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FEBRUARY 1st – 15th 1917

Reinforcements: 12 Special Probationers arrived and were posted to the Etaples area.
Duchess of Sutherland’s Barge: Millicent, Duchess of Sutherland is now staffing a Barge which is running from Aire to Calais, and on which she is taking patients seriously wounded for treatment under the Carrol Dakin treatment and admission to her hospital. She is providing the Nursing Staff. I wrote pointing out to her that until other arrangements were made, only fully trained nurses should be employed, but if she found it difficult to supply them, it would be quite easy for me to supply a Staff Nurse to work under her Sister.
16 General Hospital: Heard from SMO, Treport, that Miss Willetts, Matron, QAIMNS, 16 General Hospital, had been admitted to hospital with asthma. Arranged for the Assistant Matron from 3 General, Miss Casswell, to proceed to 16 General to act in her place, and deputed Miss Stronach to be responsible for the 2 hospitals until some other arrangement could be made, Miss Stronach saying that it would be quite easy for her to carry on under these arrangements for the present.
Arrivals, Wastage, etc.: Forwarded to DGMS a list of the arrivals, new units opened, and wastage occurring during the month of January, showing a shortage of 382 trained nurses and 44 untrained in the BEF.
Miss Wohlmann: Forwarded from the DDMS Havre to DGMS an application from Miss Wohlmann, Matron, QAIMNS asking that her name should be changed to Wellman.
Resignation: Received War Office letter accepting the resignation of Miss J. Riddell, QAIMNSR.

Miss Child, SAMNS: Received from SMO Abbeville application from Miss Child, SAMNS, now serving at 1 South African General Hospital, for an interview in order that she might obtain a Matron’s post. Returned saying that on the Matron’s return from Mentone an interview would be arranged.
Sick list: Received intimation from Etaples that Miss Drage, A/Matron, 4 General Hospital, had been admitted to Villa Tino. Sent orders for Miss Minns, A/Matron, 18 General, to superintend 4 General in the same manner as at 3 and 16 General.
Miss Keene, QAIMNS: Sent orders for Miss Keene, QAIMNS to continue carrying on the duties of A/Matron at 7 General Hospital in consequence of the Officer in charge saying that her work was satisfactory, also asked for a report to be furnished in 2 months as to her suitability as a Matron in order to confirm the appointment.
New Zealand reinforcements: Received a letter from the Matron-in-Chief, NZANS, saying that if I applied officially for the number of nurses required to complete the establishment of the New Zealand Stationary Hospital, she would be able to supply them. Submitted the request at once.

Sick list: The number of sick Sisters in hospital continues to increase – today there are 140, not including the Sisters in Convalescent Home.
Discipline: The DMS, 4th Army, telephoned to say that A/Sister M. Brodie, CHR had refused to comply with an order which was to hand over her work in the operating theatre to another and do duty in the huts. She had been suspended from duty and he would send her to Abbeville and would like a relief soon. In all CCS at the front, Sisters are knocking up with the cold and I find some difficulty in finding suitable people to fill vacancies and still more difficulty in getting them to their destinations.
Fire at 38 CCS: The Sister i/c, 38 CCS, reported a fire which had broken out and spread to the hut. In consequence of a total absence of water the position for some time was a very serious one, but they were able to save all the instruments and a certain amount of the equipment – no patients were hurt and they were able to stop the fire before it spread.
42 CCS shelled: The Sister i/c, 42 CCS, reported a recent bombing where a shell dropped into one of the wards which was fortunately empty – no patients or personnel hurt but a French child killed and a woman wounded.
Investiture: Instructed 6 Sisters to proceed to London to an investiture on the 5th where they would be decorated with the Military Medal. Arranged for all to go together with Miss Tunley in charge.
New Agreement: Wrote officially asking for a supply of new forms to be filled in by both trained and VADs willing to serve as long as required.

Transfer: War Office letter received stating that Staff Nurse H. Ellis has been posted to a Home Station and will not return to France.
Resignation: War Office letter received accepting resignation of Miss Jenkins, VAD, in consequence of her approaching marriage.
VAD Weatherell transferred from 10 General Hospital to 2 General and confidential report asked for on completion of one month. All areas asking for extra help in consequence of large numbers of patients.

Resignation: Received and forwarded to DGMS application to resign from Sister E. K. Roberts, TFNS, on account of the serious illness of her mother.
Indemnification claim received from S/Nurse E. Bennett, QAIMNSR for kit bag and contents lost – left at Louvre Hotel June 2nd when proceeding on train duty. Reported loss when joining 5 Stationary, Dieppe, for duty. Sent to Boulogne to ask if A/Principal Matron could throw any light on the subject.
Appeal for help: A/Principal Matron, Boulogne, telephoned for extra help for 25 General Hospital, opening new Officers’ section for officers suffering from skin diseases.
Sick list: Sister i/c, 38 CCS telephoned to say she was sending Sister Fisher to 5 Stationary “B” suffering from rheumatism.
South African General Hospital: Interviewed the Matron, South African General Hospital, with reference to the question of increase of staff which she was requiring in consequence of the hospital extending to 1000 beds. Pointed out that she had only asked for 4 Sisters and 4 staff nurses and that we had lent her 10 members. She said that if these were withdrawn it would be necessary for her to have 21. Forwarded this request to DGMS pointing out the urgency of the matter. Every unit in France is understaffed at the present moment.
Sick in England: Sent Matron-in-Chief, War Office, list of Sisters and VADs sick in England.
Transfer: Forwarded to DDMS, Rouen, War Office letter reporting transfer to Colchester for duty of Special Probationer M. A. Young.
Renewal of Contract: Forwarded to DGMS signed renewal of contract forms for Staff Nurses E. Hutchinson and E. Wolfe, QAIMNSR.

Michelham Convalescent Home: Orders issued for A/Matron L. E. Mackay, QAIMNS, to proceed to Cap Martin as Acting Matron. Miss Lyde, QAIMNS to proceed to 6 General as A/Matron and Miss A. A. Wilson, QAIMNS to do the duties of A/Principal Matron of Rouen area during Miss Rannie’s absence. Miss M. Steenson, Matron, QAIMNS ordered to 35 General Hospital, as Matron.
South African General Hospital: Forwarded a request to DGMS to increase the staff of the South African General Hospital by 7 Sisters and 15 Staff Nurses, in consequence of their increase to 934 beds. This increase was asked for to release 9 British nurses who have been temporarily employed there for some months and are now badly wanted elsewhere.
Reinforcements: War Office letter received stating that Miss E. M. Smith, TFNS was replacing Miss E. R. Clarke, TFNS who had resigned to be married.
Transfer: Received War Office letter approving the transfer of A/Sister E. Faning, QAIMNSR to Home Establishment, but no promise of an appointment in London could be given.
Termination of engagement: War Office letter received terminating the engagement of Miss I. G. Pattison, VAD member. Sent DGMS copy of report which had been sent in November.
1 Canadian General Hospital: Memo received from DGMS stating that Nursing Sister De Lacy, CAMC, 1 Canadian General, should be struck off the strength of the BEF.
1 Australian CCS: Application received from DMS, 2nd Army, for 4 Sisters to replace Sisters sick or on leave. Wired for 3 Sisters from 1 Australian General recommended by Miss Conyers, RRC, Matron-in-Chief, AIF.
32 CCS: Telephone message received from DMS, 1st Army, saying that 32 CCS was moving forward. Instructed the staff to proceed to 10 Stationary Hospital until the unit was ready to receive them.
Sick list: Received letter stating that Miss Mabel Davis, Miss Rannie, RRC and Miss Willets, RRC, all QAIMNS, were progressing favourably.
CAMC reinforcements: Wrote to Matron-in-Chief, CAMC saying that we had put in officially for increase of staff for 3 Canadian Stationary Hospital in the 5th Army, and that 2 more nurses were required for 2 Canadian CCS. Asked her whether it would be possible for her to supply us with a certain number of nurses for temporary duty who could be posted in the Boulogne and Treport areas and that I might be given the names, so that I could move them when the necessity arose.

Reinforcements: 25 VAD members arrived from England and were posted.
Exchanges: Issued orders to various areas for the 20 nurses to proceed to England on the 15th as exchanges.
Nurses’ Home, Rouen: List of furniture required for the new Nurses’ Home and office for the A/Principal Matron, Rouen, sent to AQMG for approval.
VAD Contracts: Reports and signed agreement forms of VADs whose contracts fall due in January forwarded to DGMS. Sent the names of all VADs due to renew their contracts in March to various areas, together with agreement forms.
Marriages: Received War Office wire stating that Staff Nurse Townley, née Richards, married whilst on leave, had been instructed to rejoin the BEF.
Miss Child, SAMNS: Interviewed Miss Child, SAMNS at her own request. She was anxious to know whether I would be able to give her a Matron’s post as she had done Matron’s duties in South Africa and had joined the SAMNS in the hope of obtaining a Matron’s post in it. I said that I would bear her in mind but that as she belonged to a different service it placed me in an awkward position and at present there were no vacancies.
Reinforcements: Applied officially for reinforcements for the New Zealand Stationary Hospital, for the Canadian units, and a reminder for the South African General Hospital.
A/Sister Brodie, QAIMNSR: Interviewed A/Sister Brodie, QAIMNSR 1/1 South Midland CCS who had arrived from the CCS. Cautioned her and sent her to 18 General Hospital, asking for a report on her work and general behaviour in 6 weeks’ time. This was the lady who had refused to obey an order at a CCS and had been sent to the Base in consequence.

Reinforcements: 60 members of the AANS arrived for duty with British units.
Transfer: Forwarded to DGMS information that Staff Nurse Janing, QAIMNSR, 26 General, who had lately applied for transfer to the East, did not wish to transfer to England.
CAMC reinforcements: Received official application from SMO Treport, asking for increase of staff for 2 Canadian General Hospital.

Left for Boulogne in order to meet Mrs. Leech, National Women’s League and Miss Holme, Superintendent of Women Clerks belonging to the Pay Department who had come from the War Office with a view to making arrangements for the accommodation of 500 women who were about to replace men in the Pay Department. Went to the DDMS office and then to the Quai with the DADMS, Colonel Forrest, and Major Isaacs, representative of the Paymaster in Chief. Had dinner with the Command Paymaster, and after dinner met these ladies with the two representatives from the Pay office, and various arrangements for the accommodation of the women when working and when sick were discussed.

Went with the Pay people, the Base Commandant, the DDMS and the Sanitary Officer to inspect the houses that were being taken for the lady clerks. Went round the Chateau Mauricien and showed them the accommodation for these ladies when sick. Also visited 8 Stationary Hospital to give them an idea of how nurses are accommodated. Went most thoroughly into the matter and found that a large number of very fine hotels and villas had been set apart for the pay people who are now moving from Rouen to the Wimereux area. Also went over their offices which are about to be established in the building which used to be occupied by the Rawal Pindi Hospital. The question of suitable furniture was gone into and after lunch, the pay people with the ladies concerned, held a consultation.

Still in Boulogne. Visited the Chateau Mauricien – saw the sick Sisters and Miss Mabel Davis, QAIMNS who is now progressing satisfactorily and out of danger. Told Miss Esden, the A/Matron, that the Villa Roquebrune was not for sick people, but only suitable for convalescents.
Went over the quarters which have recently been taken over in a hotel for the staff of 14 Stationary Hospital, with a VAD Member as Home Sister, and another one assisting her. The RAMC cook and a certain number of French servants and the whole arrangement seems most satisfactory. Afterwards went over 14 Stationary Hospital which was in its usual first-class order. Very full of patients suffering from all sorts of infectious diseases, including a large number of mumps and a great many officers and Sisters who are more or less seriously ill. All are well cared for and I noticed a large quantity of fruit had just arrived from South Africa sent by the BRCS for the benefit of the patients, - peaches, apricots, plums and all sorts of fruit in beautiful condition. Went to 13 General Hospital where I saw Miss Fairchild, QAIMNS to say goodbye to her before returning to the Home Establishment and Miss Steenson, QAIMNS, who was on her way from leave to Calais to take over 35 General Hospital. Left after lunch for Headquarters, arriving at 6 o’clock.

New Zealand reinforcements: Found a letter waiting me from the Matron-in-Chief, NZANS, saying that she had applied for a pass for France for the 9th, also that she had 13 nurses ready to start as soon as she received the official sanction.
Increase of staff: Applications received from DMS, 1st, 2nd and 4th Armies for increase of staff for various CCS in consequence of heavy work and the recent order that only urgent cases were to be evacuated.
Termination of engagement: War Office letter received terminating the engagement of Miss Clegg, Special Probationer of 25 General Hospital.
Transfer: War Office letter received approving the transfer of Sister Mrs. Cann, TFNS to Home Establishment.
Exchanges: War Office letter received giving instructions and postings of the 20 nurses proceeding to England on the 15th.
Increase of staff: Application received from DMS, 1st Army, for 3 more Sisters for 33 CCS as the section for officers is now open and the work is very heavy. Supplied them. Also heard from DMS, 1st Army, that 2 barges were ice-bound on the La Bassee canal and issued instructions for the Sisters to proceed to a CCS in the same area for duty.
Marriage: Received a letter from the Sister in charge, 2/1 South Midland CCS, saying that S/Nurse M. A. Wilson, TFNS had just returned from leave and had informed her that she had been married during her absence. Returned, saying that an official statement should be forwarded to this office without delay.
Identity kit: Received War Office letter acknowledging reports and recommendations for promotion to the rank of Sister, QAIMNS, and stating that there were no vacancies for the rank of Matron at present.
Transfer: War Office letter received stating that Miss A. F. Blankley, QAIMNSR had been posted to Home Establishment. War Office letter received enclosing the papers re Miss O’Connor, QAIMNSR, late 3 Stationary Hospital, and asking for a Medical Board to be convened.
Sick list: Was informed that Miss Rannie, RRC, A/Principal Matron, Rouen, was being evacuated to England by Hospital Ship and that Miss Perkins, RRC, QAIMNS, who had returned from Mentone, was being sent home by Medical Board as she was not considered fit for duty.

Villa Roquebrune: Arranged for 6 Sisters to go to Villa Roquebrune on the 15th and 6 on the 16th.
Application for QAIMNSR: Copy of letter received from Colonel Harry Thompson, DMS, 6th Corps, enclosing application forms for the Reserve for his niece, Miss Marcia Stack, and her friend, Miss Lister, were forwarded to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, and asked for an interview, also wrote the Matron-in-Chief, explaining what I had done.
Record of previous service: Received War Office letter giving record of previous service of Miss A. J. Sands, QAIMNSR.
Miss J. Fitzpatrick Smith, CAMC: Received authority from the War Office for the embarkation for France of Miss J. Fitzpatrick Smith, CAMC on 15th January, for duty with 7 Canadian Stationary.
Received from DGMS copy of War Office wire accepting the resignation of Staff Nurse M. L. Harcourt, QAIMNSR in consequence of her approaching marriage.
AANS: Arranged to send 5 AANS Sisters who had been doing temporary duty in our units to rejoin 1 Australian General Hospital in consequence of shortage of staff due to sickness, 14 being off strength. Telephoned to the Matron and pointed out that, if short, she should not permit so many to be away on leave and until those on leave returned, others should not be permitted to go.
3 Australian CCS: DMS5th Army, informed me that 3 Australian CCS was moving forward and that 29 CCS was increasing its accommodation and taking over their huts as well. Arranged for the nursing staff to proceed to the Nurses’ Home until the unit was established in its new position.

Nurses’ Home, Rouen: Received a copy of authority from the AQMG to the Base Commandant, Rouen, approving the hire of a house as a Nurses’ Rest Home and office for the A/Principal Matron of the Rouen area, also for the employment of a French servant to be paid at the rate of 3 francs a day and a PB Batman – a list of furniture was attached, to be indented for. This house will shortly be evacuated by the Army Pay Department and will be put into repair.
Supplies on repayment: Sent application to the Director of Supplies for permission for all nurses to obtain supplies on repayment.
Long Service Bar: Matron-in-Chief, TFNS asked for a list to be sent periodically of all Special Probationers who had been recommended for the Long Service Bar.
Termination of engagement: War Office letter received terminating the engagement of Special Probationer A. R. Allinson.
Resignation: War Office letter received cancelling the resignation of Miss S. M. Macmillan, QAIMNSR, saying she had been ordered to appear before a Medical Board and had been granted one month’s sick leave.
Miss O’Connor, QAIMNSR: Sent wire to Villa Roquebrune ordering Miss O’Connor to proceed to Boulogne to report to the A/Principal Matron, 13 General Hospital, in order that a Medical Board might be convened. These instructions had been received from the War Office.
Increase of staff: Telephone messages received from the DMS, 4th and 5th Armies, asking for increase of establishment. Arranged to visit both areas to look into the accommodation and how an increase could be dealt with.
Marriage: The A/Principal Matron, Rouen, asked for special permission for VAD Jenkins to leave on the 15th inst., on account of her unexpected marriage which had been arranged for the 16th, her contract not expiring until May. Granted her 7 days’ special leave in anticipation with instructions to report to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, on arrival in London.

Sick Sisters 148
Extension of leave: War Office letter received granting extension of leave to A/Sister L. Remnant, and Staff Nurse Walker, QAIMNSR the latter not to return to France.
Transfer: War Office letter received stating that Staff Nurse E. Bevington, TFNS sick in England, had been posted to the Home Establishment. Sent for confidential report.
New Zealand reinforcements: Memo received from DGMS stating that he had made a demand on the 8th for 21 nurses for the New Zealand Stationary Hospital.
Transfer: Telegram received from DGMS saying that DMS Canadian Contingents, recommended the transfer to England of Miss L. M. Robinson, CAMC, 7 Canadian General, and Miss B. M. Williams, CAMC, would be available as relief. Issued instructions accordingly.
Nurses required: DMS, 4th Army, telephoned to say that the Sisters for 39 CCS would be required on the 16th, and for 13 CCS in the next week, that 36 CCS would be moving forward and until properly established, the nursing staff would be sent to the Nurses’ Home, also that 2 extra nurses were wanted for 34 CCS.  4 Sisters from Casualty Clearing Stations were sent sick to 5 Stationary “B”, and were replaced.
New Agreement: War Office letter received as to whether members of the Regular Reserve had to sign the new agreement, stating that the engagement for 3 years related to peace time and the new agreement must be signed if they wished to claim the extra pay.
Mrs. Robertson Eustace’s Club: Mrs. Robertson Eustace’s Club was closed in consequence of her cousin who was staying with her developing Cerebro-spinal meningitis. She was transferred to 14 Stationary Hospital for treatment, and the Club closed for a fortnight.

Resignation: Received official application for permission to resign from Staff Nurse B. S. Greig, QAIMNSR, on account of her approaching marriage.
CAMC reinforcements: DGMS sent copy of memo which he had sent to DAG asking for further 10 extra nurses for 3 Canadian Stationary Hospital, making 21 in all.
Miss O’ Connor: Sent to DDMS Boulogne copy of Medical Board proceedings relating to Miss O’Connor, now at Villa Roquebrune, and ordered to proceed to Boulogne and report at 13 General, so that a Medical Board might be convened and a report furnished.
Sick leave: Received War Office letter saying that Miss Cumming, QAIMNSR, Miss Stuart, SAMNS and Miss Bone, VAD would be rejoining from sick leave.
Miss Patrick: War Office letter received stating that Miss Patrick, who had been accepted for the Reserve and given orders to join 12 General Hospital, would not now be coming to France. Informed Rouen.
3 Australian CCS: The staff of 3 Australian CCS joined the Nurses’ Home while the unit moved forward, and the Sister i/c came to see me. She said that during the severe weather the work had been tremendous and that though they had felt the cold extremely, they had kept well. 3 who were due for leave proceeded on leave and 2 were posted for temporary duty until required, and the other 2 rejoining No.1 Australian General.
Pay: Received the last pay certificate of A/Sister C. M. MacRae, RRC, QAIMNS, (now Mrs. Stevenson) from the Command Paymaster, asking if she had been given leave pending resignation. We replied in the affirmative.
Sick list: Telegram received from Rouen saying that Miss Dickson, VAD, had been admitted to 25 Stationary Hospital from 9 General suffering from cerebro-spinal meningitis and had been placed on the dangerously ill list. Her friends had been informed. Telephone message from Etaples to say that Miss King, VAD who had been seriously ill for some days had now been diagnosed cerebro-spinal meningitis and her friends had been informed.
Reinforcements: 25 VAD Members arrived from England and were posted.

Sick Sisters 158
Exchanges: 20 transfers – 10 Reserves and 10 TFNS arrived from England.
Reinforcements: 10 members of the Reserve from King George Hospital, London, arrived.
Resignations: Application received from Staff Nurse Boniface, QAIMNSR, to resign. Copy of War Office letter received accepting the resignation of Staff Nurse B. Spearman, QAIMNSR.
Transfer: Copy of War Office letter received informing us that Staff Nurse I. Ord, TFNS, now on leave, had been posted to Home Establishment. Sent wire to DGMS that Miss Ord had returned to France on the 12th and instructions were issued for her to return to England forthwith and report to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office.
Resignation: War Office letter received accepting the resignation of Miss Jenkins, VAD, in consequence of her approaching marriage.
Australian reinforcements: Asked DGMS officially whether the 60 members of the AANS who arrived on the 8th dressed in the uniform of the Australian Nursing Service were attached to the QAIMNSR and whether they should draw the pay and allowances of that service.
Sick list: Reported to DGMS by telephone the sudden illness of Miss Dickson, VAD, diagnosed as cerebro-spinal meningitis.
Increase of nursing staff: Asked DGMS whether, in view of the large expansion of beds now under consideration, I should put in for increase in the nursing staff independently. He said he would let me know as soon as the question of the number of beds was settled.
Sick list: Was informed that Miss J. McAdam, of the Church Army, was being evacuated to England from 3 General, suffering from bronchitis. Informed Mr. Fox, Senior Chaplain of Abbeville.
2 Canadian General Hospital: SMO Treport rang up with reference to the increase of nursing staff for 2 Canadian General, and he was informed that the Matron-in-Chief, Canadian Contingents, had been communicated with.
Miss Drage, QAIMNS: sent orders for Miss Drage, QAIMNS, when fit for duty to proceed to 10 General Hospital as A/Matron.
Resignation: Application to resign received from Miss A. B. Munnock, QAIMNSR, 16 General Hospital, as she wished to return to Canada on account of private affairs.


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