MARCH 1st – 31st 1918

Sick Sisters 233
Transport duty to Australia: Received copy of War Office letter with reference to the application for transport duty to Australia from Staff Nurse M. E. Arthur, QAIMNSR. The Australian authorities can arrange a passage within the next six months but Miss Arthur must be prepared to do duty on board and no return passage can be guaranteed.
Resignations: Forwarded to DGMS list of Nursing Sisters in France who had resigned since the last return was forwarded on 1.1.18 – total 34.

Sick Sisters 233
Miss Roberts VAD: Miss Roberts, VAD 24 General Hospital and Miss Nisbett, VAD from my office, proceeded by the morning train to Italy via Paris to visit their brothers – Miss Roberts’ brother being dangerously ill and Miss Nisbett’s brother seriously wounded in the chest.
Investiture: Informed A/Principal Matron, Etaples, in answer to an enquiry, that VAD members attending an investiture should wear cap and apron, black shoes and stockings and white kid gloves.
Mrs. L. Street: In answer to an enquiry from the Secretary, Wounded and Missing Department, BRCS, informed her that there was no trace on our books of a Mrs. L. Street (Home Address – Leyton) for whom she was making enquiries.
Reinforcements: Forwarded to DGMS monthly return of reinforcements and wastages during the month of February – total reinforcements – Trained 13, VAD 1; from sick leave Trained 12, VAD 3. Present total in BEF = Trained 2374, VAD and Special Probationers 1623. Present shortage = Trained 315, VAD and Special Probationers 17.
APMMC: Reported to DGMS and to the Hon. Essex French the arrival of Miss Henderson and Miss Smith for 56 General Hospital and of Miss Squire for 4 General Hospital, to replace members of the APMMC returning to England.
36 and 50 CCS: Nos.36 and 50 CCS have opened and the usual regulations were forwarded to them. Interviewed Miss M. A. Dunn, CHR Sister i/c, 50 CCS before she proceeded to take up her duties.
Miss Vaughan: Miss Minns, QAIMNS and Miss Vaughan, Editor of the “Nursing Times” who had been touring the Base Hospitals, returned to Abbeville and reported at my office. Miss Vaughan dined with me, stayed the night at 2 Stationary Hospital and returned the next day to Boulogne en route for England.

Sick Sisters 245
Anaesthetists: Forwarded to DGMS the return of anaesthetists undergoing training, who will be ready to proceed to a CCS for the last part of the course on 14.3.18. 76 commenced instruction on 14.1.18. Of these 3 proved unsuitable, 11 withdrew, 8 were replaced and 7 will be ready at a later date, leaving a total of 63 now ready for the further course.
BRCS returns: Received from Commissioner, BRCS monthly return of BRCS nurses in France – Trained nurses 311, VADs 679, General Service VADs 503.
American nurses for the British Army: In answer to an enquiry from Miss Martha Russell, Chief Nurse, American Red Cross, as to conditions for admission of American nurses into British Army Service, received answer from War Office that there is no regulation on this subject other than that embodied in the regulations for admission to QAIMNS and Reserve.
Reinforcements for Salonika: Received from DGMS copy of wire from “Searail” – 30 nurses embarking for Boulogne on the 7th, 30 on the 8th and 30 on the 9th, proceeding overland to Taranto en route for Salonika. All necessary arrangements to be made. Forwarded to DDMS Boulogne for necessary action.
Transfer to East Africa: Received copy of War Office letter in answer to the application of Staff Nurse E. Lydall, QAIMNSR for service in East Africa, saying it is regretted that no nurses are at present required there. All hospitals in South Africa are staffed by members of the SAMNS. A note has been made of Miss Lydall’s request.
A/Principal Matron, Etaples: Miss Stronach, RRC, A/Principal Matron, Etaples area, came to the office to talk over certain matters in connection with the work in the area, especially concerning the change of Matrons at 4 and 24 General Hospitals.

Sick Sisters 235
Anaesthetists: Sister S. Burrell, QAIMNSR applied to withdraw her name from the list of candidates for the anaesthetics course, as she does not care for such responsible work and is not equal to the strain. This lady has not started her course, and her application has been approved.
CAMC returns: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, CEF, report for February 1918 giving all statistics in connection with the Canadian Nursing Service in France and enclosing inspection reports of Nos.1 and 7 Canadian General Hospitals and 8 Canadian Stationary Hospital.
Resignation: Received correspondence from DDMS Rouen relating to Sister A. White, TFNS who is anxious to take up again the post of Assistant Matron, Nottingham General Hospital. Recommended to DGMS that this lady might be allowed to resign her appointment in the TFNS.
Monthly returns: Forwarded to DGMS and to OC, RAMC Records, monthly return showing the number of trained nurses, VADs, Special Probationers and General Service VADs serving in France on March 1st – Trained 4784, VADs and Special Probationers 2746 (inclusive of General Service and BRCS VADs).
Marriage: Reported to DGMS that Sister A. G. Stallwood, TFNS had returned from sick leave on 18.2.18 having been married whilst on leave to Lieut. Hopwood, Essex Regiment. Asked if this lady’s retention in the service was approved.
Reinforcements: Sent urgent memo to DGMS asking for reinforcements of trained nurses – about 350 trained nurses are required to complete establishments in France. Requested that the War Office might be asked to supply these as soon as possible.

Sick Sisters 239
VAD uniform: DGMS returned the correspondence in connection with General Service VAD uniform, together with the complaint from Nursing VAD members at 58 General Hospital, in which it had been asked that a distinction might be made between the uniform of the two branches. DGMS notified that it was not considered necessary or advisable to re-submit this question.
Efficiency Stripe: Asked A/Principal Matron, Trouville, to verify statement made by Miss Laycock, VAD, with regard to her efficiency stripes – she states she was awarded 2 Efficiency Stripes on 14.9.17.
Sister M. Hook, TFNS: Asked ADMS Abbeville to furnish an explanation with regard to Sister M. Hook, TFNS who had returned to duty from sick leave and who stated she had not been informed that her transfer to the Home Establishment was accepted, nor had she been instructed to report to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office Saw Miss Hook in my office.
VAD uniform: Asked DDMS Boulogne for a description of the uniform worn by Miss Swinford and Miss Westbury, VAD members, who belonged to the Kent detachment and who had failed to comply with War Office instructions in regard to uniform. They were evidently under the impression that a complete new uniform must be bought by them.
Miss Roberts, VAD: Received wire from Miss Steenson, Matron, QAIMNS saying that Miss Roberts and Miss Nisbett, VAD had arrived safely.
Miss Hilda Heywood: Received wire from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, asking if we could assist in tracing a person found by the police suffering from loss of memory – she states she is on leave from 10 General Hospital and that her name is Hilda Heywood, VAD – age about 23. Wired that there is no Hilda Heywood on our books – no Miss Heywood, VAD on leave from France. Gave the names of all VADs on leave from 10 General Hospital.
Staff Nurse Brown, SAMNS: Received wire from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, asking for particulars of Staff Nurse Brown, SAMNS, reported by her mother to be sick in 2 Stationary Hospital. Replied that she was admitted on the 28th ult. with ICT finger and was now convalescent.
Miss Roberts, VAD: Received a telephone message from Etaples saying that the APM had heard that Miss Roberts’ brother had died before her arrival.

Sick Sisters 246
Chevrons: Received letter from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, asking for a nominal roll showing the description and number of chevrons due to each member of the nursing service, to complete the War Office records.
Miss McCosh, VAD: Reported to DGMS that Miss McCosh, VAD whose resignation had been accepted, had been admitted to hospital suffering from pneumonia.
Chevrons: Asked OC, RAMC Records, 3rd Echelon, how leave from Malta should be calculated for chevrons.
Reinforcements: Received War Office wire notifying the arrival of 50 members in France on the 8th inst. – 46 VAD members, 2 Special Probationers and 2 Assistant Nurses. Miss Charlotte Crow, Assistant Nurse, would be in charge of the party.
Indemnification claim: AQMG approved the payment of £5.17. 6. to Sister B. Harrison, TFNS for a Burberry destroyed by fire at 56 General Hospital.
American reinforcements: Forwarded to Chief Nurse, AEF, nominal roll of 98 American nurses who arrived in France on 28.2.18, with their postings.
Portuguese Hospital: In answer to an enquiry received from DGMS, informed him that the establishment of the Portuguese Hospital would not be completed until the end of March. Part of it capable of taking 500 patients is ready to be handed over for equipment. The quarters are not ready for occupation but will be shortly. DDMS Boulogne has been asked for a definite date on which the Sisters can be received. Sent to Boulogne copy of correspondence relating to the employment of Nursing Sisters with this unit.
Miss Roberts and Miss Nisbett: Received wire from 24 CCS saying that Miss Nisbett, VAD, had arrived and that her brother was improving. Received wire from Commandant, British Hospital, Turin, saying that Miss Roberts’ brother had died before her arrival and asking permission for Miss Roberts to accompany his wife back to England.
Contract of Staff Nurse Quinlan: Explained to DGMS with reference to the date on contract form of Staff Nurse Quinlan – 3.7.17 – that this lady had renewed her contract in July to date from 18.9.17 to 18.9.18. As this form was returned to the Base for correction it had not been forwarded with the others due on the same date and had therefore been included in those forwarded in February.

Sick Sisters 248
Miss I. Grieves, VAD: Returned correspondence concerning Miss I. Grieves, VAD to Principal Matron, Italy, giving her record of service showing her to be in every way eligible for the Red Efficiency Stripe.

Sick Sisters 238
Reinforcements: With reference to the application for additional nursing reinforcements at an early date, DGMS asks how many trained nurses are required.
Received nominal roll of 50 members (46 VAD members, 2 Special Probationers and 2 Assistant Nurses) who are proceeding to France on March 8th, from the Matron-in-Chief, TFNS. These reinforcements were originally intended for 81 General Hospital but it is now understood they are to be utilised as required. Sent instructions for their postings to Boulogne, Etaples and Havre Bases.
Miss Roberts, VAD: Received wire from Italy informing us that Miss Roberts, VAD was returning to duty and not proceeding to England as originally intended.

Sick Sisters 251
Summer time came into force.
Miss Conyers, RRC Matron-in-Chief, AIF arrived in France on a visit of inspection and came to Abbeville by car from Boulogne. Received notification from DGMS that a white pass had been issued to her and that all facilities should be given her.
Miss McAndrew, QAIMNSR: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, statement regarding the uniform of Miss McAndrew, QAIMNSR, furnished by Sister in charge, 47 CCS, also a statement by me as to the untidy state of this lady’s uniform when she came to the office for an interview.
Transfer to CAMC: Returned to DDMS Boulogne application from Staff Nurse J. D. Bryden, QAIMNSR Canada, to be allowed to transfer to the CAMC (in order to draw the higher pay of that service), saying that transfers from one Corps to another were not permitted. This lady must first send in her resignation from the QAIMNSR.
American nurses’ pay: Asked DGMS for information with regard to the pay and allowances of members of the American Nursing Service who are serving in British units. Are they similar to those drawn by American nurses in units staffed by American personnel? These ladies arrived without any camp kit and considerable difficulty was experienced in accommodating them.
6 Canadian General Hospital: Forwarded to the Matron-in-Chief, CEF, adverse reports on members of the nursing staff of No.6 Canadian General Hospital, attaching confidential correspondence.
Casualties: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, list of casualties from enemy action to members of the nursing service since the beginning of the war.
VAD Assistant Nurses: Received from DGMS copy of ACI 214 relating to the promotion of VAD members to the rank of Assistant Nurses. Before being promoted they must have served two years, must be in possession of the Red Efficiency Stripe and must be recommended by the OC and Matron. The letters “AN” are to be worn on the apron in indoor uniform and on the shoulder straps on outdoor uniform.

Sick Sisters 253
TFNS reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter referring to the arrival of 6 members of the TFNS as reinforcements. These ladies’ arrival had been notified and an acknowledgment of the War Office letter had been sent, giving their postings to 55 and 56 General Hospitals.
Resignation: Received copy of War Office letter accepting the resignation of Staff Nurse C. L. McKibben, QAIMNSR Canada from 8.3.18 inclusive. This lady wished to resign to rejoin the CAMC and had refused to continue serving until a passage to Canada could be arranged for her.
A/Principal Matrons’ duties: Circulated to all A/Principal Matrons of areas list of duties for which they are responsible, with detailed instructions for their guidance.
Travelling claim: Forwarded to AAG for approval travelling claim of Miss Murray, APMMC, for 2 nights detention at the Louvre Hotel.

Sick Sisters 264
Acting Sister Quilter, QAIMNSR: Received copy of War Office letter saying that 4 months’ leave without pay cannot be granted to Acting Sister Quilter, QAIMNSR. As this lady’s 6 months’ contract expired on February 5th and has not been renewed, she should send in her application to resign, and should rejoin when she is able to do so.
Resignation: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application to resign on account of approaching marriage from Staff Nurse E. Dennis, TFNS. This lady has signed AFW 3548 and is willing to refund her extra pay drawn but is unable to do so under three months as her home is in Canada. Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application to resign from Staff Nurse B. Beyer, QAIMNSR, in order to join the CAMC. Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application to resign from Mrs. Love, VAD (née Lanham). This lady had married while on leave and now her husband was going to England she wished to go home also.
VAD agreements: Forwarded to DGMS confidential reports and signed agreement forms of VAD members who were due to renew their contracts this month – total 105.
Reinforcements: Reported to DGMS the arrival on 8.3.18 of 49 reinforcements – 45 VADs, 2 Assistant Nurses and 2 Special Probationers. (46 VADs had been notified to arrive).

Sick Sisters 268
CAMC reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter with authority for the embarkation of Nursing Sister M. L. McDermott, CAMC to join 3 Canadian General Hospital, in relief of Nursing Sister J. A. C. Rodd, CAMC. Nursing Sister L. Quinn, CAMC who had been granted extension of leave to 22.2.18 should be struck off the strength from that date.
Conference: Wrote to Matron-in-Chief, CEF, with reference to the conference of Overseas Matrons-in-Chief held in November, 1917. She had asked if it had official status – replied entirely official.
Accident: Miss Fynes Clinton, VAD and Miss Boucher, VAD, who were returning to their billets from hospital at 9 p.m. at 83 Dublin General Hospital, were knocked down by a motor car – Miss Fynes Clinton had sustained injuries to head (? fractured base) and Miss Boucher had a fracture of tibia. Informed the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, by telegram, giving addresses of next of kin.
4th Army: All Casualty Clearing Stations in the 4th Army have been made up to a nursing staff of 14 at the request of the DMS.

Sick Sisters 275
Leave to Jersey: Forwarded to AQMG for approval application for leave to Jersey via St. Malo from Miss Le Marquand, VAD, 3 General Hospital This lady stated she was willing to pay her own expenses if permitted to proceed that way.
Efficiency Stripe: Returned to A/principal Matron, Etaples, correspondence concerning Miss R. Finlayson, VAD who has applied for Home Service, pointing out that sick leave does not count towards the period served for an Efficiency Stripe.
Uniform: Sent circular to all Bases concerning certain changes which have been authorised in the Reserve and Regular Uniforms, also giving particulars of a storm cap which has been authorised for members of the TFNS, which may be worn outside camps in windy weather and when travelling.
4 Canadian CCS: DMS 1st Army informed us that the staff of 4 Canadian CCS would be required on the 17th inst. as that unit was re-opening.

Sick Sisters 264
Anaesthetists: Received instructions from DGMS for the 63 nurses who have finished the preliminary course of training in the administration of anaesthetics to be posted to certain CCSs as soon as possible after the 15th inst. in order to undergo the second part of their training.
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter showing the number of reinforcements sent to France during February – no new arrivals, 24 returned from sick leave.
American nursing staff: Reported to DGMS that Reserve Nurse Clark, USA, was discharged hospital on the 10th inst. and proceeded to the USA for final discharge from Army Service. Also Reserve Nurse E. McClive, USA, was relieved from duty with Base Hospital No.1 and is under orders to proceed to Base Section No.1 to report to the CO for transportation to USA for discharge.
1 Canadian CCS: Arranged for 10 CAMC Sisters to proceed by car from 10 Stationary Hospital to join 1 Canadian CCS which has re-opened in the First Army.
Miss Sloggett’s travelling claim: Forwarded to Miss D. Sloggett, VAD travelling claim for detention in Paris for her explanation. This lady stated she had been detained in Paris under instructions from the Matron-in-Chief, BEF on her way to Michelham Convalescent Home, Mentone.
47 CCS: DMS 5th Army asked for 14 Sisters for No.47 CCS which is re-opening in the 5th Army. Arranged accordingly.

Sick Sisters 259
Nurses for the East: Received copy of wire from DGMS – 90 nurses (30 each day) embarking at Folkestone for Salonika via Boulogne and Taranto. Arrangements to be made for their accommodation. Informed DDMS Boulogne.
Lady Mond’s visit: Received instructions from DGMS to draw up a programme for the visit of Lady Mond who had undertaken the Hospital Section of the Women’s Committee for the Imperial War Museum, and wishes to visit hospitals in France in connection with this work, between the 2nd and 12th April.
Nurses’ Club at Havre: Forwarded and recommended to AQMG application received from DDMS Havre for the establishment of one of HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs for Nurses in that area, the need for such an institution being much felt.

Sick Sisters 263
Sir Arthur Sloggett, DGMS, came to the office to see me on his return from the south of France.
Panama hats: Applied to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, that members of the QAIMNS and Reserve may be permitted to wear Panama hats in the summer. This privilege has already been granted to members of the TFNS and VADs. The need for this is particularly felt in camp hospitals and CCS.
Anaesthetists: Forwarded to DGMS report on the progress of the Nursing Sisters undergoing instruction in the use of anaesthetics at Base Hospital, on the completion of 2 months’ training. Also gave postings of those Sisters proceeding to Army areas on the 17th to complete their course of training. Sisters E. Smith, E. S. Greig and E. Linklater, AANS at 1 South African General Hospital are not going, as they are on leave, and Sister Pike, QAIMNSR is on special leave owing to the death of her mother. In all, 61 Sisters are proceeding to Army areas for the final course.

Sick Sisters 261
Sick List: Sister O. Whiteley, CAMC 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital, placed on dangerously ill list – has undergone an operation (laparotomy).
Nursing Sister Robbins, CAMC: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from Nursing Sister Robbins, CAMC (nee McLaren) for 7 days’ special leave to arrange private affairs. This lady was married in December last. She arrived in France on 28.2.18 but had not previously reported she was married. 7 days’ granted in anticipation of resignation and instructions issued for Mrs. Robbins to report to the Matron-in-Chief, Canadians, on arrival in England.

Sick Sisters 255
Typewriters: Informed ADMS Marseilles that the application of the A/Principal Matron, Marseilles, for a typewriter cannot be approved owing to the great difficulty in obtaining typewriters. Local arrangements should be made as in other areas where the same amount of clerical work exists in connection with the nursing services.
11 CCS: The nursing staff of No.11 CCS has been made up to 14, as this unit is again doing CCS work. During the winter they have been doing Rest Station work and had a nursing staff of 5 only.
Sick List: Sister Whiteley, CAMC is reported on the DI List – Laparotomy has been performed.
Portuguese Hospital: DGMS enquired if the Sisters who were to be detailed for duty with the Portuguese Hospital were volunteers. He did not wish any Sisters to be posted to this unit before first being informed what their duties would be and if they volunteered for the work.

Sick Sisters 263
Remy Siding shelled: Received notification from DMS 4th Army that the following CCSs at Remy Siding had been heavily shelled – 10 and 17 CCS, 2 and 3 Canadian CCS. Consequently the nursing staff of approximately 60 were being sent temporarily to St. Omer. It is hoped that they will be able to return in the course of a few days. They have been accommodated in the Sisters’ quarters of the different hospitals in the area. No one was injured fortunately.
5th Army: DMS 5th Army rang up to ask what arrangements had been made for speedily increasing the nursing staffs of CCSs in his Army when called for. It was expected that he would want the staffs of 4 units – Nos. 32, 34, 61 and 46 CCSs – made up to 25. Replied that a certain number of specially chosen Sisters were waiting at the 4 Stationary Hospitals close to the Army area, ready to be sent up whenever he wished. Others could be sent up from Abbeville at short notice.

Sick Sisters 254
Scottish Section, 11 Stationary Hospital: DGMS forwarded copy of letter from Commissioner, BRCS, saying the Committee of the Scottish Branch had decided that the same system shall be followed at 11 Stationary Hospital, (Scottish Section) as in Military Hospitals, viz. the Matron’s authority under the OC of the Section should be clearly recognised and the A/Principal Matron of the area should supervise and exercise control over the Section as in British Hospitals.
Nurses’ Club at Trouville: Received from DDMS Trouville a request for the establishment of one of HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs for Nurses in the Trouville area. Asked AQMG whether the approval of the GOC, L of C in principle could be obtained.
Scottish Section, 11 Stationary Hospital: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, applications from 3 VAD members who are resigning from the Scottish Section, 11 Stationary Hospital, to be taken on in a Military Hospital. These ladies are Miss V. Clark, Miss C. Tod and Miss A. B. Young.
Mrs. Warre’s visit: Received from DGMS copy of Mrs. Warre’s application for permission to visit Abbeville on her way down and back from Mentone. Our remarks were asked for. Replied that it would be an advantage if Mrs. Warre could come to talk over matters in connection with the Villa Roquebrune. This Villa as it stands, with all the servants, etc., has been given over as a Convalescent Home for Sisters, and this year a member of the Regular Service has been acting as Lady Superintendent through the season. It was thought advisable and helpful if Mrs. Warre could come and discuss the arrangements of the Home with me.


The 21st March 1918 was the first day of the German spring offensive, when the German Army made such sudden and rapid progress, that many medical units were obliged to close or move at very short notice, or risk being over-run by the enemy.  The moves and closures that took place are outlined in the following two pages - 'Visits' and 'Appendix', and a fuller account of the actions taking place can be found in this page from Wikipedia:
German Spring Offensive

Sick Sisters 236
5th Army: An urgent telephone message was received from DMS 5th Army, saying he wished the nursing staff of all Casualty Clearing Stations in his Army to be made up to 25. This was done, Sisters from 41, 42, 6 and 12 Stationary Hospitals being instructed to join forthwith.
Canadian Sisters in British units: Received telephone message from GHQ saying that the Canadian Representative is quite willing that Canadian Sisters should be sent to British CCSs if urgently needed at any time, provided the Matrons of the units from which they were called could spare them. DGMS must be informed of all instructions issued.
Marriage: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from Staff Nurse M. Wace, TFNS 56 General Hospital, now attached to 2 CCS, for special leave to England with permission to be married and retained in the service.
Honours and Mentions: Forwarded to DGMS (one copy) and to AAG (2 copies) recommendations for Honours and Mentions for members of the Nursing Services for the Birthday Honours’ Gazette.
Total submitted – 1 Bar to RRC, 24 RRCs, 116 ARRCs and 183 Mentions. In addition to these forwarded names of BRCS Motor Drivers, FANY Motor Drivers and Lady Helpers which had been submitted to me.
Reinforcements: Received wire from DGMS – Dehorted wires that 30 nurses embarked yesterday and 23 are embarking today for France. These ladies duly arrived and were posted to the Boulogne and Etaples areas.
Application for QAIMNSR: Received correspondence from Mlle. Reboulez, forwarded through DADMS Paris, asking for work in a British Hospital. Replied that it is regretted there are no vacancies for uncertificated nurses. If this lady would like to work as a VAD she should apply to the VAD Department, Devonshire House.
1914 Star: DGMS forwarded for our information correspondence with Miss Holman, Voluntary worker, with regard to her claim for the 1914 Star. She has now been instructed to apply to the Secretary, War Office, stating particulars of her service in France. Returned correspondence to DGMS.
3rd Army: DMS 3rd Army telephoned to say that Nos. 45 and 49 CCS had been sent further back as these units were being shelled. There had been some casualties but none amongst the nursing staff. St. Pol was also being shelled.

Sick Sisters 238
58 CCS: Received wire from OC 58 CCS saying that Sister E. Andrews, TFNS had been killed and Sister K. Maxey, TFNS seriously wounded. Later received telephone message from DMS 1st Army saying that 4 of the staff of 58 CCS were crossing from the hospital to their billets when Sister Andrews was killed and Sister Maxey wounded. The two Sisters took her back to the CCS where she was immediately operated upon. Informed Matron-in-Chief, War Office and Matron-in-Chief, TFNS by wire, and repeated to DGMS.
Military Medal: Received copy of memo from Military Secretary, 5th Army, notifying that the Military Medal had been awarded to Staff Nurse S. E. Johnson, QAIMNSR 45 CCS.
American reinforcements: At the request of the DGMS forwarded copy of list of postings of 98 American nurses who arrived at Havre on the Hospital Ship “Panama” for duty with British units on 26.2.18. It has since been ascertained that 150 American nurses arrived on HS “Warilda” on 6.3.18 and 127 on HS “Glengarry Castle” on 8.3.18, for duty with the French. The Principal Matron, Havre, and Principal Matron, Boulogne, have been instructed to inform us in future of the numbers arriving from time to time, whether for duty with the French or the British.

Sick Sisters 237
Reinforcements: 20 trained nurses and 10 VAD members arrived at Boulogne as reinforcements and were posted.
Rations on repayment, NZANS: Referring the question of rations on repayment being authorised for members of the New Zealand Nursing Service, DGMS replied that this question was referred by DMS 2nd Army to the branch concerned at Army Headquarters who replied that under D of S No.2412 of 28.2.17 the issue of rations on repayment to members of the NZANS is forbidden.
Reports, QAIMNS: Forwarded to DGMS annual confidential reports on members of the QAIMNS, for transmission to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office.
Resignations: Forwarded to DGMS applications to resign in order to join the CAMC from Staff Nurse B. M. Stewart, QAIMNSR Canada, and Staff Nurse R. Rollins, QAIMNSR Canada, both serving on No.32 Ambulance Train.
Leave stopped: Information received from Headquarters, L of C that all leave, except for members of the WAAC, has been stopped. Any special cases should be referred to Headquarters. Those on leave should not be recalled; those at Base ports would be returning to their units.
No.20 Ambulance Train left Amiens for Abbeville with 63 Nursing Sisters, evacuated from the following CCSs: No.56, 3, 48 and 49.

Sick Sisters 247
Weekly return of Nursing Strength: Received memo from DGMS asking for a weekly return to be rendered in triplicate to reach his office on Monday morning, showing the strength of the personnel of CCS and other Medical Units serving in the area occupied by the British Armies in France at 6 p.m. on the preceding Sunday. Imperial Nursing personnel should be shown separately from Overseas and Overseas should be shown separately by Dominions.
Miss G. Evans, VAD: Received memo from DGMS asking us to investigate and report on the reason why Miss G. Evans, VAD 6 General Hospital, travelled from Chester to Liverpool whilst holding a ticket available from France to Holyhead. On application to her, Miss Evans declined to pay the sum of 4/3d which was due.
Mrs. Robertson Eustace’s Club: Received memo from AAG asking whether we considered that the Military Nursing Sisters’ Club run by Mrs. Robertson Eustace at Boulogne essential, and if under the circumstances any arrangement could be made with the Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs for its continuance. Mrs. Robertson Eustace does not wish to be under any institution and will return to England if she cannot continue as before.
Paris shelled by a long range gun at a distance of 70 miles.

Sick Sisters 221
South African reinforcements: Received memo from DGMS, with reference to the request for reinforcements for the South African General Hospital, saying that information has been received from the War Office that a party of South African nurses is expected to arrive from South Africa about the beginning of April.
Resignation: Returned to DDMS Boulogne application to resign from Staff Nurse J. V. Lusk, QAIMNSR, on account of poor pay given by Imperial government – not enough to live on. Asked for full particulars as to what pay and allowances this lady was receiving.
Transport duty to Canada: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from Nursing Sister F. I. McEwen, CAMC to be given transport duty to Canada at an early date, owing to the death of her father and all family matters being left to her mother to deal with.

Sick Sisters 228
74 General Hospital: Sent memo to DGMS with reference to the nursing staff of No.74 General Hospital which is now urgently required. According to War Establishment, this unit should have 1 Matron, 40 Sisters and 84 Staff Nurses – total 125. There are 98 American nurses distributed in the Rouen area intended for this Hospital when it was opened at Trouville. Asked permission to leave these American nurses where they are in British units and to post 98 members of the QAIMNS Reserve to No.74 General Hospital in their place. Asked also if we may be informed when the remainder of the staff is to be expected from England.
Anaesthetists: Received memo from DGMS approving the draft certificate forwarded, to be issued after a course of instruction in anaesthetics taken by Sisters. It was considered at a meeting of the Advisory Medical Board that certificates of this nature should not be given for retention by the individual but that they should be sent to the Matron-in-Chief through the usual channels.
CAMC reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter authorising the embarkation of Matron F. Wilson, RRC, CAMC as a relief for Matron Goodeve, RRC 2 Canadian General Hospital. Miss Goodeve should be despatched to England on the arrival of her relief.
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter authorising the embarkation of 1 Sister, 4 Staff Nurses and 25 VAD members on the 20th inst. (These ladies had duly arrived).
Reinforcements: Received War Office letter authorising the embarkation of 7 Sisters, 8 Staff Nurses and 6 VAD members, also 1 Special Military Probationer. (These ladies had reported on the 24th inst.)
Miss A. J. Williams, ANSR: Received copy of War Office letter asking us to furnish particulars as to the rank of Miss Alicia J. Williams, ANSR. This lady joined Army Service 24.4.15 as Matron of the Hospital Ship “St. Patrick” and Command Paymaster is asking if her present rank is Sister or Matron. Replied that Miss Williams joined as Acting Matron and reverted to rank of Sister under ACI 1460. She is entitled to £20 extra pay, having signed AFW 3538. She was transferred to Military Hospital, Taranto, in July last.
Barges: 16 Ambulance Barges have been re-mobilised on the canal at St. Omer and 32 Sisters are being asked for. Arranged for their despatch.
Promotions: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS applications for the promotion of Staff Nurses Mrs. R. M. Whiffin and Miss M. Moulson, TFNS.
French servants: Returned to DGMS Boulogne application for increase in the number of French servants authorised for the Sisters’ quarters, 14 General Hospital, saying that any extra servants who may be required above the 5 authorised, should be engaged by the Matron and paid from mess funds, as in other units.

Sick Sisters 232
No.6 Ambulance Train: Received from DMS, L of C a report written by the OC of No.6 Ambulance Train, on the splendid conduct of the 3 Sisters – Acting Sister L. Remnant, Staff Nurse Daly and Staff Nurse McGregor, when the train was loading under shell fire at Ham.
Wounded: Reserve Nurse I. Stambaugh, 16 General Hospital and Nursing Sister Patterson, 2 Canadian General Hospital, who were temporarily attached to 42 Stationary Hospital, Amiens, while on team duty, were slightly wounded in the leg whilst returning to their billets. These ladies have been admitted to 2 Stationary Hospital Annex and their condition is quite satisfactory.

Sick Sisters 216
Resignation: Forwarded to DGMS application to resign from Staff Nurse J. V. I. Lusk, QAIMNSR Canada, in order to join the CAMC. This lady had stated that she could not live on the pay she was at present receiving. Added a minute to the effect that she was now receiving £100 pay and allowances, and that her statement was not understood.
Miss L. Bowden Smith, VAD: Wrote to Miss A. B. Smith concerning the resignation of Miss L. Bowden Smith, VAD who considers she has a grievance. She served 13 months in Egypt and resigned 25.11.16., and feels that for the sake of others the question of retrospective service for the Red Efficiency Stripe is a very urgent one. I have told this lady to forward a statement to that effect which I shall forward through the proper official channels.
Miss A. J. Williams, ANSR: Informed DGMS that Sister A. J. Williams, ANSR holds the permanent rank of Sister and is entitled to an extra £20 per annum having signed AFW 3538.
QAIMNS Reserve application: Received from Principal Matron, BRCS, application from Miss A. A. Scott, Anglo-American Hospital, Wimereux, to join the QAIMNSR. Forwarded application form to be filled in and sent direct to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office.

Sick Sisters 221
74 General Hospital: Received memo from DGMS approving the suggestion that the 98 American nurses who were originally intended for the staff of 74 General Hospital should remain in their present units at Rouen and that the nursing staff of this hospital should be made up of QAIMNS, QAIMNSR and VAD members, at present serving in our units. It is also proposed to post 20 Australian nurses notified to arrive on 3.4.18 to No.74 General Hospital.
Miss A. Forse, VAD: Received communication from DDMS Boulogne forwarding letter from the patients of “H” Ward, No.53 General Hospital, bringing to notice the bravery and devotion to duty of Miss A. Forse, VAD on 23.3.18 when a bomb was dropped on “H” ward in this hospital demolishing half of the ward. This lady collected her patients in the part of the ward still standing and dressed the wounds of those who had been injured.
Nurses’ Club, Havre: Application for the establishment of a Nurses’ Club at Havre approved by AAG. Instructions were given that this matter should now be taken up with the DGMS.
Sister E. Fraser, QAIMNSR: Received correspondence from A/Principal Matron, Rouen, with regard to the request of Sister E. I. Fraser, QAIMNSR 3 Stationary Hospital, for a change of station, as she was not working happily at her present unit. Moved her to No.6 General Hospital.
NZANS: Wrote to Miss Thurston, NZANS, regarding the staff of the New Zealand Stationary Hospital and sent her a list of the nurses who had been out for more than a year.
Miss Emerson, VAD: Received a telephone message from Treport saying that Miss Emerson, VAD, had received a message saying that her brother was dangerously ill at Rouen, and asking if she could accompany Miss Willetts, Matron, QAIMNS in car which was taking her to No.10 General Hospital for duty. Granted permission for Miss Emerson to accompany her and instructed her to take her luggage, as she would be posted to 10 General Hospital for duty.
VADs in advance areas: Following instructions from DGMS sent orders for the VAD members from Nos.6 and 12 Stationary Hospitals to proceed to the Base, those from 12 Stationary being posted to the Etaples area and those from 6 Stationary to No.74 General Hospital, Trouville.
No.4 CCS re-opened at Pont Remy in the 5th Army. This CCS had moved from the 2nd Army and as the original staff were at St. Omer, detailed a new staff from this area with the original Sister in charge, Miss Townend, QAIMNS.

Sick Sisters 220
Reinforcements: Notified DDMS Havre of the expected arrival on 3.4.18 of 20 Australian nurses for duty in Imperial units, to proceed to 74 General Hospital for duty.
South African Probationers: Forwarded to ADMS Abbeville, contract forms for signature by South African Probationers. Up to the present no information had been received as to what contract these ladies served under, but instructions have now been received from DGMS that they should sign the same forms as Military VAD members.
Embarkation Sisters: Instructed the A/Principal Matrons of all areas to detail a Sister for duty by day and night also, if necessary, to meet all arrivals and departures of trains. This was considered necessary in consequence of the very large numbers of Sisters arriving and departing from different Bases.

Sick Sisters 227
Colonel Waters, OC 21 CCS: came to see me on the subject of his unit re-opening as an infectious hospital on a new site. Will probably be asking for Sisters shortly.
14 Ambulance Train: Sister Flower, CHR Sister in charge of No.14 Ambulance Train, came to see me in connection with the working of the train since she joined.
Miss Crowdy, Principal Commandant, VADs in France, came to see me on her way back to Headquarters from Cannes, where she has spent several months at the Convalescent Home.
43 CCS: DMS 3rd Army telephoned to say that 43 CCS Frevent, was ready for the nursing staff. Instructed a staff to join with Miss Laing, TFNS in charge.


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