JANUARY 1st – 31st 1918

Sick Sisters 210
Leave without pay: Received letter from Acting Sister C. E. Strange, CHR who had been granted one month’s leave without pay owing to dangerous illness of Mother, stating that her Mother had died, and that she was desirous of returning to France as soon as possible. Wired to DGMS asking if she might return.
Trouville Area: Sent to A/Principal Matron u/c DDMS Trouville, copies of all circulars and instructions in connection with VAD members.
VAD Uniform: Asked Matron in Chief, QAIMNS War Office for printed regulations regarding VAD uniform. Asked if fur collars on out-door uniform of VAD members was allowed, and if VADs of Australian nationality were permitted to wear the Australian Badge.
BRCS Hostel: Recommended the establishment of 4 VAD members and 1 Orderly for Hostel for relatives of wounded being started by the BRCS at Boulogne.
Efficiency Stripe: Award of the Efficiency Stripe for Miss J. G. Oliver, VAD, at Rouen not approved. From her reports it appears that her work is not of a sufficiently high standard. Question of award of Efficiency Stripe to Miss Kydd, VAD, under consideration.
Transport Duty: Forwarded to DGMS application for Nursing Sister M. B. McNeill, CAMC for transport duty and leave to Canada.
Miss G. M. Jones, QAIMNS came to see me before taking over charge of the Nurses’ Home, Abbeville during Miss Baldrey’s absence on leave; also to inform me that Acting Sister Le Sueur, QAIMNSR who had been on her staff at No.54 CCS and who had resigned to be married had not announced her engagement while serving at the CCS.

Sick Sisters 224
American Red Cross: Asked DGMS for a ruling with regard to confidential reports called for by the American Red Cross on members of the QAIMNS Reserve of American nationality desirous of joining the American Army Nursing Service, USA.
Miss Kathleen Burke: Received copy of programme of proposed visit of Miss Kathleen Burke; was leaving Paris on the 3rd and returning on the 9th.
BRCS Hostel: With reference to the application of the Commissioner, BRCS for the establishment of a Hostel for the relatives of wounded at Dieppe, this correspondence was returned to the DGMS with a memo to the effect that we had no information about this Hostel, and that one was already being run by the YMCA.
Nursing Sister Gregory, CAMC: Forwarded to the DGMS correspondence in connection with Nursing Sister Gregory, CAMC of 2 Canadian Stationary Hospital. This lady had overstayed her leave and had travelled in mufti. In view of this breach of discipline it was proposed, with his approval, to instruct her to return to England and report to the Matron-in-Chief, CAMC.
Miss D. Sloggett, VAD: Received letter from the DGMS asking that the departure of his daughter, Miss Dorothy Sloggett, VAD, to the Michelham Convalescent Home, Cap Martin for duty might be postponed, as Lady Sloggett was seriously ill in Paris.
57 General Hospital: Seven trained nurses and 9 VAD members of the staff of 57 General Hospital proceeded to Marseilles for duty.
Staff Nurse B. Smith, QAIMNSR came to see me accordingly to my instructions. This lady had been on leave, and it was found that she had not provided herself with uniform up to the required standard. She was instructed to apply at once to Messrs. Shoolbred’s for a new winter coat. This lady was posted to No.3 General Hospital.

Sick Sisters 229
Portuguese CCS: Received War Office letter notifying that arrangements were being made for the embarkation of 7 Portuguese speaking Nursing Sisters for duty with the Portuguese CCS. 3 were now available for despatch to Paris, and on arrival were to be sent to the Portuguese CCS at Merville.
Anaesthetists: Received from DGMS list of hospitals for training centres for women anaesthetists to be substituted for those originally selected. Instructions received from the DGMS to the effect that the training of nurses as anaesthetists must be begun without delay. Training cannot be delayed until questions of accommodation and increase of establishment are decided. The DMS, L of C should say whether the training could be carried out without striking the candidates off duty.
Miss C. V.E. Thompson, QAIMNS instructed to proceed to Paris by car to nurse Lady Sloggett who was dangerously ill with pneumonia.
Miss M. J. McAndrew, QAIMNSR, who had just returned from leave came to see me. She had been sent for to see if she had provided herself with new and regulation uniform. Her uniform was not up to standard. I wrote to the Matron in Chief, QAIMNS War Office, and recommended that she and Staff Nurse B. Smith, QAIMNSR, whom I had interviewed for similar reasons, should be transferred to Home Service.
Miss Kathleen Burke: I and Miss G. Wilton Smith, RRC, QAIMNS went to dinner with the Chief Controller, WAAC to meet Miss Kathleen Burke, who was visiting the WAAC camps at Abbeville and Etaples on the 4th.

Sick Sisters 236
Monthly returns: Forwarded to DGMS monthly returns of wastages which have occurred in British Military Units during December, and of reinforcements who have arrived.
Wastage – 48 Trained 86 Untrained: Total wastage 134.
Total reinforcements: 48 Trained 7 Untrained (including those released from Units closing). Present shortage according to Establishment – 173.
Monthly return: Forwarded to DGMS and DAG 3rd Echelon monthly return shewing total number of Trained Nurses, VAD members, Special Probationers, General Service members and others serving in Military Units in France on January 1st, 1918, and also total number serving in BRCS Units. Grand total 6291 in Military Units and 931 in BRCS Units = 7222.
General Service members: Received from DGMS correspondence in connection with the personnel required for quarters for General Service VAD members at Trouville. Establishment to be modified in accordance with scale laid down in ACI 1069 Appendix B, which provides for Household Staff on a basis of 8% of accommodation.
Nursing Sister A. Gregory, CAMC: In connection with proposal that Nursing Sister A. Gregory, CAMC of 2 Canadian Stationary Hospital should be returned to England owing to a breach of discipline, DGMS asked that she should give a reason for her absence. Forwarded correspondence to DDMS Boulogne asking that this request should be complied with.
Military Families: Forwarded to DGMS for consideration request of Acting Sister E. M. Carter, QAIMNSR to resign from Military Families’ Hospital service. She had no intention of nursing after the war, and was anxious to receive extra pay of a Reserve nurse signing for the present emergency.
Sister E. Close, QAIMNS came to see me. She had been sent for by me in consequence of a report from the OC of 14 Ambulance Train, and I have decided to change the whole staff of that train, as the ADMS Ambulance Trains does not see his way to change the OC, and I consider a change of staff is necessary for the satisfactory and smooth running of the train.

Sick Sisters 239
72 General Hospital: Asked the Matron of 72 General Hospital for particulars of the members of her staff who arrived via Havre.
HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs: Approval given for the establishment of 30 VADs to work HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs for Nurses situated at various Bases on the Lines of Communication.
Staff Nurse E. Robb, TFNS who had been placed on the Dangerously Ill List on 2.1.18 at 8 Stationary Hospital with haemorrhage from a gastric ulcer, and had been retained in quarters as she was too ill to move to a Sisters’ Hospital, was transferred to the Chateau Mauricien; her condition was greatly improved.

Sick Sisters - 242
57 General Hospital: Sent wire to ADMS Marseilles to ascertain when the remainder of the Staff of No.57 General Hospital might proceed.
Anaesthetists: Returned to DGMS correspondence in connection with the training of nurses as anaesthetists. Circulated to all Bases and to the DMS of all Armies a syllabus of the training with instructions. Classes to begin on the 14th inst., and the names of Sisters selected to receive the first course of instruction in anaesthetics to be forwarded in a few days.
Leave to Brest: Refused application for leave to Brest of Nursing Sister N. J. Enright, CAMC. This lady last had leave in September, and it was suggested that she should arrange with her sister at Brest to apply for leave to Paris when their leaves fall due. This could be spent at HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses.
Honours and Mentions: The list of names of those members of the Nursing Services who had been awarded an honour or mentioned were published on the 5th inst., and the names of all those submitted were mentioned with the exception of members of the American Nursing Corps and Lady Helpers.
Miss Kathleen Burke: Received a memo from the General Staff to the effect that Miss Kathleen Burke would visit No.42 Stationary Hospital, Amiens, on 7.1.18, and would leave Amiens at 6.30 p.m.
Mrs. August Belmont: Received a notification from the Military Attaché, Paris, that Mrs. August Belmont would be visiting Hospitals on the Lines of Communication, that she would arrive at Abbeville on the 10th inst. and would leave on the 14th.

Sick Sisters 241
CAMC Leave: Received letter from the Matron in Chief, CAMC on the subject of leave in France for members of the CAMC, and stating that she had no objection to these ladies staying at Hotels.
CAMC, CCS: Received notification from the DMS 4th Army saying that he considered a staff of 15 Nursing Sisters essential for No.2 and 3 Canadian Casualty Clearing Stations.
Almeric Paget Corps: Received War Office Letter notifying that 11 members of the Almeric Paget Military Massage Corps were arriving for duty in France on the 9th inst. in accordance with our demand. The 11th member is presumably in relief of Miss S. M. Minton who is resigning. Received from the Hon. Secretary of the Corps sketches of the Mess Dress and Cap to be worn by these ladies.
35 General Hospital: Returned to DGMS correspondence with reference to the hutted accommodation for the Nursing Staff of No.35 General Hospital. The building of huts is considered very advisable, but if there are difficulties in connection with the provision of material and shortage of labour, the present system of accommodation can continue, but it is exceedingly unsatisfactory.
Fuel and Light: Asked the AQMG if the circular with reference to the provision of fuel and light for Sisters’ Quarters had been circulated in the Army Areas as there were many Sisters serving in Casualty Clearing Stations and other Units in Army Areas who would be affected by this ruling.
Staff Nurse S. McIver: Returned to ADMS Dieppe the correspondence with reference to a broken syringe which had been made chargeable to Staff Nurse S. McIver, QAIMNSR. In accordance with the recommendation of the ADMS Dieppe this syringe should be made chargeable to this lady.
Sister B. C. Land, TFNS: Forwarded to the Matron in Chief, War Office, the correspondence in connection with Sister B. C. Land, TFNS who had arrived at No.58 General Hospital from the 1st London General Hospital on 22.12.17 without complete regulation uniform.

Sick Sisters 245
CAMC Special leave: Returned to DDMS Etaples the application for special leave of Nursing Sister McKenzie, CAMC asking whether this leave is urgent as this lady last had leave in September, also asking if her fiancé was serving with the Overseas Forces or was stationed in the United Kingdom.
Principal Matron, CAMC: Received notification from the DGMS that the War Office had been requested to delay the departure to France of Miss Boulter, Inspecting Principal Matron, CAMC until the arrangements for the provision of a motor-car were completed. Replied that there are definite objections to the unnecessary increase of cars for the use of officials, and suggested that existing facilities should be taken advantage of, and if at a later date her duties necessitated a special motor-car being detailed for her use, application could be made.
Staff Nurse S. Anderson: Forwarded to DGMS the name of Staff Nurse S. Anderson, with particulars of her service. This lady had served in French Medical Formations prior to November, 1914, and her name had not been included in the original list.
Recreation Hut: Returned to DGMS correspondence with reference to the Recreation Hut at 40 Stationary Hospital, with a reply to the effect that the appointment of General Service VADs for this duty is not considered necessary; that the arrangement made of appointing suitable VAD members in rotation from the staff of the Unit to which the hut is attached had proved satisfactory at other Red Cross Huts.
Efficiency Stripe: Circulated to all Bases and Army Areas an extract of War Office Letter AMD4 83/9885 dated 22.12.17 with reference to the Efficiency Stripe. This was to be awarded to selected VADs and Special Military Probationers provided they are resident and whole time probationers, but does not apply to Auxiliary Hospitals.
Queen Alexandra’s Capes: Distributed 20 of Queen Alexandra’s bags, which had been forwarded to this office by the Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox, to 20 members of the QAIMNS and QAIMNS Retired, who were not serving in France at Christmas, 1914.
Miss J. Cummings, QAIMNSR came to see me before taking over charge of No.39 Ambulance Train, which has just been put in commission.
Miss E. Woods, QAIMNSR came to see me before taking over charge of the Officers’ Hospital, Lucheux.

Sick Sisters 271
Nos. 2 and 3 Canadian CCS: Received letter from the Matron in Chief, CAMC on the subject of dissatisfaction existing at Nos. 2 and 3 Canadian Casualty Clearing Stations on account of the reduced staff. Replied explaining that the staff had been reduced in accordance with instructions from the DMS of the Army, but that a request had since been received that these Units should be made up to 15 as regards Nursing Staff, and this had been done.
57 General Hospital: Notified DDMS Boulogne that the remaining Nursing Staff of No.57 General Hospital should proceed to Marseilles on the 12th instant.
Acting Sister L. C. M. Cole, QAIMNSR: Returned to DGMS the application of Acting Sister L. C. M. Cole, QAIMNSR to join the QAMNS India. This lady was over-age and therefore ineligible, and in view of this she had applied to the Matron in Chief, BEF to be posted for duty in the Far East, to enable her to visit her parents when on leave.
Almeric Paget Corps: Returned to DGMS the correspondence with reference to the transfer of Miss B. M. Minton, APMMC. On the arrival of her relief this lady will be instructed to report to 39 Berkeley Square.
Anaesthetists: Forwarded to DDMS Rouen, Havre, Etaples, Boulogne, and ADMS Dieppe and Abbeville, the list of names of Nurses selected to receive the first course of instruction in the use of anaesthetics. These courses were to start on the 14th inst.
Mrs. August Belmont: Forwarded to General Staff and to DGMS the programme of the visit of Mrs. August Belmont and friend, to the Hospitals on the Lines of Communication.

Sick Sisters 260
AANS Leave: Returned to DDMS Rouen 2 applications for 4 days’ leave to Paris from No.1 Australian General Hospital, as it is not considered advisable to apply for less that 8 days.
Almeric Paget Corps: Forwarded to the DDMS Boulogne and the ADMS Dieppe further instructions with reference to the members of the Almeric Paget Military Massage Corps who had arrived for duty in those areas on the 11th inst.

Sick Sisters 262
Marriage: Forwarded to DGMS application of Acting Sister M. Hawkins, QAIMNSR 24 General Hospital, to be married and retained in the service after marriage. This lady had been granted 7 days’ special leave.
Recreation Hut: Received communication from DGMS stating that General Service members were not referred to in connection with the BRCS Recreation Hut attached to No.40 Stationary Hospital, and that the Commissioner BRCS was requesting sanction for two BRCS VAD members to run this Hut. This correspondence was forwarded to DDMS Havre for his remarks.
Anaesthetists: Informed ADMS Calais that the classes for the first course of training in the use of anaesthetics would begin on the 14th inst., and that the second course will include Sisters from the Calais area.
57 General Hospital: Wired ADMS Marseilles that 30 Nurses of the staff of No.57 General Hospital would leave for Marseilles on the 12th inst. and the remainder on the 13th.

Sick Sisters 260
Almeric Paget Corps: Received War Office Letter requesting that confidential reports should be furnished on all members of the Almeric Paget Military Massage Corps who had completed 5 months’ service in France.
4th Army: Received notification from the DMS 4th Army of the advisability of bringing up all Clearing Stations in that Army to a strength of 12 Nursing Sisters.
Staff Nurse Van der Walt: Received application from Staff Nurse Van der Walt, SAMNS attached QAIMNSR 2 General Hospital to be stationed near her husband. This was refused.
Leave for members of USANC: Returned to DDMS Havre the correspondence with reference to the cost of the journey for members of the American Nursing Service proceeding on leave, stating that as these ladies were on duty with the BEF this should be made chargeable to the British public.
Lady Sloggett: Received letter from Miss C. V. E. Thompson, QAIMNS that Lady Sloggett was very much better. Lieut. General Sir Arthur Sloggett, KCB etc., came to see me on his return from Paris.

Sick Sisters 271
Leave: Received War Office Letter notifying that Sister C. Southward, QAIMNSR had been admitted to Grosvenor Road Hospital, while on leave in England.
Reinforcements: Reported to DGMS and to the Command Paymaster the arrival of 11 Sisters and 22 Staff Nurses on 23.12.17 for duty with No.72 General Hospital.
QAIMNSR Badge: Forwarded to the Matron in Chief, QAIMNS War Office, the name of Staff Nurse M. Smith Elliott, QAIMNSR for authority to purchase the Badge of the QAIMNSR.
Establishment: Received from DGMS copy of a letter with reference to the increase of establishment of the Nursing Staff of certain Hospitals on the Lines of Communication which is considered necessary owing to local conditions and requirements. A statement was attached shewing the Hospitals for which special establishments were applied for, and reasons given in each case in support. It was requested that sanction be given for the employment of the additional Nursing Staff, and the matter treated as urgent, in order that suitable accommodation for these ladies may be provided.
Sister F. L. Sands, QAIMNSR: Received communication from DGMS asking for a report on Sister F. L. Sands, QAIMNSR as to the suitability of the retention of this lady in the QAIMNSR as she refused to carry out the duties allotted to her, and under the circumstances a transfer to the Home Establishment cannot be approved.
Uniform: Received copy of War Office Letter stating that the proposal of adding scarlet collars and cuffs to the outdoor uniform of nursing members of the VAD had been referred to the BRCS and by them to the Commissioner in France who strongly disapproves of any distinction being made. It is therefore suggested that as a recent addition of brown shoulder straps has been made to the uniform of the General Service VAD members the required distinction between these and the nursing members has been made.
Miss L. E. Armitage, VAD: Forwarded to the ADMS Dieppe a copy of a War Office letter with reference to Miss L. E. Armitage who has not been receiving her correspondence asking him to verify this lady, as we have no trace of a Miss L. E. Armitage on our books.
Matron F. Price, NZANS: Informed the Matron-in-Chief, NZEF that Miss F. Price, RRC, Matron 1 New Zealand Stationary Hospital, had been evacuated sick to the United Kingdom on 10.1.18.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: Wrote to the DDMS Etaples on the subject of 4 members of the American Nursing Service who had reported at the Convalescent Home, Cannes, without authority from this Office. Asked that the OC 18 General Hospital might be informed that all members of the USANC were very welcome at this Home, but on account of accommodation and travelling arrangements it is necessary that all should apply officially and comply with instructions laid down.

Sick Sisters 276
Sick List: Nurse H. Fairchild, USA Nursing Corps, reported to be in a critical condition, having been operated on yesterday for Gastro-enterostomy. Informed Miss B. Bell, Chief Nurse, of her condition, and also DGMS.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: On receipt of enquiry from Command Paymaster, informed him that nurses staying at the Convalescent Home, Cannes, are not put to any expense. Rations are drawn for them and are paid for by the BRCS. It is run on the same lines as the Convalescent Home, Hardelot.
Promotion: On receipt of enquiry as to why she had not been promoted to the rank of Sister, informed Staff Nurse Lillie, TFNS that there was no reason why she should not be promoted in due course as she has a good record of service and her name is among the most senior on the waiting list.
Sick Leave allowances: Forwarded to DGMS claim for Lodging Allowance submitted by Miss I. Symonds, VAD in respect of sick leave spent in the United Kingdom on the recommendation of a Medical Board convened in France. Command Paymaster, Eastern Command, states that special War Office authority is required to enable him to pay this claim, and asks that it should therefore be referred.
Reinforcements: Sent monthly return to DGMS showing the number of reinforcements who had arrived in France during the month of December – War Office return shows a grand total of 89, and this office shows 28 (exclusive of 69 members of the staff of 72 General Hospital).
Leave: Sent circular to all areas concerning the leave of Nursing Staff – all due (over six months) to be given as soon as possible, and the Matron to report if unable to do so. New arrivals from other units are not to be put at the bottom of the roster if due.
Anaesthetists: Staff Nurses Clarke, TFNS and Shotburg, QAIMNSR applied to withdraw their names from the list of those desirous of undergoing training in the use of anaesthetics. Arranged for Sister Glenn, 24 General Hospital, to replace her.
Loss of kit: Miss Nisbett, VAD, attended a Court of Enquiry concerning the loss of her kit bag at the Nurses’ Home. This kit, with 2 others, had disappeared from the Nurses’ Home and suspicion had fallen on a Private who was a deserter and had been in hiding for some time. Many lost articles of Officers’ and Sisters’ kit were found in his possession.

Sick Sisters 295
CCS Staffs: DMS 4th Army requested that the staffs of British Casualty Clearing Stations in the 4th Army be made up to 12. Asked the DMS if No.15 CCS should be made up to 12 also, as this unit now has a staff of 7 only. The DMS also requests that all Overseas Units should be made up to 15.
Anaesthetists: Informed Matron-in-Chief, AIF, of the names of Sisters undergoing training as anaesthetists from 1 and 3 Australian General Hospitals and 5 Stationary Hospital.
34 CCS: DMS 5th Army, wires that the Sister in charge and 8 nurses will be required for No.34 CCS on the 17th inst. Instructed a staff to join, with Miss Taggart, CHR in charge.
Staff Nurse M. F. Fraser: Forwarded to ADMS Ambulance Trains a confidential report on Staff Nurse M. S. Fraser, QAIMNSR for favour of his remarks.
Anaesthetists: Instructed DDMS Rouen to substitute the name of Nurse B. Connell, USANC 9 General Hospital, for that of Nurse H. Schultz, USANC to undergo course of training in anaesthetics.
Resignation: Forwarded to DGMS application of Staff Nurse Z. A. I. Clark, QAIMNSR, to resign from the Reserve and to join the CAMC, as she is a Canadian.

Sick Sisters 272
Ambulance Transports: A/Principal Matron, Boulogne, forwarded draft of copy of orders to issue to Nursing Sisters doing night duty on Ambulance Transports – it is proposed that the tour of night duty should be carried out in all respects as for night duty in hospitals on the L of C.
Reinforcements for other Commands: Asked A/Principal Matron, Boulogne, to see that each Sister proceeding overland via Boulogne should be given a copy of places en route where refreshments can be obtained.
18 General Hospital: Forwarded to DDMS Etaples copy of nominal roll of 18 General Hospital (USA) for verification of name of Chief Nurse (shown as Chief Nurse Spencer – this office records show Chief Nurse Urch).
Leave to Cannes: Informed DDMS Rouen that it was regretted that as the application had not been received in this office until 14.1.18 it could not be arranged for Miss Allison, Matron, No.9 General Hospital, to proceed to Cannes on the date specified. It would be arranged at the beginning of next month.
Efficiency Stripe: Forwarded to the Joint Committee, Devonshire House, duplicate certificates for Efficiency Stripes of VAD members whose contract had terminated and who had proceeded to the United Kingdom during October, November, and December, 1917.

Sick Sisters 270
Principal Matron, Canadians: DGMS reports that the arrangements for the reception of Miss Boulter or her substitute are now complete.
Sick List: Wired to Chief Nurse, Paris, that the condition of Miss Fairchild, USANC, is still critical.
Leave to Cannes: Wired to Lady Superintendent, Cannes, that the 4 American nurses who had arrived unexpectedly should be retained, as authority had now been obtained for 14 days’ leave for them.
Sick List: Wired to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, that Miss Pearce, VAD 54 General Hospital, has been placed on the DI List, suffering from enteric.
Sister Graham, TFNS: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, TFNS correspondence received from Sister Graham, TFNS who had been transferred to the United Kingdom on 30.1.17, suffering from Delusional Insanity.
A/Principal Matrons: Forwarded to DGMS list of A/Principal Matrons doing duty in addition to their duties of Matron.
Almeric Paget Massage Corps: Wrote to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, for information as to how to address the head of the Almeric Paget Massage Corps.
Casualty: Informed Chief Nurse, Paris, and DGMS that Miss Annabel Roberts, USANC, No.1 General Hospital (Presbyterian Unit) had died at 5.15 p.m., of septicaemia.
Visitors: Forwarded to Intelligence Department complete amended programme of the visit of Mrs. August Belmont and Mrs. Harriman, attaching the mess expense incurred of these ladies and also those of Miss Kathleen Burke.
Leave for Night Sisters: Returned to DDMS Rouen correspondence concerning leave to Paris for 4 days for Night Sisters at 1 Australian General Hospital. This cannot be considered as a special case and this fact should be stated on the application.
Femur wards: Met Surgeon Specialist Sir Anthony Bowlby at the South African General Hospital, and discussed with him the question of the establishment of special femur wards in all areas, both for officers and men.

Sick Sisters 270
Jaw wards, 83 General Hospital: Wrote to A/Principal Matron, Boulogne, on the question of trained nurses and VADs working in the jaw wards being changed every 6 months, to the effect that this needs very careful consideration and that the Medical Officer in charge should be kept informed of proposed moves.
Lost kit: Forwarded to Paymaster in Chief correspondence concerning claim for missing luggage of Miss W. R. Wilkinson, VAD, for his remarks.
Casualty: Informed Chief Nurse, Paris, that Miss Fairchild, USANC, 16 General Hospital, had died at 11 a.m. Informed DGMS.
Convalescent Homes: Wrote to Miss Russell, Chief Nurse, American Red Cross, with regard to the Convalescent Homes for Nursing Sisters in France.

Sick Sisters 274
10 Canadian Stationary Hospital: ADMS Calais wired that 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital was ready to receive its nursing staff.
1 Australian General Hospital: Received from DDMS Rouen, report on the Sisters’ quarters at No.1 Australian General Hospital. The chief cause of complaint is the lack of heating in the huts – one stove only being allowed to each. The AANS Sisters evidently felt the recent cold very much. The OC of the unit applied on 2.1.18 to have the sleeping huts heated with hot pipes but this proposal is not considered very advisable and even if sanctioned, would take a considerable time. It was also suggested that the Sisters should obtain stoves similar to those which British Sisters have but it was thought that the attempt to get these had not been successful.
Marriage: Forwarded to DGMS letter from Staff Nurse D. M. Drewett, QAIMNSR 72 General Hospital, stating that she had been married to Pte. K. Bryant, AIF on November 23rd and she did not realise that it was necessary to get permission before being married. Instructed DDMS Trouville to cause Mrs. Bryant to submit an application to be retained in the service if she so desired, and also it should be stated whether her retention was recommended.
Sister F. E. Williams, AANS: Received explanation from DDMS Rouen as to the reason of Sister F. E. Williams staying 2 days in Paris on return from leave to Cannes. She had stayed at the request of Colonel Martin to study special methods of treating Cerebro-spinal meningitis at the Pasteur Institute.
Red Cross Stores: Thanked Mr. Ellison, head of the Red Cross stores at Abbeville, for his prompt attention to my request for clothing for the WAAC patients in hospital at Treport.
Sick List: Sister E. J. French, QAIMNS, placed on the seriously ill list, suffering from a gastric ulcer.

Sick Sisters 268
Confidential reports: Returned to OC 54 CCS 6 confidential reports for his remarks, also asked that the contents of Miss Richards’ report might be communicated to her, as it was of an unfavourable nature.
Transfer: Received application for transfer to India for service from Staff Nurse A. A. Moore, QAIMNSR 10 Stationary Hospital. Informed ADMS St. Omer that it was impossible to give transfers for private reasons.
Casualty: Staff Nurse F. A. Hinton, USANC, died after admission to No.46 Stationary Hospital, at 10 p.m., from Cerebro-spinal meningitis, after only a few hours illness. Informed the Chief Nurse, USA, and DGMS.

Sick Sisters 265.
Staff Nurse M. Porteous: Application received from Staff Nurse M. Porteous, ARRC, QAIMNSR to be transferred to another unit, as she had been scolded in front of 30 patients and another Sister. An explanation of this incident has been asked for from Miss Minns, A/Matron, 2 Stationary Hospital.
Staff Nurse Sinclair: Returned to DGMS correspondence concerning Staff Nurse Sinclair, Harvard Unit deceased, together with completed AFW 3165.
Sugar Tickets: Informed ADMS Dieppe that OC Warrant Books, issued sugar tickets with the leave passes. Application should be made to Base Commandant, Dieppe, for his area.
1914 Star: Asked Commissioner, BRCS to verify the service in France of Staff Nurses Forrest, Hardy and Hart, who had served with the Wounded Allies Relief Committee in 1914.
Anaesthetists: Asked DDMS Boulogne to arrange for Sisters Rennison, McLeod, and Spencer, QAIMNSR to be accommodated at 7 Stationary Hospital whilst training as anaesthetists.

Sick Sisters 267
VAD reinforcements: 40 VAD members arrived in Boulogne, no notification having been received previously. After ascertaining from DGMS that these ladies were for duty with No.72 General Hospital, they were instructed to join and conducted there by Mrs. Dalrymple, QAIMNSR.
AANS Sisters quarters: DGMS forwarded copy of letter from GOC 1st Anzac Corps, for information and remarks, with reference to the housing of members of the AANS in Rouen and Abbeville. (see Inspection Reports).
72 General Hospital: Wired to DGMS that 41 VAD members were required immediately for 72 General Hospital and requested that they should proceed via Havre. It was not known at the time that these ladies were already on their way to France via Boulogne.
Almeric Paget Corps: Forwarded to DGMS confidential reports on APMMC members at Etaples, saying that those from Boulogne will be sent as soon as received – a reminder has been sent to DDMS Boulogne.
Leave in Rouen: Wrote to A/Principal Matron, Rouen, on the subject of leaves in the Rouen area, asking for the numbers of those overdue.
Convalescent Homes: Wrote to Colonel Russell, DDMS Rouen, on the subject of Convalescent Homes for Sisters, informing him that Sisters from Sick Sisters’ Hospitals were always given preference.
Sick List: Wired to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, and informed DGMS, that Sister E. J. French, QAIMNS, was on the DI List, suffering from gastric ulcer.
American Nominal Rolls: Sent Chief Nurse, AEF, nominal rolls of USA Units, attaching correspondence referring to Miss Urch, Chief Nurse, 18 General Hospital, who has been replaced by Miss Spencer.
Leave to Switzerland: Returned to DDMS Rouen application from Staff Nurse Mole, QAIMNSR for leave to Switzerland, saying it is not considered advisable to grant leave to neutral countries.

Sick Sisters 267
AANS units: Forwarded to DGMS reports rendered by the A/Principal Matron, Rouen, on No.1 Australian General, by the A/Principal Matron, Boulogne, on No.2 Australian General, and by Miss G. M. Smith, QAIMNS on No.3 Australian General Hospital, Abbeville, in respect of the accommodation and comfort in the Sisters’ Quarters.
Miss Boulter, CAMC: Wrote to the Matron-in-Chief, Canadians, that if permission were obtained for Miss Boulter, Matron, CAMC who is now sick in hospital, to come to France to convalesce, there would be no difficulty about her accommodation at the Convalescent Home, Cannes.
Sick Sisters’, Trouville: Wrote to Miss Wilson, A/Principal Matron, that I would appoint a Sister in charge of the Sisters’ Hospital, Trouville, and the rest of the staff should be appointed from 72 General Hospital.
Anaesthetists: Received applications to withdraw from the course of training as anaesthetists from Acting Sisters C. Tilney and A. Lithgow, QAIMNSR as their parents have refused consent, and from Acting Sister A. J. Raw, QAIMNSR who does not feel equal to the responsibility.
Mr. Smallwood’s statement: Matron Hills, Sister Laing and Sister Pirie, TFNS came to the office and were requested to write a statement with reference to an article headed “Our Soulless War Office” which had recently appeared in the daily papers of January 20th, reporting a speech made by Mr. Smallwood in the House of Commons with reference to his treatment when in France visiting his son who was dangerously wounded at 20 General Hospital. These reports were forwarded in duplicate to DGMS for transmission to the War Office.
Sister F. E. Williams, AANS: Returned to DDMS Rouen the arrival report from Cannes of Sister F. E. Williams, AANS 25 Stationary Hospital who had spent 2 days at the Pasteur Institute, Paris, at the request of the OC. Asked that it should be clearly explained to Colonel Martin that such action on his part cannot be permitted as it is contrary to discipline. He should be instructed for future guidance that all such matters should be referred to the DMS, L of C.
Theatre duties: Sent circular to all areas in connection with the selection of Staff Nurses for Theatre duties – the names of those undergoing training are to be shown on the weekly roll. It should be reported when they are considered efficient and they should be replaced.

Sick Sisters 250
Staff Nurse H. E. Ball: Forwarded to ADMS Calais letter from Staff Nurse H. E. Ball, QAIMNSR, who has just been transferred to the Home Establishment and who had written to the War Office with regard to the withholding of her promotion by the Matron of 35 General Hospital. Asked for an explanatory report from Miss Mackay, A/Matron, 35 General Hospital.
Belgian Field Hospital: Asked the Commissioner, BRCS, to furnish a complete nominal roll of the Nursing Staff of the Belgian Field Hospital, as the question has arisen whether these ladies are entitled to the 1914 Star.
Investiture: Received copy of War Office wire notifying that Sisters A. J. Baird, A. S. Boyd and M. A. Abraham, QAIMNSR had been granted 1 days’ extension of leave in order to attend an Investiture.
Anaesthetists: Received application from Acting Sister S. B. Burrell, QAIMNSR 3 General Hospital, to undergo training as an anaesthetist.
Transfer to General Service Section: Forwarded to DGMS for consideration copy of correspondence received from Principal Commandant, VADs for consideration. The BRCS suggest the transfer of Miss J. R. Taylor, VAD, to the General Service Section, as this lady is so used to organising and has had great experience.
Staff Nurse A. J. Kershaw, TFNS: Forwarded to Matron, 56 General Hospital, letter from Staff Nurse A. J. Kershaw, TFNS for investigation and confidential report on the work of this lady. This lady wishes to know the reason the first year of her service in the Army Reserve does not count towards promotion and increment of pay. She had resigned at the end of her first year and had subsequently rejoined the Territorial Service, consequently her service dates from the time she rejoined.
Sister Crockett: Forwarded to DGMS confidential report on Sister S. J. Crockett, TFNS who was transferred to the Home Establishment whilst on sick leave.

Sick Sisters 246
Sick List: Wired to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, that Miss S. Irwin, VAD, had undergone an Emergency Operation for Appendicitis, and that her condition was satisfactory.
American reinforcements: DGMS wires – can we accommodate 100 American nurses for 74 General Hospital. Replied that we could, but it is very important that the date of arrival should be reported.
Edinburgh Royal: Forwarded to DMS 3rd Army and to DDMS Etaples copy of War Office letter stating that the service of Sister M. Laing, TFNS 53 CCS and Sister J. Murray, TFNS 56 General Hospital, have been requested by the authorities of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Asked them to ascertain from these Sisters whether they are desirous of being released to return to their duties in civil life.
APMMC: Forwarded to DGMS confidential reports on 4 APMMC members from Boulogne, and asked that a relief may be supplied in place of Miss Murray, who is resigning.
Uniform: Miss Everingham, TFNS came to the office with reference to uniform. This lady had been reported by the embarkation Sister for wearing incorrect uniform – her coat being neither uniform in colour or shape. She was interviewed and stated that she had already been spoken to by the Sister in charge, 61 CCS, and had ordered a coat while on leave, but it had not yet arrived. She had been destined for 61 CCS but in consequence of this irregularity was re-posted to 2 Stationary Hospital and the matter was reported to the Matron-in-Chief, TFNS.

Sick Sisters 256
Uniform: Received ruling that VAD members are not permitted to wear fur collars on outdoor uniform. A unit of 30 Australian VAD members who came over in 1915 to represent the Commonwealth have authority to wear the Australian badge in addition to the correct badge of membership of the BRCS or SJAB. Official Canadian and South African members representing their respective dominions have also permission to wear the badge of their dominions.
Nursing Sister J. Johnson, CAMC: The Matron-in-Chief, Canadians, recommends the transfer of Nursing Sister J. Johnson, 2 Canadian CCS to 2 Canadian General Hospital as she is of a difficult disposition. Nursing Sister L. E. Hegan, CAMC 1 Canadian General Hospital is recommended as a relief.
American reinforcements: Received War Office wire notifying the arrival of 92 American nurses at an early date. A General Hospital is to be handed over to them and the existing staff should be utilised elsewhere. Wired to DGMS that a letter was being sent. Wrote accordingly, asking if the 92 nurses were in addition to the 100 previously notified to arrive. Pointed out that the order received presented difficulties as already the staffs of a good many units have been completely changed. Asked if these reinforcements could be utilised to fill up existing vacancies. The new arrivals would thus have the opportunity of gaining valuable experience in our well established hospitals and such an arrangement would enable leaves to be arranged for those overdue. Should Matrons or Assistant Matrons arrive, these could be posted to work under seniors and gain experience which would be valuable to them.
Rations for nursing staff: Received from DGMS the suggestion of the Financial Advisor that WAAC rations should be made applicable to all nurses and Nursing Sisters, as at present General Service VADs draw these rations and the rest of the nursing staff draw L of C or Field rations according to where they are stationed, and this seems anomalous. The FA points out that by accepting this suggestion the accounting of issue of Field Rations to women would be made easier.
Sister E. Close, QAIMNS came to the office to see me before taking over the duties of Home Sister at 26 General Hospital.
Sister M. B. Nicholson, QAIMNS also came to see me, having been instructed to take over the duties of Sister in charge, Officers’ Division, 3 General Hospital.
Miss Rowell, VAD, came to the office. This lady has resigned to take up private business as she dos not consider she has been given enough responsibility in proportion to her length of service.

Sick Sisters 249
1 Canadian CCS: Reported to DGMS that No.1 Canadian CCS is being re-opened and giving list of the nursing staff joining for duty, for his approval.
Service chevrons: Sent circular to all areas with reference to the issue of chevrons to denote length of service, asking for nominal rolls with all particulars from each unit.

Sick Sisters 243
39 Ambulance Train: The Staff of 39 Ambulance train were instructed to join for duty, this train having been put newly into commission – Sister G. Holbech, QAIMNSR Sister in charge.
Transfer to General Service Section: Received copy of War Office letter saying that if Miss Taylor, VAD wishes to transfer to the General Service Section, she must submit an application to that effect.
Sick Bays: Returned to DGMS complete correspondence with reference to the free rations and laundry being supplied to VADs in charge of Sick Bays.
Matron-in-Chief, AIF: Received wire from Australian Headquarters to say that the Matron-in-Chief, AIF, was proceeding to France on inspection duty.

Sick Sisters 250
Staff Nurse H. E. Ball: Received statement by Matron L. E. Mackay, 35 General Hospital, with reference to the complaint of Staff Nurse H. E. Ball that her promotion had been withheld. Forwarded complete correspondence to DGMS for transmission to the War Office.
Advanced Operating Centre: Advanced Operating Centre opening at Abbecourt on the 31st. As staff of 4 nurses is being sent on the 30th.
American reinforcements: Telephoned A/Principal Matron, Rouen, with reference to the distribution of the 92 American nurses arriving shortly, also sent 93 leave passes of nursing staff in the area, to enable sufficient accommodation to be placed at their disposal.
Accommodation: Informed AQMG that hutted accommodation for the nursing staff of 35 General Hospital is still under consideration by GHQ, and that no reply had yet been received.
VAD agreements: Forwarded to DGMS application from Miss M. David, VAD 3 General, to be allowed to cancel her contract for duration, signed on 10.9.17 and to sign for 6 months only. Forwarded to DGMS confidential reports on VAD members not renewing their contracts.
General Service Section: Forwarded to Commissioner, BRCS, application for leave to be married from Miss E. A. Frost, General Service VAD, 3 General Hospital. There is no objection in this office. In order to save time, ADMS Dieppe, has been informed accordingly direct.

Sick Sisters 250
Establishment: Received copy of War Office letter in answer to the application made for increased establishment for special hospitals, saying that the required staff will be sent as soon as available.
Miss Bainbridge, VAD: Received copy of War Office wire asking us to verify the initials and address of Miss Bainbridge, VAD as no arrival report had been received from here. This lady had proceeded on leave on 29.12.17, and 12 Stationary Hospital reported that she had not returned to duty.
SAMNS Uniform: Received copy of War Office letter enclosing a cablegram from the High Commissioner, South Africa, concerning winter uniform for members of the SAMNS, and stating that Mrs. Creagh’s recommendations were approved. Forwarded to ADMS Abbeville, asking for a copy of the correspondence as nothing was known of it in this office.
Claim for indemnification: Forwarded to Command Paymaster claim from Sister B. Harrison, TFNS for mackintosh and sou’wester destroyed by a fire in the sterilising room at 55 General Hospital.
Sister Moynihan: Returned to Matron, 41 Stationary Hospital, correspondence concerning the rate of pay of Sister Moynihan, Military Families’ Nurse, 41 Stationary Hospital, to be put through official channels.
Star, 1914: Forwarded to OC, RAMC Records, further names of ladies serving at No.1 BRCS Hospital in 1914, also informed him that the name of Miss N. E. Shankland had been forwarded in error, as she had been serving with the French. Also forwarded the names of Staff Nurses Hardy and Forrest, who served with the Wounded Allies Relief Committee – there is no means of verifying their service in this office.
Anaesthetists: Returned to ADMS Abbeville, application from Sister D. Ward, TFNS 2 Stationary Hospital, to withdraw from the anaesthetic course, saying that Sister A. L. Fisher, TFNS should fill the vacancy.
Special leave: Approved 7 days’ special leave to Nursing Sister Gillis, 1 Canadian General Hospital, to discuss private affairs with the Matron-in-Chief, Canadians. She had already applied for Convoy duty to Canada.
Electro-Therapeutic Department: Forwarded to DGMS application from Capt. Iles, OC Electro-therapeutic Department, Etaples, for an additional masseuse to make up a total of 6. They are now treating 200 patients daily. He also asks for reliefs for Miss G. E. Goddard and Miss Coleridge Smith, who are not recommended for further service with the BEF.
Sick List: Received wire from Marseilles saying that Miss Rind, VAD was on the Seriously Ill list with pneumonia.
Cherbourg: Received wire from SMO Cherbourg, asking for a nurse for 9 women and 15 children segregated for measles in an empty house. Repeated wire to DGMS for instructions.
Miss Merriman, TFNS came to the office before proceeding to 6 Stationary Hospital for duty, and told me her name was down as one of the candidates for a Matronship at home and in consequence she might be obliged to ask to be released.

Sick Sisters 252
Miss Ridley, RRC, Matron, CAMC arrived for duty at Headquarters, L of C.
Cherbourg: In accordance with instructions received, wired DDMS Rouen to send Staff Nurse F. Stevens, QAIMNSR for temporary duty to No.1 Rest Camp, Cherbourg, as help had been asked for by the SMO.
Sick List: Wired to ADMS Marseilles, asking after the condition of Miss Rind, VAD Received reply – condition satisfactory, - improving.
American reinforcements: DGMS wires that the party of American nurses will probably arrive on the 31st and proceed to Rouen on the 1st February. Definite instructions will be sent later.


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