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NOVEMBER 1st – 30th 1917

Sick Sisters 169
Leave to Canada: Forwarded to DGMS application from Nursing Sister A. B. McNeill, 6 Canadian General Hospital, for transport duty to Canada, and leave in Canada, owing to the ill-health of her mother.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: Received copy of letter from Commissioner to DGMS asking for sanction for a staff for the Convalescent Home, Cannes, of 1 Superintendent, 4 Lady Assistants and 10 French servants. He also asked if arrangements were being made about rations and if these could be drawn for French servants.
Princess Christian: Received from Princess Christian telegram of thanks for the telegram of condolence sent on behalf of the Army Nursing Service Reserve.
13 General Hospital: 13 General Hospital, Boulogne, was taken over by the 5th Harvard Unit, USA (from 11 General Hospital) and the staff of 13 General Hospital was distributed amongst other units in the area, and some to 11 General Hospital.
38 Stationary Hospital: 38 Stationary Hospital, Calais, closed, in order to pack up for a move to an unknown destination, and the Australian Nursing Staff is temporarily attached to other units.

Sick Sisters 163
Villa Roquebrune: DGMS returned correspondence on the question of Mrs. Warre being allowed to draw coal and rations on repayment, pointing out that the Villa Roquebrune was a BRCS unit, having been included in the offer of the BRCS, and official sanction had therefore been received.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: DGMS replied to our communication concerning the Convalescent Home, Cannes, saying that Colonel Cassalis de Pury could be called upon if wanted, but the usual arrangements had better be made to send to Cap Martin if anything serious arose.
BRCS Sick Bay: Received correspondence with reference to the BRCS Sick Bay which was being moved from the Hotel Christol to Wimereux, and the question of rations and coal on repayment. DDMS Boulogne had mentioned a detail issue store which would solve the question of transport. DGMS replied that if rations and coal were supplied by the military, it would save the BRCS sending these items to the proposed sick bay at Wimereux.
Uniform: Received letter from Miss Sidney Browne, Matron-in-Chief, TFNS, informing me that velour hats are official uniform for members of the TFNS. Also received letter from the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, saying that these hats were not authorised for members of the QAIMNS and Reserve. In the same letter, the Matron-in-Chief informed me that a small close-fitting cap had been authorised but these were only to be worn in camp or on board ship in windy weather and on no other occasions. Also received letter from the Commandant-in-Chief, VADs, saying that velour hats were not sanctioned for members of the VAD.

Sick Sisters 167
No.10 Convalescent Depot: Received from DGMS copy of letter to Commissioner, BRCS giving sanction for an additional VAD for the Convalescent Camp at No.10 Depot, to run the recreation hut.
Reinforcements: Sent to DGMS monthly return showing number of reinforcements and number returned from sick leave during the month of October – Total Reinforcements 9 Trained. Total returned from sick leave – Trained 18 Untrained 2. Total wastage during the same period – Trained 65 Untrained 117. Present shortage – 276 Trained.
VAD Uniform: Sent letter to DGMS asking that some distinction might be made between the uniform worn by General Service VAD members, BRCS and the Military Branch, and suggesting that a red collar and cuffs and red hat band might be worn by the latter.
Villa Roquebrune: Forwarded to AQMG memo concerning the supply of rations for Villa Roquebrune, asking if a supply could be arranged on repayment.
General Service VADs: Received for our information copy of correspondence notifying the arrival of the first batch of General Service VAD Members for work in hospitals in various capacities – the first are arriving on the 2nd for St. Omer and Treport areas, and are being posted to 7 General and 47 General Hospitals. Telephoned to the ADMS of these areas, asking them to let me have particulars as I wished to meet and welcome the senior member of the party.
HS St. David and St. George: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that the Nursing Staffs of Hospital Ships “St. David” and “St. George” should be struck off the strength of the BEF.
Transfer: Received copy of War Office letter saying that the application of Staff Nurse D. M. Priestley, TFNS for the QAIMNS had been accepted, and that she would not be returning to France.
Miss I. M. Saker: Received copy of War Office telegram requesting that Charge Nurse I. M. Saker, Military Families’ Nurse, should rejoin the Louise Margaret Hospital, Aldershot, forthwith. Sent instructions accordingly to this lady at 47 CCS.
German prisoners: DGMS returned memo with regard to the nursing of German prisoners by Nursing Sisters, saying that the rule at home is that German prisoners who are really ill should be nursed under the same conditions as British soldiers but convalescents and slight cases have no Sisters attached to their wards.

Sick Sisters 175
Anaesthetists: Received memo from DGMS stating that at a recent meeting of Consultants it had been unanimously agreed that owing to the shortage of Medical Officers, women should be trained as anaesthetists, such training to last 3 months, of which two months should be at a Base hospital and one month at a CCS. Only volunteers will be selected for training and it will be open to all VAD Members and Nursing Sisters – names of candidates to be submitted as soon as possible. Not more than 5 candidates are to be submitted for training at any one hospital at the same time. A report is to be submitted on the progress and qualifications of each person under training, stating whether she is sufficiently advanced to be suitable for a further course of one month at a CCS to enable her to obtain a certificate. The hospitals at which training is to be done are 8 Stationary, 13, 14, 53, 55 and 3 Canadian General Hospital; 18, 22 and 26 General Hospitals, 16 General Hospital, 1 and 2 General Hospitals, 8, 9 and 12 General Hospitals.
Sick accommodation for GS VADs: Received copy of letter from Commissioner, BRCS concerning the question of sick accommodation for General Service VADs employed in medical formations on the L of C and the provision of personnel to staff this accommodation. There will be 7 or 8 camps of General Service VADs at Havre, Rouen, Treport and St. Omer, for which sick bays will be required, unless authority can be obtained for General Service VADs to be provided for in WAAC sick bays.
A/Sister V. C. Paschali: Forwarded to DGMS application from A/Sister V. C. Paschali, QAIMNS Retired, to rejoin the QAIMNS.
Villa Roquebrune: Sent circular to all Bases and Armies concerning the offer of Captain and Mrs. Warre to re-open the Villa Roquebrune as a Convalescent Home for Sisters.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: Returned to DGMS letter regarding the establishment of a Convalescent Home at Cannes, saying that it was proposed to detail two military VADs to assist in the work of the Home. These will be replaced periodically as at Cap Martin, and if required a third could be detailed. The ten French servants asked for are considered necessary.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: Forwarded memo to Commandant, Michelham Convalescent Home, Cannes, saying that in the event of a Medical Officer being required for the Convalescent Home, Cannes, or for Villa Roquebrune, he should detail one.
Dancing: Mrs. Creagh, Matron of the South African General Hospital came to the office to discuss the question of allowing dancing amongst the members of the nursing staff in hospital. She approves of the Sisters being allowed to dance in their own Mess, but does not wish to depart from the regulations laid down for British Sisters.

Sick Sisters 170
Miss M. E. Ahearne, VAD: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence with reference to Miss M. E. Ahearne, VAD, as to whether she was eligible for an Efficiency Stripe. She had served 21 months in France before she was invalided to the United Kingdom, and her service was unbroken.
Convalescent Homes: Sent circular to all Bases and Armies with reference to the Convalescent Homes at Cannes and Roquebrune – 50 beds at Cannes and 15 at Roquebrune. Any members of any Nursing Service is free to take her leave there.
Lady journalists: Received reply from DGMS with reference to the request made by the lady journalists for details of the awards of Military Medals to members of the Nursing Services, saying that there was no objection to the deeds for which the Medal had been granted being described in detail and the names of the recipients mentioned, but the effect of hostile shell fire and bombs must not be described. Any articles written must be submitted to GHQ for censorship.
General Service VADs: Miss Crowdy, Principal Commandant, VADs, came to the office to discuss with me the question of General Service VAD Members, employed in Military Hospitals.

Sick Sisters 182
Rest Club in Paris: Forwarded memo to AAG giving the address of Princess Victoria’s Rest Club in Paris – 175, Faubourg Poissonniere.
Anaesthetists: Sent circular to all Bases with reference to the training of women as Anaesthetists, asking for names of candidates to be submitted, with a recommendation from the OC and Matron as to the suitability of each candidate.
Masseuses: Forwarded to DGMS application from DDMS Boulogne for more masseuses of the Almeric Paget Massage Corps. He asked for an addition of 20 masseuses to those already working but this office suggested that 10 would be sufficient for the present and a further application could be forwarded at a later date.
Sick accommodation for GS VADs: Sent reply to DGMS with reference to the subject of sick accommodation for General Service VADs, suggesting that they should be accommodated in the WAAC sick bays, and the services of the CMC, WAAC, and her assistants should be utilised when required. For those who require hospital treatment, it will be necessary to arrange hospital accommodation, and if the existing facilities prove insufficient, further accommodation can be arranged for.
Service with the French: Forwarded circular to all Bases and Armies asking for a list of Trained Nurses and VADs who served with French Medical Formations between August 5th, 1914 and November 23rd, 1914.
Australian Red Cross workers: Received reply from DGMS with reference to the ladies working in Australian Hospitals belonging to the Australian Red Cross Society. The Commissioner, Australian Red Cross, says that these ladies are directly under his control and he desires that they should continue under his jurisdiction and not under that of the VAD Department of the BRCS, as they would necessarily be, if they resided in hospital and came under the same regulations as the nursing staff. The services of these ladies are entirely voluntary and they find their own residential quarters and are members of the hospital’s Mess at which they are working.
A/Sister C. Palmer, CHR: Miss Minns, Matron, 2 Stationary Hospital, came to see me with reference to official correspondence which had been forwarded regarding A/Sister C. Palmer, CHR, who had been reported by her for neglect of duty. This Sister was in charge of a cerebro-spinal meningitis patient and left him in charge of the orderly and went off duty without handing over the case to a relief. This lady has been interviewed by her and expressed regret at what had occurred – she said she had been feeling ill and had not reported to the Matron so that a relief could be sent. When the patient was transferred, no Sister was with him.
Portuguese Red Cross ladies: Received letter from DGMS saying that he entirely approves of the proposals made with reference to Portuguese ladies being attached to our hospitals, and asking that they may be given every facility.

Sick Sisters 169
CAMC Transfer: Returned to DMS 3rd Army application of Nursing Sister K. Guerin, 3 Canadian Stationary Hospital, to be transferred to 8 Canadian General Hospital, saying that this lady must give her reasons for wishing this transfer.
Miss Greenstreet, VAD: A/Principal Matron, St. Omer, returned correspondence relating to Miss Greenstreet, VAD, saying that this lady was not recommended for further service as it was understood she wished to resign. Returned, asking if she is recommended for further service, should she wish to rejoin.
Military Medal: Received from DMS 2nd Army, copy of the authority awarding the Military Medal to Sister Devenish Meares, QAIMNSR, at present in the Royal Free Hospital, suffering from wounds.
1 General Hospital: Forwarded to DGMS nominal roll of 1 General Hospital, for information in respect of Staff Nurse Heseltine, who is reported to have proceeded to USA on 3 months’ sick leave. This is the only information received in this office.
Accommodation: ADMS Dieppe returned correspondence referring to the accommodation for Nursing Sisters at 2 Canadian General Hospital, saying that the whole of the nursing staff are now in huts.
Badges: Returned to Matron-in-Chief, TFNS the badges of Staff Nurses A. Climie and M. L. Milne, TFNS late of 58 General Hospital.
Resignation: Forwarded to DGMS application to resign from Sister S. O. Wilson, QAIMNS Retired, 14 Stationary Hospital, as her husband does not wish her to continue to serve. Informed DGMS that this lady had signed a contract for service during the present emergency.
Teams at CCS: Received memo from DGMS asking that a Sister and an orderly should be detailed for duty with a team at 17 CCS to replace casualties due to sickness.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: Returned to DGMS correspondence concerning the establishment for Hotel D’Esterel, Cannes, saying that the proposed 2 VAD members would be in the place of lady assistants.
General Service HQ: Received copy of letter from DGMS to Commissioner, BRCS, authorising an establishment of 8 VAD officers and 12 members for a special section of the VAD office at Headquarters, to deal with General Service Section.

Sick Sisters 175
Anaesthetists: DGMS forwarded the name of Sister A. M. Kelson, TFNS who desires to become an anaesthetist.
American Hospitals: Forwarded to DGMS memo referring to the question of leave to the United States of members of the American Nursing Service, suggesting that a ruling should be made to the effect that the Matrons of British Hospitals staffed by American personnel should submit applications to the OC, and also that all official correspondence in connection with the nursing staff should be passed to this office, to be dealt with or transmitted to DGMS.

Sick Sisters 168
Transfer: Received copy of War Office letter stating that the application of A/Sister M. Shepherd Smith, QAIMNSR for transfer to Home Establishment had been approved, but it could not be promised that she would be posted to Napsbury, as she had requested.
Nursing Sister Campbell: Received copy of War Office letter stating that the letter of October 11th relating to Sister Campbell, QAIMNSR South Africa, is cancelled. This lady wished to join the SAMNS and permission is now given for her to remain at the South African General Hospital without signing a contract until she hears from the South African Authorities to whom she should apply for transfer. She should inform this office when a transfer can be arranged.
Accommodation: Sent to AQMG memo referring to the quarters at 35 General Hospital for Nursing Sisters, saying that this service is considered desirable, as the present accommodation is insufficient. This unit takes in Officers, and has a serious cases’ division, and owing to the frequency of air-raids it is not desirable for the Sisters to be under canvas or away from their work. The total number of Sisters allowed by War Establishment is 50, but none are allowed for the 205 crisis beds.

Sick Sisters 159
Sister L. E. Young, AANS: Forwarded to DGMS report on Sister L. E. Young, AANS who had been transferred from 25 General Hospital to 2 Australian General Hospital, owing to dissatisfaction.
Establishment: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence concerning the increase of nursing establishment asked for 20 and 8 General, 25, 11 and 8 Stationary, and 83 Dublin General Hospitals, saying that the extra staff asked for was already in large part at the hospitals, but the accommodation was insufficient. As there is no authority for excess of staff, the Sisters are either overcrowded in their huts or under canvas, which is undesirable. The total number of VADs asked for is in excess of the scale authorised as the hospitals affected can utilise the services of VADs to the greater economy in trained staff.
General Service: DGMS returned our memo with reference to General Service VADs being accommodated in WAAC sick bays, asking that this question should be taken up with the CC, WAAC.
Resignation: Received copy of War Office letter accepting the resignation of A/Sister K. R. Harris, QAIMNSR from November 3rd. This lady states she is in need of a long rest and also wishes to work at a CCS in preference to a Base hospital. She proceeded to England on 7 days’ special leave on 7.11.17, pending the acceptance of her resignation.

Sick Sisters 163
Lady Gifford called at the office on her way to Cannes, where she is opening the new Convalescent Home for Sisters, with reference to the procedure re supplies, orderlies, coal, etc. She asked if she could be looked upon as under the ADMS Marseilles, but I informed her that all matters should be arranged through the BRCS as the Home was being given by them.
Uniform: Replied to letter from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, with regard to fur collars, saying that this addition to uniform is not considered necessary, but a solid and suitable uniform macintosh would be a great boon. Enclosed a copy of instructions recently circulated with reference to the wearing of velour hats and furs.
A/Principal Matron, Boulogne: Sent wire recalling Miss Lyde, QAIMNS from leave to take over the duties of A/Principal Matron of the Boulogne area from Miss Steenson, QAIMNS, who is under orders for Italy. Also wired for return of Miss Davidson, AANS Matron of 38 Stationary Hospital, who was proceeding forthwith with her unit.
BRCS Sick Bay: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence with reference to the proposed BRCS sick bay at Wimereux, attaching letter from DAQMG Boulogne, saying that rations for 26 persons on repayment had been approved, and the question of fuel on repayment had been referred to HQ, L of C. The information would be forwarded as soon as received.
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter with list attached giving number of reinforcements sent to France during the month of October – Reinforcements 16, off sick leave 24. Replied showing the numbers who actually reported in France during this period to be: Reinforcements 9 plus 63 Americans: off sick leave – 20.
American nurses’ leave: DGMS approved of memo sent with reference to the question of applications for leave for members of the American Nursing Service attached to British Hospitals being submitted in the usual way to this office.
Italy: Received from DGMS copy of telegram from Dehorted saying that 20 Sisters were to proceed with 11 General Hospital and 10 with 38 Stationary Hospital. Information will be given when the remainder of the staff can be accommodated. Received information that these ladies would be required about the 13th – 15th instant. Issued orders for the staffs chosen to hold themselves in readiness.

Sick Sisters 160
Special leave: 5 days’ special leave granted to Miss Pierce, VAD, 20 General Hospital, owing to the death of her sister.
American Hospitals: Sent circular to all areas where American hospitals are situated, saying that in future all communications concerning members of the nursing staff, leave, transfers, etc. should be passed through this office.
Miss Austen: Received memo from DGMS stating that it is not necessary for Miss Austen, “Edith Cavell Memorial Nurse”, to sign an agreement, as she is not being paid from Army funds.
SAMNS: Received copy of War Office letter saying that the High Commissioner for South Africa had applied for Staff Nurse A. M. Piggott, South African General Hospital, to return for duty in Basutoland, to report to the War Office. A gratuity claim should be furnished.
Miss D. Hall: Received copy of War Office letter stating that it is considered desirable in the interests of discipline that Mrs. D. Rice (nee Hall), VAD, should return to England and report to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office. Steps should be taken that all matrons are informed of the regulations already circulated on the subject of obtaining permission to be married and retained in the service.
Establishment for Convalescent Home, Cannes: Received memo from DGMS forwarding copy of a letter sent by him to Commissioner, BRCS, sanctioning the establishment for the Convalescent Home, Cannes, as 1 Lady Superintendent, 10 orderlies (female servants). It is understood that Lady Gifford will be on duty with either Mrs. Seymour or Miss Inglis and 2, or if necessary 3, military VADs. The rations for the servants come under the heading of staff.
Indemnification claim: Received from Sister E. M. McQuillan, QAIMNSR indemnification claim for articles of personal property lost by a bomb bursting close to her tent.
Miss Bownes, VAD: Received correspondence from DDMS Boulogne enclosing wire from Miss Bownes, VAD, on leave, to say that she was being married on the 17th inst. and would not be returning to France. Forwarded correspondence to DGMS saying that Miss Bownes had been granted 7 days’ special leave on 3.11.17 – it was not known that she intended to be married or to resign.
Transfer: Forwarded to DGMS for consideration the application of Miss E. Hamilton Hunter, VAD, to be transferred to Salonika to work with her sister.

Sick Sisters 162
Sick Sisters from Italy: Forwarded to DGMS copy of orders for Sisters F. and M. Heap and Staff Nurse L. Symonds, QAIMNSR to be evacuated to England and to be accompanied by Sister Evers, QAIMNSR. These ladies had arrived in France on their way to England from Italy, having been evacuated sick.

Sick Sisters 150
Uniform: Circulated to all areas instructions concerning uniform – velour hats are not authorised for any but members of the TFNS and furs should not be worn with uniform.
11 General Hospital: Arranged for 31 members of the nursing staff of 11 General Hospital to proceed by 18 Ambulance Train for duty in Italy.
34 and 36 CCS: Received information that 34 and 36 CCS would be closing shortly – some of the Sisters are leaving on the 18th for Boulogne where leave will be arranged for those who are due. The remainder will come to the Nurses’ Home, Abbeville, before being re-posted.

Sick Sisters 151
Canadian Red Cross: Informed DGMS of the arrival of Misses Kay and Saunders, Canadian Red Cross VADs, for duty with 2 Canadian Stationary Hospital. No authority had been received in this office for their embarkation.
Italy: The remainder of the Nursing Staff of 11 General Hospital – 53 members – and the Nursing Staff of 38 Stationary Hospital (27 AANS) proceeded by 21 Ambulance Train to Italy for duty.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: The Convalescent Home for Sisters at Hotel D’Esterel, Cannes, opened, with Lady Gifford in charge. 7 Sisters are proceeding daily until the Home is filled, and vacancies will then be filled in rotation. 50 beds are set apart for Military Sisters and 25 for BRCS personnel.

Sick Sisters 153
CAMC Sisters returning to England: Received copy of memo from AG Canadians, stating that it is not considered necessary for Nursing Sisters of the CAMC who are returning to England from France to report to Argyll House. Arrangements have been made with the DMS for all Sisters to report to him at Pembroke House, 133, Oxford Street, London. Circulated these instructions.
Anaesthetists: With reference to the application from OC South African General Hospital as to whether the proposed training as anaesthetists should be mainly practical or whether a qualifying theoretical and practical examination should be held, DGMS states that the training should be both practical and theoretical under the training anaesthetists at the selected hospitals. It is suggested that a syllabus of training should be prepared in consultation with the anaesthetists, in order to obtain uniformity of training.
Australian Red Cross workers: DGMS forwarded letter from Commissioner, BRCS for our remarks. The Commissioner said that he was applying at the instance of the Australian Commissioner for sanction for lady workers to come to Trouville for the purpose of visiting the Australian patients in hospital and distributing Australian Red Cross stores and comforts. It is found very difficult to carry on this work from the Australian store depot at Havre. The commissioner states that there would be no objection to a lady residing in the hospital and coming under the same ruling as the Nursing Sisters, but the Australian Commissioner would prefer that she should be classed as their other workers and not as a VAD.
Miss Boulter, VAD: Reported to DGMS that Miss Boulter, VAD, who had entrained with the remainder of the staff of 11 General Hospital at 6 o’clock on November 15th, had reported at 9 a.m. at the Matron-in-Chief’s office in the morning of November 16th. She stated that at 2 a.m. she left the train and waited about until daylight and then reported to the Nurses’ Home, Abbeville. The Sister in charge of the Home immediately telephoned to the train, but found that it had already left at 5 a.m. This lady states that she suddenly felt she could not go with the party to Italy and that she must return to join her friend, Lady Betty Keppel, who was still at 7 Stationary Hospital, where this lady had been serving. It was suggested that as she had no luggage, she should return to England. DGMS returned the correspondence, saying that he agrees that she should be instructed to return to England at once. Instructions have accordingly been issued for her to return and to report to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, on arrival in London.
22 General Hospital: Forwarded application from 22 General Hospital (Harvard Unit) for appointment of 2 more VAD Members – Miss P. Parkman and Miss L. Haydock. These ladies have been nursing for the last 6 months in Paris. At present the strength of the unit is 89 Trained and 13 VADs. The reason for asking this is that there are so many counted on the nursing strength who are not available for ward work – 1 dietician, 1 statistician, 1 secretary, 3 anaesthetists, 1 laboratory worker, 1 in charge of X-ray department. Nurses also fall sick and are not replaced. Forwarded and recommended the application to DGMS saying that this is a 1400 bedded hospital and has an authorised staff of 101 nurses. The addition of 2 VADs will make their total 102 but no extra accommodation is required.

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… and she might have the opportunity of getting transport duty to Canada and privilege leave in Canada.
Staff Nurse Pigott, SAMNS: ADMS Abbeville returned the correspondence referring to the transfer of Staff Nurse Pigott, with a statement from this lady to the effect that she did not consider the Basutoland Government had any claim on her services, and she wished to tender her resignation from the Civil Service of Basutoland and to remain in the service of the South African Contingent. Forwarded application to DGMS.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: Received memo from AQMG saying that the Convalescent Home, Cannes, should be treated as a Voluntary Hospital and supplied with free rations and medical comforts, and fuel and light on repayment. Forwarded copy to DGMS and Commissioner, BRCS.
Recreation Hut, Wimereux: Received memo from AQMG with reference to the free issue of rations to VAD Members working at the Recreation Hut attached to 53, 54 and 55 General Hospitals. The issue of rations is approved, but the demand for fuel appears to be excessive and will have to be modified.

Sick Sisters 146
Sick leave: Received from DGMS copy of Army Council Instruction 1654 with regulations governing the length of sick leave to be granted to members of the QAIMNS, QAIMNSR, TFNS and VAD and Special Probationers employed in Military Hospitals.
Edith Cavell Nurse: Forwarded to DGMS application to resign of Sister A. L. Fitzgerald, QAIMNSR “Edith Cavell” nurse. She had forwarded this application to the American authorities as she thought this was the proper course.
34 CCS closed down and the Sisters proceeded to Boulogne – those who are due proceeding on leave.
CCS: 16 nurses from 12 Stationary Hospital, 9 from 41 Stationary Hospital and 8 from 6 Stationary Hospital proceeded under secret instructions to Casualty Clearing Stations in the 3rd Army, additional help being urgently required. Suitable and capable Sisters from other units were instructed to take their places. All staffs in CCS in the 3rd Army have been increased.

Sick Sisters 152
Matron-in-Chief, AIF: Wire received from Headquarters, AIF stating that Miss Wilson, A/Matron-in-Chief, AIF was leaving London for France today.  Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief, Canadians, and Miss Thurston, Matron-in-Chief, NZEF, were also arriving in France today. These three ladies have been asked to proceed to Abbeville to attend a conference of Matrons-in-Chief, to be held on the 23rd, in order to discuss nursing matters.
Accommodation: Forwarded to D of W correspondence with reference to the hiring of the Chateau de la Falaise as a hostel for some of the nursing staff of 83 Dublin General Hospital. This proposal is strongly recommended as independent billets are always a real difficulty and a number of the nursing staff of 83 General are still living in billets. In other instances were houses have been rented, it has proved a considerable saving to the Government.
Anaesthetists: Forwarded memo to DGMS suggesting that No.2 Stationary Hospital and the South African General Hospital should be added to the list of hospitals where Sisters could undergo a course of training as anaesthetists, as there are 25 candidates for the course in the Abbeville area. Forwarded to DGMS application that American nurses who already hold diplomas as anaesthetists might be employed as such, provided the Consulting Surgeon of the hospital to which they were attached concurs.
37 CCS closed down, and the staff were instructed to proceed to the Nurses’ Home, Abbeville, before being re-posted to other units.

Sick Sisters 152
Efficiency Stripe: Received copy of War Office letter with reference to the application forwarded by us asking if sick leave of VAD Members is to count towards long service for the Efficiency Stripe, saying that this matter is being considered by the Nursing Board and the decision will be communicated.
South African General Hospital: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence referring to reinforcements for the South African General Hospital – there are vacancies for 7 Staff Nurses which the CO would like filled. He does not wish for Sisters to be detailed, as he would rather promote Staff Nurses who have been with this unit since its inception. At present there are 21 VAD Members lent to this unit but these are being recalled for duty in British units.

Sick Sisters 154
SAMNS: Forwarded to DGMS application from Sister M. H. Campbell, SAMNS attached QAIMNSR, to be transferred to the South African Military Nursing Service. This lady’s contract with the QAIMNSR terminated on 8.10.17 but she had been granted permission by the War Office to remain on until she had heard from the South African authorities.
Decorations: Received memo from DGMS referring to the recommendations submitted for the award of the RRC for the New Years’ Honours Gazette. Only 23 names for the RRC and 128 for the ARRC had been submitted, and DGMS asked that these numbers should be increased to 50 and 200 respectively. It was suggested that the first 27 nurses for the ARRC should be changed to RRC and 100 of those put up for mention should be given the ARRC.

Sick Sisters 152
22 General Hospital: Forwarded to DGMS application from the OC 22 General Hospital, for Sister E. M. Scott to be appointed to take the place of Sister B. P. Crielman whose term of service expired December 8th, 1917. Miss Scott is now on duty at the American War Hospital, Paignton, and is desirable both from a professional and a personal point of view.
American Hospitals: Forwarded to DGMS memo from OC 18 General Hospital concerning the question of granting leave to American Nursing Sisters. He stated that American nurses were appointed to the American Nursing Corps in accordance with the USA regulations, which distinctly states under what conditions and how much leave they may be granted by the CO of their unit, and the nurses agree to abide by these regulations and sign a contract to that effect. If the OC is denied authority to grant leave, he requests that the matter may be referred to the Commander in Chief, American Expeditionary Force, for consideration, with a view to the proper adjustment of the conflicting authorities with regard to leave.
Rest Club, Treport: Received from AQMG approval for the issue of bread and 3lbs. of flour weekly to the Princess Victoria Club at Treport.
A Conference of Overseas Matrons-in-Chief was held at my office at 3 o’clock, the following ladies being present
Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief, Canadians
Miss Wilson, Matron-in-Chief, AIF
Miss Thurston, Matron-in-Chief, NZEF
Miss Bell, Matron-in-Chief, Americans
Mrs. Creagh, Matron-in-Chief, SAMNS
All matters in connection with nursing were discussed, in accordance with a pre-arranged list of minutes, and a permanent record has been kept of the proceedings.

Sick Sisters 151
CCS: DGMS approved of the proposal made that reinforcements for emergencies in Casualty Clearing Stations should be supplied from Stationary Hospitals in the Army Areas, suitable Sisters being detailed to these hospitals for this purpose. He stated that the 5th Army should not be taken into account.
Anaesthetists: DGMS returned memo asking if American nurses holding diplomas as anaesthetists might be employed as such, saying that there was no objection.
Colonel Stewart came to the office on behalf of Sir Arthur Lawley, Commissioner, BRCS to enquire for particulars concerning Miss Boulter’s return to England.
Miss H. E. Panton, TFNS: The DMS 4th Army presented the Military Medal to Miss Panton, TFNS who is temporarily attached to 44 Casualty Clearing Station.

Sick Sisters 147
Convalescent Home, Cannes: Sent circular to all Bases and Armies with reference to the Convalescent Home at Cannes, instructing that in future departures should be notified by the Administrative Office at Boulogne and Rouen only, and those from Abbeville from this office, to the Commissioner, BRCS at Paris.
Extra help required: Received memo from DDMS Boulogne asking for additional staff for No.8 Stationary Hospital. As the present strength of this hospital is 89 and their accommodation is for 86 only, this help could not be supplied.
Anaesthetists: Received memo from DGMS saying that No.2 Stationary Hospital and the South African General Hospital may be added to the list of hospitals where Nursing Sisters may undergo a course of training as anaesthetists.
Leave to Canada: Received copy of memo from DGMS with reference to the application of Nursing Sister P. Walker, CAMC for leave to Canada, saying this application has been submitted to the Canadian authorities who do not consider that it comes within the present policy by which leave to Canada can be granted. Illness of relatives at home does not in itself constitute grounds for granting leave, and it cannot therefore be approved.
South African General Hospital: DGMS returned the correspondence with reference to the South African General Hospital, asking that the requirements in nursing personnel of this hospital should be stated.
Australian worker at Trouville: Returned correspondence to DGMS concerning an Australian Red Cross worker at Trouville for visiting the Australian patients, saying that the services of this lady were considered desirable. It was suggested that she should be attached to the first Sisters’ Mess which opened. It would be an advantage if other lady workers employed in similar work could be attached to Australian Messes in other units. Red Cross workers in Canadian units reside in the hospitals and are members of the Mess and this is a most satisfactory arrangement.

Sick Sisters 151
GS VADs: Received authority from DGMS for General Service VADs employed in Medical Formations on the L of C to be accommodated in WAAC sick bays.
Miss Hamilton Hunter: Received copy of War Office letter saying that the request of Miss Hamilton Hunter, VAD to be transferred to Salonika for duty could not be granted.
Canadian Principal Matron: Received copy of War Office letter enclosing letter addressed to AG Canadian Overseas Forces, to the effect that the appointment of a Principal Matron, CAMC had been approved – to be appointed to the staff of the Matron-in-Chief, BEF, to inspect and report on the nursing services of the Canadian hospitals in France. Her location to be a question for the authorities in France to decide.
Leave to Paris: Sent circular to all areas saying that leave to Paris is now open to all members of the nursing services, and accommodation is provided at the Princess Victoria Club, 175, Faubourg Poissoniere.
Decorations: Submitted to the Military Secretary, GHQ supplementary list of members of the Nursing Service recommended for honours for the New Year’s Gazette – 27 for the RRC, 72 for the ARRC and 15 for mention in despatches.
Transfer to East Africa: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from Staff Nurse A. E. Revis, SAMNS attached QAIMNSR, for transfer to East Africa for duty, owing to the illness of her mother.

Sick Sisters 155
Decorations: Received memo from DGMS with reference to the recommendations submitted for the award of the RRC and ARRC to certain American ladies – in the event of these awards being made, the names of the recipients will not be published on the New Year’s Honours Gazette but the information will be given by letter.
Sick Bay: Received copy of a letter from DGMS to the Commissioner, BRCS, asking for a VAD member to be supplied for the WAAC sick bay at Rouxmesnil.
South African General Hospital: Returned to DGMS correspondence re the South African General Hospital asking for 5 Staff Nurses in lieu of Sisters in order that the Staff Nurses already in the unit may be promoted to the rank of Sister. 8 members of the VAD have been withdrawn and 5 have returned to England on termination of contract, leaving only 8 VADs temporarily attached.

Sick Sisters 151.
Leave to Canada: Received memo from DGMS with reference to the application for leave from Nursing Sisters M. S. Paton and M. B. McNeil, CAMC who had applied for transport duty to Canada owing to the ill-health of the latter’s mother. The matter has been referred to the Canadian authorities and the ruling received that these ladies’ leave was not due till January and leave on compassionate grounds could not be recommended.
Rest Club, Paris: Received copy of wire from Ambassador, Paris, saying that the Rest Club would be open to receive nurses on December 1st.
Trouville Hospitals: Received information that Nos. 72 and 73 General Hospitals, Trouville, would require nursing staffs about the middle and end of December, respectively. The staff required would be 50 trained and 50 VAD Members.
Pay and allowances: Forwarded to QMG particulars of all pay and allowances of the different branches of the Nursing Service in France.

Sick Sisters 154
Harvard Unit: Received copy of War Office letter stating that the fully trained and certificated nurses of the Harvard Unit below the rank of Matron are entitled to the £20 per annum extra pay on signing AFW 3538 under the same conditions as members of the QAIMNSR and probationers are entitled to £2.10.0 half-yearly increment under the same conditions as VADs.
Canadian Red Cross workers: Reported to DGMS the departure of Miss Denison and Miss Strathy VAD members, 1 Canadian General Hospital, and the arrival of Miss Thompson and Miss Bell on 21.10.17.

Sick Sisters 153
Jura Hospital: Received application from ADMS Marseilles for 5 Canadian Sisters for a hospital in the Jura. Sent wire to DGMS saying we proposed detailing 5 Sisters from the L of C and asking if he concurred. Received reply saying it is presumed that there is accommodation for these ladies.
American Hospitals: Sent amended circular to all Bases where there are American units, with reference to the question of leave. When leave has been granted to American nurses, this office is to be informed.
2nd Army: The following Casualty Clearing Stations have been turned into Corps Rest Stations and the nursing staff reduced to 5: 47, 12, 17, 11, 1 and 3 Australian CCS. All Casualty Clearing Stations in the 2nd and 5th Armies have been reduced to a nursing staff of 10.


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