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APRIL 1st – 30th 1918

Sick Sisters 215
Accident to Sister Woeckener: Received telephone message from No.6 Stationary Hospital to say that Sister Woeckener, USA attached 3 Canadian CCS had been knocked down last night by an ambulance, and was brought in unconscious. She will not be able to be moved for a few days. Informed Chief Nurse, USA.
Surgical teams: Received memo from DGMS to the effect that Nursing Sisters forming part of surgical teams should rejoin the teams to which they originally belonged in those instances where this had not already been done.
Resignation: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application to resign from S/Nurse I. V. Lusk, QAIMNSR Canada, 46 Stationary Hospital. This lady is not contented with the pay and allowances of the QAIMNSR and it is recommended that her resignation be accepted.
No.16 Ambulance Train: ADMS, AT forwarded report by OC 16 Ambulance Train, commending the behaviour of the staff during the loading of the train at Amiens on the night of 26-26th March whilst a severe bombing was going on. The train is staffed by BRCS personnel and the names of the Sisters are Sister A. M. Wilcox, F. M. Chandler and C. M. Turner. The OC asks that some recognition be accorded them.
Princess Victoria’s Club, Abbeville: The BRCS VAD members attached to HRH Princess Victoria’s Club and the VAD Members at the Rest Station left Abbeville under instructions of the ADMS and the Club has been temporarily closed and left in the charge of a caretaker. This move was considered advisable on account of the military situation.
Staffs at Abbeville and Treport reduced: The nursing staffs of the hospitals in the Abbeville and Treport areas are being gradually reduced in view of the military situation, as this is considered wise not to have more than the minimum number of nurses in these areas. They are being posted on average of 40 daily to the Rouen, Havre, Etaples and Boulogne areas, as these were all requiring help.
Miss Todd, TFNS: Received information from A/Principal Matron, Etaples, that Miss Todd, TFNS, late Sister in charge of 5 CCS had slipped in the dark and broken her leg. She is being evacuated to England as soon as she is fit. This lady had only returned last week from the Front area, where she had taken part in the retreat.

Sick Sisters 208
3rd and 5th Armies: Forwarded memo to DGMS stating that all Nursing Sisters were withdrawn last week from the 3rd and 5th Armies. Demands are now being received again for nursing staff and today 10 Sisters were sent to 4 CCS and 9 to 61 CCS (Namps). 35 have already been supplied to the 3rd Army. None of the Sisters referred to have been taken from the L of C. They have Sisters at 6 and 3 Canadian Stationary Hospital also ready to proceed at short notice. Asked if under the circumstances all further demands for nursing staff should be met as heretofore. DGMS replied in the affirmative.
Reinforcements and wastages: Forwarded to DGMS monthly return showing the number of reinforcements and the wastage during the month of March – total wastage 193 (129 Trained and 64 VADs).
Miss G. Evans, VAD: Forwarded to DGMS explanation from Miss G. Evans, VAD as to why she did not pay the extra 4/3d. demanded by the railway company when travelling to Liverpool. This lady states she had in her possession authority to travel from the RTO Liverpool Station.
Abancourt Stationary Hospital: Sent orders by wire for the complete nursing staff of Abancourt Stationary Hospital (10) to proceed to Rouen as this was considered advisable owing to the military situation.
Commissioner BRCS: Sir Arthur Lawley, Commissioner BRCS, came to the office to see me with reference to questions concerning VAD Members, and their removal temporarily from Army areas.
Miss Crowdy, Principal Commandant, VADs, called at the office to ask for information about the departure of the VAD Members from Abbeville Rest Station. These ladies had received orders to leave Abbeville on account of the Military Situation.

Sick Sisters 182
Portuguese Hospital: Received memo from DGMS Boulogne stating that the Sisters’ Quarters at the Portuguese Hospital are now nearly ready for occupation – can now be utilised, and the cook house, etc. is complete. He would be glad if arrangements could be made for the Matron and 10 members of the staff to come out and superintend the arrangements for their huts until such times as they are fitted up. This staff could be accommodated temporarily at the Nurses’ Rest Home. Forwarded and recommended this application to DGMS and requested that the liaison officer should be posted.
Anaesthetists: Forwarded to DGMS statement showing the present situation of the Sisters from the 3rd and 5th Armies undergoing their course of training in the use of anaesthetics at CCSs in these Armies. Owing to the withdrawal of nurses from these Armies they have been instructed to rejoin their original Base units. Situation – remaining at CCS – 30 (excluding 4 at 3 Canadian Stationary Hospital); returned to Bases – 27, total 61. Asked to be informed if the Sisters who have returned to the Bases may complete their courses of training at their original units.
NZANS reinforcements: Received memo from DGMS saying that it will not be possible for the War Office to comply with the demands made for 9 Sisters for the New Zealand Stationary Hospital, until the arrival of reinforcements from New Zealand, when the matter will receive attention.
Reinforcements: DGMS forwarded copy of wire from Dehorted saying that 50 VADs will embark at an early date via Havre. If possible, any change will be notified.
Military Medal: Received from DMS 1st Army copy of authority notifying that the Military Medal has been granted to Sister K. Maxey, TFNS, A/Sister M. A. Brown, QAIMNSR and A/Sister M. D. Lutwick, QAIMNSR Canada, all of 58 CCS.
Sick List: Sent wire to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, informing her that Miss E. F. Barker, VAD, No7 General Hospital, was on the dangerously ill list with suspected cerebro-spinal meningitis. Later learnt that Miss Barker had died at 8 p.m. and informed Matron-in-Chief War Office accordingly, repeating to DGMS.
Anaesthetists: Informed DGMS, Boulogne, Rouen and Etaples that owing to the withdrawal of the Sisters from the 3rd and 5th Armies, these ladies who had proceeded to take their final course in anaesthetics at CCSs should now complete their course at the Base. On completion of training, a report and certificate should be furnished in duplicate to this office.

Sick Sisters 181
Sister L. S. Maddock, QAIMNSR: Returned to DDMS Boulogne unfavourable report on Sister L. S. Maddock, QAIMNSR 83 Dublin General Hospital, which she had refused to sign, asking if the retention of this lady in the QAIMNSR is recommended.
Application for QAIMNSR: Forwarded to DGMS completed application form for QAIMNSR from Miss L. Devine, for transmission to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office. This lady is one of several trained nurses who were transferred home from Scottish Section, No.11 Stationary Hospital, owing to the recent trouble there. Her appointment to the QAIMNSR is not recommended.
Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox came to the office in connection with HRH Princess Victoria’s Clubs.
Mrs. Robertson Eustace’s Club: Received telephone message from DGMS with reference to Mrs. Robertson Eustace’s Club for Nursing Sisters in Boulogne. Said I hoped every consideration would be shown to her and promised to send him a copy of the correspondence which had already been received from AAG on the subject.

Sick Sisters 183
Reinforcements: 50 VAD members arrived at Havre and were posted to the Trouville area.
Nurses on hospital ships: Received from the DGMS copy of wire from Troopers in answer to an enquiry, stating that nurses may properly travel in hospital ships so long as they form part of the staff. The fact that they may be proceeding on leave or for discharge is immaterial.
Mrs. E. Carter VAD: Received copy of War Office letter with reference to the application of Mrs. E. Carter, VAD for transfer to Malta. No members are at present required for Malta, but her name has been noted.
Sisters’ luggage: Asked DDMS Rouen and Havre if it is not possible to make some arrangements in their area similar to those in Boulogne for the storing of Sisters’ superfluous kit before they proceed to CCS or trains for duty. Only camp kit, uniform and necessary equipment should be taken with them.
Reinforcements: Received telephone message from Havre saying he had been warned that 130 nurses were arriving by the “Guildford Castle”. Replied that we had no information as to their arrival. It is supposed that these are American reinforcements, but it is not known if they are for BEF.

Sick Sisters 184
Mrs. Belmont the American lady who recently visited the hospitals on the L of C, France, sent 1000 francs to be spent on the sick and wounded. The way in which it was to be spent was discussed with the DMS and it was decided to send it to Lady Bradford, at Etaples, as she is in touch with the personal needs of so many soldiers for whom she writes letters.
Anaesthetists: Received memo from DGMS in answer to our enquiry, saying that the Sisters now at the Base who had been undergoing training in the use of anaesthetics in the 3rd and 5th Armies, should remain on the L of C until such times as the course of training at present being held in the 1st and 2nd Armies should be finished when arrangements should be made for them to be posted to CCS in those Armies for their final course of instruction.
Trouville Club: GOC, L of C approved of the establishment of a Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses in the Trouville area.
Special leave: Informed DGMS that 7 days’ special leave had been granted to Miss E. K. Cripps, VAD 57 General Hospital pending the acceptance of her resignation.

Sick Sisters 193
Trouville Club: Asked DGMS to authorise the establishment of a Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses at Trouville. The GOC, L of C and the Base Commandant, Trouville, approve in principle.
Monthly return of strength: Sent DGMS and DAG 3rd Echelon monthly return of nursing staff in BEF on April 1st – total trained 4814, VADs etc. 3032, Civilians 28.
Weekly return: In accordance with his request sent DGMS weekly return of nursing personnel in BEF showing establishment and strength up to 6 p.m. every Sunday evening – the return being furnished on Monday morning. Sent Commissioner, BRCS pro forma asking him to furnish a similar return in respect of the BRCS personnel in the areas occupied by the British Armies in France.
American nurses for AEF: Received from A/Principal Matron, Havre, arrival report of 121 American nurses for Unit No.116, AEF – destination unknown.
S/Nurse B. M. Smith, QAIMNS: In answer to an application for her promotion to rank of Acting Sister, asked DDMS Etaples whether S/Nurse B. M. Smith, QAIMNS who has recently arrived from England, had performed A/ Sister’s duties prior to her arrival in France.
Abbeville area: The hospitals in the Abbeville area are still very busy – 12 members of the SAMNS who had been temporarily posted to the Boulogne area were recalled for duty with the South African General Hospital.

Sick Sisters 181
Oil stoves for AANS: Received memo from DGMS with reference to oil stoves for members of the AANS in France. DMS, AIF remarks that members of the AANS proceeding on duty with British units in France are provided with oil stoves when available. These stoves have been available up to now and all nurses have been provided with them with the exception of the last 20 who proceeded overseas last week. In view of the onset of summer and the shortage of stoves, it is not proposed at present to extend this issue to members of the AANS serving with Australian units. Circulated this information to all Bases concerned.
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter authorising the embarkation for France of 20 members of the AANS for duty with Imperial units. These ladies duly arrived on 3.4.18 and were posted to No.74 General Hospital, Trouville.
Special leave: Returned to DDMS Etaples application for 7 days’ special leave to the United Kingdom to attend her sister’s wedding, from Miss G. Evans, VAD, 46 Stationary Hospital, saying it is regretted that this leave cannot be approved (all leave closed except in case of DI relatives). Forwarded to AAG for special consideration application from S/Nurse E. Murphy, AANS for 6 days’ special leave to the United Kingdom, for personal reasons which were approved by the Matron-in-Chief, AIF.
Canadian monthly returns: Forwarded to DMS Canadian Contingents inspection reports of Canadian units for the month of March, together with monthly return of strength, etc. Total CAMC Sisters in France = 822. VAD Members = 10.

Sick Sisters 173
Sister G. Lee, TFNS: In reply to a wire received from the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, asking for the condition of Sister G. Lee, TFNS as her relatives were enquiring after her, stated that she was well and on duty at No.64 CCS.

Sick Sisters 172
Invaliding of Sisters to England: Received instructions from DMS, L of C as to the procedure to be adopted in future when invaliding Sisters and women workers to the United Kingdom. They will be transferred via one of the following ports – Calais, Boulogne, Rouen or Havre. Nursing Sisters proceeding on leave will be detailed when necessary to perform the necessary nursing duties – such leave to commence from the date of their arrival in the United Kingdom.
Hardelot Convalescent Home: Forwarded to Sir Arthur Lawley, Commissioner, wire received from the Lady Gifford – “Lawley wires the Princess wishes Hardelot Home to re-open at once; as this Home (Cannes Convalescent Home) is nearly empty, if you approve I can go north on Thursday – Miss Inglis to remain here as Superintendent of the Cannes Home.” Forwarded wire to DGMS.
Application for QAIMNSR: Received memo from DGMS referring to the application of Miss Leah Devine to join the QAIMNSR. In view of the fact that this application was not recommended, it is not proposed to proceed further in the matter. (This lady had been returned to England from the Scottish Section, No.11 Stationary Hospital.).
1st Army: DMS 1st Army asks for 25 more Sisters for the CCS in his area – Nos.5, 58, 18, 23, 33 and 54 CCS. Instructions sent by wire for Sisters waiting at Nos.10 and 12 Stationary Hospitals in readiness to proceed forthwith.
Sister Sands, ANSR: Forwarded to DGMS report from 8 Stationary Hospital on Sister Sands, ANSR. OC considers she is too old for the work which is very arduous at the present time and suggest she might be sent to England where lighter work might be found. Concurred in.
Queen Alexandra Hospital, Dunkirk: Returned to DMS, L of C statement of Captain H. Nockolds, RAMC, OC Queen Alexandra Hospital, Dunkirk, reporting the courageous bearing of the staff of this hospital (including Sisters and VAD Members) during the shelling and subsequent evacuation of the hospital on 23.3.18. Sisters A. Alexander, M. Francis, G. Yorke and Miss B. Jeffries and Miss Mollie Evans, VADs are specially mentioned for their cool behaviour.
Efficiency Stripe: Forwarded to the Principal Matron, Italy, duplicates for the Efficiency Stripe awarded to all VAD members and special probationers transferred from this command with Nos.11 General and 38 Stationary Hospitals.
Nurses’ Club, Paris: Wrote to DADRT, Paris, asking him to direct Sisters to the Nurses’ Club, Paris, instead of to the Hotel St. James, as the Club was still open and welcomed people passing through.

Sick Sisters 174
Portuguese Hospital: Received from DGMS copy of War Office wire saying that the nursing staff for the Portuguese Hospital should be detailed when required from nursing staffs in France. Reinforcements including a Matron are being sent from England, to replace these people.
Promotions, TFNS: Forwarded to DGMS copy of correspondence received from Matron-in-Chief, TFNS saying she had not received the recommendations for promotion of certain members of the TFNS which had been forwarded from this office on 26.1.18 through DGMS. Asked if anything could be done to trace this correspondence.

Sick Sisters 165
Leave: Sent circular to all Bases stating that leave is at present suspended and Nursing Sisters detailed to accompany invalids to England must return immediately on completion of this duty unless special leave has been sanctioned by the AAG.
Luggage: Received from DGMS copy of War Office wire stating that S/Nurses A. K. Pears and M. D. Coatsworth arrived in England without their luggage and state it was lost at 56 CCS. Asked that this should be verified. Replied to DGMS that S/Nurse M. D. Coatsworth left with complete kit from 47 General Hospital on 25.3.18 and that the luggage of S/Nurse A. K. Pears is being forwarded to Queen Mary’s Hostel, 40, Bedford Place, W.
APMMC uniform: Received from the Hon. Essex French a letter saying that the Committee of the APMMC have decided that the brown shoes and stockings may be worn by members of the Corps also white panama hats in summer.

Sick Sisters 182
Miss M. Williams, VAD: Miss M. Williams, VAD 7 Stationary Hospital, forwarded application saying she had signed for the duration unintentionally, and had only intended to sign for 6 months. Replied saying that if she is desirous of cancelling her contract she must forward an application to be allowed to do so.
Transfer to Malta: Reported to DGMS that Mrs. E. A. Carter, VAD, is now desirous of cancelling her application for transfer to Malta, as her husband may be moved from there.
American reinforcements: Forwarded to DGMS arrival report of 15 American nurses at No.12 General Hospital and 10 American nurses at No.9 General Hospital, from USA Base Hospital No.1, AEF No previous notification of their arrival had been received in this office.
No.81 General Hospital: Received information that No.81 General Hospital had moved to its new site at Les Angalades, still in the Marseilles area.
St. Omer Nurses’ Club: Under instruction from ADMS St. Omer, the Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses at St. Omer was closed temporarily yesterday, owing to the military situation, and the VAD Members (3) who were running it were evacuated to Boulogne, where they were instructed to report to Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox on arrival.

Sick Sisters 183
Nurses’ Club, Havre: Received memo from DGMS forwarding authority from the AG for the establishment of a Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses in the Havre area.
Lucheux Officers’ Hospital: Received information from DMS 3rd Army that the Officers’ Hospital at Lucheux was closing down – the nursing staff have been temporarily attached to No.21 CCS.
Shrouds: Received correspondence from DDOS (South), asking whether the issue of 100 shrouds for the mortuary at No.72 General Hospital is considered essential. Replied that this issue is considered essential.
Transfer from Calais: Received application from Miss H. E. Cran, VAD to be transferred to another unit from the Isolation Hospital, Calais, owing to the frequent air raids. Posted her to No.3 General Hospital, Treport.
VADs in Canadian units: Returned to DGMS correspondence concerning the services of VAD members to act as Home Sisters in Canadian units, with special reference to No.7 Canadian General Hospital, saying that this is not considered necessary – the Matron-in-Chief, Canadians, considers that the services of a trained nurse are preferable, as at present there is no shortage of CAMC trained Sisters.
St. Omer: In consequence of the military situation in the 1st and 2nd Armies, the hospitals in the St. Omer area are being greatly reduced in nursing staff – Nos.7 and 9 Canadian Stationary Hospitals and Nos.58 and 59 General Hospitals are being temporarily closed down. Instructions have been issued for the staffs to be temporarily distributed to other areas, and also for the staffs of 7 General and 10 Stationary Hospitals to be reduced, leaving 7 General with trained staff only and 10 Stationary with 5 VADs only and a reduced trained staff.

Sick Sisters 196
Trained Nurses’ Annuity Fund: Sent Miss Sidney Browne, Matron-in-Chief, TFNS a cheque for £100 for the special TFNS Annuity Fund, and Dr. Ogier Ward a cheque for £270 for the Trained Nurses’ Annuity Fund. These amounts had been subscribed by the nursing staffs in France as an Easter contribution.
Masseuses: Received request from OC 10 General Hospital for 2 trained masseuses to be posted to that hospital as the need was keenly felt. The work up to now has been undertaken by a sergeant but he has too many other duties to continue this work. Instructed 2 APMMC masseuses attached to 47 General Hospital to proceed.

Sick Sisters 198
Military Medal: Received notification from AAG that Miss A. Forse, VAD 53 General Hospital, has been awarded the Military Medal for gallantry and devotion to duty on the occasion of an air raid when the tent where she was working was hit and partly destroyed.
Anaesthetists: Forwarded to DGMS list of present postings of Sisters who are undergoing instruction in the use of anaesthetics.
Contract for the present emergency: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from Sister K. Mann, QAIMNSR 14 General Hospital to be permitted to cancel her agreement signed for the present emergency and on completion of one years’ service in June, 1918, to renew her contract for six months only. She did not feel able to work for a longer period after having had diphtheria.
Nurses’ Club at Havre: Forwarded to DDMS Havre and to Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox, copy of AGs authority for the establishment of one of HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs at Havre.
General Service VADs for Canadian units: Sent circular to all OCs of Canadian units under cover of the Administrative Officers of the area, asking for a report with their remarks on the subject of utilising General Service VAD Members to replace men in the Sisters’ quarters in Canadian units. Asked that it should be stated (1) how many men were employed in the Sisters’ quarters (2) how many French women were employed and in what capacity (3) how many General Service VADs would be required to replace the men.
8 Canadian Stationary Hospital: Reported to DGMS and to DMS Canadians the departure on 13.4.18 of No.8 Canadian Stationary Hospital with a total nursing staff of 29 from the Etaples area.
Portuguese Hospital: Sisters P. Barnard and M. A. Dunn, TFNS came to the office with reference to taking up their new duties as members of the staff of the Portuguese Hospital which is opening in the Boulogne area.

Sick Sisters 200
Anaesthetists: Received memo from DGMS asking that a second course of instruction for Nursing Sisters in the administration of anaesthetics should be begun as soon as the first course have completed their training. This new course should commence their training as soon as possible and notification should be sent when this has been done. It was also laid down that those Sisters who had returned to the Base from CCSs should complete their course of instruction in hospitals on the L of C. A copy of the syllabus for the final month of training was attached for information. A report is to be furnished when these Sisters are considered qualified.
AANS reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter authorising the embarkation for duty with 3 Australian General Hospital of Principal Matron G. Wilson, RRC, AANS. Also received correspondence from DGMS notifying that Miss Wilson is proceeding for duty on 20.4.18 and that on her arrival at 3 Australian General Hospital Miss Miles Walker, the present Matron, is to proceed to No.5 Stationary Hospital as Matron, and Miss Kidd Hart, the Matron of 5 Stationary Hospital, is to proceed to No.1 Australian General Hospital as Head Sister.
Mrs. D’Arcy Hildyard: Received correspondence from AAG saying that sanction cannot be given for the continuance of Mrs. D’Arcy Hildyard’s Home under its present conditions as regards personnel and if this lady still refuses to be affiliated to any institutions, she should be thanked for her past kindness and evacuated to England.
The Military Nursing Sisters’ Club in Boulogne will be closed and Mrs. Robertson Eustace returned to England also unless a way can be found for it to be taken over before the 1st May by one of the recognised institutions. Funds and management, apart from workers, will not be interfered with by this affiliation. This discussion must be closed by 1.5.18.
Anaesthetists: Received from DDMS Etaples application from 24 General Hospital for lady anaesthetists or authority to train other Sisters or VADs for this work. It was asked if classes of instruction might be resumed at Nos.4, 18, 22, 24 and 26 General Hospitals and No.7 Canadian General Hospital.
Special leave: Returned to DDMS Etaples application from Mrs. Dooley, VAD 20 General Hospital, for special leave to see her son just out of Sandhurst before leaving for the front. Regretted that this application cannot be approved at present – it should be re-submitted later.
Colonel Rahilly, OC, 4 CCS called to say that his unit was ready for the Sisters to re-join, as it was re-opening.

Sick Sisters 206
Anaesthetists: Issued instructions to DDMS Etaples, Rouen and Boulogne in accordance with further instructions received from DGMS that Nursing Sisters undergoing a course of instruction in anaesthetics and who have returned to the Base from the front areas should complete their final month of training at the Base, dating from the 20th inst. according to syllabus. Reports should be rendered to this office in duplicate when the Sisters are considered qualified.
Monthly return of strength: Forwarded to DGMS return showing the discrepancies between the figures given by War Office letter and the number of reinforcements actually arriving during the month of March. War Office letter shows 185 – new arrivals and – 32 from sick leave – total 217. Our return shows 181 arrivals and 26 from sick leave – total 207.
Resignation: Forwarded to DGMS application to resign from S/Nurse E. G. Fordham, Canadian Red Cross attached QAIMNSR, No.9 Ambulance Train, as she does not wish to sign on again as a Staff Nurse. Informed DGMS that this lady had already been told that her name had been noted as suitable for promotion but that there are others on the waiting list who arrived in France previous to April, 1916, and her case will be considered in due course.
Special leave: AAG returned application for special leave from Miss C. M. Warnock, VAD owing to death of brother and illness of mother, saying it is regretted that this application cannot be approved.
A/Sister K. Mann, QAIMNSR: Returned to DDMS Boulogne application received from A/Sister K. Mann, QAIMNSR to be allowed to cancel her agreement for the present emergency and to sign on for six months only from 19.6.18, her reason being that since having had diphtheria she does not feel able to work for a longer period. Replied that if this lady feels strong enough to continue her service until June 18th she should do so and then if she wishes to break her present agreement she should re-submit her application to this effect.

Sick Sisters 210
No.1 Canadian General Hospital: Forwarded to DGMS application from OC No.1 Canadian General Hospital for an increase of nursing staff. The authorised establishment of the unit is 119 – present strength 121 plus 26 temporarily attached from Nos.7 and 9 Canadian Stationary Hospitals, making a total of 147. When the Sisters from 7 and 9 Canadian Stationary Hospitals rejoin their own units, 10 Sisters in excess of the 119 authorised will be necessary the OC considers.
Assistant Home Sister for 7 Canadian General Hospital: DGMS returned the correspondence re the appointment of a VAD as assistant to the Home Sister at 7 Canadian General Hospital, asking why this appointment was not considered necessary and whether the Matron of the unit had been consulted.
10 Canadian Stationary Hospital: Received application from ADMS Calais requesting authority for the employment of 2 female servants for the Nursing Sisters’ quarters at No.10 Canadian Stationary Hospital.
Anaesthetists: Notified DGMS that instructions had been issued for Nursing Sisters undergoing instruction in the administration of anaesthetics who had returned to the Base from Army areas to complete their training in hospitals on the L of C.
A/Sister Maddock, QAIMNSR: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence concerning A/Sister Maddock, 83 General Hospital, whose retention in the service is not recommended by her CO or the DGMS.
HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs: Received correspondence from DGMS asking the reason why HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses at Abbeville and St. Omer were closed whilst YMCA and other lady workers remained. Replied that these Clubs were closed by order of the Base Commandant, under orders from GOC, L of C. Any application for reopening them should be addressed to the Base Commandant, but as the numbers of Nursing Sisters on duty in Abbeville and St. Omer are temporarily reduced, the circumstances do not at present warrant their re-opening. As regards the YMCA personnel remaining whilst the Clubs closed, the YMCA is for soldiers whose numbers have been increased, whilst the Clubs are for Nursing Sisters whose numbers have been reduced to a working minimum.

Sick Sisters 216
Mrs. Robertson Eustace’s Club: Sent memo to DDMS Boulogne on the subject of Mrs. Robertson Eustace having declined to affiliate her Military Nursing Sisters’ Club to one of the existing organisations in France, that instructions had been issued by Headquarters, L of C to the Base Commandant, Boulogne, on this subject.

Sick Sisters 208
Home Sister for 7 Canadian General Hospital: Instructed DDMS Etaples that a suitable assistant to the Home Sister at 7 Canadian General Hospital should be appointed from the trained staff. Home Sister Michie will be sent later.
Rest Club, Wimereux: Forwarded to AAG application from Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox for Miss Westropp-Dawson, the niece of Mrs. Watson, Lady Superintendent of the Wimereux Club, for authority for this lady to be attached to Princess Victoria’s Club at Wimereux as a voluntary worker.
Efficiency Stripe: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence relating to the Efficiency Stripe of Miss Mitchell, VAD 55 General Hospital – this stripe had apparently been erroneously awarded by the Matron of 1st Eastern General Hospital, Cambridge, under whom she had never served. Requested authority to cancel the certificate.
Chevrons: With reference to the claims for Service Chevrons of Nursing Sisters E. E. Always and M. G. Soutar, CAMC – this correspondence has been passed to the Matron-in-Chief, CEF, who is unable to verify the dates but states that these ladies served with the Reserve. Asked the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, if this question may be looked into again.
Sick List: Nursing Sister Whiteley, CAMC who had been dangerously ill with an abdominal tumour, died at noon today. Informed the Matron-in-Chief, Canadians, and DGMS.
St. Omer units: No.58 and 59 General Hospitals have been parked at Etaples for the present, and No.7 General Hospital is re-opening at Boulogne as a non-Sisters’ unit.

Sick Sisters 213
Transfer from Italy: Received memo from DGMS in answer to our enquiry saying that Miss L. B. Jones QAIMNSR 41 Ambulance Train, will not be required to return to Italy. This lady had been put on the train while it was in Italy, in relief of a sick Sister.
Leave: DGMS forwarded copy of ACI 1394 of 1918 cancelling ACI 970 of 1916, regarding the amount of leave admissible to members of the nursing service, but these regulations do not apply to those serving in the BEF.
Home Sister for 7 Canadian General Hospital: Received correspondence from DDMS Etaples concerning the appointment of a VAD Home Sister for 7 Canadian General Hospital. The OC is of opinion that the services of a VAD would be of great value and her appointment is recommended. Forwarded correspondence to DGMS.

Sick Sisters 206
Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs: Received authority for 15 additional VADs for duty at the Rest Clubs at the different Bases on the L of C. The maximum strength of establishment is now 45.
CAMC marriages: Received from DGMS copy of correspondence from Canadian Headquarters and from French main Headquarters, in connection with the resignations of Canadian Sisters in France. DGMS asks for our remarks. Approval has been given by the Canadian authorities for the CAMC Sisters to resign in France under the following conditions (1) that it is the bona fide intention of the lady applying to be married in France and that her own application to this effect should be obtained (2) that she had completed at least one year’s service in the Canadian Nursing Service, a proportion of which may have been in Canada (3) that she waives all claim to the 3 months’ pay and allowances to which she is entitled on discharge (4) that such applications should be confined to areas outside the actual war zone (5) that the resignation be submitted for the approval of the DMS Canadian Contingents. The French authorities, both civil and military, have no objection to such marriages taking place.
Major-General Skinner came to the office to say good-bye on his way to England, having given up his appointment as DMS of the 5th Army.

Sick Sisters 207
VAD Assistant Nurses: Received memo from DAP & SS that they had been informed by GHQ that the forms for recommendations for VAD Members and Special Probationers to be promoted to the rank of Assistant Nurse are at present in the draft stage and it is to be given an Army Form No. Supplies will be sent to France when available.
Transfer: Forwarded and recommended application from Sister A. Cameron, TFNS Sick Sisters’ Hospital, Trouville, to be transferred to the Scottish General Hospital, as she has been in France since 15.5.15 and she will be grateful for the change.
Military Medal: Received official authority for the award of the Military Medal to Sister D. P. Foster, TFNS Sister in charge, 55 CCS for coolness and courage shown on the occasion of the evacuation of the unit.
Uniform: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, request from Sister J. Strachan, QAIMNSR that the necessary authority may be obtained for Messrs. Wright & Co. Edinburgh to manufacture uniform, as she had been unable to obtain uniform there without War Office authority.
Special leave: Received application from Mrs. Dooley, VAD 20 General Hospital for special leave to see her son before he leaves for the front. Returned to DDMS Etaples regretting that this application cannot be approved, as all leave is suspended except in the case of dangerous illness.
USA nursing staff: Received nominal roll from A/Principal Matron, Havre of 24 USA Nursing Sisters who disembarked on 24.4.18 for service with the American Expeditionary Force.

Sick Sisters 216
Sir Arthur Lawley: Reported to DGMS that Sir Arthur Lawley was here and was anxious to know whether his daughters, on their return from Cap Martin, might live at home instead of in the Sisters’ Quarters. Said that instructions in this respect were very definite and it is not considered advisable for any exceptions to be made. Also informed DGMS that owing to the illness of the caretaker of HRH Princess Louise’s Villa at Hardelot, Sir Arthur Lawley had taken three houses at Hardelot which would accommodate 45 members of the nursing staff – Hardelot only accommodating 19. He also said he made himself responsible for the chateau taken near Boulogne. Miss Crowdy had suggested that it should be used for VADs only, but I pointed out that it would not be advisable to open a Convalescent Home for VADs as distinct from trained nurses, and suggested that if this Home be opened, it should be for General Service Section and WAAC in the Boulogne area.
Sister C. F. Bayley, TFNS: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application that the resignation of Sister C. F. Bayley may be cancelled and that her transfer to the Home Establishment may be suspended until the present moment of stress is over, as she has been informed that it is not necessary for her to resign before taking up the post of Matron of the Shell Shock Hospital, Liverpool, as it has been decided to staff the hospital with TFNS staff.
Servants, 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital: Sent memo to ADMS Calais, concerning the application from ADMS for the employment of 2 female French servants for the Sisters’ quarters, 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital: (1) The number of batmen who will be released should be stated (2) the number of Sisters for whom servants are required and (3) the rate of wages it is proposed to pay.

Sick Sisters 234
VAD agreement: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application that Miss M. F. Williams, VAD, should be allowed to cancel her agreement signed for the duration as she was not aware she was signing for the duration at the time.
Efficiency Stripe: Forwarded application to DGMS asking if special authority can be granted for the award of the efficiency stripe to Miss G. I. Stranck, VAD who joined Bath War Hospital on 24.4.16 and worked there continually for two years. She received no pay until she received orders for France. Except for a period when she slept at home owing to the Sisters’ quarters being overcrowded, she had free board and lodging.

Sick Sisters 209
Miss M. J. Allen, VAD: Sent memo to DDMS Etaples asking if Miss M. J. Allen, VAD 20 General Hospital, who had been admitted to hospital with pneumonia, will be evacuated to England by sick convoy. This lady was not recommended to renew her contract on account of ill-health, and a medical certificate had been attached.
AANS reinforcements: Reported to DGMS the arrival for duty in France on 22.4.18 of Principal Matron G. Wilson, AANS.
VAD Uniform: Wrote to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, on the subject of a regulation jersey for members of VAD. There is a difficulty in procuring the Lovatt mixture as specified in BRCS regulations. Asked that grey might be the recognised colour.
TFNS Annuity Fund: Sent Matron-in-Chief, TFNS detailed list of subscriptions from all units in France to the TFNS Annuity Fund. Total subscribed = £105.19.1, of which a cheque for £100 had already been forwarded and the remainder will be carried on for the next time.
Luggage of S/Nurse M. Breeze: Forwarded to Matron, 3 General Hospital, statement from S/Nurse M. Breeze, QAIMNSR concerning her luggage which was sent from Treport on the 23rd inst. to 6 Stationary Hospital and arrived in a damaged condition with most of the contents missing. Asked in what condition it was when it left Treport. Received reply later that the luggage was intact when it was last seen before leaving the hospital at Treport.
Miss M. Wood, QAIMNS came to the office on her way back from the Villa Roquebrune Convalescent Home which has closed, to take up her duties as Sister in charge of 44 CCS.
Miss E. G. Fordham, Canadian Red Cross attached QAIMNSR, came to the office for an interview at my request, as she had sent in her resignation, stating that she did not wish to continue serving as a Staff Nurse. Explained to her that there were still a number of people who had arrived in France previous to her and who were recommended for promotion, but that there were no vacancies, and her name had been noted for consideration in due course.

Sick Sisters 209
Convalescent Homes: Forwarded to DGMS brief report regarding the Convalescent Homes for Nursing Sisters at the Hotel d’Esterel, Cannes and Villa Roquebrune, Mentone. Recommended that as Sisters still requiring medical treatment are sent to the Home at Cannes, it would be advisable, if the Home re-opens next year, to attach a member of the QAIMNS or Reserve, for duty in case of nursing treatment being required. The Lady Superintendent for this year was a member of the QAIMNS at Villa Roquebrune.
Anaesthetics: Sent memo to Matron-in-Chief, CEF, to the effect that a new course of instruction in anaesthetics is about to begin. There are at present 6 members of the CAMC in training. It is anticipated that when these ladies have completed their training they will be detailed for the giving of anaesthetics. If at the commencement of the new course we detail 6 others to take the place of those who have completed their training, it will deplete the nursing staff of the services of 12 Sisters, which at the present time we cannot afford. The total depletion of the nursing ranks will be as follows: for anaesthetics 12; casualties 12; recalled and not replaced 3; to new duties 3. Total 30.
Miss Duncan, CHR came to the office on her way to take up the duties of Sister in charge of 12 CCS.
Sister M. Webb, QAIMNSR came to the office for an interview at my request having been transferred from 47 CCS when I made my inspection there, as she was discontented and it was considered better for her to be in a larger unit under a senior Matron.

Sick Sisters 205
Sister L. S. N. Maddock, QAIMNSR: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that as Sister L. S. N. Maddock, QAIMNSR is not recommended for retention in the service and as her six months’ contract expired on the 10th inst. her engagement with the nursing staff of the Army should be terminated. Gratuity and insurance particulars in respect of this lady should be forwarded.
Sister J. Murray, TFNS: Asked DGMS whether the resignation of Sister J. M. Murray, TFNS has been accepted from 4.4.18 or whether she has been permitted to remain a member of the TFNS although recalled to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for duty.
Promotions, QAIMNSR: Forwarded to all concerned copy of Routine Orders, DMS, L of C promoting 30 members of the QAIMNSR to the rank of Acting Sister from 1.4.18.

Sick Sisters 199
QAIMNSR Australia: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that the contingent of Australian nurses who arrived in France on 9.6.15 for duty with the QAIMNSR left Australia on 21.4.15 and are entitled to pay from that day.
Servants’ allowance: Received memo from AQMG notifying that the QMG, GHQ has been approached for approval to be given for the expenditure of £20 for the services of female domestics for any Principal Matrons who cannot be accommodated in public quarters and share the servants laid down in War Establishment.
S/Nurse E. Sherwin, AANS: Reported to DGMS that S/Nurse E. Sherwin, AANS 25 General Hospital, had been evacuated to Queen Alexandra’s Hospital, Vincent Square, for further treatment.


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