PREVIOUS - JANUARY 1918 (Visits)



FEBRUARY 1st – 28th 1918

Sick Sisters 253
Casualties – AEF: Sent memo to Chief Nurse, American Expeditionary Force, asking if the relatives of deceased Sisters were informed of their death by the American authorities in France.
American reinforcements: Received wire from DGMS to the effect that the American nurses notified to arrive for duty with the British Army were for duty with the American EF and all arrangements were to be cancelled accordingly.
Sick List: Nurse Rind, VAD, reported on the seriously ill list with pneumonia. ADMS, Marseilles, reports that she is now slightly better.
No.1 Canadian CCS: Informed the Matron-in-Chief, CEF, that No.1 Canadian CCS was being opened, on the 1st inst.

Sick Sisters 260
Transport duty to Canada: Received notification from Canadian Headquarters, London, that the application of Nursing Sister M. B. McNeil, CAMC for transport duty to Canada was being considered. There were no grounds in the application to warrant leave to Canada, but this Sister’s name was to be submitted for recall for this purpose very shortly.
46 CCS: No.46 CCS re-opened today, with Miss A. Duncan, ARRC, CHR, in charge.
Miss M. G. Edwards, VAD: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, correspondence with regard to Miss M. G. Edwards, VAD. Her Commandant wished to know if her work was sufficiently good for her name to be placed on a roll of honourable service being formed by the BRCS.

Sick Sisters 265
Transfer: Received communication from the War Office with regard to the application of Staff Nurse H. E. Kelly, QAIMNSR for transfer to Canada. It is regretted that owing to difficulty of transport, a return passage cannot be arranged unless urgent reasons make it imperative for her to return home.
Anaesthetists: On receipt of application from DDMS Etaples for Sisters now undergoing course of anaesthetics to proceed on leave, replied that these ladies could not now interrupt their training.
Nurses’ Hostels: Instructed all Sisters in charge of Hostels and Homes, in accordance with the request of the Command Paymaster, to submit a monthly claim for Board Allowance of all members who spend 24 hours or more at these Hostels.
Transfer to General Service Section: Forwarded to DGMS application from Miss J. R. Taylor, VAD 26 General Hospital, to be permitted to resign in order to join the General Service Section.
Uniform: Forwarded to DGMS for consideration a request which has been made that the new Territorial caps, recently authorised, might be worn outside the camps on windy days.
Indemnity claim: Received claim for £5.17.6 by Sister B. Harrison, TFNS 55 General Hospital, for loss of new mackintosh destroyed by fire in the operating theatre annex at that unit. Returned claim to DDMS Boulogne for remarks of OC and Matron as to whether it was justifiable and to ascertain if sufficient precautions against accidents had been taken.
Lady Smith Dorrien’s Bags: Wrote to Lady Smith Dorrien expressing regret at the misappropriation of the bags so kindly provided by her for the soldiers.

Sick Sisters 262
Miss Anderson, VAD joined for duty at the Matron-in-Chief’s office.
HS Salta: Received copy of War Office letter regarding the body of a Nursing Sister of HS Salta reported by OC, Graves Registration Office, to be buried in Ste. Marie Cemetery, Havre, date of death 10.4.17. Forwarded to DDMS Havre for investigation and report.
WAAC Detention Hospital: Received application from DDMS Rouen for 2 VAD members for the WAAC Detention Hospital at Pont de Larche. On the recommendation of the Chief Medical Controller, WAAC, forwarded this application to DGMS asking that 2 BRCS VADs might be supplied.
APMMC: Forwarded to DDMS Etaples for investigation and report a letter received from Miss C. Goddard, APMMC in connection with an unfavourable report rendered by Capt. Iles on this lady.
Uniform: Sent circular to all areas informing them that a new and strong mackintosh has been authorised for members of the TFNS – to be obtained from Messrs. Harvey Nicholls.

Sick Sisters 255
Miss Tribe, VAD reported for duty at the office, and leave being due, it was arranged for her.
Principal Matron, Canadians: Sent circular memo to all DDMS informing them that Miss Ridley, RRC had been appointed Principal Matron, Canadians in France, and was attached to this office to deal with all matters in connection with nursing arrangements in Canadian units in France.
Military Families’ Nurses: Received authority for Acting Sister E. M. Carter, Military Families’ Nurse, to remain in the service as a member of the QAIMNSR. Further instructions will be issued shortly with regard to members of Military Families’ Hospitals signing AFW 3538 to serve for the present emergency.
Resignation: Recommended to DGMS application of Acting Sister M. A. Dodson, QAIMNSR to resign on account of her approaching marriage.
Miss E. M. Oldham, VAD: Sent to A/Principal Matron, Etaples, for investigation and report communication received from Miss E. M. Oldham, VAD with regard to her detention pay and her second white stripe.
Anaesthetists: Received application from Sister L. M. Terril, ARRC, QAIMNSR to withdraw her name from the list of those willing to undergo training as anaesthetists. Approved.
American Voluntary Aid: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, a letter received from Mrs. August Belmont, of the American Red Cross, proposing that some scheme should be drawn up by which American “VADs” might be drafted for work in our hospitals, where they would remain for a definite period before being called for duty in American units. Said that I had referred this to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, as all appointments to the Nursing Service, whether for trained or untrained nurses, are made from the War Office.

Sick Sisters 253
Special femur wards: On receipt of application from different units for increase of staff on account of the opening of special femur wards, asked DMS, L of C that the application for this increase might be withheld until the need for extra help was really shown. When these special wards are in full working order with staffs appointed for this work, they should be much easier to manage than those wards where constant evacuations and admissions are taking place. It would seem that the only increase of establishment to be considered at present is the appointment of masseuses to units needing them.
Reinforcements and wastages: Forwarded to DGMS monthly statement of reinforcements and wastages of the Nursing Service during the month of January, showing shortage of trained nurses to be 154. Forwarded to DGMS and to DAG 3rd Echelon, monthly statement showing total numbers of Nurses in France on February 1st, 1918: Trained nurses 5263, Red Cross workers and civilians attached to American units = 27, VADs = 2735. These figures include Overseas, Americans and BRCS personnel.
No.6 Convalescent Camp: Forwarded to DGMS application received from DDMS Etaples showing the necessity for an extra masseuse to help with the work at No.6 Convalescent Camp, and pointing out that the work has increased enormously.
East Africa: Received letter from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, in reply to a letter I had forwarded from General Pike, pointing out the need of an A/Principal Matron in East Africa and mentioning the name of Miss McLeish. The Matron-in-Chief said she doubted whether Miss McLeish was suitable for the appointment.
Marseilles: Received letter from A/Principal Matron, Marseilles, in which she informed me that she had arranged for Acting Sister A. V. Gallett Taylor, late of 29 General Hospital, Salonika, on her way to Singapore to take up an appointment, to be accommodated at 57 General Hospital as a guest, her board only to be charged for. This lady was waiting for a boat and the Principal Matron explained that there would not be one for at least 7 days. There seem still to be many difficulties at Marseilles with reference to the provision of suitable accommodation for the Sick Sisters’ Hospital and the obtaining of a suitable site for 81 General Hospital. Miss Rind, VAD, who has been seriously ill with pneumonia, is now reported as being very much better and getting up.

Sick Sisters 250
Miss Wilton Smith, RRC, QAIMNS left for Paris on her way to the south of France on leave.
32 CCS: No.32 CCS re-opened today with Miss Luard, RRC, QAIMNSR in charge.
Miss Cavanagh, VAD: Received authority from the War Office to take Miss Cavanagh, VAD on to the strength of the BEF – this lady had returned to France after 2 months’ leave without pay, without the knowledge of the War Office.
Sister Moynihan, QAIMNSR: Received letter from Sister Moynihan, QAIMNSR questioning her rate of pay and uniform allowance and asking if her service in Malta counted as Active Service. Forwarded letter to Command Paymaster for remarks.
Anaesthetists: Sent instructions to DDMS Rouen to the effect that Sister M. D. Bain, 11 Stationary Hospital, should replace Sister C. E. Jones, now undergoing course of training as an anaesthetist and found unsuitable for the work.
American Voluntary Aid: Received letter from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, in which she advised me to refer Mrs. Belmont (American Red Cross) to the BRCS with regard to the question of American Voluntary Aid for British Hospitals.

Sick Sisters 244
Portuguese CCS: Received wire from War Office with regard to Sisters for the Portuguese CCS. One Portuguese speaking Sister only is available – Staff Nurse Renwick, QAIMNSR who is proceeding to France on the 9th inst.
Acting Sister Gallett Taylor: ADMS Marseilles asked for permission to be given for Acting Sister A. Gallett Taylor, on her way to Singapore, to proceed on duty on a hospital ship to Egypt. Asked ADMS Marseilles if arrangements had not already been made for this lady to continue her journey. If so, these arrangements should hold good.
Abancourt Stationary Hospital: Received notification from SMO Abancourt that the Nursing Sisters quarters at the Stationary Hospital would be ready for occupation on the 11th. Arranged for 5 Sisters to join with Miss M. W. Bannister, ARRC, QAIMNSR in charge.
Anaesthetists: Acting Sister B. Hacker, QAIMNSR applied to withdraw from the course of training in anaesthetics, as the fumes of ether were too much for her.
Miss E. Oldham, VAD: A/Principal Matron, Etaples, replied with regard to the application of Miss E. Oldham, VAD concerning her white stripe and her claim for detention allowance: (1) that Miss Oldham’s name was being forwarded in the list of those eligible on 4.2.18 from the Etaples area and (2) that this lady had been asked to obtain a certificate from the AMDO, Folkestone, in order to substantiate her claim for detention allowance and this had not been received. Wrote to Miss Oldham accordingly.
Miss Goddard, APMMC: DDMS Etaples reported the result of his interview with Miss Goddard, APMMC whom he had seen in the presence of the Head Masseuse, the A/Principal Matron, and Capt. Iles, Officer i/c of the Convalescent Camp. He had advised as there had been a specific instance of undisciplined behaviour on the part of this lady that she should not be re-engaged. Forwarded this correspondence to DGMS recommending that Miss Goddard should be relieved of her duties on expiration of her contract.
Lodging allowance: Forwarded to DGMS claim for Lodging Allowance for the period of sick leave spent in United Kingdom, stating that the Command Paymaster, Eastern Command, did not feel sufficiently covered by the existing regulations to grant this claim.
Miss Ball and Miss Devonshire: Informed Command Paymaster that Miss Ball and Miss Devonshire, VAD members, about who he had asked for particulars as they had drawn money when passing through Boulogne, had travelled through France on their way to the East and that Miss Ball’s name had appeared in the Casualty List as having been drowned.
Miss Manning, VAD: Interviewed Miss Manning, VAD with a view to her joining the office staff and arranged for her to proceed on leave, as it was due.

Sick Sisters 246
Establishment: AQMG asked if the increase of establishment of nursing staff in certain hospitals on the L of C recently authorised by the War Office involved the provision of extra accommodation. Replied that it did and referred him to the extra quarters required shown in the table forwarded to him.
Sick Sisters’ Hospitals: Instructed the Matrons of all Sick Sisters’ and Sick Women’s Hospitals that in the event of a case of venereal disease being admitted to their hospitals, the woman should be isolated, all nursing and other duties in connection with the patient should be undertaken by trained nurses only and no VADs should be allowed in the division.
Miss Sinclair, late Harvard Unit: In connection with previous correspondence received with regard to Miss Sinclair, late nurse of the Harvard Unit, DGMS asked that it should be brought to the notice of the OC of that unit that this lady’s funeral had been carried out in an irregular manner and that in such cases funeral arrangements should be carried out by the military authorities as in the case of officers.
Edith Cavell nurse: Received War Office authority for the embarkation of Miss H. M. George, QAIMNSR, sent from Boston as the Edith Cavell Memorial Nurse, and giving the conditions under which this lady is serving: (1) to be attached to the QAIMNSR (2) Salary to be paid by the Committee in America, board, lodging, laundry and Field Allowance to be paid from Army Funds, no outfit or camp allowance to be issued from British funds (4) to be given experience at a Base Hospital and later at a CCS.
Transfer to General Service Section: Received from Miss Nicholls, VAD cook, 2 General Hospital, application to transfer to the General Service Section. Wrote to this lady pointing out the different rates of pay for members of the nursing and General Service sections and asked if she would like to reconsider her application to transfer.
Paris Club: Wrote to Mrs. Taylor, Lady Superintendent of the Paris Club, on many points on which she seemed to be in doubt: (1) that it was an Army Order that uniform only was to be worn at all times (2) that no member of the nursing staff was permitted to change the address to which she was authorised to proceed (3) that it was a GRO that railway tickets to Paris were to be paid for by members of the nursing staff at the reduced rates. Expressed appreciation for all that had been done for the nurses.

Sick Sisters 240
Leave to Paris: Sent circular letter to all Matrons of Overseas units under cover of the Administrative Officers of the areas pointing out certain irregularities with regard to leave to Paris. I made a point of the fact that uniform only was to be worn at all times and under all conditions, and (2) that all applications for leave to Paris should be submitted through the usual official channels direct to this office.
Accommodation: DGMS asked what priority should be given for the accommodation of extra nursing staff recently authorised by the War Office for certain hospitals on the L of C. Replied that priority was recommended after ¼ hutting of hospitals on L of C had been completed.
VAD uniform: Received ruling from the War Office to the effect that the only official uniform authorised for VAD members were (1) SJAB (2) BRCS (3) SAAA, and that all other detachments raised by the TF Associations should wear either SJAB or BRCS uniform with a “T” on their shoulder straps. Circulated these instructions to all Bases.
Canadian Red Cross Hostel: Recommended to GOC, L of C that the kind offer of the Canadian authorities to establish a Rest House for Nurses at Boulogne to accommodate all Sisters passing through should be accepted. Suggested that the same procedure should be followed with regard to messing as in other similar hostels.
Stoves for Australian units: Returned to DGMS all correspondence with reference to the furnishing of stoves for the Australian Sisters’ quarters at Rouen and Abbeville. Stated that stoves did not form part of the equipment of the QAIMNS, Reserve and TFNS Sisters but that they receive an outfit allowance of £8.5s and are required to provide themselves with stoves. Arrangements have been made for 1 pint of oil to be issued during the winter months. Suggested that the Australian Government should be asked to make similar arrangements.
Transfer to England: Forwarded to DGMS application to be allowed to transfer to England, if possible to Military Families’ Hospital, Devonport, of Miss M. M. Barlow, VAD. She had signed on for duration and wished to take up maternity and infant welfare work after the war, and was anxious to return to England owing to family reasons.
Resignation: Forwarded to DGMS application to be allowed to resign from the TFNS and return to her post in Edinburgh from Sister J. M. Murray, TFNS. Also forwarded statement from Sister M. C. Laing, TFNS saying that she was not desirous of returning to her civil post in Edinburgh but preferred to continue serving with the Army. (An application had been forwarded from their civil hospital for the services of both these ladies).
WAAC: Mrs. Gibson, WAAC officer from No.2 Camp came to see me to ask if I could help her to reserve a couchette when travelling to the south of France on leave. Said I would do all I could to help if she would let me know a day or two before.
Miss Winterbourne: Sister Winterbourne, QAIMNSR came to see me as she was under orders to proceed to the Officers’ Hospital, Lucheux. As I found she was wearing irregular uniform I cancelled her orders and sent her to 2 Stationary Hospital, instructing the Matron to see that she procured proper uniform.
Madame O’Gorman came to ask me if some French ladies of high degree could be taken round our British hospitals.
Nurses’ Home: Saw Miss Baldrey, ARRC, Sister in charge, Nurses’ Home, in connection with the new messing arrangements. It had been reported to me that she had asked Command Paymaster to advance her a certain sum of money as she had found she had difficulty in meeting current expenses with the new method of claiming at the end of the month for all those who had been in the Home. Told her she should always refer such matters to me before taking action.

Sick Sisters 236
Investiture: Received telephone message from GHQ asking if I could attend an investiture at Buckingham Palace on Saturday next. Replied that I regretted it was impossible for me to absent myself from Headquarters at present.
1st Army: Received requests from DMS 1st Army to increase the staff of No.6 CCS which needed a lot of pulling up and had a great deal of work – 2 Sisters were wanted, and also one for 54 CCS.
Casualties: Received and circulated instructions from War Office (Casualties’ Department) to the effect that when reporting casualties to Nursing Sisters, full Christian names were to be given and not initials only, owing to considerable difficulties in tracing next of kin.
WAAC Detention Hospital: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application received from DDMS Rouen for a second VAD for the WAAC Detention Hospital at Pont de Larche.
Femur wards: Returned to No.1 South African General Hospital application for increase of staff owing to wards having been set aside as special fractured femur wards, suggesting that the present nursing staff should be redistributed to meet requirements. When there was more work than the present staff of masseuses could undertake, their numbers would be increased.
Efficiency Stripe: Circulated instructions to all areas with reference to the Efficiency Stripe and Long Service Bar for VAD members and Special Probationers. In all cases where members of either corps are returning to the United Kingdom special attention should be paid to the question of Efficiency Stripe and Long Service Bar, so that those entitled to this distinction should receive it before they leave the country.
VAD uniform: Received and circulated further instructions from the War Office with regard to VAD uniform: (1) No fur collars are to be worn (2) those members of the Dominions (Australia and Canada) sent to France officially to represent the Commonwealth are authorised to wear the respective badges of their dominions in addition to the Red Cross badge.

Sick Sisters 225
5th Army: DMS 5th Army asked that the staff of 24 and 41 CCS should be increased from 8 to 13.
Matron-in-Chief, AIF: Wrote to Miss Wilson, AIF, on the subject of official correspondence in connection with members of the AANS. An application from a Sister anxious to obtain transport duty had taken one month to filter through to Headquarters, AIF. Said I would send a copy of all correspondence direct to her. Mentioned the question of Miss Murdoch, Red Cross worker, 3 Australian General Hospital, who had refused to be accommodated in the hospital – she was a young lady and the Matron, Miss Miles Walker, was very worried about her as she was living alone in a billet and walking down at night. I had asked Miss Walker to put the matter up officially but as she had not done so I concluded there was some difficulty. With reference to her kind offer for more Australian nurses for British units said I should like to hold the matter over for some time and if there was any prospect of this offer materialising, it would of course be necessary to put it through officially. At the same time I asked if these Australian nurses would be willing to work anywhere or whether they would be like the others who joined for duty in British units and then wished to work together.
Staff Nurse M. E. Arthur, QAIMNSR Australia, came to see me. She is very anxious to obtain a passage to Australia on account of difficulties at home owing to her father’s death. Her application has been forwarded for consideration.
Staff Nurse M. Richards, QAIMNSR came to see me with reference to an unfavourable report furnished on her by Miss G. M. Jones, QAIMNS. She was anxious to know whether this report would hinder her promotion. Said I would make arrangements to post her to a unit where she would be given every chance of proving herself and a confidential report would be asked for at the end of a certain time. Posted her to 14 General Hospital and asked for a report at the end of 3 months’ service.
Portuguese Hospital: Received War Office authority for the embarkation of Staff Nurse R. M. Renwick, QAIMNSR on 9th inst. for duty with a Portuguese hospital. Miss Renwick had arrived on that date and had been instructed to come to Abbeville. She came to see me today and I arranged for her to join 2 Stationary Hospital until the question of the staff for the Portuguese CCS could be arranged, as she was at present the only Portuguese speaking Sister and could not join alone.
Canadian Rest Home, Boulogne: Received from DGMS request forwarded by Commissioner, BRCS with reference to the taking of the Hotel du Nord, Boulogne, for the purpose of converting it into a Rest House for nurses passing through, stating that with his approval this unit would be managed by 13 VAD members. Asked HQ, L of C how this matter stood with regard to previous correspondence forwarded to him on the subject.
Investiture: Received wire from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, asking if I could attend an Investiture on Saturday, the 16th. Replied “Regret impossible – writing”.
Staff Nurse E. M. Liddiard, TFNS on return from sick leave was reported for wearing a hat not regulation pattern. Saw this lady and instructed her to procure proper uniform without delay.
Transfer to Italy: Received application from Nursing Sister M. Bowman, CAMC to be posted to a Canadian unit in Italy. Returned correspondence, saying her request had been noted – at present there are no Canadian units in Italy.
Miss Jolley, ARRC, QAIMNSR: As Miss Jolley, QAIMNSR is anxious to return to England to take up her post as Matron of the Liverpool Southern Hospital and no answer has yet been received to her application to resign, telephoned to GHQ for instructions and was told she should be given 7 days’ leave pending the acceptance of her resignation. Arranged accordingly and sent Miss Potts, ANSR to 44 CCS to take over charge.

Sick Sisters 237
Miss Goddard, APMMC: Received request from DGMS for details of an incident referred to by DDMS Etaples of undisciplined behaviour on the part of Miss Goddard, APMMC in the report forwarded on the subject of this lady’s being relieved of her duties.
Miss Woinarski, AANS: Received War Office letter with reference to the application of Head Sister Woinarski, 25 General Hospital, for a transfer to England for duty. At present it is not possible to detail this lady for duty to the same hospital as Sister King and there is no vacancy for a Head Sister in any Australian unit in England. If she still wishes for a transfer she will revert to rank of Sister. Forwarded correspondence to DDMS Boulogne for report as to this lady’s wishes in the matter.
Lodging, Fuel and Light: Forwarded to AQMG request to be allowed to draw the Lodging, Fuel and Light Allowances of my class.
American nurses: Received War Office wire notifying that 100 nurses of the American ANC will probably arrive in France on the 18th inst. for duty in British units. Will be sent by Havre if this suggestion is concurred in. Replied by wire to DGMS that these nurses should be sent by Havre.
No.1 Eastern Rest Camp: On receipt of letter from Miss Aitchison, Sister i/c of No.1 Eastern Rest Camp, telling me that the temporary hospital which had been arranged for 5 miles from the town for women and children on their way home from Ceylon who had developed measles, wrote saying that I was sending another nurse to help her out of her difficulties. Sent Staff Nurse Scott, QAIMNSR who is a good medical nurse with experience of isolation work.
Sister Wasgindt, QAIMNSR: Miss Forrest, QAIMNS Sister i/c of 8 CCS wrote in connection with the renewal of contract of Sister Wasgindt, QAIMNSR who refused to sign a renewal unless it was promised that she should take a course of training in anaesthetics. Wrote that no conditions could be accepted in connection with the signing of an agreement. This lady’s name was down for a course and later when more pupils were required she would not be forgotten.
Testimonials: Forwarded to DGMS testimonials on Sisters Cardozo and Merriman, TFNS who were both applying for the post of Matron of King’s College Hospital as it had become vacant on Miss Ray’s resignation. Wrote to Matron-in-Chief, War Office and also to Matron-in-Chief, TFNS and Miss Ray, informing them of the action I had taken, as I understand the Committee meeting to be held in connection with the appointment is on the 18th, and the matter is an urgent case.

Sick Sisters 227
Resignation: Received War Office letter with reference to the application of Miss J. R. Taylor, VAD to resign in order to join the General Service Section. As this lady had signed AFW 3540 she could not be released from her agreement unless she signed an undertaking to refund the extra pay drawn, before her resignation was carried out. Similar action should be taken in future cases where the application is thought worthy of consideration. (As this lady had recently signed AFW 3540 and had not yet drawn increase of pay, this ruling did not apply in this case).
Convalescents, Italy: Received application from DMS Italy requesting that 2 of his nursing staff might be sent to Cannes for a rest and change as there are no Convalescent Homes in Italy at present. Approved as a special case and asked that the proposed date of departure might be notified.
30 General Hospital: ADMS Calais forwarded correspondence with regard to an alleged disagreement amongst the nursing staff of 30 General Hospital. The A/Principal Matron had investigated the matter and her report was forwarded for any action considered necessary. There appears to have been some discontent and disloyalty to the Matron at this unit. Arranged that the Assistant Matron, Miss E. M. Porter, should be replaced by Miss L. M. Clieve, TFNS, and made various other changes amongst the nursing staff.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: The Commissioner, BRCS, requested that the addition of 2 drivers (one VAD and one man) to the authorised establishment of the Convalescent Home, Cannes. Recommended that this should be sanctioned.
Conference of Matrons-in-Chief: Issued instructions to all areas on various points which had been discussed with the Matrons-in-Chief, Overseas, at a conference on November 23rd, 1917.
Miss Peart, VAD: Miss Peart, VAD who had applied for transfer to the 2nd London General Hospital and whose request could not be granted, asked to withdraw her application as she preferred to continue serving at 30 General Hospital, rather than be transferred to any other hospital in the United Kingdom.
Miss E. Donnet: Wrote to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, informing her that Miss E. Donnet, VAD who had proceeded on 14 days’ special leave on the 4th inst. had only recently returned from her ordinary leave. This lady seemed to have many home anxieties as her mother had died suddenly and her father was no longer young, and it was asked that she might be retained on the Home Establishment, as she had left the country before she could be advised officially to do so.
South African Commemoration Service: Received request from A/Principal Matron, Etaples, asking that Miss Schreiner, VAD, daughter of the High Commissioner, South Africa, might be allowed to attend a Commemoration Service to be held at Delville Wood on Sunday the 17th inst. It was proposed that she should report to the South African General Hospital and proceed with a party going from there. As I knew nothing of this matter, asked Mrs. Creagh, South African General Hospital, to come and see me. Learnt that the matter had been arranged unofficially by Major Baker, GHQ. Referred the question to GHQ 1st Echelon, asking what action should be taken. After communicating with GHQ and GOC, L of C it was arranged that the Matron of the South African General Hospital, 2 Sisters, and Miss Schreiner, VAD, might be allowed to attend the service.
NZEF: Received communication from Matron-in-Chief, NZEF informing me that Miss Willis, Assistant Matron, New Zealand Stationary Hospital, was being recalled for transport duty to New Zealand. Arranged that before her departure Miss Willis should spend a week in Paris.

Sick Sisters 232
Monthly return of strength: Recommended to DGMS an amended statement showing the shortage of trained nurses at the end of January to be 267 instead of 166 as previously shown on return.
Resignation: Forwarded to DGMS reply received from Staff Nurse Stirrup, QAIMNSR Canada, in connection with her resignation and her passage back to Canada which could not be arranged for some time. This lady is willing to stay in France until a passage can be arranged but refuses to work in England or to sign for another 6 months.
Forwarded to DGMS correspondence in connection with the resignation of Miss Thurlow, VAD, 22 General Hospital. This lady has forwarded an application to resign on account of urgent private affairs. She now states that she desires to be married in Paris and to reside there after marriage. Referred this question to AAG who saw no objection to her residing in Paris providing she conformed to American rules as she was becoming an American subject. Arranged for her to be given 14 days’ leave pending the acceptance of her resignation. Her fiancé is an officer in the American Expeditionary Force.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: Wrote to Lady Gifford on the subject of Sisters travelling back to duty when unfit to do so. Anyone who was considered unfit to travel or seedy in any way should remain at the Home until well again.

Sick Sisters 238
4 CCS: Saw Miss Townend, QAIMNS who was proceeding to 4 CCS as Sister in charge, in relief of Miss Greaves, QAIMNSR Australia.
Visitors: Arranged a programme for the tour of Miss Swanhilde Bulan and Miss Gertrude Vaughan, of the “Nursing Times” who were arriving in France on Monday, the 18th, to visit the hospitals on the L of C Arranged for Miss Minns, RRC, QAIMNS to conduct these ladies on their tour and for Miss Ayre, Assistant Matron, to take over the duties of Matron at 2 Stationary Hospital during her absence.
APMMC: Sent receipt for £18 to the Hon. Essex French, Secretary to the APMMC, for uniform grants of £2 each due to 9 members of the APMMC. Distributed grants to each of these ladies.
No.3 Ambulance Train: A/Principal Matron, Rouen, telephoned that Sister Cresby, Staff Nurses Gerrard and Pattenden, 3 Ambulance Train, had reported to the Nurses’ Hostel at 11.45 p.m. without kit or belongings at all, the staff coach on the train having been burnt to the ground.
3rd Army: DMS 3rd Army telephoned that 21 CCS was closing and that 48 CCS would be doing double work until the re-opening of 21 CCS. Arranged for the transfer of 4 Sisters to 48 CCS and the disposal of the others. All those who were due are to proceed on leave.
Sick List: Principal Matron, Marseilles, wrote that 7 sick Sisters had been admitted from Italy and she had been permitted to make use of a mess hut not in use and that the best possible arrangements had been made. There is still no Sick Sisters’ Hospital at Marseilles.
Sick Sisters: Principal Matron, St. Omer, wrote that a regular Sick Sisters’ Hospital was now being established in her area.

Sick Sisters 240
5 Ambulance Flotilla: Received telephone message that No.5 Ambulance Flotilla was being dismembered and that the 8 Sisters were now available for duty elsewhere. Arranged for them to join No.10 Stationary Hospital and for all to proceed on leave who were due.
Investitures: Circulated instructions with regard to the procedure to be adopted by members of the nursing staff proceeding on leave who have been decorated. All to report in writing to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, giving nature and date of award. Notification to be sent in on separate sheet to arrival report.
TFNS uniform: Received authority from Matron-in-Chief, TFNS for the outdoor caps recently authorised to be worn when travelling or motoring or in stormy weather outside the hospital precincts. Blue gabardine caps have been authorised to be worn by TFNS probationers. Forwarded the correspondence to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, asking if these privileges could also apply to members of the QAIMNS Reserve.
Convalescent Home, Cannes: DGMS sent copy of authority approving additional personnel for the Convalescent Home, Cannes. The establishment now approved consists of 1 Superintendent, 1 VAD, 1 VAD driver, 1 Chauffeur and 10 orderlies.
APMMC: Received agreement forms for signature by members of the APMMC with a notification that Misses Goddard, Coleridge Smith and Murray were being replaced.
French ladies’ decorations: Miss Hartigan, A/Principal Matron, St. Omer, reported that 2 nuns, Sisters Ruffelle and Adelaide, had applied to her for some decoration ribbon but were very vague as to which one. Telephoned to Colonel Martin, GHQ on the subject and he said the King had personally bestowed the RRC on them in July last. Forwarded ribbon for these ladies with a card of congratulation.

Sick Sisters 238
Reinforcements: Miss Rannie, RRC, Matron QAIMNS (on return from sick leave) and Miss Hewetson, Matron, QAIMNS Retired, (reinforcement) arrived in Boulogne. Arranged for Miss Rannie to proceed to Havre as Matron of 2 General Hospital and A/Principal Matron of the area, and for Miss Hewetson to go to 24 General Hospital as Assistant Matron.
Transfer to warm climate: Received application from Acting Sister C. Fairland, QAIMNSR to proceed to a warmer climate on account of health. Posted her to Marseilles Stationary Hospital.
31 Ambulance Train: Received notification that No.31 Ambulance Train was proceeding to Italy on the 19th.
French visitors: Wrote to Madam O’Gorman in connection with her request for some French ladies to be allowed to visit British Hospitals. Said that the application must be put up officially before any action could be taken in the matter.

Sick Sisters 246
No.5 BRCS Hospital: Received authority for the addition of a trained surgical masseuse to the establishment of No.5 BRCS Hospital.
Transfer to a warmer climate: Received application from DDMS Rouen, for the transfer of Assistant Matron B. M. Nye, QAIMNS 6 General Hospital, together with a medical certificate stating that owing to ear trouble it was advisable that this lady should be stationed in a warmer climate. Sent orders for her to proceed to Marseilles Stationary Hospital.
American nurses: Received War Office wire 99 American nurses (100 previously notified) for service with British units proceeding to France today.
Sister F. L. Sands, ANSR: Returned to DGMS all correspondence in connection with Sister F. L. Sands, ANSR. This lady’s retention in the QAIMNSR is not recommended. The nature of this lady’s confidential report had been communicated to her and she stated she did not agree with its contents.
No.4 Ambulance Train: Forwarded to ADMS Ambulance Trains confidential correspondence with reference to No.4 Ambulance Train where there seems to have been friction amongst the nursing staff. Asked for confidential reports to be furnished by the OC on Sister Broadhead, TFNS and Staff Nurse F. Sheard, QAIMNSR.
Uniform: Circulated further instructions with regard to uniform emphasising the fact that regulation uniform only must be worn at all times whether on or off duty, when on leave to Paris and the south of France.
No.3 Ambulance Train fire: Forwarded to ADMS, AT, report furnished by Sister Crosbie, QAIMNSR Sister in charge, as to the cause of a fire in which the staff coach was recently burnt to the ground. She had left a candle alight and the rack had caught fire.

Sick Sisters 254
Sir Arthur and Lady Lawley: Received telephone message from the Commissioner, BRCS, saying that Lady Lawley was coming over to France and that she and Sir Arthur would be in Abbeville on the 22nd and that Queen Mary was very anxious that she should see me. Said I would be very pleased if they would lunch with me.
Anaesthetists: DGMS asked whether the 75 candidates who had commenced their training in the use of anaesthetics on January 14th would be ready to commence the final part of their training at a CCS on the 14th of next month. Asked all Bases to confirm the numbers of nurses who would be ready on that date.
QAIMNSR Agreements: Asked DGMS that the War Office might verify the agreement signed by Staff Nurses Payze and Stock, QAIMNSR. The latter lady states that she has signed an agreement “for duration for Home Service and for one year in France.” Asked at the same time if particulars as to what contracts had been signed by reinforcements arriving in France could be notified at the same time as the authority for their embarkation.
Miss A. Kydd, VAD: Saw Miss Kydd, VAD who has sent in her application to resign, and ascertained that this lady was anxious for long leave owing to family affairs. As she is a most valuable worker I advised her to put in for two months’ leave without pay, and her application has accordingly been forwarded to DGMS.
73 General Hospital: Received wire from DGMS notifying that the nursing staff of No.73 General Hospital was proceeding to France via Havre on Wednesday the 20th (today). Arranged for Miss Wilson, A/Principal Matron of Trouville area to proceed to Havre to conduct these ladies to their unit.
Nursing Sisters’ kits: MFO, L of C asked for information with regard to the amount of kit authorised for all members of the nursing service returning to England. Replied that the only kit authorised was 1 trunk, 1 holdall, 1 camp kit, and we had no knowledge of any regulation limiting the weight to be taken from this country to England.
Transfer to General Service Section: Returned to DDMS Havre application received from Miss Nichols, VAD, to transfer to the General Service Section, saying that transfers from one organisation to another were not permitted. She should send in her application to resign from the Nursing Section stating her reasons.
Marseilles: The A/Principal Matron, Marseilles, wrote that several cases of measles have broken out amongst the nursing staff. No suitable house has yet been found for a Sick Sisters’ Hospital.
Captain Warre: Captain Warre called in connection with the Villa Roquebrune as he was anxious to discuss the question of whether I was proposing to put another Sister in charge there for the rest of the season. It was finally decided that Miss Wood, QAIMNS, the present Sister in charge, should remain, at any rate until Mrs. Warre’s arrival next month. He asked if I would like the villa open until the first week in May – he considered that after that date the weather in the south would be too hot to think of sending Convalescents down there.

Sick Sisters 252
Mons Star: Submitted to DGMS the name of Miss Phyllis Holman for special consideration by the Army Council for the 1914 Star. This lady had arrived in Boulogne on 10.10.14 and with the consent of the Military Authorities had assisted with the preparation of No.13 Stationary Hospital and given valuable material assistance in procuring stores.
Sick List: Reported to Matron-in-Chief, War Office and to DGMS that Staff Nurse L. F. Fifield, 1st Harvard Unit, was on the Dangerously Ill List with pneumonia.
Queen Mary’s Hostel: Sent circular informing all concerned that a one-night Hostel for nurses was now open at 50, Warwick Square. All nurses wishing to spend a night in London would be welcomed there by the Lady Superintendent, Miss Francis Smith.
Sick Sisters’ Hospital, St. Omer: The A/Principal Matron, St. Omer, wrote that the Sick Sisters’ Hospital with 30 beds (capable of expansion to 36) was shortly to be opened and it was proposed appointing Miss McAllister QAIMNS as Sister in charge. Approved of the appointment.
Sick Sisters’ Hospital, Havre: Wrote to Miss Rannie, A/Principal Matron, informing her that Acting Sister St. Leger, QAIMNSR would shortly be appointed as A/Matron of the new Sick Sisters’ Hospital, Havre, in relief of Miss G. M. Morris, QAIMNS Retired, who had applied for a change of station.
Transport, Dieppe: Received communication from ADMS Dieppe, saying that he had been able to make satisfactory arrangements with the Base Commandant for the transport of Sisters and their kits to the station when proceeding on duty or on leave.
Nursing Board: Wrote to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, to ask if the Nursing Board was still holding meetings and whether she would like a brief report of the work in France for 1915, 1916 and 1917.

Sick Sisters 233
Sir Arthur and Lady Lawley came to see me. Sir Arthur had come to see the DMS, who was away but her saw the DDMS on certain matters. Lady Lawley arrived with a message from Her Majesty the Queen, who as anxious to know whether the articles supplied by Queen Mary’s Needlework Guild were necessary and acceptable and if so, whether some arrangement could not be made so that War Office letter 24/Gen.No/4509 (AMD3) dated 15th October, 1916, instructing all Officers in charge of units to apply only through the Directory General of Voluntary Organisations for what they required in the way of clothing for the troops, dressings and surgical appliances, might not be modified. Since the beginning of the war they had always been able to send things direct from their organisation to whatever unit was wanting them and only recently had they learnt that this was not permitted. I explained that I was ignorant of the letter myself until quite recently and that I would not neglect to see the DGMS on the subject immediately on his return from the South and would write to the DGAMS at the War Office, Colonel Goodwin, who had just come into office and I felt sure that as he had been so recently in France (since the beginning of the campaign) he would appreciate what a boon QMNG had been to all of us, and we would see if we could not continue to get our supplies direct as heretofore. Sir Arthur and Lady Lawley and Colonel Gallie DDMS, lunched with me and after Sir Arthur and Lady Lawley left for Paris.
73 General Hospital: The nursing staff of 123 members for 73 General Hospital arrived at Havre, and were conducted to their unit by Miss Wilson, A/Principal Matron of Trouville area.
Reinforcement: Reported to DGMS that Staff Nurse E. Harrison, TFNS had reported her arrival for duty on 20.2.18 – no authority had been received for this lady’s embarkation.

Sick Sisters 230
3rd Army: DMS 3rd Army asked that Nos.8, 19, 49 and 45 CCS should be brought up to 14 nursing strength, exclusive of those on leave, as this number would be required.
12 Stationary Hospital: Miss Drage, QAIMNS A/Matron of 12 Stationary Hospital, telephoned that they were very busy and were taking in French civilians with enteric. More wards under American medical administration were opening and would be requiring more staff. Sent 4 more Staff Nurses.
Operating Centre, 1st Army: DMS 1st Army telephoned that the operating centre attached to 54 CCS was closing in a few days. He asked for instructions for the disposal of the nursing staff. Arranged that they should be sent to No.10 Stationary Hospital.

Sick Sisters 228
Promotions: DGMS forwarded letter from Financial Secretary, War Office, saying that the question of the promotion of Miss I. C. Woodford, TFNS to rank of Matron whilst employed on disembarkation duty at Boulogne had received careful consideration but it was thought that the duties pertaining to this office did not justify the appointment of a Matron. A similar letter was received concerning the appointment of a Matron to be in charge of the Nurses’ Home, Abbeville.
Reinforcements: Received from the War Office monthly return of reinforcements sent to France during the month of January – 40 VAD reinforcements, and 16 trained and 7 VADs = total 23 from sick leave.
Scottish Section, 11 Stationary Hospital: DGMS forwarded memo from Commissioner, BRCS, with reference to the incident at Scottish Section, No.11 Stationary Hospital. Application had been made by him to the Scottish Section, BRCS for the recall of certain Sisters I had suggested should be transferred to the Home Establishment.
Canadian Red Cross Hostel: Recommended to DGMS the suggested establishment for the Canadian Red Cross Hostel at Boulogne – 13 VAD members.
Mrs. Kuhring, a member of the SJAB Canadian Branch, came to the office to see Miss Ridley, Principal Matron, CAMC. She had brought over a contingent of SJAB VAD members from Canada and had been authorised to come to France to visit the Canadian Hospitals.
36 CCS: DMS 4th Army telephoned that 36 CCS would be opening on Saturday and that the nursing staff would be required.

Sick Sisters 240
CAMC reinforcements: Received memo from DGMS with reference to the non-arrival of 3 Sisters for 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital – Canadian Headquarters had been communicated with and a reply received to the effect that Sisters Baker, Mason and Wilson were unable to proceed overseas on the specified date and the embarkation was cancelled. Sister Wallace had been sent in place of Sister Baker and 2 more ladies were being supplied.
Portuguese Hospital: Received War Office letter asking when the nursing staff would be required for the Portuguese Hospital. Asked DDMS Boulogne to supply this information.
Sick List: Received notification from DDMS Rouen that Reserve Nurse Cordelia Ranz had been admitted to the American Red Cross Hospital, Neuilly, whilst on leave in Paris. Asked to be informed from what she was suffering.

Sick Sisters 240
Honours and Mentions: Sent circular asking for names to be submitted for Honours and Mentions for the King’s Birthday Honours Gazette.
Reinforcements: Forwarded to DGMS statement showing the discrepancies between our return and the War Office figures of reinforcements during the month of January – War Office letter showed 40 reinforcements and 23 returned from sick leave – our return showed 40 reinforcements and 19 from sick leave.
Miss M. Druce, VAD: On receipt of application to resign and to proceed on special leave to England in order to be married, from Miss M. Druce, VAD, wired DDMS Havre that in view of the fact that this lady had so recently returned from extended leave of 18 days (in January), she should proceed to the United Kingdom forthwith and should be struck off strength from date of departure. Forwarded and recommended her application to DGMS, reporting action taken.
Marseilles: The Principal Matron, Marseilles, wrote saying that she and some of her staff had attended the funeral of the Base Commandant, Marseilles, on Thursday, the 21st inst. From her description, it was a most impressive ceremony.

Sick Sisters 237
APMMC: Received War Office authority for the embarkation of 3 members of the APMMC – Misses Henderson, I. Smith and E. Squire. An additional member is shortly to be placed under orders to embark. Posted Misses Henderson and Squire to No.56 General Hospital for duty at 6 Convalescent Depot, and Miss Smith to 4 General Hospital.
Canadian Red Cross Hostel: DGMS approved the establishment of 13 VADs for the Canadian Red Cross Hostel at Boulogne.
New Zealand Stationary Hospital: Returned to DGMS correspondence concerning the nursing strength of the New Zealand Stationary Hospital for which the OC had applied for an increase. The present strength is 1 Matron, 6 Sisters and 27 Staff Nurses – total 34. The OC states that the establishment of this unit should be 1 Matron 16 Sisters and 26 Staff Nurses – total 43. Nothing is known in this office of the authorised establishment for hospitals of the NZEF. This unit now has 950 beds and will shortly have 1000. The establishment laid down by the War Office for British units of 1000 beds is 1 Matron, 26 Sisters and 46 Staff Nurses – total 73. It is thought that a staff of 43 is very small for a unit of this size.
36 CCS: Interviewed Acting Sister K. Skinner, QAIMNSR who is proceeding on Saturday as Sister in charge of 36 CCS which is re-opening in the 4th Army.

Sick Sisters 234
Extension of leave: Extension of leave of 3 days granted to Miss Scudamore Smith, VAD on medical certificate. Extension of 4 days to Staff Nurse C. I. McGillivray, QAIMNSR owing to her brother’s death. 7 days’ extension on medical certificate to Miss A. M. S. Kerr, VAD.
CAMC resignations: Asked DGMS for a ruling as to whether it is permissible for Nursing Sisters of the CAMC to resign from the Service in France without leaving the country, in order to be married, provided that they relinquish all claims upon the Canadian Service which they might have whilst serving.
Miss K. Roberts, VAD: DGMS forwarded wire received from the War Office asking for arrangements to be made for Miss K. Roberts, VAD Sick Sisters’ Hospital, Etaples, to visit her brother dangerously ill at “Borgo Frano Ivrea, Genoa” – a very urgent case. Forwarded correspondence to AAG asking for permission for this lady to travel and to be accompanied by Miss Nisbett, VAD whose brother had been seriously wounded and was lying in a critical state at a CCS in Italy. Miss Nisbett is working in my office.
VAD Uniform: Forwarded to DGMS application received from Miss M. D. Mitchell, VAD, 58 General Hospital, on behalf of the VAD members of that unit, that if possible a different uniform might be worn by the General Service VADs and the nursing members. They had noticed a difference in the manner of the soldiers towards them since the arrival of the General Service Section.
53 CCS: Interviewed Miss Gray, TFNS who was proceeding in charge of 53 CCS, in relief of Sister Gardner, QAIMNS, who has been at the front for a considerable time and who is reported to be in a rather nervous condition and in need of a change.
5th Army: DMS 5th Army telephoned to warn us that he would probably be requiring a considerable increase of staff in 8 or 9 of the Clearing Stations under his administration. These CCSs average at present from 10 to 13 nursing staff each and might be required to be brought up to 25 at short notice, given possibly by telephone or wire. Made arrangements accordingly.
Anaesthetists: During this month, in addition to the 8 trained nurses actually undergoing a course of training in the use of anaesthetics who have withdrawn their names, 10 trained nurses and 10 VAD members who had volunteered for this work but were not taking the first course have also withdrawn their names.


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