3 newspaper reporters.

Sick Sisters 192
Anaesthetists: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS the request that 34 General Hospital and 7 Canadian General Hospital should be included in the list of training centres for women anaesthetists.
26 General Hospital: Returned correspondence received from AQMG with regard to increase of staff and insufficient accommodation at 26 General Hospital. It was said that if this increase was to be permanent authority for building would be required. Replied that an increase in establishment is not necessary as extra staff was recently detailed to this unit in order to enable a larger number to proceed on leave, but the numbers would be reduced again in a few days.
Anaesthetists: DGMS approved syllabus of training for women anaesthetists put up by DDMS Etaples – classes of instruction to be started as soon as possible, and reports to be furnished according to previous instructions. Pupils for instructions to be selected in consultation with the Matron-in-Chief from the lists in her possession.
Harvard Unit: DGMS forwarded correspondence from the International Bible Society, Boston, concerning Miss E. T. Brown, VAD late Harvard Unit, expressing surprise that the War Office had not been informed of her release.
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter with authority for the embarkation of 7 Sisters, 24 Staff Nurses and 14 VAD members on the 22nd inst., via Havre, for 72 General Hospital. These ladies had duly arrived and proceeded to Trouville.
Sick Bays, WAAC: In connection with the application made by the CC, WAAC for VADs on duty in sick bays to draw rations free, referred AQMG to his file QL 791/5/17 of 10.7.17, from which it was understood that an ACI affecting this question was to be issued. VAD members on duty in these sick bays are on a different footing from those in Military Hospitals in that they receive no pay and allowances and give their services free. It is recommended that these ladies should be allowed to draw rations.
South African Gifts: Received telephone message from Command Paymaster, saying that he had been asked to pay 10/- to all members of the SAMNS in France from the South African Gifts Committee. Arranged with the OC South African General Hospital that this should be done as soon as possible.

Sick Sisters 192
Christmas wires: Sent Christmas wires to HM Queen Alexandra, HM Queen Mary and HRH Princess Victoria.
Recreation Hut: DDMS Etaples applies for 2 VAD Members for the recreation hut at 26 General Hospital. Replied that in similar units it had been found necessary to detail 2 VAD members for this duty, to be posted in rotation for 2 months’ duty, from the nursing staff.
Hostel for Relatives: DGMS forwarded for our remarks application from Commissioner, BRCS for a staff of 5 VADs and 1 orderly for a hostel for the accommodation of relatives of wounded and for the VAD area commandant at Treport. Forwarded to ADMS Dieppe for remarks.
Rest Clubs for Nurses: Application made by Commissioner, BRCS for 10 more VAD members to be employed if necessary at Princess Victoria’s Clubs for Nurses at various Bases on the L of C. Forwarded to the Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox for her remarks.

Sick Sisters 193
General Service VADs: Received from DGMS proposals of Commissioner, BRCS concerning transfers, promotions and re-mustering of General Service VAD Members, and the correct procedure to be adopted. Our remarks were asked for.
Transfer to WAAC: Received copy of War Office letter with ruling that VAD Members wishing to transfer to the WAAC must first resign their position in the organisation before transfer.
Nos. 8 & 9 Canadian Stationary Hospitals: Received from the War Office nominal rolls of Nos. 8 & 9 Canadian Stationary Hospitals – Matron Pope, in charge of 8 Canadian Stationary Hospital, to be relieved by Matron Urquhart, 2 Canadian Stationary Hospital. Matron MacIsaac is in charge of 9 Canadian Stationary Hospital.
Transfer of VAD to Special Probationers: Received ruling from War Office that no individual applications were to be forwarded from VADs asking to transfer to Special Probationers’ Corps. No decision has yet been received from the Civil Hospital training schools – when received, it will be communicated to all concerned.
Hostel for relatives, Boulogne: The commissioner, BRCS is asking for authority for 4 VAD members and 1 orderly for a hostel for relatives of wounded, to be started at Boulogne. Forwarded to DDMS Boulogne for remarks.
38 Stationary Hospital: Received wire from DGMS asking that 13 reinforcements should be sent for the nursing staff of No.38 Stationary Hospital, Genoa.

Sick Sisters 202
Military Medal: Received copy of recommendation for the award of the Military Medal to A/Sister E. King, QAIMNSR who had been wounded at 63 CCS. This was an amended copy of the recommendation previously forwarded. Received copy of recommendation from DMS 1st Army for the award of the Military Medal to A/Sister F. Broome, CHR; A/Sister A. G. Boyd, QAIMNSR and A/Sister M. Abraham, CHR.
Transfer: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence with regard to Sister F. L. Sands, ANSR, recommending that she should be transferred to England for duty. This lady had refused to work under a junior Sister – apparently she had been asked to give a report to the night Sister. This is not the first time an unfavourable report on this lady has been received.
Recreation Hut, 40 Stationary Hospital: With reference to the recreation hut at 40 Stationary Hospital and the application made by Commissioner to appoint 2 VAD Members on the withdrawal of the PB men, informed DDMS Havre that in all similar units we detail 2 VAD Members for this duty, who are relieved at intervals. All other arrangements such as fatigue duty are made by the OC of the unit.
A/Sister Martini, CHR: Application of A/Sister Martini, CHR to withdraw her resignation approved. This lady had refused to pay for breakages and had sent in her resignation.

Sick Sisters 197
Reinforcements for Italy: 13 reinforcements proceeded from Abbeville to 38 Stationary Hospital, Italy, for duty – 5 VAD Members and 8 AANS. Forwarded nominal roll of these ladies to DMS Italy, to A/Principal Matron, Italy, to DGMS, to Matron-in-Chief, War Office and Matron-in-Chief, AIF, to Command Paymaster, and Base Paymaster, AIF.
Anaesthetists: Forwarded to DGMS list of names selected from those submitted to undergo training as anaesthetists. All the names forwarded are recommended by the Matron and OC of their unit, and the remarks of the Matron-in-Chief, BEF are appended. All the VAD Members are in possession of the Efficiency Stripe and all the trained nurses are experienced in theatre work.
Fuel and Light: Received ruling to the effect that nurses are now entitled to fuel and light at the public expense unless they are in receipt of billeting allowance.
General Service VADs: Forwarded to DGMS statement showing the establishment of house members asked for by DDMS Trouville for the General Service VAD Camp.
Marriage: Reported to DGMS that Staff Nurse E. A. Nicholson, TFNS returned from 14 days’ leave on the 24th inst. having been married while on leave. Her married name is Mrs. McDowell. Asked if authority had yet been granted for the retention of this lady in the service. Asked DDMS Etaples for particulars as to where her husband is at present serving.
Wills of Nursing Sisters: Sent to Matron-in-Chief, AIF the will of Nursing Sister K. Cummings and statement from Nursing Sisters M. Carr, A. Furniss, M. Giles and M. McDonald as to where their wills were to be found.
Matron Boulter, CAMC: Asked DGMS if the arrival of Matron Boulter, CAMC could be delayed until the question of a car had been settled. We had heard unofficially that this lady was arriving in France on the 2nd. With reference to the question asked as to whether the appointment of a Principal Matron, CAMC would interfere with the duties hitherto exercised by the Matron-in-Chief, as the welfare of other than Canadian patients was involved, it was proposed that Miss Boulter, when proceeding on inspecting duty, should report to the DDMS of the area, and should be accompanied by the A/Principal Matron of the area. On completion of the inspection, she would submit a report to be passed by me to the DDMS, L of C or the DMS of the Army, as the case might be.
Marriage: Forwarded to DGMS statement furnished by Matron McCord, 46 Stationary Hospital, to the effect that Sister Smallwood, QAIMNSR who had proceeded to England to be married had heard on arrival in London that her fiancé’s leave had been postponed. She had returned immediately in the hope of being allowed to postpone her leave, and had been admitted to hospital with a temperature of 100.
30 CCS: 30 CCS re-opened and Miss Barwell, Sister in charge and a staff of 6 others were ordered to join.
Miss Rachel Burke: Received telephone message from Major Lee, GHQ, saying that Miss Rachel Burke, an American Lady, is coming to Abbeville on the 3rd and is staying with the CC, WAAC. He asked me to take her to Vimy Ridge on the 7th-9th, and he would supply a car if necessary.

Sick Sisters 208
Compensation claim: Forwarded to AQMG claim for compensation from Miss M. Lamb, VAD for a coat damaged by disinfectant. Compensation is recommended as this kit was lost through no fault of the owner.
WAAC Sick Bay: Returned application made by DDMS Havre for a VAD Member to be detailed from a hospital to assist Dr. McNeil, Medical Officer in charge of the WAAC Sick Bay at Havre, saying that as arrangements have been made with the BRCS for supplying BRCS nursing personnel for the WAAC, it is regretted that authority cannot be given for a VAD member from a hospital nursing staff to undertake this duty.
Uniform: Sent circular to all A/Principal Matrons and Matrons of odd units in accordance with instructions received from the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, requesting that all Matrons should report the name, rank and home station of all nurses newly arriving in France who are not in possession of correct uniform in good condition, especially felt hats and thick coats.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: AAG informs the Base Commandant that the Convalescent Home, Cannes, is on the same footing as a hospital, except for the purpose of fuel and light, which are issued on repayment. The Home is under the medical administration of the Commandant, Michelham Convalescent Home, and under the Base Commandant, Marseilles, for disciplinary purposes.
A/Principal Matron, Boulogne: Sent to Miss Blakeley, on appointment as A/Principal Matron at Boulogne, instructions concerning the procedure to be adopted with regard to arrivals and reinforcements and posting of nursing staff on arrival from sick or ordinary leave.
Paris Club: Sent daily tariff at HRH Princess Victoria’s Club for nurses in Paris with all particulars to the Principal Matrons, Malta, Italy, Taranto, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Salonika, and Marseilles and to the Matrons of the Convalescent Homes, Cap Martin, Cannes and Villa Roquebrune, and to all Sisters in charge of Hostels and Clubs. All nurses passing through Paris from other Commands are considered as honorary members.
Leave to south of France: Issued instructions to all areas regarding leave to Cannes and Roquebrune Convalescent Homes – these two homes are not to be confused as they are entirely separate.

Sick Sisters 216
QAIMNS: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that the application of A/Sister V. C. Paschali, QAIMNS Retired, to rejoin the QAIMNS had been considered by the Nursing Board but had not been approved.
Leave to Cannes: Nursing Sister F. A. Rice, CAMC granted 7 days’ extension of leave at the Convalescent Home, Cannes.
57 General Hospital: The first party of nursing staff of 57 General Hospital left for Marseilles, consisting of 1 Matron and 23 Sisters. This unit is moving to Marseilles from Wimereux where its site has been taken over by No.7 Stationary.
A/Principal Matrons: Miss Tunley, Miss Blakeley, and Miss Walker came to the office on their way to take up their duties as A/Principal Matron of Rouen, Boulogne and Marseilles respectively. They broke their journey at Abbeville and came to see me to discuss various duties and arrangements before taking up their new posts.

Sick Sisters 214
Lodging, fuel and light Allowance: Wrote to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, on the subject of lodging, fuel and light allowances being drawn by members of the nursing staff while on sick leave in England.
8 Canadian General Hospital: Forwarded to DDMS Boulogne, explanation of OC 8 Canadian General Hospital concerning the correspondence with Miss Woodford, TFNS.
Anaesthetists: Asked the approval of DGMS to add certain hospitals to the list of those already selected as training centres for women anaesthetists. Asked if it is proposed that those under training should be taken off other duties so that they may have every opportunity of completing their course with success. It is proposed that 3 Sisters at a time should be trained in each hospital. This would make an approximate total of 75 under training at the same time. The candidates have been selected from those considered most capable in every respect. Also informed DGMS that these ladies could ill be spared as units continued to open and large staffs were required for Casualty Clearing Stations, as well as an increased number of theatre Sisters. In view of this, may the War Office be asked to fill the vacancies made by those undergoing training. If the Sisters are to be taken off all nursing duties, the question of accommodation will also need consideration.
72 General Hospital: Received copy of War Office wire notifying that 41 VAD Members were ready to embark for duty with 72 General Hospital. Wired that they were not needed at present – a telegram would be sent when they were required.
Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs: Returned correspondence to DGMS concerning the establishment of VAD Members for employment at HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs for Nurses, recommending an increase of 10 VADs to this establishment, owing to the rapid increase in membership of these clubs.
Efficiency Stripe: Received copy of War Office letter with ruling with regard to the scarlet Efficiency Stripe for VAD Members and Special Probationers. Any period of time spent on the sick list or on sick leave cannot be allowed to count as qualifying service for the stripe. Matrons are requested to give members newly joining who are in possession of the stripe duties in accordance with their capabilities.
Board allowance in Hostels: Sent circular to all Sisters in charge of Nurses’ Hostels and Homes with regard to board allowance. From the 1st January, 1918, no board allowance will be recovered from the nurses themselves, but a claim will be put in to Command Paymaster for board allowance for all nurses who have been subsisted for one day or more at the Hostel. This refers solely to Nursing Services paid from Army Funds.
Canadian Sisters’ leave in France: Wrote to Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief, CAMC on the subject of leave in France for the Sisters from 6 and 8 Canadian General Hospital. Applications are being received from these ladies to spend their leave in Hotels in various places, and these are being held up until Miss Macdonald’s views are known.
Efficiency Stripes: Returned to DDMS Rouen correspondence concerning the Efficiency Stripes of Miss E. Hooper and Miss D. Johnson, VADs. The OC Tooting Military Hospital, reports that these ladies resigned in April, 1917, and they are not therefore eligible for the stripe.
57 CCS: Received telephone message that the staff of 57 CCS would be shortly required. Arranged for Miss Russell Lee, QAIMNSR and a staff of 6 to proceed.

Sick Sisters 197
38 Stationary Hospital: Reported to DGMS that the 13 reinforcements (8 AANS and 5 VADs) had duly proceeded to Italy for duty with 38 Stationary Hospital on 27.12.17.
Convalescent Home, Hardelot Plage: DGMS forwarded copy of a letter to Commissioner, BRCS, accepting his offer of a Convalescent Home for Sisters at Hardelot Plage.
Staff Nurse A. Pigott, SAMNS: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that a decision had been received from the Colonial Office in the case of Staff Nurse A. Pigott, SAMNS who had been recalled to Basutoland and who had requested to be allowed to resign her appointment there and to continue in the SAMNS. The High Commissioner for South Africa states that there is no need for her to resign her post and it is recommended that she should be allowed to continue in military service.


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