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SEPTEMBER 1st – 30th 1917

Sick Sisters 148
VADs and Special Probationers: DGMS forwarded extract from War Office letter in answer to our enquiry asking if VAD members could transfer to corps of Special Probationers as they thought they would get some advantages as regards training and that time served in Military Hospitals would count towards their training. War Office letter stated that the training of Special Probationers was not at present recognised any more than that of VAD members, so that there was nothing to be gained by the change. DGMS asked if VAD members and Special Probationers who resigned to complete their training were under the impression that work in Military Hospitals would count as part of their training, as the question was exciting a good deal of interest in nursing circles. We answered that it was not known if any decision had been arrived at but it was hoped that some recognition would be given by the civil hospitals to work performed in military hospitals.
S/Nurse Campbell, NZANS: Forwarded to DGMS report on the case of S/Nurse J. Campbell NZANS, who was granted 3 weeks’ sick leave by Medical Board in Boulogne and who was supposed to be a Cerebro-spinal meningitis carrier. The report stated that this lady should not have been shown as a carrier, as she was suffering from Debility and Trench Fever. She had been a cerebro-spinal meningitis contact, but was free from infection before being evacuated to the United Kingdom.
Mediterranean L of C: Forwarded to DGMS wire received from ADMS Mediterranean L of C asking for the remaining 6 Sisters to complete the staff at Taranto. Asked what action should be taken.
Miss O. Hockey, SAMNS: Forwarded to DGMS claim for gratuity for the late Miss O. Hockey, SAMNS attached QAIMNSR.
Miss Scott, VAD: 48 hours’ leave approved for Miss Scott, VAD, 46 Stationary Hospital, to visit her Sister who was seriously ill at 14 General Hospital.
Ambulance Flotillas: Two flotillas of ambulance barges on the northern canals put out of action; the nursing staff has been instructed to report to the A/Principal Matron, St. Omer until they are again required.
Miss Ford, VAD: Application received by telephone from DDMS Etaples for special leave for Miss Ford, VAD 46 Stationary Hospital, as her brother was dying. Approved.

Sick Sisters 150
Appointment of a Matron: DGMS returned the application for a senior member of the QAIMNS to be appointed Matron in the Matron-in-Chief’s office, saying that this must be passed for the approval of the GOC, L of C. Forwarded accordingly to the AAG.
Sister L. E. Young, AANS: DGMS returned correspondence forwarded for transmission to the Matron-in-Chief, AIF referring to the application of Sister L. E. Young, AANS 25 General Hospital, for transfer to another station on account of being unhappy. DGMS asked if this lady’s work in the wards was satisfactory and if so, would not a transfer to another unit meet the case.
Miss Ford, VAD: Official application received from Miss Ford, VAD, for 7 days’ special leave in England as her brother was dying, also asking for permission to be married whilst on leave. She was instructed to report in person to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, on arrival in England, and complete correspondence was forwarded to DGMS. DDMS Etaples was asked to furnish the name and particulars of this lady’s fiancé.
Resignations: Forwarded to DGMS bi-monthly list of resignations sent forward during the months of July and August – 3 on termination of contract – 28 on resignation.
Reinforcements: Reported to DGMS the arrival of 54 QAIMNSR members on 30.8.17 – Miss H. V. Wilson had failed to report.
Marriage: Reported to DGMS that the married name of Miss R. O. Harper, VAD, was Mrs. Montgomery, and that this lady had returned from leave on 29.8.17.
32 Ambulance Train: Rules and Regulations forwarded to Sister in charge of 32 Ambulance Train, as this train is just starting on its first trip.

Sick Sisters 146
Accommodation: Forwarded to DGMS application for increased accommodation for 18 General Hospital, saying that this increase was recommended as the hospital has now 2000 beds and the OC considers a staff of 105 nurses is necessary.
Mrs. Gwynne Vaughan, Chief Controller, WAAC, came to the office to see me and discuss the question of a convalescent Home for WAAC members.

Sick Sisters = 146
Almeric Paget Corps: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that Miss E. Waller, APMMC, had been authorised to join the BEF on 3.9.17. This lady had been unable to join on 20.8.17 as previously notified, owing to illness.
Promotions of SAMNS: Returned to DGMS all correspondence relating to the promotion of 6 Sisters at the South African General Hospital from rank of Staff Nurse to that of A/Sister, stating that these ladies’ names had been put in Routine Orders, DMS, L of C as having been promoted.
Transfer to the East: Forwarded to DGMS application from Staff Nurse M. J. Muir, SAMNS attached QAIMNSR, for transfer to the East. She had been informed when joining that they would be employed in the east and she had now served one year in France.
Establishment: Returned to DGMS table of scale of War Establishments, amended as requested according to War Establishments as laid down, for his approval with regard to winter accommodation.
Staff Nurse K. H. Jones, QAIMNSR: Sent memo to DDMS Etaples, asking him to inform the Intelligence Department that Staff Nurse K. H. Jones, QAIMNSR, had been transferred to 2 General Hospital.
Appointment to QAIMNS Reserve: Forwarded to DGMS signed agreement forms of S/Nurse A. Stead, QAIMNSR lately appointed to the Reserve from the BRCS and taken on the strength of 2 Stationary Hospital from 30.8.17.
VAD uniform: Sent to DGMS an application for some distinction to be made in the uniform of VAD members working in Military Hospitals, asking that the Red Efficiency Stripe might be worn on the outdoor uniform, and also requesting that the VADs in the Matron-in-Chief’s office be permitted to wear red tabs on their coats, as they were not eligible for the Red Efficiency Stripe.
CCS shelled: DMS 4th Army telephoned to say that the Casualty Clearing Stations at Oosthoek had been shelled and that the nursing staffs of 39, 24 and 1 Canadian CCS were being transferred to St. Omer, and that they would probably be wanted again in the course of a few days. He also asked for additional help for 30 CCS on account of a large convoy of gas cases. This help was sent immediately.
36 CCS: Letter received from the Sister in charge, 36 CCS saying that bombs had been dropped on the night of the 4th between their hospital and No.34 CCS – 3 orderlies at 34 CCS had been killed and 2 had died in the CCS after admission.

Sick Sisters 145
VADs and Special Probationers: Sent memo to DGMS in continuation of correspondence with reference to training of VADs and Special Probationers, saying that no information had been given to these ladies to the effect that their work in military hospitals would count as part of their training as a fully qualified nurse. Enquiries are being made as to the number of VADs and Special Probationers who wish to take up nursing as a profession and when these figures are received, it is hoped that the War Office may again be approached on the subject.
Bombing of Calais: Received letter from Miss Cooper, Assistant Matron, 35 General Hospital, saying that Calais had been bombed on the night of the 5th, and 2 Sisters and 2 VADs had been wounded and a great deal of damage done. Three of these ladies were very slightly wounded and were able to go on duty next day. Miss Henning, VAD, had a wound of side and fractured rib, and was being evacuated direct to England. The remainder of the Sisters would be sent to Boulogne for a rest.

Sick Sisters 149
Harvard Unit: Received from DGMS approval of the request made by the Harvard Unit that the nurses whose contracts terminated during the week 8.9.17 to 15.9.17 might all proceed on the 8th in one party. DGMS also approved the request of Staff Nurses Birtles and Watson to proceed direct to Paris to the American Ambulance.
18 General Hospital accommodation: Memo received from DGMS approving the increase of staff demanded for 18 General Hospital to 105, but adding that this was in no way to be taken as a precedent.
S/Nurses H. H. Thompson and F. A. Wilcock: Forwarded to DGMS report from DDMS Boulogne, with reference to the conduct of S/Nurses H. H. Thompson and F. A. Wilcock, TFNS, 54 General Hospital, who stayed away from their unit without permission of the Matron, from 9 a.m. to 9.50 p.m. on 4.9.17. S/Nurse Thompson had been granted leave to England and was not to be found when the passes arrived. The Matron of 54 General Hospital requested that these ladies should be returned to the 3rd London General Hospital, and this step was recommended.

Sick Sisters 147
No.31 Ambulance Train proceeded on 7.9.17 to Switzerland to bring back interned sick and wounded officers, who are returning to England.
Special leave: Miss G. M. B. Green, VAD applied for special leave pending acceptance of resignation as her grandmother was dying. 14 days’ special leave was granted.
Miss Wilson, Principal Matron, AANS proceeded to England to take up the duties of Acting Matron-in-Chief at the Australian Headquarters in London.
British Artillery Station, Italy: Sent wire to DGMS asking if we could supply five more nurses to the British Artillery Station, Italy, as the staff had proved insufficient and one was down with sunstroke. Permission was given and instructions were issued accordingly.
Sister Crooks, QAIMNSR: Permission has been given to Sister Crooks, QAIMNSR, 39 CCS, to visit her brother who was dangerously wounded at 29 CCS.
VADs and Special Probationers: Sent circular to all A/Principal Matrons asking them to make enquiries with a view to finding out how many VAD members at present serving in France were desirous of taking up nursing as a profession, as it is hoped the civil hospitals may be able to make arrangements whereby service in military hospitals may be counted towards the 3 years’ training required for a fully qualified nurse.
APMMC: Sent to all Principal Matrons copies of the Rules and Regulations of the Almeric Paget Military Massage Corps, as members of this corps are now serving in this command.

Sick Sisters 154
VAD uniform: DGMS returned the memo asking if VADs could wear the Red Efficiency Stripe on their outdoor uniform, saying that he could not give this authority, as the War Office letter expressly stated that this stripe is for indoor uniform only.
Camp kit, 22 General Hospital: Received copy of War Office letter asking if it was to be understood that camp kit had not been issued to the nursing staff of 22 General Hospital. This was with reference to previous correspondence on this subject.
Miss Nancy Johnstone: Received copy of War Office letter in answer to our enquiry, stating that Miss Nancy Johnstone is a VAD member and not a Special Probationer. This lady had herself been uncertain as to which Corps she belonged.
CAMC reinforcements: Received memo from DGMS with reference to the application made for the deficiencies of nursing staff in Canadian units to be made up and for 20 additional nurse to be posted temporarily in British units to replace casualties in Canadian units as they occur. DGMS stated that the demand had been made for the Canadian nurses, and the question of additional nurses to be posted to British units had been referred to AG Canadians.
Mediterranean L of C: Received copy of wire from Dehorted asking that an A/Matron should hold herself in readiness to proceed to the Mediterranean L. of C for a 200 bedded hospital.
Canadian Convalescent Home: Returned to DGMS correspondence with reference to a Convalescent Home for Canadian Nursing Sisters, saying that up to the present the need for such a Home had not been felt as all CAMC Sisters were admitted to our Homes, but there was no objection if the Canadians wished to establish a Home of their own.
Miss Bennett, SAMNS: Forwarded to DGMS memo asking for rank of Miss Bennett, SAMNS who arrived for duty in France on 4.9.17.
Mediterranean L of C: Forwarded to DGMS arrival report of Staff Nurse F. Evans, QAIMNSR, on 6.9.17.

Sick Sisters 152
Convalescent Homes, WAAC: Received memo from DGMS stating that is had been suggested that the personnel accommodated in Convalescent Homes for the WAAC should be under the control of the VAD or other Commandant in charge of the Home, who would be regarded in this respect as equivalent to an administrator of the Corps and who would be responsible to the Chief Controller, WAAC for matters of discipline. Remarks on this subject were asked for.
S/Nurses H. Thompson and F. A. Wilcock: DGMS returned correspondence re breach of discipline of S/Nurses H. Thompson and F. A. Wilcock, 54 General Hospital, saying that a statement should be asked for from each of these ladies. This was accordingly done.
Miss Ford, VAD: Received copy of War Office telegram with reference to Miss Margaret Ford, VAD who had been given special leave as her brother was dying, and who had sent in an application to get married. This telegram stated that she had been granted extension of leave to the 17th inst. A second telegram cancelled this, as Miss Ford had resigned on Sept. 7th.
Diphtheria: Received file from ADMS Sanitation, in which is was stated that it was not sufficient for a bacteriological examination to be taken of the immediate contacts to find diphtheria carriers, but that the whole of the nursing staff should be examined.
Princess Victoria Clubs: Approval given by the AG for a Princess Victoria’s Rest Club to be established at Treport and also for one at Boulogne, provided that they were self supporting with regard to food supplies. Informed the AAG, L of C.
12 CCS: Was informed by DMS, 2nd Army, that 12 CCS would be re-opening on the 12th and the nursing staff would be required for that day.

Sick Sisters 143
British Artillery Station, Italy: Reported to DGMS and to AAG the departure of 5 Sisters to Palmanova – OC British Artillery Station, had been informed of their departure by wire.
NZANS: Received telegram from Miss Thurston, Matron-in-Chief, NZANS, stating that the 6 nurses now on leave were returning for duty today. This was in answer to a wire from us saying that they were urgently required as the New Zealand Stationary Hospital was re-opening.
Miss Markus, VAD: Forwarded to DGMS an application from Miss D. Markus, VAD, at the South African General Hospital, to become a South African Probationer.
WAAC: Received from Mrs. Gwynne Vaughan, Chief Controller, WAAC, copy of application form for admission of candidates to the WAAC as Administrators, the question having arisen as to whether VAD members would be permitted to transfer to this Corps.

Sick Sisters 141
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter with enclosure giving the number of nurses sent to France as reinforcements during the month of August – 135 Trained nurses, 8 Trained nurses returned from sick leave and 10 Untrained, making a total of 153.
Candidate for QAIMNSR: Received copy of War Office letter stating that Miss S. A. Clegg was unable to join for duty with the Reserve as arranged, as her services with the Anglo-French Society had been extended to November 20th.
Miss Daly, VAD: Wire received from DDMS Etaples, saying that Miss Daly, VAD, was leaving for Paris on the 13th on her way to Switzerland to visit her fiancé who was wounded and interned. This lady had been granted special permission to proceed to Switzerland.
Mediterranean L of C: Sent wire to DGMS asking if a relief could be sent for Miss Amsden, QAIMNSR who was resigning from the Mediterranean L of C. Received reply that no relief should be sent from here.

Sick Sisters 139.
NZANS: Letter received from Miss Thurston, Matron-in-Chief, NZANS, concerning the retention of certain New Zealand Sisters now on leave for duty in England. Replied informing her that all such matters should be dealt with officially and forwarded to DGMS copy of her letter and my reply. Also received wire from Miss Thurston saying that 6 Sisters now on leave were being retained temporarily for duty in England as they were urgently required. Referred to DGMS, who concurred, and a reply was sent accordingly.
Harvard Unit: Forwarded to DGMS departure report of 8 Sisters from 22 General Hospital on termination of contract on 8.9.17, also departure report of Miss Watson to the American Ambulance Paris, on 9.9.17, on termination of contract. S/Nurse Birtles had not proceeded to Paris as she originally intended as she could not obtain the appointment for which she had applied at the American Ambulance.
Efficiency Stripe: Sent circular to the Principal Matrons of all areas and to all hospitals where VADs are working to the effect that any application made by VAD members now in England for the Efficiency Stripe should be passed to this office to be dealt with.

Sick Sisters  145
Detention Allowance: Forwarded to DGMS application from the South African Sisters who were detained in London from 9.7.17 to 20.7.17 on their way to France for detention allowance to cover this period.
Miss Latham, VAD: Received copy of War Office letter with reference to the case of Miss Latham, VAD Asked if Miss Latham had requested an interview with the Matron-in-Chief, and if so, was an interview promised, and what arrangements were made to give her an interview.
Canadian Convalescent Home: DGMS returned the correspondence with reference to a Convalescent Home for Nursing Sisters, asking for a report as to whether there had been any occasion during the winter or summer when Canadian Sisters had been kept waiting for admission to a Convalescent Home, as the DMS Canadians, observed in his letter that the present accommodation fell very short of the demand for beds and there was invariably a large waiting list. Replied that to our knowledge there had been no waiting list for admission to Homes, with the exception of the Villa Roquebrune, but Sisters unable to go there had not been prevented from going to other Convalescent Homes. There had been times when the Homes had been closed for quarantine. Possibly however, all applications may not have been referred to this office.
Mediterranean L. of C: Received from DGMS copy of wire sent to ADMS Mediterranean L of C stating that Dehorted had been asked for a relief for Staff Nurse Amsden, resigning.
Efficiency Stripe: Sent circular to all Bases attaching the new certificate to be used in future for the Red VAD Efficiency Stripe.

Sick Sisters 142
Miss A. Beadsmore Smith: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that Miss A. Beadsmore Smith, Principal Matron, QAIMNS was to be struck off the strength of the BEF.
Harvard Unit: Received copy of War Office letter approving the appointment of Sister A. B. Stevens, Harvard Unit, to be Assistant Matron.
Miss Russell: American Representative of the Red Cross Society, called at the office to see the Matron-in-Chief.
Provision of gowns: Received application from DDMS Rouen, for authority for the provision of gowns for Sisters working in the Isolation Hospital. Returned, asking what arrangements had been made hitherto.
Panel for Royal Exchange: Colonel Church, Intelligence Department, GHQ, telephoned to say that Mr. Salisbury, the artist, was painting a panel for the Royal Exchange, the subject of which was to be the Queen’s visit to France and for this a sketch was required of me. He proposed visiting Abbeville on the 16th for this purpose. I arranged subsequently to go to GHQ on the 16th.
Special leave: DDMS Havre telephoned asking for special leave for Miss Graham, VAD, to see her fiancé who had just been ordered to Mesopotamia. Granted 7 days.
HRH Princess Louise: Received letter from Lady Gifford to say that Her Royal Highness Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, was staying at the Convalescent Home, Hardelot.

Sick Sisters 146
Rest Club, St. Omer: DGMS sent copy of his letter to Commissioner, BRCS sanctioning the employment of a third VAD member at Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses, St. Omer.
Miss Child and Miss Fairhead: Received correspondence from DDMS Etaples, with reference to 2 VAD members – Miss Child and Miss Fairhead, of 20 General Hospital, who had attended a dance given by Officers of the Machine Gun Corps, without the knowledge of their Matron. Orders were sent for these two ladies to proceed to Abbeville for a personal interview.
35 General Hospital: Received from ADMS Calais, copy of memo sent to the Base Commandant, to point out the great inconvenience caused to the nurses and to the administrative staff of 35 General Hospital by the nurses being located in billets in the town. It was recommended that all the nursing staff of 35 General Hospital be accommodated in huts, there being a suitable site where quarters could be erected if the ground could be obtained.
Miss E. Parmalee: DGMS forwarded letter from Major Harvey Cushing with reference to Miss Eva J. Parmalee, USA Base Hospital No.5 (No.11 General Hospital), who acted very bravely during the recent air raid while on night duty in the wards. DGMS wished this lady’s name to be brought forward for the immediate award of the Military Medal. Forwarded copy of correspondence to DDMS Etaples, asking that this lady’s name should be put forward through the Base Commandant.
Marriage: Forwarded to DGMS application from Miss J. Ingledew, VAD, 11 General Hospital, to be married and to be retained in the service. This lady had been granted 7 days’ special leave with instructions to report to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, on arrival in England. It was not recommended that she should return to France as she had only been 2 months in the country.

Sick Sisters 143
Miss Child and Miss Fairhead: Miss Child and Miss Fairhead, VAD members, came to the office for an interview. I pointed out the seriousness of their offence and gave them the choice of sending in their resignations or applying to transfer to the Home Establishment. Miss Child chose to resign and Miss Fairhead to transfer to Home Establishment.
Harvard Unit: DGMS returned departure report of nurses who had proceeded from the Harvard Unit to England on 8.9.17, asking why the name of Miss Daniels had been omitted and that of Miss Fraser substituted, and also asking on what date Miss Fraser’s contract expired.
J. C. Weller: DGMS forwarded application which he had received from J. C. Weller, USA Unit, No.9 General Hospital, asking for a post as interpreter, telling us to inform the writer that French, Italian and Belgian interpreters for British troops serving in those countries were provided by the French, Italian and Belgian governments – none were employed by the British government.
Sister D. Laughton, TFNS: Received from DMS 1st Army copy of recommendation for Sister D. A. Laughton, TFNS to be awarded the Military Medal for her splendid behaviour when a bomb was dropped on the night of August 18th in 57 CCS.

Sick Sisters 132
Sir Henry Burdett came to the office to talk over nursing matters with me.
Promotion: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that the promotion of Miss Davine Hutton, TFNS from rank of Staff Nurse to that of Sister had been approved from August 16th, 1917.
BRCS Sisters in the Armies: Received memo from DMS 4th Army, giving the names of BRCS Sisters who were attached to the XV Corps Dressing Station from 18.7.17 to 20.8.17 – viz: Miss V. Thurstan, Miss A. Macfarland, Miss M. Munn and Miss C. Coates.
No. of nurses in BEF: Received telephonic request from DAG, HQ, L of C for statement as to the number of nurses serving at each Base. Forwarded a complete statement of all nurses in France.
Harvard Unit: DGMS returned correspondence referring to kits issued to Harvard Unit, pointing out that in previous correspondence the number of kits issued was given as 76 and now as 75. Forwarded to DDMS Etaples, for verification.

Sick Sisters 131
59 CCS: Miss Church, ANSR, came to the office to see me, before taking over her duties as Sister in charge of 59 CCS at GHQ. She was instructed to report to the DGMS on arrival.
Miss Child and Miss Fairhead: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence concerning Miss Child and Miss Fairhead, VAD members, recommending that the resignation of the one and the application of the other for transfer to Home Establishment be accepted. 7 days’ leave has been granted to both these ladies in anticipation, and they have proceeded to the United Kingdom.
Indemnification claims: Received from DMS 5th Army, claims for lost kits for Staff Nurse M. J. Bedingfield and A/Sister E. M. Lord, QAIMNSR. These kits were lost between 32 CCS and 10 Stationary Hospital and the suitcase of A/Sister Lord has since been found. Returned the correspondence to DMS 5th Army as these ladies are now serving at 44 CCS.
USA reinforcements: Received wire from DGMS stating that an officer and 30 nurses of the USA Medical Corps were proceeding to France today for duty with 16 General Hospital. Informed ADMS Dieppe.

Sick Sisters 134
Leave to Canada: Received application from Nursing Sister M. E. McLeod, CAMC 3 Canadian Stationary Hospital, for leave to Canada on compassionate grounds, as her father was seriously ill. This lady returned from sick leave in England in July. Forwarded to DGMS asking what action should be taken.
Mediterranean L of C: Received memo from DGMS stating that reinforcements for the Mediterranean L. of C should be demanded from the War Office by the Headquarters of that formation.
Miss Halse, VAD: Forwarded to DGMS recommendation supported by Medical Certificate, that Miss Halse, VAD, should be transferred to England. This lady had done little more than one month’s work since April 18th, owing to sickness.
USA reinforcements: Reported to DGMS the arrival of 17 nurses of the USA Medical Corps for duty at 9 General Hospital with No.4 Lakeside Unit, on 17.9.17.

Sick Sisters 134
Hospitals in Italy: Received letter from the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, stating that this office will not be responsible for the nursing arrangements of the hospitals in Italy. GOC British Artillery, had been informed that all applications should be sent direct to the War Office.
AANS units: Received letter from Matron-in-Chief, AIF stating that at present there are 13 vacancies for Staff Nurses in Australian units and requesting that these might be filled with nurses at present working in British units. Also requesting information regarding the moves of AANS who have been over 6 months in a CCS.
CAMC reinforcements: Received from DGMS copy of letter from AG Canadians, referring to our request for 20 surplus CAMC nurses to be posted to British units and asking for a statement as to the necessity for this step. It is considered that, should these nurses be required, they should be posted to Canadian units and not to British units.
QAMNS India: Returned to DDMS Etaples, application from Sister F. Moulson, QAIMNSR, 24 General Hospital for permission to apply for QAMNS India, saying that this was approved, and her application should be forwarded through this office, and that this lady will have to resign from the QAIMNSR before joining the other service.
NZANS: Received letter from Miss Thurston, Matron-in-Chief , NZANS, informing me that the 6 New Zealand Sisters now on leave were returning on 19.9.17, but some of them would be without their kits, as these had been forwarded to them in England. These ladies arrived 19.9.17.

Sick Sisters 139
Promotions 22 General Hospital: Received copy of War Office letter approving the appointment of certain Staff Nurses to rank of Sister at the Harvard Unit, provided the numbers were kept within establishment.
QAMNS India: Received copy of War Office letter requesting that a report may be furnished by the Matron, 4 General Hospital, on Staff Nurse B. M. Cameron, QAIMNSR, as this lady had applied for the QAMNS India. She was exchanged to England on 15.2.17. A copy of the report which was forwarded at the time of her exchange was forwarded to DGMS. Also received copy of War Office letter requesting a report on Staff Nurse B. M. Corney, QAIMNSR from the Matron of 14 Stationary Hospital and the Matron of 29 General Hospital respectively, as this lady had also applied for the QAMNS India. Miss Corney was transferred to the MEF on 10.11.15 and a copy of the report which was sent at the time of her transfer was forwarded to DGMS.
J. S. Weller, USA Unit: DDMS Rouen returned the correspondence referring to the application of J. S. Weller, USA Unit (9 General Hospital) for an interpreter’s post, saying that the writer was an enlisted man and had been severely admonished for forwarding a communication other than through the official channels.
Transfer to East: Received copy of War Office letter saying it is regretted that the transfer to the East of S/Nurse M. J. Muir, SAMNS attached QAIMNSR, cannot be arranged at present, but her name will be noted for when a vacancy occurs.
Convalescent Home for Sisters: DGMS forwarded a copy of a letter from the Commissioner, BRCS saying that the question of providing a Convalescent Home for Sisters on the Riviera had been favourably considered, and requesting that an official application for its establishment be forwarded.
French servants and VADs: Received reply from DDMS Boulogne, to our enquiry as to whether domestic VADs could not be employed in place of French servants at the Nurses’ Hostel and the Chateau Mauricien, saying that there is no reason why these girls should [not] be employed, but requesting authority for the employment of French servants pending their arrival.
Miss Child and Miss Fairhead: DGMS returned applications of Miss Child, VAD and Miss Fairhead, VAD, the former to resign, the latter to be transferred to Home Establishment, saying that in future such cases should be referred to him before action is taken.
Harvard Unit: Forwarded to DGMS explanation from OC 22 General Hospital, concerning the substituting of Miss Fraser’s name for that of Miss Daniels on the list of those returning to England on termination of contract. Miss Fraser was very run down and required a rest, and Miss Daniels wished to re-engage.
Provision of gowns: Forwarded to Director of Supplies application received from DDMS Rouen, for the provision of gowns for Sisters at the Isolation Hospital, saying that these gowns are very necessary for an infectious hospital.
Military Medal: Forwarded to DGMS and to AAG recommendations for the immediate award of the Military Medal to Sister Herbert, TFNS, Miss Stewart, VAD and Drivers Mordaunt and Quinn, received from ADMS Calais, on account of their courage and devotion to duty on the night of 3rd – 4th September, when many aeroplanes were over Calais and bombs were dropped. Both Miss Herbert and Miss Stewart were slightly wounded but continued on duty.
NZANS Messing Allowance: Returned correspondence to DMS 2nd Army referring to the Messing Allowance of the New Zealand Sisters detached for temporary duty in British units, and enclosed a copy of a letter from the Base Paymaster, NZEF, granting authority for these Sisters to draw complete Messing allowance instead of part rations as hitherto.
Miss Latham, VAD: Returned to DGMS correspondence relating to Miss Latham, VAD, answering the questions asked in the War Office letter lately received: Miss Latham had asked for an interview, and none had been arranged; I had had lunch at the Sisters’ Mess when Miss Latham was present on December 3rd; she had made no request for an interview – it was not until after Miss Latham had left France that a letter from Mrs. Furse was received with reference to Miss Latham’s statement.

Sick Sisters 145
Miss Thompson and Miss F. Wilcock: DGMS returned correspondence with reference to the conduct of Staff Nurses H. Thompson and F. A. Wilcock, TFNS, 54 General Hospital, asking if this was the first offence. If so, they should be severely reprimanded and told that if they again offended against regulations they would be sent home.
QAMNS India: Received copy of War Office letter requesting that a confidential report be furnished by Miss Scott Ram, QAIMNS, on the suitability of A/Sister G. F. Waters, QAIMNSR for appointment to the QAMNS India.
Marriage: Application received from Staff Nurse H. Diesel, QAIMNSR (South Africa) to be given permission to marry L/Cpl Van der Wall, South African Contingent, and to be retained in the QAIMNSR after marriage. Returned to DMS 3rd Army, asking if this lady’s retention in the service was recommended.
Blankets for VADs: Received correspondence from ADMS St. Omer, concerning the issue of blankets to VAD members at 59 General Hospital, which had been refused by DDOS. North. Forwarded to D of S, asking that authority be given for VAD members to be issued similarly to members of the QAIMNS, as they serve under the same rules and regulations.
Indemnification claims: Received from OC 6 Stationary Hospital, indemnification claims for Sisters Charter, Gray and Macdonald, late of 44 CCS, for personal property destroyed in the bombardment of that unit. Returned correspondence to Command Paymaster, saying that it was considered that these claims should be borne by the public. Returned to DDMS Boulogne, indemnification claim received from Miss D. F. Webb, VAD, for uniform lost in the Marine Hotel when the management changed from French to British hands, and Miss Webb was sick at the time. The decision was that this claim could not be borne by the public as it was of a private nature.
Miss S. Ram, QAIMNS: Forwarded to DGMS favourable report on Miss S. Ram, QAIMNS, lately Sister in charge of 42 CCS, transferred to England sick, for operation.
Leave to South Africa: Forwarded to DGMS application from Staff Nurse Munro, SAMNS, for 3 months’ leave to South Africa to settle the affairs of her brother who has just been killed in action. Granted 14 days’ leave to the United Kingdom in anticipation.
Miss M. Brown, AANS: Application received from Miss M. Brown, temp. Head Sister, AANS, 25 General Hospital, to be transferred to another hospital away from the coast. Returned asking if this lady was not in good health, and requesting that her application be supported by a medical certificate.
Miss J. Whitehead: Received application from Sister J. Whitehead, ANSR for a transfer to a warmer climate. Sent orders for this lady to proceed to Marseilles Stationary Hospital for duty.
Mediterranean L of C: Returned to ADMS Mediterranean L of C application from Staff Nurse E. M. Williams, QAIMNSR No.2 Rest Camp, for leave, saying that all applications should be submitted direct to the War Office by him.
Convalescent Home for Sisters: Forwarded to DGMS memo saying that it would be a great advantage if the BRCS would establish a Convalescent Home for Sisters on the Riviera. As Mr. Warrre is again offering the Villa Roquebrune, it is considered that a Home with 50 beds should be sufficient.
3 Australian General Hospital: Received application from 3 Australian General Hospital for increase of nursing staff – they have 1200 patients and a staff of 78 only, and would like their full complement of 90. Sent orders for 12 AANS who have been working in British units to join.
Sister Watt, AANS 2 Australian General Hospital applied for permission to proceed to Rouen to visit a wounded relative at No.2 BRCS Hospital. She was granted 48 hours’ leave, with instructions to report to the A/Principal Matron on arrival, who would see that she was accommodated at the Nurses’ Hostel.

Sick Sisters 134
Establishment: Received memo from DGMS in answer to our enquiry as to the correct nursing establishment for Territorial Hospitals, saying that the authorised establishment of female nursing personnel of a hospital of 1040 beds is as laid down in War Establishment, Part 7 (e.g. 73 trained nurses), and there is no distinction made between Territorial and Regular units.
American reinforcements: Reported to DGMS the arrival on 21.9.17 of 30 American nurses for 16 General Hospital.
Miss E. Geoghegan, VAD: Forwarded to DGMS report on Miss E. Geoghegan, VAD, 55 General Hospital, together with correspondence stating that she is unhappy at 55 General Hospital, and will not sign a contract unless transferred to another unit.
Transfer: Forwarded to DGMS for favourable consideration application from Miss D. M. Hall, VAD, 40 Stationary Hospital, to join her Sister at 54 General Hospital, attaching copy of letter from OC 54 General Hospital, saying that arrangements have been made for all reinforcements for his unit to be sent for from England.
Portuguese CCS: Received copy of correspondence with reference to employment of Sisters in Portuguese Hospitals – Sisters are to be sent from England by the War Office for this purpose.
Miss G. Milne-Miller: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence received from Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief, Canadian Contingents, relating to the offer of Miss Grace Milne-Miller, at the VAD Hospital, Honiton, that her skin might be used for the purpose of skin-grafting in the case of seriously wounded men. She stated that she was willing to give up her present appointment and come to France if her offer could be made use of.

Sick Sisters 131
Miss H. Thompson and Miss F. A. Wilcock: Returned to DGMS correspondence relating to the conduct of Staff Nurses F. A. Wilcock and H. A. Thompson, 54 General Hospital, informing him that, in accordance with his verbal instructions, these two ladies had been ordered to proceed to the United Kingdom and to report to the Matron-in-Chief, TFNS on arrival, and asking him that reliefs should be applied for. Also wrote to Miss Sydney Browne, Matron-in-Chief, TFNS, on the subject of these ladies.
NZANS: Received copy of War Office letter with reference to members of the NZANS who had proceeded on leave to England and had not returned, saying it had been ascertained that it was the custom to transfer to the Home Establishment all Nursing Sisters of the NZANS who had served in France one year.
CAMC reinforcements: Sent memo to DGMS with reference to the request made for 20 surplus nurses to be attached to British units for temporary duty, giving our reasons (1) to supply the needs of Canadian units in the front area without depleting the bases (2) that they might be attached to British units with a view to being stationed as near the front as possible in order to meet urgent calls with as little delay as possible; only 7 Canadian Stationary Hospital is so place amongst Canadian units as to meet this object. The surplus nurses could, however, be posted to Canadian units if preferred.
Promotion: Forwarded to DGMS recommendation for promotion from rank of S/Nurse to that of Sister of S/Nurse L. H. Berry, TFNS, enclosing an excellent report on this lady, which stated that she had acted with great promptitude in controlling a severe haemorrhage of one of her patients.
34 Ambulance Train: Sent orders for the nursing staff to join no.34 Ambulance Train, this being a newly-commissioned train.

Sick Sisters 130
Honours and Mentions: Sent to all Bases, to DGMS and to Commissioner, BRCS, copies of a circular with instructions for submitting names of members of the Nursing Staff for Honours and Mentions for the New Year’s Gazette. All names to be in this office by October 3rd.
Miss Durst and Miss Brown: Miss Durst and Miss Brown, VAD members, came to the office to be interviewed with reference to their conduct in attending a dance given by officers in the Etaples area. These ladies have been posted for temporary duty at 2 Stationary Hospital Annexe and the Matron has been instructed to send in a report on their work and conduct.
Nurses travelling via Rouen and Amiens: Sent circular to all A/Principal Matrons, to the Matron, 42 Stationary Hospital, and to the RTO Amiens, with instructions for Sisters passing through Amiens and Rouen to report at Amiens to 42 Stationary Hospital and at Rouen to the Nurses’ Hostel.
Convalescent Home for Sisters: DGMS returned correspondence relating to the Convalescent Home on the Riviera, saying he considered 100 beds is not much, if a large enough building can be procured. Forwarded to AQMG a memo asking if he approved of this proposal in principle.
S/Nurse M. C. Thomas, TFNS: Returned to Sister in charge, 61 CCS unfavourable report on S/Nurse M. C. Thomas, TFNS, asking her to pass it through her CO and also to state if the contents had been communicated to Miss Thomas.
Camp kits, 22 General Hospital: Returned to DGMS correspondence with reference to the number of camp kits issued to the nursing staff of 22 General Hospital, saying that the correct number was 76 and not 75 as stated in error.
18 General Hospital: Received from DDMS Etaples departure report of 5 American nurses from 18 General Hospital for duty with the American Red Cross Hospital No.1, Paris. Forwarded to DGMS for information and advice, saying that it was understood that these ladies were attached to British military units for duty.
Sister Bracewell, QAIMNSR: Forwarded to DDMS Rouen correspondence relating to Sister L. Bracewell, QAIMNSR who had contravened GRO 1839, saying that this lady was to be informed of the serious nature of her offence and she should be severely reprimanded.

Sick Sisters 139
Capt. Warre came to the office to see me with reference to the re-opening of the Villa Roquebrune as a Convalescent Home for Sisters and the selection of a suitable Sister in charge.
CAMC reinforcements: Reported to DGMS the arrival of 11 CAMC reinforcements (Nursing Sisters) for 6 Canadian General Hospital on 25.9.17, and of Sisters McDougall and Sharp, CAMC for duty on the Lines of Communication, also asked if it is to be understood that the two latter are in part completion of our demand for Canadian nurses for temporary duty in British units.
Establishment: Sent to Director of Works modified scale of establishment of nursing staff according to the number of beds, to which AGs approval has been given, and this was also circulated to all areas for information.

Sick Sisters 143
BRCS teams: Forwarded to DGMS memo from DMS 2nd Army, reporting the arrival of Sister Kirkham, BRCS, with a surgical team at 2 Canadian CCS, asking that this office might be informed when surgical teams are required so that surgical Sisters may be detailed, as it is not customary for BRCS Sisters to work in military units.
Contracts of QAIMNSR from Overseas: Forwarded to DGMS application received from Miss C. Dick, Staff Nurse, QAIMNSR (SA) asking if she renewed her contract for a further 6 months, whether a passage to South Africa would be guaranteed at the end of that time. It was asked that a general ruling might be given on this point with reference to the contracts of all Overseas members of the QAIMNSR
Application for QAIMNS: Received from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, report form for candidates of the QAIMNS, with reference to Miss Ethel Frances Davey, who had served in France. Forwarded to the Matron, 35 General Hospital, requesting her to fill in the required particulars as this lady served under her at 35 General Hospital from 20.8.16 to 15.2.17.
VAD uniform: Forwarded to DGMS a memo requesting information concerning the various uniforms worn by VAD members, with special reference to the Kent and Bucks Territorial VAD. Particulars of all known authorised uniforms were attached and it was requested that a definite ruling may be given on this subject.
The Silver “S”: Forwarded memo to DGMS asking that, with his approval, the sanction of the War Office might be obtained for VAD members capable of performing Staff Nurses’ duties to wear a silver badge “S” as is done in some civil hospitals, in order to distinguish between them and those who have not had very much experience.
Conference of Chief Nurses, USA: 7 days’ special leave approved to the Matrons of the American units recently established in France, in order to attend a conference of American Chief Nurses, to be held in Paris on October 3rd and following days.
Military Medal: DA and QMG returned the correspondence recommending the immediate award of the Military Medal to Sister Herbert, TFNS, Miss Stewart, VAD and Drivers Mordaunt and Quinn, all at Calais, saying that the Military Medal was rarely given in such cases, and asking for particulars as to the wounds which these ladies had received.
36 CCS: Received a telephone Message from the Sister in charge, 36 CCS, saying that the hospital had again been bombed, and reporting that S/Nurse Bale was being evacuated to the Base suffering from slight shock and asking for a relief. A relief was sent immediately.

Sick Sisters 144
Journeys via Calais: Forwarded circular memo to all Principal Matrons of areas, to the Matrons of 3 and 47 General and 2 Stationary Hospitals, to Sister in charge, Nurses’ Home, Abbeville, and to RTO Calais, saying that all Sisters who are detained at Calais on their journeys should report to the A/Principal Matron at 35 General Hospital, who will arrange for their accommodation.
Marriage: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence relating to the application of S/Nurse H. F. Diesel, QAIMNSR (SA) to be married and to be retained in the service. Her retention is recommended.
South African General Hospital: Forwarded to DGMS application received from the OC, South African General Hospital, for an increase of staff of 6 Trained nurses and 18 Probationers, in which he stated that there were 4 Trained nurses at the South African General Hospital, Richmond, available, and recommended that a request be made for the remainder to the High Commissioner, South Africa. Informed DGMS that it was not intended at present to withdraw the 23 British VAD members who have been temporarily lent to this unit.
Uniform: Applied officially to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, for a uniform pattern of storm cap and serviceable mackintosh to be sanctioned for use by the nursing staff in France, who are many of them serving in units in very exposed positions.

Sick Sisters 139
American Hospitals: DGMS returned the correspondence referring to the transfer of Miss Leete, Assistant Matron, from 9 General Hospital, for work with the Belgian Red Cross, saying that the American Headquarters had been asked to submit all moves of personnel for approval to GHQ, and that this move should be allowed to stand.
Miss D. M. Hall, VAD: Returned to DGMS correspondence concerning the request of Miss D. M. Hall, VAD to be transferred from 46 Stationary Hospital to 54 General Hospital to be near her Sister, saying that the OC 54 General Hospital had no objection to this transfer and orders had been issued accordingly.
Mrs. E. A. Carter, VAD: Returned to DDMS Boulogne, application received from Mrs. Carter, VAD for one months’ leave to meet her husband who was returning from Malta, saying it was regretted that this cannot be granted. This lady should be instructed to send in her resignation and to apply for re-appointment when her home duties permit.
Surgical teams: Eight surgical teams have been asked for, for the front area. All the hospitals at the Base report that they are very busy, and all the Casualty Clearing Stations in the Second and Fifth Armies.


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