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JULY 1st – 31st 1918

Sick Sisters 198
American reinforcements in British units: Received notification from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, that 56 United States nurses were embarking for France on July 2nd, and should be taken on the strength of the BEF. These ladies are serving under the conditions previously laid down by War Office letter of … 1917, with regard to pay, etc. Posted them to different areas as required.
Monthly return of wastage: Forwarded to DGMS monthly return of reinforcements and wastage during the period 1st to 30th June, 1918, showing a grand total of British nurses now in France = 2556 – VADs and Special Probationers = 1760; and the present shortage of trained nurses as 451.

Sick Sisters 201
Strength of nursing staff: Forwarded to DAG 3rd Echelon, monthly return showing numbers of nurses now in France, including Overseas, American and BRCS personnel. Total Trained = 4822. VADs and Special Probationers = 3449. Red Cross workers and civilians = 26. Sent copy of this return to DGMS
Married nursing members: Received reply from DGMS in answer to our enquiry, saying that the ruling given to the effect that nursing members may not serve in the same Command as their husbands, applies to all cases.
Resignation: Forwarded to DGMS bi-monthly list of members of the nursing service who have sent in resignations since the last return dated 1.5.18, showing reason given in each case.
CAMC identification discs: Forwarded to DGMS extract of letter received from DMS Canadian Contingents, with reference to the provision of Identity Discs for Canadian units. All members of the nursing service are to provide themselves with these before proceeding overseas. With regard to units serving in France, discs can be had at the Quartermaster’s Stores.
Indemnification claims for lost kit: Forwarded to AQMG indemnification claims from 16 sisters for kit lost owing to the military situation in March and April.
Reinforcements: 56 members of the United States Nursing Service arrived for duty in British Units and were posted.
Leave return: Telephoned and telegraphed to the different Bases asking for a return of the number of nursing staff now due for leave, as this had been urgently asked for by DGMS.
Report on work amongst the French: Major Winfield, GHQ, rang up with reference to the report recently asked for on the work of the nursing staff amongst the French, to enquire whether we could furnish the approximate numbers of cases nursed at the Hospice, attached to the Northumbrian CCS. Asked Major Saint, surgical specialist who was attached to this unit, whether he could supply this information.

Sick Sisters 185
Confidential reports: Received copy of War Office letter containing instructions with regard to confidential reports. In the case of the QAIMNS, only annual reports and reports on transfer required. QAIMNSR reports are to be rendered in manuscript, and QAIMNS and TFNS reports on the Army Forms provided.
Agreement forms: DGMS forwarded copy of ACI 676 of 1918 referring to agreement forms of members of QAIMNSR, TFNS, VADs and Special Probationers. These agreements have been amended so that clause 6 now reads as follows: “Provided that in the event of my services having been terminated for misconduct, I shall have the right to appeal through the ordinary official channels to the Secretary of State.” Printed slips with this amendment are being prepared for distribution. Circulated copies to all areas.*
Special leave: With reference to the application received from N/Sister Hambly, CAMC 2 Canadian General Hospital, for 10 days’ special leave in order to be in London at the same time as her brother, informed ADMS Dieppe, that it is regretted this cannot be approved, as this lady is not due for leave.
Loss of ARRC: Informed DMS, 2nd Army, that A/Sister E. Clark, QAIMNSR 15 CCS can have her RRC replaced on payment of £1.15.0. This decoration had been lost with her kit owing to the military situation.
Leave return: Forwarded to DGMS leave return as requested showing (a) number of nurses now in France = 5679, (b) Number of nurses now eligible for leave = 1118.
1914 Star: Forwarded to Director of Personal Services, War Office, memo confirming the record of service of Nursing Sister M. O’Lone, CAMC stated to have embarked for France on 7.11.14, with reference to this lady’s application for the 1914 Star.
Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief, CEF, arrived in Boulogne for an inspection tour of all Canadian units in France. Miss Ridley, Principal Matron, CAMC left Abbeville for Boulogne to meet Miss Macdonald and accompany her on her inspections. They left the following morning for Paris. The Canadian Representative is arranging a car for these ladies.
American reinforcements: 31 American reinforcements arrived for duty in British units and were posted.

* Much publicity was given in the national and nursing press to what became known as the ‘serf clause.’ The contracts vary slightly according to year and service, but the problematical clause in the agreement reads:
If I shall in any manner misconduct myself, or shall be (otherwise than through unavoidable illness or accident) unfit in any respect for service under this agreement, of which misconduct or unfitness you or your authorized representative shall be the sole judge, you shall be at liberty from and immediately after such misconduct or unfitness to discharge me from further service hereunder, and thereupon all pay and allowances hereunder shall cease.
The public furore surrounding the perceived unfairness of this clause, which offered no protection or right of appeal for the nurse, resulted in the amendment above.

Sick Sisters 173
Transfer to Italy: Received memo from DGMS saying that Miss M. de Burgh Daly, VAD, may now be transferred to Italy for duty. The necessary instructions for this lady to proceed were issued accordingly.
Canadian Forestry Hospital: Returned to SMO, Canadian Forestry Corps, correspondence with reference to application for 3 sisters at Gerardmer, asking that the nature of the cases nursed there should be stated and the reason why these sisters were required.
Indemnification claims: Forwarded to all Bases copy of ACI 559 for guidance when submitting claims for kit of nursing sisters lost owing to the military situation. This ACI sets out the scale of compensation admissible in such cases. When submitting these claims it should be definitely stated that enquiries have been made of the MFO, Messrs. Cox & Co. and RTOs concerned.

Sick Sisters 170
ACIs: Received from the War Office a copy of the following ACIs: ACI 673 of 1918 regarding the procedure to be followed with reference to officers being granted leave to the United Kingdom on other than medical grounds and who are unfit to return on expiration of such leave. In such cases they can be granted extension of leave up to three weeks on medical certificate without Medical Board. At the end of that time, if still unfit, a Medical Board will be called, and the member will be struck off the strength of the BEF. Also copy of ACI 674 of 1918 regarding procedure to be following with regard to sick leave to the United Kingdom. If an officer is granted three weeks’ sick leave and is unable to return on expiration of that period a Medical Board will be held, and he will be struck off the strength of the BEF.
Also copy of ACI 678 of 1918 with reference to the conditions under which VAD Members and Special Probationers may be admitted to the QAIMNS.
Reinforcements: Received memo from DGMS forwarding copy of War Office letter with reference to our demand for reinforcements, and subsequent telegraphic request that these might be postponed. The Australian Government has been approached with a view to obtaining 100 Australian nurses for duty with Imperial units and these have now been promised. 100 nurses have already been sent from the United States for duty with the British Armies in France. The dispatch of nurses from the United Kingdom has not been proceeded with owing to the request for temporary postponement of reinforcements. It is requested that our requirements in trained nurses should now be definitely stated and also whether the offer of the Australian Government can now be accepted, with a view to the dispatch of these nurses to France on arrival.
Cherbourg Rest Camp: Received wire from ADMS Paris asking for 3 extra nurses for Cherbourg owing to an influenza epidemic. Wired DDMS Trouville to select 3 suitable Staff Nurses for temporary duty with this unit.
Anaesthetists: Forwarded to DGMS list of members of the Nursing Service who have proved competent in the administration of anaesthetics, together with certificates issued in respect of these ladies. Also a brief report of the training they have undergone and the conditions governing their selection for this responsible work.
QMNG: Sent circular to all Bases with instructions that demands for surgical articles should be made to the Director General of Voluntary Organisations. Cases have arisen where demands have been made direct to the Central Depot, Surgical Branch, QMNG – this practice is contrary to ACI 408 of 1916.
Miss D. M. Sindall, VAD: Forwarded to DGMS a note with reference to the training of Miss D. M. Sindall, VAD as a dietician, to the effect that this lady wishes to take her training in Edinburgh. This training includes cooking and housekeeping and is a twelve months’ course.
VAD Assistant Nurses: Forwarded to DGMS recommendations for the promotion to rank of Assistant Nurse of 92 VAD Members and 8 Special Probationers, attaching a list in duplicate of names with dates of joining Army Service.
Censorship of letters: Sent circular to all Bases with reference to GRO 4147 of 3.5.18, regarding the censorship of letters. This Order is to the effect that members of the Nursing service may now frank their own letters. The term “Staff Nurses” has been held to include “VAD Members in Military Hospitals”. In view of this concession, all units are instructed to keep a book with the signatures of the nursing personnel to the effect that they have made themselves acquainted with the censorship regulations. Matrons and sisters in charge of nursing personnel will be held responsible to their COs that these instructions are carried out.
S/Nurses Waterson and Stringer, QAIMNSR, 41 CCS, came to the office for an interview. These ladies had written requesting a change of station owing to the fact that they found it difficult to work with other members of the staff of 41 CCS, and it was thought advisable that these ladies should be transferred to a larger unit under a regular Matron.

Sick Sisters 154
Sisters F. E. Cole and M. Bell: Received from DGMS copy of War Office letter with particulars of service of Sisters F. E. Cole and M. Bell, QAIMNSR. These had been asked for to verify and complete our records, as the ladies themselves were uncertain as to what contract they had signed or what date they had joined Army Service.
United States nurses in British units: Circulated to all units copy of War Office letter setting out conditions of service of United States nurses in British units, with regard to pay, etc.
Leave without pay: Forwarded to DGMS application from S/Nurse E. E. James, QAIMNSR to transfer to the Home Establishment as she is an only daughter and her mother is distressed by the recent air-raids.
Forwarded to DGMS application to be transferred to the Home Establishment from S/Nurse R. J. Bale, QAIMNSR, as she does not wish to spend another winter in France.
Promotion: Sent memo to Principal Matron, Rouen, in answer to the enquiry of S/Nurse A. M. McDowell, TFNS, 10 General Hospital, as to whether there is any reason for her being passed over for promotion after 4 years service in the TFNS. Informed this lady that there are others on the waiting lest who embarked for France previous to May, 1917, and that her name will be considered in due course.
Sick List: Forwarded to DGMS copy of wire dispatched to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, informing her that Miss M. C. Young, VAD 32 Stationary Hospital, is on the dangerously ill list with cerebro-spinal meningitis.
No.10 Stationary Hospital, which had been temporarily closed owing to the military situation has re-opened in another area, and an A/Matron and 8 members of the nursing staff have rejoined.

Sick Sisters 150
Leave for American nurses: Received memo from DGMS in answer to our request that ordinary leave for members of the USANC serving in British units and also those serving in American units nursing British wounded, may be arranged for as in case of all members of the Imperial and Overseas services working in France. DGMS asks that this matter may be represented to the branch concerned at HQ, L of C Forwarded this request to AQMG accordingly.
American nurses’ camp kits: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence received from DDMS Boulogne and DDMS, Rouen, with reference to United States nurses attached to British units not being provided with camp kits.
Indemnification claims: Forwarded to Command Paymaster 13 indemnification claims for 13 members of the nursing staff who have lost their kit owing to the military situation.
American transfers: Noted from nominal rolls received that 20 members of the nursing staff of No.1 General Hospital (USA) has been transferred for duty to No.2 Base Hospital, AEF, for temporary duty. The Matron, No.1 General Hospital, was requested, if short of staff, to put up a request officially and it would be forwarded.

Sick Sisters 164
South African Hospital: The hospitals in the Abbeville area are all very busy and the South African Hospital especially so. They have made a request for more help, and as all their trained members had rejoined the unit some time ago, the 16 South African Probationers were recalled from the Boulogne area and re-posted to their own unit.
Reinforcements: In answer to a request from DGMS for our requirements as to reinforcements to be stated, informed him that owing to the military situation it was unexpectedly found necessary to reduce the nursing staff in certain areas and it was thought advisable that the arrival of reinforcements should be temporarily postponed. The present requirements in trained nurses are 227, and further reinforcements will be required when the hospitals, now temporarily closed, are re-opening.
Team sisters in Italy: With reference to the application for one month’s leave in order to be married from S/Nurse J. Stewart, QAIMNSR, requested the Principal Matron, Italy, that in future all correspondence in connection with team sisters in Italy should be passed through this office, as these ladies are still on the strength of the BEF, being only attached temporarily for team duty with the Italian Expeditionary Force.

Trouville leave: Informed DDMS Rouen that 10 beds have been reserved at Trouville for members of the nursing staff in the Rouen area who wish to take their leave there and, in addition, 3 beds at HRH Princess Victoria’s Club for nurses at Deauville. Arrangements at the Club will be similar to those in force at the Paris leave Club. Applications should be forwarded to this office in the usual way.

AFW 3544: Received copy of War Office letter with reference to a letter received by the War Office direct from S/Nurse Tomlinson, QAIMNSR 72 General Hospital, asking for a certificate AFW 3544 as she had signed for the present emergency before embarkation. The War Office asked that Miss Tomlinson should be informed that the £20 increase of pay can only be drawn on completion of 12 months’ service. AFW 3544 to enable her to draw this pay when due was attached.
Reinforcements: Received from DGMS copy of War Office letter showing the number of people who had returned from sick leave during the month of June – QAIMNSR, 11; TFNS – 6; VAD – 3; Total – 20.
Harvard Unit: Received copy of War Office letter with reference to the gratuity forms forwarded in respect of Sister F. M. Brooks and A. E. Murray, late Harvard Unit, asking that if a gratuity is recommended, AFW 3165 be completed for the period 9th June to 9th December, 1916, during which time it is stated that these ladies were serving with the Harvard unit. This period had been omitted on the form previously forwarded as these ladies’ service had not been consecutive. Forwarded to DDMS Etaples, for necessary action.

Camp kit for Americans: Sent memo to DGMS with correspondence attached with reference to camp kit for American nurses serving in British units, to the effect that War Office letter of 5.6.18 contained a ruling that American nurses in our units were serving under the same conditions as regards pay, etc., as those now serving in British Hospitals nursed by American personnel, and that American nurses are now arriving in France without camp kit.
Sister M. Bishop, QAIMNSR: Received copy of War Office letter reporting that Sister M. Bishop, QAIMNSR, now on leave, has had a bicycle accident and will not be returning to France for some time. She has been admitted to the Military Hospital, Colchester.
Indemnification claim: Forwarded to AQMG for favourable consideration claim for trunk irreparably damaged in transit from Abbeville to Camiers, the property of Sister A. Ayre, QAIMNS.
Leave for American nurses: Received memo from AAG saying that the procedure laid down with regard to leave for members of the American Expeditionary Force applied also to members of the American Nursing Service serving in British units.
Efficiency Stripes: Forwarded to Devonshire House duplicate Efficiency Stripe certificates for members whose contracts have been terminated.
SJAB and Liverpool Merchants’ Hospitals: With reference to the removal of these hospitals to the Trouville area, informed DGMS that there are at present no members of the SJAB nursing staff in France, nor of the Liverpool Merchants’ unit, with the exception of the Matron, the Assistant Matron and a VAD secretary. It is understood that DDMS Trouville has arranged for the reception and employment of the staffs of these units in our hospitals. As no authority has yet been received from the War Office for these ladies to be posted to military units, it is presumed that this cannot be done until such authority is received. It is suggested that as there at present adequate nursing staffs in the Trouville area these ladies should be retained in the United Kingdom until their units are ready to receive them.

Sick Sisters 156
Reinforcements: Received memo from DGMS with reference to previous correspondence concerning reinforcements, asking if the offer of the Australian Government of 100 nurses may now be accepted. Replied to the effect that our present requirements of trained nurses are 227, and that if it is not possible to supply these from Home reserves, it would appear that the offer of the Australian Government should be accepted.
CAMC transfers: Received memo from DGMS approving the transfer to England of 20 Canadian Nursing Sisters, in exchange for 20 from England. These ladies should proceed on the arrival of their reliefs. In the case of sisters proceeding from 7 Canadian General Hospital, no reliefs will be necessary, as an entire unit will shortly proceed Overseas to take over.
French ladies’ decorations: Received from DGMS request that the name of a French lady be submitted as soon as possible for the RRC 2nd Class, for consideration.
Agreements: Forwarded to DGMS Trouville copy of War Office letter with correspondence attached with reference to the application of S/Nurse G. Tomlinson, 72 General Hospital, sent direct by this lady to the War Office, for AFW 3544, to enable her to draw increased pay as she had signed for the present emergency before embarking for France. This lady should be instructed that all correspondence from members of the nursing service in France should be passed to this office through the usual official channels.
62 CCS: Was informed by DMS 2nd Army that 62 CCS had again re-opened in his Army, and that he wished the nursing staff to join. Sent a Sister in charge and 4 others.

Sick Sisters 162
Harvard Unit: Received copy of War Office letter with reference to the enquiry forwarded asking whether the application of Sister K. C. Watt for appointment to the Harvard Unit had been approved. It stated that this lady was asked the earliest date after the 15th June when she could be ready to embark for France and a reply was received that her departure had been postponed and that she had notified the Matron of the Harvard Unit. In reply to another wire sent by the War Office the answer received was that the earliest possible date she could be ready was the 1st October. In view of this, it is not proposed to proceed further with the appointment, and Miss Watt has been notified accordingly.
French ladies’ decorations: Forwarded to DGMS recommendation for the award of the RRC 2nd Class to Madame Annie Dumont. This lady’s name was previously submitted for the award of the RRC 1st Class but was not included in the subsequent awards. Also submitted additional names of ladies who had previously been recommended for the RRC 1st Class but had received no decoration: The Rev. Mother Superior, Convent “Pension de la Sainte Famille”, Amiens, and Miss Dale, English nun of the same order; Comtess van der Steen de Jehay and Comtess d’Ursel, Malassises. These ladies rendered invaluable help to the British sick and wounded at Amiens and the Belgians at Malassises.
Miss L. M. Waddell, VAD: Forwarded memo to DGMS with reference to War Office letter received today stating that permission had been granted to Miss L. M. Waddell, VAD to be retained in the service after marriage. Pointed out that this lady had applied to resign and not be retained in the service after marriage.

Sick Sisters 161
Air raid at Abbeville from 12 to 2 a.m. – bombs dropped on the station and between 3 Australian General Hospital and the Chinese camp. No damage done to hospitals, but some casualties at the station to British soldiers.
Miss Macdonald RRC, Matron-in-Chief, Canadians, and Miss Ridley, RRC, Principal Matron, called on their way to Paris. After having tea they went on with me to GHQ.
Transfer: Received wire from DGMS asking that Charge Nurse K. McDonnell should proceed to England forthwith, to report on arrival to the Louise Margaret Hospital, Aldershot, for duty. Repeated to the 1st Army, as this lady is stationed at 6 CCS and is now on leave, due to return the 18th inst. Also repeated the wire to Miss McDonnell at her home address in the hope that it would reach her, at the same time notified Boulogne that if this lady returned, her arrival should be reported to this office.
New Zealand sisters’ rations: Returned to DGMS correspondence concerning the issue of rations to New Zealand sisters, saying that the last free issue was made on 31.5.18. All members of the NZANS are serving at the New Zealand Stationary Hospital with the exception of 2 members temporarily attached to 3 Australian CCS and 3 on temporary duty at 2 Stationary Hospital.
Miss Snowdon, Special Probationer: With reference to AFW 3545 received from War Office in respect of Miss A. Snowden, VAD with the remark that it was not understood how this member could be serving in France as she was transferred from Ripon to Salonika in March 1918, informed DGMS that our application for this certificate referred to Miss A. Snowdon, Special Probationer, TFNS, who arrived in France 28.5.18 from the 1st Northern General Hospital.
Miss Oates, Matron, TFNS, late of 57 General Hospital, came to see me. She had been recalled from her unit which is down at Marseilles and this unit has been taken over by Miss Whiffin, late Matron, 59 General Hospital, as from reports received from the A/Principal Matron, Marseilles, 57 General Hospital did not seem to be running satisfactorily, certain irregularities having occurred, and it was thought better to make a change. Miss Oates is now proceeding on leave.
S/Nurse H. Griffiths, QAIMNSR, who has been doing duty on a barge, requested a private interview with me. This lady has been given 7 days’ special leave and told to report to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, on arrival in England, pending the acceptance of her resignation. Confidential notes have been forwarded to the Matron-in-Chief, and it is hoped that her marriage will be arranged shortly.

Sick Sisters 142
Miss Anna Maxwell: Received memo from DGMS with copy of telegram relating to request of Miss Anna Maxwell, American Superintendent of nurses attached to the American Red Cross, Paris, to visit American Base Hospital No.2 on duty with No.1 General Hospital. This lady has applied to DGMS for a pass from 15th July to 15th August. Received reply to the effect that there was no objection and that the necessary arrangements would be made. This correspondence was forwarded to this office with a request that the necessary facilities may be given this lady.
AANS transfers: Forwarded to DGMS applications to transfer to Home Establishment from Sister B. Grassiwick, AANS and S/Nurse E. Murphy, AANS, 2 Australian General Hospital, as these ladies feel tired and unable to continue with a further rush of work in France.
N/Sister M. McKenna: Forwarded to DGMS request from N/Sister M. McKenna, CAMC, to be allowed to cancel her application for transfer to England, as her fiancé is coming to France shortly. This lady is serving at No.3 Canadian General Hospital.

Sick Sisters 151
SJAB and Liverpool Merchants’ Hospitals: Received memo from DGMS with reference to the closing of the SJAB and Liverpool Merchants’ Hospital and re-opening at Trouville, and our suggestion that at present the nursing staffs should be retained in England until their units are ready to receive them. DGMS has no objection to this arrangement.
Chevrons: Forwarded to DGMS for information copy of circular sent to all Bases and to all OCs CCSs with reference to the issue of chevrons for members of the nursing staff, authorising the COs of units to verify claims of nursing members to chevrons and to sign a certificate which should be in the possession of each member showing the date on which the last chevron became due.
Harvard Unit: Forwarded to DGMS completed gratuity form in respect of claim for gratuity for the period June 9th to December 9th, 1916, for Sister F. M. Brooks and Sister A. E. Murray, Harvard Unit. These ladies served with the Harvard Unit for that period and left on termination of contract. Miss Brooks served with the American Ambulance, Paris, from December, 1916, until she again returned to 22 General Hospital, and Miss Murray spent the intervening time in America.
Hospital Ship “Valdivia”: Received wire from Dehorted through DGMS – nurses required for the Hospital Ship “Valdivia” – 1 Matron, 2 sisters and 4 Staff Nurses, to join at Marseilles on the 25th inst. They should be provided by the Matron-in-Chief, BEF and reliefs will be sent by the War Office.
Mrs. Robertson Eustace: Received information from DDMS Boulogne that Mrs. Robertson Eustace has applied through the Scottish Churches for her sister in law to be granted a pass to come and take her leave, while she goes to England, but she has been informed that this application has been refused on the grounds that workers are not allowed to come to France for less than 2 months. She would be glad if this matter could be given further consideration. (Saw DGMS in connection with this difficulty on the 17th, and he said he would arrange the matter, and asked me to inform Mrs. Robertson Eustace, which was done.).

Sick Sisters 145
Miss C. O’Brien, VAD: Received wire from DGMS asking if arrangements could be made for Miss C. O’Brien, VAD to go home on leave as her father is home on leave from India and requires his daughter for urgent business. Replied by wire to DGMS that Miss O’Brien was crossing on the 18th.
Barges: Received memo from ADMS Ambulance Transport, in reply to our suggestion that sisters on duty on barges, on completion of a journey, should report at the nearest hospital for duty, until the barge is again required. The ADMS approves of this suggestion, and also points out that sisters on barges carry a large amount of kit, and that with the frequent changes from one barge to another, it would be advisable to arrange for the storage of surplus kit at the Base and for sisters to travel with the minimum of luggage.
Miss Macdonald’s pass: Confirmed to DGMS the telephone message of yesterday to the effect that the APM, L of C had been asked to extend Miss Macdonald’s pass from the 17th to the 20th and that this had been done.
American sisters’ kits: Received wire from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, asking where the kits for the American sisters who arrived in July should be sent. Replied – 25 to Havre, and 62 to Boulogne.

Sick Sisters 142
American sisters in our units: Sent memo to OC 12 General Hospital, attaching list of names and postings of the American sisters who arrived recently for duty in our units, saying it is regretted that they were posted to various areas and that if the present arrangement complicates matters, we will endeavour to collect them in one area.
S/Nurse B. Wollman, QAIMNSR: Received wire from DGMS asking if S/Nurse B. Wollman, QAIMNSR is desirous of proceeding to Egypt with a view to nursing Jewish patients. Replied that this lady is at present on leave in the United Kingdom and is due back on the 27th and gave her home address. Added that there is no record in this office of this application.
SAMNS contracts: Asked DGMS if any information has yet been received from the War Office with regard to S/Nurse Moffitt and the 16 probationers of the SAMNS as to their date of joining Army Service and whether they are required to sign new agreements for service with the BEF, having previously served in East Africa.
Miss Ethel Bryden: Notified DDMS Boulogne in answer to enquiry received from Colonel Blaylock, Canadian Red Cross, that we have been unable to trace Miss Ethel Bryden. Enquiries have been made at the Red Cross, also Permit and Intelligence Offices, but with no success.

Sick Sisters 145
S/Nurse L. McLaren, QAIMNSR: Sent memo to DDMS Rouen with reference to the resignation of S/Nurse L. McLaren, QAIMNSR Australia, 8 General Hospital, on the grounds that she does not wish to sign on again as a Staff Nurse, asking if this lady is resigning solely on account of her desire to be promoted. If so, she should be informed that her name has been noted as suitable for promotion in due course, but that no date can be fixed.

Sick Sisters 145
Leave without pay: Forwarded to DGMS application for one month’s leave without pay on urgent private affairs from Miss J. A. Anderson, VAD 20 General Hospital. If this leave cannot be granted, she will be forced to resign.
Nursing Sister E. Heon, CAMC: Forwarded to DGMS necessary forms completed with regard to the resignation of Nursing Sister E. Heon, CAMC who wishes to be released from 1.8.18. This lady is resigning in order to be married in France.
Transfer: Received wire from the War Office asking that the luggage of S/Nurse L. H. Turner, QAIMNSR 8 General Hospital, should be forwarded to Prees Heath Military Hospital, Whitchurch. This lady had been transferred to the Home Establishment while on 3 weeks’ sick leave. Wired to DDMS Rouen to take the necessary action.
Applications for QAIMNSR: Forwarded to DGMS application forms for QAIMNSR together with medical certificates and testimonials from the Matron, for 10 members of the staff of No.1 BRCS Hospital (The Duchess of Westminster’s). These ladies wish to transfer to the Reserve on the closing down of their unit.
Sister P. Dixon, QAIMNSR Sister in charge of 30 Ambulance Train, came to the office to see me, on her return with the train from Italy.
Sister F. Bryant, QAIMNSR came to see me on her way to Marseilles where she is going to report for duty as Acting Matron of the Hospital Ship “Valdivia”.

Sick Sisters 149
Resignation: Received copy of War Office letter accepting the resignation of Miss E. L. James, VAD 2 Stationary Hospital, from 27.7.18 on account of the death of her brother and her parents needing her at home.

Sick Sisters 142
AANS transfer to Italy: Received correspondence from DGMS with instructions that arrangements should be made for the transfer of S/Nurse H. Keith, AANS 3 Australian General Hospital, to 38 Stationary Hospital, Italy, for duty.
Hospital Ship “Valdivia”: Reported to DGMS the names of those who have been instructed to report to the A/Principal Matron, Marseilles, for duty on Hospital Ship “Valdivia”.
Permits for Ireland: Received memo from AAG saying the question of the necessity for members of the nursing service to be in possession of permits when travelling on leave or duty to Ireland was referred to the War Office. An ACI on this question is now in process of preparation, and when this is published, members of the nursing service will not be required to have permits. The combined leave and railway warrant will be accepted as a permit – the destination of the holder to be clearly stated thereon.
Servants’ allowance: Received memo from AQMG stating that it has been decided to authorise payment of Servants’ allowance to the Principal Matron, BEF and that expenditure already authorised under this heading may be allowed to stand. With reference to the question of this allowance for Principal Matrons of areas, it was asked that the conditions under which they are living should be stated.
Hospital Ship “Valdivia”: Received wire from the DGMS stating that the staff for Hospital Ship “Valdivia” will not be required for at least 5 weeks. The exact date will be notified later. Notified ADMS Marseilles by wire.

Sick Sisters 140
Transfer: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that S/Nurse J. McGinn, QAIMNSR has been transferred to the Home Establishment. This lady has been nervous of the air raids, and had had an extension of sick leave granted to her previously.
VAD contracts: Sent memo to DGMS regarding the cases of VAD members who do not wish to renew their contracts as they are overtired after 2 or 3 years’ service and are in need of a long rest. Asked if they should be allowed to proceed on termination of contract, or whether they should be advised to apply for leave without pay.
Miss Bowden Smith, VAD: Saw Miss Bowden Smith with reference to a letter forwarded by the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, enclosing one received from Miss Bowden Smith by Lady Oliver, Head of the SJAB Department at Devonshire House, in which she gave as one of the reasons why some of the VADs are not renewing their contracts that it was difficult to get special leave and that she herself had parents who were both old and who might want her at any time, and she did not feel she had any guarantee that she could get home at short notice. She quoted two instances – one of Sister Richardson, TFNS and the other of Special Probationer Buxton, both at 20 General Hospital. Miss Richardson applied for special leave owing to the illness of her mother, and Miss Buxton owing to her brother having been wounded and transferred to England. She said that neither of these ladies could obtain leave immediately. Later I interviewed these two ladies. Miss Richardson’s mother was notified as seriously ill and she had applied for leave in the ordinary way and not by wire as is usual in the case of illness. As all leave was stopped at the time and could only be obtained from AAG by special sanction in the case of dangerous illness, this leave was not sanctioned by him. In the meantime she received a wire saying that her mother had died. Miss Buxton had applied for special leave owing to the serious condition of her brother who had been wounded, and this case had been referred to the AAG and special leave had been granted. There had been no delay beyond the necessary time required to pass the application through and obtain sanction.

Sick Sisters 142
CCS: Wrote to the DGMS giving him particulars of how sisters are supplied to units in the Front areas. Also wrote to Colonel Pollock, DDMS, GHQ South, with reference to supplying nurses for the CCSs in his area.
American nurses in our units: Wrote to the Chief Surgeon, AEF, with reference to American nurses in our units, asking him if all particulars in connection with American sisters temporarily attached to the British Reserve should be reported to the OC 12 General Hospital, who, I understand, is responsible for the payment of these nurses.
A/Sister C. Lonsdale, QAIMNSR: Informed DGMS, in answer to enquiry received, that Sister Lonsdale desires an indulgence passage to Canada on 1.9.18.
Censoring letters: Sent memo to DGMS with reference to the recent order permitting members of the nursing services to frank their own letters, asking whether the term “Colonial Nurse” is intended to include members of the American Nursing Service also.
American nursing staff: Sent memo to DGMS regarding the 100 nurses who were being sent from England for duty with the British Armies in France. 87 of these arrived in France on the 2nd and 3rd July. 10 others arrived on 16.6.18 and were posted to No.16 General Hospital. Are these 10 to be included in the 100 who were notified to arrive or are 13 reinforcements still to be expected. When casualties occur amongst members of the nursing staff of the 6 British units staffed by American personnel, may the vacancies be filled by American nurses attached to the Reserve.
No.2 General Hospital: At the request of the Command Paymaster, No.2 General Hospital has been instructed to treat sisters passing through to other areas in a similar way as regards messing allowance as is done in all Nurses’ Hostels in the BEF, i.e. no payments are asked from the nurses concerned but subsistence is claimed from the Command Paymaster at the end of the month.
General Service VADs: Returned to ADMS Calais application received for 6 General Service VADs to replace French servants in the sisters’ mess, asking if the services of these VADs are only asked for with a view to replacing French servants, or whether they are intended to release the 5 batmen to which the sisters are entitled. If the latter is the case, the application should be re-submitted on these grounds.
Barges: Instructed A/Principal Matrons, Calais and St. Omer, and Matron, 38 Stationary Hospital, that sisters proceeding on barge duty should take only essential luggage with them and all surplus kit should be stored. They were also instructed that when the barges are not actually working, the staff are to report to the nearest hospital for temporary duty.

Sick Sisters 140
Resignations: Forwarded to DGMS for consideration applications from Miss E. M. Simpson, VAD and Miss D. K. M. Bulstrode, Special Probationer, to be allowed to cancel their renewals of contract which take effect from 15.8.18 and 1.8.18 respectively, and to be allowed to proceed on termination of their present contracts, in order to transfer as drivers in the ASC.
American sisters passing through Havre: Informed the Chief Surgeon and the Chief Nurse, American Red Cross, that Capt. Joyce, American Red Cross transport officer at Havre, has been informed that all American sisters passing through Havre who are unable to proceed owing to sickness, will be welcomed at the Sick Sisters’ Hospital, No.2 General Hospital.
Resignation: Forwarded to DGMS application from Miss G. P. S. Churchill, VAD to resign on termination of contract, owing to family affairs. Miss Lang, Matron of 8 Stationary Hospital, does not report favourably on this lady’s work but says possibly war strain is responsible, and that after a long rest, she may be more fitted for her duties.
Mrs. U. H. Scott (née Shreiner) VAD: Sent memo to AAG asking what action should be taken in the case of Mrs. U. H. Scott (Schreiner), South African probationer, whose husband is serving with the BEF, in view of the ruling given by the War Office in the cases of two other VAD members who applied to be retained in the service after marriage and whose applications were refused on the grounds that their husbands would also be serving in the BEF.
GHQ South: Received wire from DGMS asking us to send 6 nursing sisters by road to 50 CCS immediately. This CCS is opening in the new area. Instructed 6 sisters to proceed forthwith from No.2 Stationary Hospital accordingly, with A/Sister Fewlass, CHR, in charge.
Reinforcements: Wrote to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, in reply to a letter received from her on the subject of reinforcements and our recent demand for 227 trained nurses. Explained the need of reinforcements on account of the large wastage and the constant demands being made for the front areas, and pointed out that when Nos.58 and 59 General Hospital re-open, it will be impossible to supply the staffs from other units without seriously depleting them.

Sick Sisters 136
APMMC: Sent memo to DGMS asking for verification as to date of joining Army service of Miss I. H. Barton, APMMC as this lady states she has signed no contract since 26.1.16. Forwarded to the Hon. Essex French renewal of contracts from the following members of the APMMC: Misses Perry, Barham Smith, Carrick, Douglas, Grove and Austin.
Miss Lewis, VAD: With reference to a wire received from the War Office asking that leave should be arranged for Miss Lewis, VAD 8 Stationary Hospital, informed DGMS that instructions have been sent to A/Principal Matron, Boulogne, to issue special passes for 14 days’ leave.
No.57 CCS: Received wire from Sister in charge, 57 CCS, to the effect that Sister E. F. Watkins, QAIMNSR was wounded in the left leg during a bombing raid, and is being transferred to the Sick Sisters’ Hospital, Abbeville.

Sick Sisters 128
Miss M. Lewis, VAD: Forwarded to DGMS resignation on termination of contract of Miss M. Lewis, together with an unsatisfactory report – work superficial and done mechanically.
Movement of office: Circulated to all concerned that this branch of the office of the DMS, L of C closes at Abbeville at midnight on July 31st and re-opens at the same date and hour at Boulogne.

Sick Sisters 121
Miss Shearer, QAIMNS: Received copy of War Office letter recalling Miss Shearer to England. Her confidential report was considered at a recent meeting of the Nursing Board, and it was decided to recall her as soon as possible. She is to report in person to the Matron-in-Chief.
Special Leave complaint: Forwarded to DGMS complete copies of letters received from Matron-in-Chief and replies in connection with complaint made regarding special leave by Miss M. M. Bowden-Smith VAD.
No.8 Canadian Stationary Hospital: Received correspondence from DGMS for remarks with reference to establishment of 8 Canadian Stationary Hospital RAF. OC asks for 1 Matron and 39 Nursing Sisters.

Sick Sisters 108
S/Nurse A. Calver TFNS: Forwarded to DGMS copy of correspondence with reference to the refusal of this lady to comply with orders to proceed to 57 General Hospital for duty, for information and whatever action be considered advisable.
8 Canadian Stationary Hospital: Returned memo to DGMS strongly recommending that the establishment of this unit be increased to 40.
N/Sister E. F. Taggie CAMC: Memo to DGMS requesting recall to England of this lady, from 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital, in view of report which states that she returned from Calais in a motor at 11 p.m. having gone to dinner without permission. She was not in the quarters when an air raid alarm was sounded.
12 Stationary Hospital: Received memo from DMS 1st Army that Army Commander was much pleased with his visit to 12 Stationary Hospital. The cheerful appearance of the wards bright with flowers and the evident care and consideration expended on the patients are noticed. He was especially interested in the Ear & Throat and Dental centres.
Convalescent Homes in the South of France: Memo to DGMS with reference to the offer by Mrs. L. G. Angus of a Rest Home for Dominions Sisters and Military VADs in the South of France for 6 months during the winter 1918-1919; the offer of Capt. and Mrs. Warre for re-opening the Villa Roquebrune, Mentone; and the BRCS offer to re-open a Convalescent Home as last winter. The concurrence of the GOC, L of C is being obtained, and a further communication would be forwarded in due course.

Sick Sisters 104
Paris Allowances: Received memo from Lt. General Commanding L of C Area with copy of letter sent to QMG, GHQ with regard to allowances for 5 nurses at the new British Hospital in Paris. Allowances at present granted amount to 10.20 francs per day. Requested that it should be increased by 1 franc 80c. per day in the case of nurses sharing a room and 3 francs 80c. in the case of a nurse occupying a single room. The prices charged at the American Pension are 12 francs for a single room, and 14 francs for a double-bedded room per diem, which is extremely low as present prices are in Paris. No public quarters are available for these nurses, and it would be very difficult to obtain such favourable terms elsewhere, as the average price is 16 or 18 francs a day.
USANC: Forwarded to War Office names of American Nurses who arrived 3.7.18 and where located, for the purpose of distributing kit.
Movement of office: Miss Barbier CHR, and 5 members of the office Staff, with equipment and all papers etc., proceeded to Boulogne for the purpose of establishing the new office.

Sick Sisters 107
S/Nurse B. Mitton, QAIMNSR: Wired DDMS Rouen that S/Nurse B. Mitton, QAIMNSR No.1 Ambulance Train should proceed to the United Kingdom, taking her luggage with her, and report on arrival in writing to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, who was making arrangements for her to proceed to Canada.
Servant Allowance for Principal Matrons: Received memo from the AQMG about servant allowance for A/Principal Matrons requesting that we would give particulars as to the conditions under which the A/Principal Matrons live. Replied:
(1) A/Principal Matron, Boulogne, and staff live in a house run privately, as it is impossible for them to be accommodated in Hospitals in the Area, owing to the distance from Boulogne and the difficulty of obtaining transport, and also to the fact that the accommodation at the Hospitals is only sufficient for their staff. The A/Principal Matron’s Office is in the same building as that of the DDMS, and some distance away from any Hospital. With reference to the provision of a servant from one of the Hospitals, it is increasingly difficult to obtain suitable batmen for the Hospitals, and General Service VADs are not available.
(2) A/Principal Matron, Etaples, is remaining temporarily in the Sick Sisters’ Hospital as no suitable houses are available in this Area.
(3) A/Principal Matron, Rouen, has rooms set apart in the Nurses’ Hostel, where she also has her office.
These are the only A/Principal Matrons at present in France authorised to do duty as such independent of running a Hospital. All other A/Principal Matrons at the Bases do the work of an A/Principal Matron in addition to their Matron’s duties, and draw Matron’s pay only.
ADMS Ambulance Trains: Sent memo to ADMS Ambulance Trains asking for suggestions as to the best way of keeping in touch with his office in view of the approaching move of this office.
A/Sister N. Easby, QAIMNSR came to the office before taking up the duties of Dietitian in the Abbeville Area.
Air Raid Alarm at Abbeville at 11 p.m. but no raid took place.


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