OCTOBER 1st – 31st 1917

Sick Sisters 142
58 General Hospital: Received telephone message from A/Principal Matron, St. Omer, to say that 58 General Hospital had been bombed in the night and the following casualties had occurred:-
Killed: Staff Nurse A. Climie,* TFNS, Miss D. Coles,* VAD and Miss E. Thomson, VAD*.
Seriously wounded: Staff Nurse M. Milne,* TFNS.
Slightly wounded: Staff Nurses C. A. Davidson and F. E. McKellar, TFNS. Reported this by wire to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office and Matron-in-Chief, TFNS, and sent copies of these wires to DGMS.
Sister Bracewell: DDMS Rouen returned correspondence relating to the breach of GRO 1839 by Sister Bracewell, QAIMNSR, saying that this lady states she did not write to the Prisoner of War but only handed him an addressed envelope as he wished to express his gratitude in writing.
American personnel: DGMS returned correspondence concerning the transfer of 5 American Sisters from 18 General Hospital to No.1 American Red Cross Hospital Paris, saying that this move should be allowed to stand.
BRCS surgical teams: DGMS returned the correspondence relating to BRCS surgical teams, saying there is no objection to qualified BRCS nurses being employed with BRCS teams in Army areas.
Efficiency Stripe: Received copy of War Office letter with enclosure referring to the Scarlet Efficiency Stripe, and saying that the conditions for granting this stripe were not retrospective.
Taranto: Received copy of War Office wire requesting that 3 Sisters and 5 Staff Nurses should proceed to Taranto on Oct. 4th. 2 Sisters and 3 Staff Nurses were proceeding on the same date from England.
Rest Club, Treport: DGMS forwarded memo from Commissioner, BRCS, asking for sanction for the employment of 2 VAD members for the Rest Club, Treport. Our remarks were asked for. Returned correspondence, saying that the services of these ladies were considered necessary.
Miss B. J. Rowe, VAD: Returned to DDMS Boulogne request forwarded from Miss B. J. Rowe, VAD to be transferred to 35 General Hospital to be near her sister, saying it was regretted that this could not be granted, as the staff of 54 General Hospital, where she is at present serving, could not be disbanded.
53 General Hospital: Returned to DDMS Boulogne request received from 53 General Hospital for increase of staff, saying that 4 trained nurses had been ordered to join and that as soon as convenient the 5 Staff Nurses doing temporary duty in Army areas would be returned.
3 Australian CCS: The staff of 3 Australian CCS (15 nurses) was called for, as this unit was re-opening in the 2nd Army on the 2nd Oct.

* Agnes Climie – CWGC entry
Daisy Coles – CWGC entry
Elizabeth Thomson – CWGC entry
Mabel Milne – CWGC entry
Details of the bombing and the funeral arrangements can be found on the October ‘visits’ page (following).

Sick Sisters 147
Convalescent Home, Etretat: Sent memo to all areas re the Convalescent Home, Etretat, saying that it was thought it was not being sufficiently used and that more advantage might be taken of it.
Miss Allen, VAD: 24 hours’ leave granted to Miss Allen, VAD to proceed to Etaples from Boulogne in order to see her brother who was at 24 General Hospital suffering from an injury received by a fall from his horse.
Boulogne: Received telephone message from A/Principal Matron, Boulogne, saying the area had been bombed during the night but there were no casualties amongst the nursing staff. St. Omer was also bombed again.

Sick Sisters 128
Miss Milne-Miller: Returned to DGMS correspondence concerning the offer of Miss Milne-Miller to give her skin for grafting purposes, saying that this lady had been informed that her offer should be addressed to the Home Authorities, in accordance with his instructions.
Nursing staff in BEF: Forwarded to DGMS monthly return of total nursing staff in the BEF showing a shortage of 234 trained nurses. Total British nursing staff – 2553 Trained and 1845 Untrained.
Indemnity Claim: Returned to Command Paymaster claim of Sister M. Wedderspoon, QAIMNSR for 39 francs expenses incurred whilst staying at the Nurses’ Hostel, Boulogne, saying that this is a Government building.
Acting Ranks: Circulated to all areas copy of ACI 1460 of 1917 relating to Acting Ranks of members of the Nursing Service; in future only Staff Nurses promoted to acting rank of Sister are to retain such rank always – A/Matron and Assistant Matrons will revert to their original rank on ceasing to perform the duties of the higher rank. Acting service in a higher rank will count towards increment of pay in the lower rank.

Sick Sisters 134
Accident to 9 Ambulance Train: Received a letter from Sister in charge, 9 Ambulance Train, reporting that at 10.30 p.m. on the 3rd an accident had occurred – the engine had left the line while crossing a bridge and 2 coaches telescoped – one coach had 42 stretcher cases in and 3 patients were killed and 8 others injured. None of the staff were hurt.

Sick Sisters 134
Rest Club, Treport: Received copy of letter from DGMS to the Commissioner, BRCS, giving approval for the employment of 2 VAD members at the Princess Victoria Rest Club for Nurses, Treport.
Convalescent Home, South of France: Received memo from DGMS with reference to the establishment of a Convalescent Home for Sisters in the south of France, asking how many beds were involved in the Villa Roquebrune offer, and also in the proposed BRCS building. The question was also asked as to whether the Convalescent Home, Hardelot, was being moved to the South of France for the winter.
Recommendations for Military Medal: Forwarded to DA and QMG report received from Calais with reference to the recommendations submitted for award of Military Medal to Sister Herbert, TFNS, Miss Steward, VAD and Drivers Mordaunt and Quinn. The OC stated that the conduct of these ladies during the air-raid of 3–4 September was in his opinion exceptionally courageous, their work was not only invaluable for the assistance given, but also for the splendid example set.
58 General Hospital: ADMS St. Omer telephoned to say that 500 wounded German prisoners had been admitted to 58 General Hospital (recently bombed severely during air-raid).

Sick Sisters 146
Application for transport duty: Forwarded to DGMS application received from Staff Nurse E. V. Keogh, QAIMNSR Australia, 83 General Hospital, to go to Australia on transport duty. This lady is an Australian by birth and wishes to visit her mother. If this privilege cannot be granted, she feels she must resign.
WAAC: Forwarded to DGMS application received from Miss N. E. Walley, VAD to transfer to the WAAC as a Controller or Administrator.
Provision of gowns: Sent circular letter to all bases notifying that although gowns could not be supplied for Nursing Sisters, overalls as supplied to nursing orderlies could be issued to all infectious hospitals. This ruling had been received from the DOS.
Efficiency Stripe: Sent circular to all areas concerning the Scarlet Efficiency Stripe for VAD members, giving further instructions as to its issue.
Winter time: Winter time came into force today.

Sick Sisters 143
Mediterranean L of C: Forwarded to DGMS departure report of 8 Sisters who proceeded to Taranto for duty on 4.10.17, also of 5 Sisters who arrived from England on 5.10.17 and proceeded to Taranto for duty. Copies of these reports were forwarded to AAG for information.
Staff Nurses Thompson and Wilcocks: Forwarded to DGMS confidential reports on Staff Nurses H. Thompson and F. A. Wilcocks, TFNS who were sent home on 27.9.17 for a serious breach of the regulations.
American Unit, 18 General Hospital: Forwarded to DGMS arrival report of 32 American nurses on 3.10.17 for duty with 18 General Hospital.

Sick Sisters 137
22 General Hospital: Forwarded to DGMS memo asking if the promotions of Sister A. B. Stevens to rank of Assistant Matron and of a number of Staff Nurses to rank of Sister at 22 General Hospital (Harvard Unit) should take effect from the date of the War Office letter.
Convalescent Home: Informed DGMS that the Villa Roquebrune had 16 beds, and that Mr. Warre had again offered it for the use of Nursing Sisters as a Convalescent Home. In answer to his enquiry, informed him that we had received no information that the Convalescent Home at Hardelot was being transferred to the South of France for the winter.
Establishment: Sent to DGMS application for increase of establishment at 20 General Hospital by 10 Sisters, 8 Staff Nurses and 12 VADs, making a total of 30.
Also sent application that the British Section of 11 Stationary Hospital might be recognised as an independent unit of 751 beds with a nursing establishment of 1 Matron, 20 Sisters, 18 Staff Nurses and 26 VADs. Also asked that an increase of 15 VADs might be made in the establishment of 25 Stationary Hospital, owing to the large number of small tents, and also to allow for the staff of the proposed section for WAAC. Also asked for increase of 13 Sisters, 11 Staff Nurses and 24 VADs to the establishment of 8 General Hospital. This question is an urgent one owing to the hutted accommodation which will be required.
Miss Swift Matron-in-Chief, BRCS, and Miss Fletcher, Principal Matron, BRCS, came to the office to see me, in connection with the College of Nursing.
Sick List: Received information from A/Principal Matron, Havre, that Miss S. Johnson, VAD had been operated on for appendicitis, and had been placed on the dangerously ill list. Informed the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, and Mrs. Furse, Commandant-in-Chief, by wire.
Original Expeditionary Force: Forwarded to OC, RAMC records, 3rd Echelon, a complete list of all members of the nursing services who arrived in France between August 5th, 1914 and midnight November 22nd-23rd, 1914. This return had been called for to complete his records.

Sick Sisters 149.
Hutted accommodation: Forwarded to DGMS memo with reference to hutted accommodation for nursing staffs of hospitals, saying that approval had been given for the necessary sleeping accommodation, but further authority was required for increased messing and ante-room accommodation, before the necessary additions can be undertaken. This authority is required as soon as possible in proportion to the increase of numbers of the authorised nursing staff.
Transfer to WAAC: DGMS returned application from Miss G. Walley, VAD to transfer to WAAC, asking if she could be thoroughly recommended for the post for which she is applying.
AANS transfers: Received copy of letter from Headquarters, AIF stating that an application had been made for a movement order for Sister J. Twynam, AANS to proceed to 25 General Hospital and asking that the transfer of Sister A. Plant from that unit to England might be arranged as soon as possible, as her brother had been wounded and evacuated to England.
Hospitals busy: All hospitals report that they are exceedingly busy owing to the bad weather, as no sailings can take place and consequently they are unable to evacuate.

Sick Sisters 149
Transfer to WAAC: Forwarded to DGMS particulars of Miss Walley, VAD who had applied for transfer to the WAAC as a Controller or Administrator, saying that we could not recommend her thoroughly for the post for which she is applying, as her administrative ability is not known. She had previously served in the BEF but resigned in January, 1917, and rejoined in August last, being admitted to hospital after one month’s service. Her reports were good.
Miss Osborne Day: DGMS forwarded correspondence with reference to Miss R. Osborne Day, Probationer at the South African General Hospital, who had applied for a post as Dispenser, saying that there was no objection as far as his office was concerned.
Miss D. Markus: Received copy of War Office letter in answer to the application of Miss D. Markus VAD to become a South African Probationer, saying that this lady must first resign in order to be free to take up these duties.
Visit of lady journalists: Received from Miss Richards, War Office, a letter to say that Miss Billington, of the “Daily Telegraph”, Miss Copy of the Press Association, Mrs. Carnock of the “Morning Post” and Miss Kennedy of the “Daily Graphic”, “Daily News” and “The Times”, were crossing to France on October 8th. They wished to write some long articles on the Nursing Services and were anxious to see Miss McCarthy. These ladies arrived on 10.10.17.

Sick Sisters 155
Acting Ranks: DGMS stated that ACI 1460 of 1917 (referring to A/Matrons reverting to rank of Sister when not doing Matron’s duties) was being made the subject of a GRO and that the date of promulgation of this instruction would be the date from which it would come into force.
Staff Nurse A. L. Philpotts: Received wire from DMS 2nd Army to say that Staff Nurse A. L. Philpotts, NZANS of the New Zealand Stationary Hospital, had been granted urgent special leave to London.
Establishment: DGMS sent memo referring to our application for increase of establishment for 11 and 25 Stationary Hospitals, and 8 and 20 General Hospitals, saying that the reasons why this increase was considered necessary should be fully stated.
Accommodation: DGMS returned application asking for increased messing and ante-room accommodation, saying that the reasons should be fully stated and the required increase in accommodation taken up with the GOC, L of C.
13 CCS: DMS 5th Army informed us by telephone that 13 CCS would be opening on the 15th instant and would require a staff of 9 Sisters. Orders were accordingly issued for Sister Killery, QAIMNS in charge and a staff of 8 Sisters to join.

Sick Sisters 155
Major General Lambton: Sent telegram to DDMS Rouen saying that authority had been received for Sisters C. Oates and Carter, QAIMNSR to accompany Major General Lambton on his evacuation to England, in the event of these ladies being willing to undertake these duties. On completion of duty they were to report to the A/Principal Matron, Rouen, for orders.
Silver “S”: Sent reminder to DGMS asking that a silver badge “S” might be given to VAD Members and Special Probationers as a distinguishing mark.
Honours and Mentions: Forwarded to DGMS list of names of members of the Nursing Services recommended for Honours and Mentions for the Birthday Honours Gazette.
Rest Clubs: DGMS sent copy of letter from the Commissioner asking if an establishment of 25 VAD members could be sanctioned for work in connection with Princess Victoria Rest Clubs for Nurses and that the Commissioner might be authorised to post them when and where required. This has been done in the case of VADs for sick bays for WAAC and this request is merely an extension of this principle.
Camp kits, 22 General Hospital: Received copy of War Office letter relating to the supply of camp kits for increase of staff of 22 General Hospital – as mattresses, tables and chairs only are required for the additional nurses, a demand should be made on the DOS for these articles.
Exchanges: Sent orders for the 10 QAIMNSR Sisters who were being exchanged to proceed to Ireland on the 15th instant.
Rest Clubs – issue of coal: Sent application to AQMG to grant authority for the issue of coal on repayment to Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for nurses.
Officers’ Hospital, 22 General Hospital: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence received from DDMS Etaples, requesting sanction for the establishment of a 200-bedded hospital for Officers, to be attached to 22 General Hospital – 50 nurses (including trained and untrained) and 50 orderlies would be required.
Visit of lady journalists: Lunched with Mrs. Gwynne Vaughan, Chief Controller, WAAC, and met Miss Billington and the other lady journalists who are visiting France.

Sick Sisters 153
NZANS: Reported to DGMS the arrival of 12 New Zealand Sisters on 10.10.17 – no previous authority for their arrival had been received in this office.
The nursing profession: Forwarded to DGMS memo asking if the War Office might be asked to approach the civil hospitals with a view to ascertaining whether they are prepared to include experience gained in military hospitals in France as part of the training necessary to gain a certificate for a qualified nurse. 140 VADs and 13 Special Probationers actually serving in France are anxious to take up nursing as a profession. It is suggested that, provided a VAD goes through her first year’s training, work done in France might be taken into account, provided satisfactory reports are given.

Sick Sisters 147
Officers’ Hospital, 22 General Hospital: DGMS returned the correspondence with reference to the required establishment for the Officers’ Hospital attached 22 General Hospital, asking what was the present establishment of this unit.
Relatives of wounded: DGMS forwarded copy of letter from Commissioner, BRCS, in which it was stated that a second house was being rented at Wimereux to provide additional accommodation for the relatives of wounded who came from England to visit patients in hospital, to be run jointly with the existing hostel, and he asked that the present staff of VADs might be increased to a maximum of 6. Approval was also asked for an alteration in the personnel to be employed at the VAD Detention Hospital at Gournay. The present establishment is 2 nurses and 6 VADs and the proposed increase would be to 2 nurses and 8 VADs. The number of beds at present is 15, whereas the additional accommodation being provided will admit of double this number being accommodated.
Rest Clubs: Returned to DGMS application made by Commissioner, BRCS for an establishment of 25 VAD members for running the Princess Victoria Rest Clubs for Nursing Sisters, saying that this arrangement was concurred in, but it was thought that an establishment of 20 would be sufficient to meet the case.
Application for QAIMNS: Forwarded to DGMS application of A/Sister M. B. Wilkins, QAIMNSR for appointment to the QAIMNS – certificates of general training, CMB, and birth certificate forwarded under separate registered cover.
Marriage: Reported to DGMS that the marriage of Staff Nurse O’Neill, QAIMNSR for which War Office authority had been obtained, would not be taking place for the present.
Matron-in-Chief’s office: Forwarded AAG application for the Assistant of the Matron-in-Chief to be granted the rank of A/Matron and to receive the pay of that rank.
Issue of coal: Forwarded to AQMG application for the free issue of coal to members of the Nursing Service, who draw neither Fuel or Light allowance.

Sick Sisters 152
Detention Hospital, Gournay: Returned to DGMS correspondence with reference to the Detention Hospital, Gournay, for which increase of personnel had been asked, stating that this increase is recommended.
Resignation: Forwarded to DGMS application to resign from Staff Nurse S. E. Bradshaw, QAIMNSR, who does not wish to remain in the service as a Staff Nurse, stating that this lady was transferred to Ireland under the exchange system on the 15th instant, and it was not known at the time that she intended to resign. She had only recently been considered suitable for promotion and her name was on the list amongst others waiting for a vacancy.
Silver “S” badge: Received from DGMS copy of War Office letter stating that the proposal that VAD members capable of performing Staff Nurses’ duties should wear a silver “S” badge had been referred to the Nursing Board and their decision will be communicated in due course.
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter with list attached showing the number of reinforcements sent to France from September 1st – 30th, also the numbers returned from sick leave. Reinforcements: QAIMNSR 6, SAMNS 3, Total = 9; from sick leave: QAIMNS 1, QAIMNSR 10, VAD 5; Total = 16.
Mediterranean L of C: Received memo from DGMS stating that information had been received from the War Office that a Matron would not now be required for the Mediterranean L of C, as previously notified.
A/Sister F. M. Prichard: Received memo from DDMS Rouen, with reference to A/Sister F. M. Prichard, CHR, who is resigning to be married, asking that authority may be obtained for her to reside in Rouen after marriage. Replied to Rouen that Miss Prichard would be a civilian after October 16th, and the proper authorities should be approached to obtain the necessary authority. Informed DGMS of action taken.
Miss Harvey, VAD: Informed DGMS that Miss Harvey, VAD who had been notified as returning to England on termination of contract on 2.10.17, would not be returning until 2.11.17, as a mistake had been made at to the date of joining Army Service. No particulars are supplied officially with regard to VAD reinforcements and discrepancies therefore occur.
Rest Club, Paris: Informed DGMS that it was proposed to establish a Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nursing Sisters at Paris. This need has been felt for a long time and now that leave to Paris is open, this need will be more acutely felt. A suitable house has been found near the Gare du Nord, and the approval of the GOC, L of C is required before further action can be taken.

Sick Sisters 159
Trained Nurses’ Annuity Fund: Sent cheque for £300 for the Trained Nurses’ Annuity Fund to Dr. Ogier Ward, Hon. Secretary, and cheque for £100 to Miss Sydney Browne, Matron-in-Chief, TFNS for the special TFNS Annuity Fund, this being the Michelmas subscription of the Nursing Staff in France.
RRC to French ladies: Received from DGMS copy of awards of honours made to French ladies:  The RRC to Madame Eugene Rougeul, (soeur St. Marcel), ARRC to Madame Aurelie Berthe (Soeur St. Leonard), Madame Jeanne Frache (Soeur St. Blaise) and Madame Elisa Vanheuverswyn (Soeur St. Hyacinthe) all of the Ordre de St. Augustin, Arras.
Miss R. M. Kenyon, VAD: Received application from Miss R. M. Kenyon, VAD to remain in France on termination of contract, as companion to a lady at Trouville. Returned to DDMS Havre, saying that the ruling is that all VAD members returned to England on termination of contract.
Lost kit: Received from DDMS Havre claim for lost kit of Miss M. E. K. Williams, VAD, lost in November, 1916, between Boulogne and Havre. Returned to DDMS Havre, asking if enquiries had been made to Messrs. Cox and Co.
Nominal Roll, BRCS: Received from Commissioner, BRCS complete nominal roll of BRCS Sisters who arrived in France between August 5th and November 23rd, 1914. Forwarded to Officer in charge, RAMC Section, 3rd Echelon, as this return had been asked for.
Transfer to WAAC: Received copy of War Office letter approving the applications of Miss M. C. Ambrose and Miss G. Dening, VAD members to be appointed Assistant Administrators of the WAAC and instructing them to report to the Chief Controller, Devonshire House, at an early date for training.
VAD uniform: Received copy of War Office letter, in answer to our enquiry, saying that the only recognised VAD uniforms are those of the BRCS, St. John’s Ambulance and St. Andrew’s Ambulance Associations.
Rest Clubs: Received copy of memo from DGMS to the Commissioner, BRCS, with reference to the proposed establishment of 25 VADs for Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs, saying that approval is given for the employment of 20 VAD members for this purpose, this number being considered sufficient. This approval supersedes all previous sanctions.

Sick Sisters 164
Reinforcements: Forwarded to DGMS monthly return showing the number of reinforcements who actually arrived in France during the month of September. War Office letter shows 9 reinforcements and 16 from sick leave: No. actually arrived = 58 reinforcements and 10 from sick leave.
Sick Bay, BRCS: DGMS forwarded for our remarks letter from Commissioner, BRCS, asking for sanction for an establishment of 1 Matron, 1 VAD cook, 3 nurses and 1 orderly for a Sick Bay for BRCS personnel at the Hotel Sussex. Forwarded to DDMS Boulogne for his remarks.
Detention Hospital, Gournay: DGMS forwarded copy of letter to Commissioner, BRCS sanctioning an establishment of 2 nurses and 8 VADs for the VAD Detention Hospital, Gournay.
Visit of lady journalists: DGMS sent memo saying there is no objection to the lady journalists being told news relating to the routine work of hospitals but no reference should be made to gas or other casualties or to shell shock cases. Anything they write is to be submitted to GHQ for censorship.
Military Medal: Asked DMS 3rd and 5th Armies for information as to the award of the Military Medal to Sister M. A. C. Blair, C. McLean, H. E. Panton and E. J. Eckett, as no official information concerning the award had been received in this office.
French servants: Forwarded to DDMS Boulogne, authority of AQMG for the employment of 1 cook and 2 housemaids for the Nurses’ Hostel, Boulogne, and of 2 housemaids for the Chateau Mauricien.
Miss Field, VAD: Arranged 5 days’ leave to Rouen for Miss Field, VAD 30 General Hospital, to see a wounded brother at No.2 BRCS Hospital.
Portuguese Hospital: Received information that the Portuguese Hospital, Ambleteuse, would not be requiring Sisters for another 2 months.

Sick Sisters 152
Miss Birdwood: Received memo from DGMS referring to the visit of Miss Birdwood, Red Cross worker attached to 3 Australian General Hospital, to Neufchatel and Hardelot, where she had been staying with the Baroness de la Grange. DGMS asked under whose authority OC 3 Australian General Hospital, issued her a movement order. Forwarded correspondence to ADMS Abbeville asking for an explanation.
Relatives of wounded: Returned to DGMS correspondence concerning a second Hostel for relatives of wounded at Wimereux, saying that the increase of personnel to 6 VAD members was recommended.
Resignation: Received correspondence from DDMS Havre with regard to the resignation of A/Sister K. R. Harris, QAIMNSR. This lady is willing to renew her contract only on condition that she had 3 weeks’ sick leave and afterwards goes to a CCS for duty. Replied that 3 weeks’ sick leave had already been offered her, but if she wished to renew her contract, she must do so unconditionally.
American reinforcements: 30 American Sisters arrived at Havre for duty with 1 General Hospital.

Sick Sisters 154
Resignation: Reported to DGMS the departure of A/Sister F. M. Prichard, CHR, from 8 General Hospital, on 16.10.17 on resignation. This lady is applying for permission to remain in Rouen after marriage.
Stationary Hospital, Abancourt: Application received from SMO Abancourt for a nursing staff of 2 Sisters, 4 Staff Nurses and 8 VADs for a Stationary Hospital at Abancourt, owing to the incompetence of the present type of orderly to deal with serious cases. Accommodation for this staff could be erected on ground near the hospital.
Marriage: DDMS Etaples forwarded application for permission to be married of Miss I. L. Marsh, VAD, saying that this lady is desirous of remaining in the service after marriage and her retention is recommended. Forwarded to DGMS, informing him that this lady has been granted 14 days’ leave.
Exchanges: Received copy of War Office letter saying that instructions had been issued for 2 Sisters and 2 Staff Nurses from Queen Mary’s Hospital, Whalley, 1 Sister and 2 Staff Nurses from the Military Hospital, Tidworth, and 1 Sister and 2 Staff Nurses from the Military Hospital, Reading, to embark for duty in France on November 15th, under the exchange system.
Efficiency Stripe: Sent out circular memo regarding the Efficiency Stripe for VAD members, saying that it is sufficient to certify on the new form to the signature of the Matron and CO who signed the original form.
Rest Club, Treport: Instructed ADMS Dieppe to arrange for the VAD members at Princess Victoria’s Rest Club, Treport, to be attached to the nearest regular unit for rations to be drawn on repayment by them.
37 CCS bombed: Received telephone message from OC 37 CCS, saying that Sister E. M. Kemp,* TFNS (on team duty from 58 CCS) had been killed by an aerial torpedo, and Sister in charge E. Devenish-Meares, QAIMNSR had been wounded, multiple wounds of face, arm and thigh. Informed Matron-in-Chief, War Office, and Matron-in-Chief, TFNS by wire, and sent copy to DGMS Arranged for Sister Luard, QAIMNSR to proceed to 37 CCS for duty as Sister in charge.

* Elise Kemp – CWGC entry

Sick Sisters 150
Accommodation: Received from DDMS Boulogne application for the Pension de la Legion d’Honneur to be taken over as a Government building, in addition to the Chateau Falaise, for the staff of 83 General Hospital. This house is at present occupied by nurses who are drawing billeting allowance. Returned correspondence, asking for a fuller statement, also if recommended.
Transfer to WAAC: Forwarded to DGMS confidential reports on Miss Ambrose and Miss Dening, VAD Members, to England on 20.10.17 on transfer to WAAC, with instructions to report to the Chief Controller, Devonshire House, for training. Received copy of War Office letter saying that Miss M. E. Walley, VAD, cannot be allowed to break her contract. If she wishes to join the WAAC, she must send in her resignation on termination of her present contract.
CAMC reinforcements: Received memo from DGMS referring to our demand for 20 surplus Canadian nurses, saying that this demand is concurred in by AG Canadians, but it is considered that these 20 nurses should be drawn from Base Hospitals for CCS, and will be replaced by 20 nurses from England, who should be posted to Canadian units only.

Sick Sisters 143
Convalescent Home: DGMS forwarded letter from Commissioner, BRCS regarding the establishment of a Convalescent Home in the south of France, together with his reply thereto. The Hotel d’Esterel, Cannes, had been inspected by the representative of the BRCS with a view to renting in for this purpose – 100 beds and every modern convenience – and has been taken. Sent copies of this correspondence to the AAG, AQMG and DDOS and wrote to the Commissioner on the subject.
Hostel for relatives: DGMS forwarded copy of revised table showing 3 VADs in addition to the 3 already sanctioned for the Hostel for relatives of wounded at Wimereux.
Edith Cavell nurse: Received copy of War Office letter authorising the embarkation of Sister E. Austin, QAIMNSR, “Edith Cavell Nurse of the Territory of Hawaii”, to embark on the 23rd inst. for duty in France.
Fire in South African General Hospital: Received from AQMG proceedings of a Court of Enquiry relating to a fire in the Sisters’ quarters at the South African General Hospital – it is the opinion of the ADMS Abbeville that it was caused by one of the occupants.
Leave to Rome: Returned to Commandant, Paris, applications received from Nursing Sisters L. E. Campbell and H. M. Ellis, CAMC for leave to Rome, asking these ladies to state their special reasons, as the AGs approval must be obtained.
Establishment: Replied to DGMS memo asking for reasons why an increase of establishment had been demanded for certain units, saying that this increase is necessitated by the special nature of the work and by local conditions, such as type of building, etc. Forwarded to DGMS application for increase of establishment for 83 General Hospital by 7 Staff Nurses and 20 VAD members, and for 8 Stationary Hospital by 4 Staff Nurses and 4 VAD members.

Sick Sisters 147
Prisoners of War: ADMS St. Omer asks if Nursing Sisters are still to be employed in nursing sick and wounded prisoners of war.
Contracts: Received copy of War Office letter saying that members of the QAIMNSR from Overseas who renew their contracts for further period of service will be granted a free passage within six months of the termination of their renewal of contract. Circulated to all areas.
Nursing profession: Received reply from DGMS with reference to the work of VADs in Military Hospitals being allowed to count as part of the training required in the curriculum of a fully qualified nurse. DGMS forwarded the reply of the War Office, to the effect that this suggestion was to be placed before the Nursing Board at their next meeting early in November. There is a strong feeling that the work of VADs in Military Hospitals should count for something and it is hoped that the Nursing Board may express this view.
Military Medal: Received copy of recommendations for immediate award of Military Medal to Miss E. J. Parmalee, USANC, and Sister A. J. Herbert, TFNS, who were recommended for their courage during air-raids, when the former was wounded and the latter badly shaken, but they both continued at their work.
Establishment: Returned to DDMS Boulogne application for increase of establishment for 32 Stationary Hospital, saying that if this application is made on account of retention of fractured femurs, it cannot be approved, as this rule is subject to modification. Returned to ADMS Dieppe application for increase of staff for 3 General Hospital, asking for further explanations.
Mrs. Rice, VAD: Returned to DGMS correspondence concerning Mrs. Rice, VAD (née Miss Hall), saying that there is no reason for this lady to be sent home, beyond the fact that she was married without permission, and failed to report this before embarking to France where she continued serving under her maiden name. These facts had been brought to light by a mandate letter for separation allowance being received for her.

Sick Sisters 151
Resignation: Forwarded to DGMS application to resign from A/Sister K. R. Harris, QAIMNSR 2 General Hospital – does not wish to continue serving without a long rest and stipulating that at the end of her time she should be sent to a CCS for duty. This lady had been offered 3 weeks’ sick leave but told she must renew her contract without conditions, and she preferred to resign.
French servants: Received from AQMG copy of correspondence with the Base Commandant, Rouen, relating to the employment of French women servants at the Sick Sisters’ Hospital, Rouen. Authority has now been applied for to the Commissaire Regulateur.

Sick Sisters 149
Nursing Sister M. A. Tarte, CAMC: DGMS forwarded correspondence relating to Nursing Sister M. A. Tarte, CAMC 8 General Hospital (Canadian), who had been struck off the strength on 27.9.17, an had again reported for duty with this unit on 27.9.17 with no War Office authority for her dispatch. The Canadian authorities had granted her permission to return direct to France from Canada, therefore no War Office authority had been obtained.
Rest Station, Wimereux: Received from DGMS copy of letter to Commissioner, BRCS giving authority for the employment of 4 VAD members and 2 orderlies for the VAD Rest Station, Wimereux.
Miss A. Fitzgerald: Forwarded to DGMS letter received from the American Red Cross Headquarters with reference to Miss A. Fitzgerald, Edith Cavell Memorial Nurse, asking particulars as to her work and capabilities. It was asked if we were authorised to give the required particulars.
Lady journalists: Forwarded to DGMS particulars of special acts of heroism and devotion to duty shown by members of the Nursing Services, for transmission to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office. These particulars had been asked for, for the lady journalists.

Sick Sisters 153
No.10 Convalescent Depot: Received copy of letter from Commissioner, BRCS asking for an additional VAD Member for the No.10 Convalescent Depot recreation hut.
VAD appointment: Received copy of War Office letter authorising the appointment of Miss G. Symonds, VAD 26 General Hospital, who had been granted 2 probationary periods.
Embassy, Paris: Received telegram from British Embassy, Paris, saying that if I were proceeding to Paris to inspect the new Nurses’ Club and Hostel, would I be the guest of the Ambassador.
Abancourt Hospital: Forwarded to DGMS application from SMO Abancourt for a staff of Nursing Sisters for the Stationary Hospital, Abancourt. This establishment has 110 beds and the total authorised scale of nurses would be 10 (2 Sisters, 1 to act as Matron, 4 Staff Nurses and 8 VAD members).
Sick leave: Received memo from DDMS Etaples stating that Staff Nurse Liddiard, QAIMNSR had been granted sick leave to Bordeaux by medical board. Returned the memo to Etaples, saying that all such recommendations should be passed through this office for authority to be obtained from the AAG.
Miss E. J. Austen: Reported to DGMS the arrival on 23.10.17 of Sister E. J. Austen, QAIMNSR (Edith Cavell Nurse of Territory of Hawaii), saying that no authority had been received through him for her dispatch.

Sick Sisters 158
Miss A. Fitzgerald: Sent memo to DGMS asking if Miss A. Fitzgerald, “Edith Cavell Nurse”, had signed a contract before embarking for France and whether a renewal should be asked for from her.
Sisters in CCS: Sent to DGMS for his approval drafts of two circulars to be sent to the DMS of each Army with reference to the length of service of Sisters in CCS, suggesting that the time should be limited to 6 months and asking for arrangements to be made for all members who have completed that time to take their kit with them when going on leave and to report to the A/Principal Matron for orders on return, also that all Sisters when admitted to hospital should take their whole kit with them. The second circular asked that all applications for nurses for the front area, irrespective of service, whether team Sisters or otherwise, should be passed through this office. All demands would be met as far as possible, and if reliefs for teams Sisters were required, theatre Sisters would be supplied without delay.
Miss E. Austen: Received copy of War Office letter stating that Miss E. Austen had been instructed to report for duty in the BEF on the 23rd inst. and was to be known as the “Edith Cavell Memorial Nurse of the Territory of Hawaii”, that she should have some experience at a Base Hospital and then to be given an opportunity of nursing at a CCS. She had been attached to the QAIMNSR but her salary is being paid by the Committee in America. This lady arrived on 23.10.17 and was posted to 14 General Hospital.
Matron-in-Chief, CAMC: Sent reply to DGMS with reference to a War Office letter received with enclosure from AG Canadians, with regard to the appointment of a Matron-in-Chief, CAMC for France. This appointment is not considered necessary at present. The 7 Canadian Hospitals and the 4 Canadian Casualty Clearing Stations are inspected at intervals by me and they are instructed to refer to me in any difficulties and all official correspondence is passed through this office. The present arrangement of the Matron-in-Chief, CAMC visiting France at intervals and inspecting all units is quite satisfactory. All important moves are carried out according to her wishes. If it would in any way facilitate the work of the Matron-in-Chief, Canadians, an inspection report could be forwarded after each visit, if this meets with her approval.
Australian Red Cross workers: Sent memo to DGMS with reference to Red Cross workers attached to Australian units, stating that these ladies are not employed on nursing duties but chiefly in giving out stores and comforts, visiting patients and occasionally helping in the dining-hall in times of great pressure. It is considered advisable that these ladies should be made members of the Mess residing in the hospital and coming under the same rules and regulations as the nursing staff. They would be classed as Australian VADs.

Sick Sisters 163
Miss A. Fitzgerald: DGMS returned the letter with reference to Miss A. Fitzgerald, “Edith Cavell Nurse”, saying that there is not any objection in this case to the particulars required by the American Red Cross being furnished.
SAMNS pay: Received from DGMS copy of Army Council Instruction with regard to the pay and allowances of members of the Nursing Service of the South African Overseas Contingent – they are to receive pay at the same rates as that of the QAIMNSR and probationers will be paid at the same rates as VAD members.
Miss E. Austen: Sent memo to DGMS asking what agreement had been signed by Miss E. Austen, “Edith Cavell Nurse of Territory of Hawaii”, before she embarked to France.

Sick Sisters 159.
Staff Nurse E. V. Keogh: Received copy of War Office letter stating that the Australian authorities will consider the application of Staff Nurse E. V. Keogh for duty on a hospital ship, if she forwards it. As this will entail a long leave from duty, it is recommended that she should forward her resignation, and she will be given temporary employment until a passage can be arranged for her.
Miss Osborne Day: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence referring to the employment of Miss K. Osborne Day, South African Probationer, as dispenser at the South African General Hospital.

Sick Sisters 162
Mrs. Welby: Returned correspondence received from Matron, 40 Stationary Hospital, with reference to Mrs. Welby (Miss O. Field, VAD) saying that she is authorised to answer the questions asked by the Ministry of Munitions as to whether she is a suitable person for employment as a clerk. The correspondence should be returned through this office.
Cannes Convalescent Home: Sent letter to Commissioner, BRCS, with reference to the Convalescent Home for Sisters in the south of France, saying it would be advisable for this Home to be opened on November 15th and it is proposed to send 7 Sisters a day for the first week. We should like to know what proportion of BRCS nurses and VADs it is proposed to send so that there is no overlapping, and also what arrangements will be made in the event of Sisters falling sick as regards medical attendance. Any information received with regard to rations will be forwarded. Received on the same date correspondence from the Commissioner, BRCS with regard to this Convalescent Home and with reference to the question of obtaining authority for Lady Gifford to draw coal and rations and medical comforts on repayment. It was asked who would be the official medical adviser to the Home – Colonel Cassalis de Pury, OC Sud Africaine Ambulance, had offered his services. It is hoped to have the Home opened for the first party on the 15th November.
Princess Christian: Sent telegram of condolence from the Matron-in-Chief and members of the Reserve working in France, to HRH Princess Christian, on the death of HRH Prince Christian.
Convalescent Home, Hardelot: Received copy of letter from Commissioner, BRCS, stating that he considers the retention of Princess Louise’s Convalescent Home at Hardelot is desirable, in addition to the Home at Cannes. He proposed that the Home at Hardelot should be closed during November and afterwards re-open with Miss Inglis in charge, while Lady Gifford and her sister Mrs. Seymour, will run the place at Cannes.
Abancourt Stationary Hospital: DGMS returned correspondence relating to the Stationary Hospital, Abancourt, approving the establishment of a nursing staff, as requested.
Villa Roquebrune: Received copy of letter from Commissioner, BRCS, asking if coal and rations for the staff and convalescent Sisters at the Villa Roquebrune could be supplied by the military authorities on repayment. The amount required would be about 10 tons, and cannot be obtained locally.
Accommodation: Returned to AQMG file with reference to accommodation for Sisters in the Etaples area – it was understood from the DDMS Etaples that the difficulty was in the obtaining of huts, though authority for the required staff had been given.
61 CCS bombed: Received telephone message from DMS 5th Army saying that 61 CCS had been bombed by aeroplanes, and Staff Nurse M. S. Stuart, QAIMNSR had been wounded – 1 orderly and 3 patients were killed, 1 orderly, 1 patient and 1 German prisoner wounded.
CCS moving: Received telephone message from DMS 3rd Army, saying that 38 and 9 CCS were moving and would be closing from tomorrow. Instructed the nursing staffs to come to the Nurses’ Home until again required.

Sick Sisters 165
Cannes Convalescent Home: Forwarded to DGMS copy of letter received from Commissioner, BRCS, with reference to the Home at Cannes, suggesting that the offer of Colonel G. A. Cassalis de Pury should be accepted and that he should report to the ADMS Marseilles, upon cases which he might be called upon to see. In any serious case of sickness the ADMS Marseilles would detail a Medical Officer to attend.
Forwarded memo to AQMG asking if a free issue of coal, wood and medical comforts could be arranged for the Convalescent Home at Cannes.
Treport Nurses’ Club: The Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses was opened at Treport by Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox.
No.10 Convalescent Depot: Returned to DGMS letter giving sanction for an extra VAD member to be employed at No.10 Convalescent Depot, saying that 3 VADs were considered necessary.


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