APRIL 1916

Forwarded report to DGMS, GHQ on Clearing Stations in the 3rd Army which I visited yesterday, with reference to the arrangements made at each for the accommodation of the Nursing Sisters, pointing out until the accommodation was ready for those required at 37 CCS, the Nursing Sisters should not join. These ladies had been asked for, for April 4th. Four Indian Nursing Sisters now being recalled to India went on 4 days’ special leave before proceeding.
Telephone message from DGMS asking me to go to HQs, with reference to the accommodation and feeding of the VADs at Boulogne. Miss Foster TFNS arrived from 24 General, to take Miss Smythe’s leave, the Sister in Charge of the Nurses’ Home. Miss Hills Sister in Charge 5 Ambulance Train returned from leave and joined her train. Miss Coward TFNS taking temporary duty there returned to Nurses’ Home for orders. Miss Proctor from 18 General granted special leave – mother’s serious illness – granted by phone; also Miss Anscombe from 11 General Hospital on account of aunt’s serious illness. Miss Rannie, Matron, QAIMNS and 16 trained nurses QAIMNSR arrived at Boulogne. Called up in the night with 2 priority wires from GHQ re Miss Proctor’s leave and the names of the 4 Indian Nursing Sisters ordered to India. These matters had already been wired.

Miss Blest VAD applied for permission to withdraw her resignation – forwarded. DADMS rang up about Miss Gray’s leave from 18 Ambulance Train. Miss Henderson sent to fill vacancy. Miss Gray to report to Nurses’ Home Abbeville on completion of leave. DDMS Boulogne, re Mrs. Nicholls’ leave being urgently required on account of meeting. DMS L of C returned from Havre.

Left for Boulogne 11am. Many delays, arrived 1.30pm. Had lunch at 13 Stationary. Saw Miss Caulfield who is doing Matron’s duties temporarily until Miss Walker’s return. Miss Plaskitt doing excellently as Home Sister. Then to DDMS office to report; from there to 13 General Hospital where the Band was playing. A brilliant, sunshiny day, and patients had been carried out in their beds to the Square to listen, while patients from other Hospitals were there in their blues. Met Miss Rannie who had just arrived from England. Drove her to 14 General Hospital, which Miss Phillips the Assistant Matron went to great pains in showing Miss Rannie each department. Had tea at the Regina. Talked to many of the Nursing Staff and VADs with reference to their accommodation and messing, the toughness of the meat being the main complaint. Tea very nice, table d’hote room, large, airy, many small tables, very clean and fresh looking.
Then to Marine Hotel, which was recently done up, where the Nursing Staff of 7 Stationary and part of 13 General Hospitals are to be accommodated. Everything clean and fresh, only 2 in each room, Sisters having in most instances rooms of their own. Miss Hordley had dinner with Miss Rannie at the Louvre Hotel, while I dined at 14 General Hospital Mess. Dinner very good, nothing to complain about. Went over the Regina and the Chalet or Annex, which needs improvement, and the Matron is going to see the Manager and make the various suggestions, which will add to the comfort of her Staff. Returned after dinner.

Left early, went to DDMS office, then 13 General Hospital to see the Assistant Principal Matron and then to GHQ at the new quarters at Hesdin. Had lunch at the Mess, a fine Chateau.
After lunch went with DGMS to see a building where a small Hospital is about to be opened for the reception of local sick. 6 beds for officers, 30 for men, capable of expanding in the grounds to any extent, now taken over by a section of a Field Ambulance, which means the accommodation of 130 men belonging to the Ambulance. It is suggested having Sisters at this unit when it is established, but owing to being so near to both Abbeville and Etaples, at both places there are excellent Hospitals. I have suggested that this ___ .
Returned to office where I discussed the question of accommodation and Messing of VADs in Boulogne. Learnt it originated from a relative of The Hon. ____ Dickenson, a Member of Parliament, who had been asking questions. I let the DG know that the care and accommodation of the whole Nursing Service has been considered everywhere, and that as far as we have been able, the very best arrangements have been made in all areas. Pointed out that the health of everyone had really been excellent. Referred also to the names which I had forwarded for Honours and Mentions in the next despatch. Returned to Abbeville arriving 5pm. Colonel Barefoot went on leave.

The DMS spoke about Miss Rentzsch not being capable of doing Matron’s duties at 1 General Hospital. Pointed out that she was only there temporarily until Miss Steen’s relief arrived, and that I had been obliged to transfer Miss Denne the Matron to 2 General in the interval. Letter from M-in-C asking me to replace Miss Gibb the Acting Matron of the Asturias by a good Q Sister. Wrote to Havre, for Nominal Roll of the Staff of the Ship. Until we have it, it is not possible to effect any changes. Letter from WO asking for a report of VADs resignation on termination of contract from other causes. Letter from Miss Blakely saying that Miss S. Ward RRC had written to say that Miss Becher is arranging for her to have 3 weeks’ sick leave so that she need not resign. Miss Rannie proceeded from Boulogne to Rouen to take up her new work.

Miss Power YMCA called about her ear – had been seen by an MO in Treport. Her ear still troublesome and she is anxious about it and would like to consult the ear specialist at St. John’s Hospital, Etaples (Captain Hope). Rang up Etaples, and arranged to let her know what arrangements could be made. Letter from DGMS re VADs. Replied asking if he wished for an official report, as to the arrangements for their Messing and accommodation in all areas. Wrote to Mrs. Latham at the Nurses’ Rest Club, Camiers, thanking her for thinking of arranging so as to put up a nurse for the night when having a day off and asking her to let me know later if she was able to arrange it. Wrote to Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox, with reference to the report she had had saying 2 officers had arrived in London from a Hospital in France in a dirty condition. Went into the matter thoroughly, and explained exactly what I had ascertained, and all the arrangements were so excellent, and the 2 officers in question were so well remembered, and what had been done for them, that I wondered who and from where the report originated. Application for leave for Miss Freshfield BRCS forwarded to Commissioner, approved by Commandant, Cimiez. Miss Power YMCA called about seeing an ear specialist as her ear was again troubling, and was anxious to consult Captain Hope at Etaples, instead of again going to Treport. This I tried to arrange, but owing to difficulty of transport, it was decided that the MO from Treport should again see her. I went to the YMCA and explained the difficulties and what had been arranged. DDMS Boulogne rang up to say Miss Riddall QAIMNS and a VAD had arrived from sick leave – gave orders, Miss R. for Calais, the VAD to 11 General, Camiers. OC Newhaven wired about Miss Mudie’s leave. Replied leave sanctioned. On completion to report at War Office for orders. Arranged for vacancy to be filled from Treport, when Newhaven arrives at Dieppe tomorrow. Wrote Matron-in-Chief explaining what had been done. Correspondence returned from War Office.

Letter from Matron and OC, 30 CCS asking for increase of the staff. Asked for this request to be put forward officially. Went to Station to see the Indian Nursing Sisters as they passed through on their way East, Miss Knapp, Miss Warrack and Miss Wardell only – Miss Maclean had missed boat and is following tomorrow, at the same time with Surgeon General Treherne and Col. Fell. Miss Hordley wrote 6 Nurses arrived today – ordered 3 to 14 General Hospital. A special Sister asked for, for special jaw surgery at 13 Stationary – arranging for Staff Nurse Jarvis to join for that special ward. Surgeon General McPherson arrived from the East. The DMS came in about a letter he had received from the Commissioner of the BRCS with reference to the OC and Matron of the Baltic and Corn Exchange where friction still existed, and where he pointed out that in view of the fact that there had been several changes of Matrons during the present OC’s regime, that it would seem desirable to appoint a new OC. As the Matron had been unfavourably reported upon, the question was under consideration whether she was to be replaced. I did not know that Miss Carr had not already been replaced, as I understood that Miss Fletcher Principal Matron BRCS had arranged to replace her by Miss Ashlin-Thomas.
Received letter from Miss McMillan TFNS, saying she is returning 8th, and had received her orders from the War Office. The only official communication we have so far received is that she had resigned and was not returning to France, after which I had a letter from Miss McMillan expressing her regret, and saying she didn’t understand anything about the matter, as she had not applied to resign or transfer to the Home Establishment even. I then wrote to the M-in-C, War Office, on the matter as I felt the Nurse had made some mistake.

Miss Blakely wrote to say the YMCA lady Miss Mutter who had been admitted to Villa Tino had cerebro-spinal meningitis, and that she had supplied a day and night special, which made her very short, so instructed 2 Nurses from 11 General to join 24 General temporarily. An official application asking that Miss Louch from Hospital Ship Cambria might be replaced. Arranged an exchange from 3 General. Miss Fox, Matron 14 General wrote re Regina Hotel accommodation, telling me that she had made satisfactory arrangements with the Manageress. Another house had been taken, a new cook was to be engaged, coffee to be given after lunch and dinner, and she had also appointed a Home Sister to look after the comfort of the Staff, both on day and night duty. ADMS Etaples came to see DMS, re the fuss at the Baltic and Corn Exchange Hospital, re unfavourable report on Matron by OC, and a letter which had arrived from the Commissioner. Staff supplied 37 Casualty Clearing Station. 28 Canadian Nurses arrived at Havre for 3 Canadian Stationary Hospital, distributed to 3 Canadian General Hospital, until their own Hospital is established at Boulogne. Sister in Charge 12 Casualty Clearing Station reported that Miss Keiley CHR has German Measles – sent Miss Heriot to fill the vacancy. Miss Hordley asked to supply relief for 23 Ambulance Train. Instructed Miss Molloy QAIMNS to join Lahore British General Hospital Calais.

Letter from 19 Casualty Clearing Station, conveying news of death of Lt. Egerton*, son of General Egerton, 46 Division. Received news of arrival of 2 Australian General Hospitals with 226 Nurses – 117 Nurses belonging to No.1 Australian G. Hospital distributed in various areas until Hospital is established in Rouen. Sent 50 there including Matron and Assistant Matron. The remainder left at Marseilles where the other Hospital, No.2 is opening in Houssa Camp. Nurses for 3 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station asked for – have already applied to London for the Staff. Miss Hogan VAD now on leave in consequence of father’s serious illness, sent in her resignation – to be married the end of April. YMCA Lady at Villa Tino about the same. Mrs. Latham the Lady in charge of Nurses’ Rest Club Camiers wrote with reference to her having worn VAD uniform for 3 months on her arrival in France, and expressed regret at doing so. She is going to approach her Committee about arranging a room so that the Nurses can spend a night at the Club when having a night off. Discs for Nurses arrived. DMS to GHQ about the Australians, and Baltic and Corn Exchange trouble. Letter from Sister in Charge 42 Casualty Clearing Station enclosing postcards of their lone Chateau. Letter from Miss Finlay Matron 25 General Hospital re the question of extra accommodation for her Staff – no more villas to be taken but Staff to live under canvas. Letter from Sister in Charge 69 Field Ambulance reporting their arrival at the Chateau, and that they were busy getting into order. Notification that Miss Wohlmann, Matron QAIMNS, and 24 Staff now on leave in London from Malta are arriving March 11th. Colonel Leishman and Col. Beveridge returned from Conference in Paris – had had a most interesting time and visited part of French lines. Names of nurses received of those embarking April 11th.

* John Frederick Egerton Commonwealth War Graves Commission entry
The reference to this officer being the son of 'General Egerton' is an error on the part of the writer. As can be seen from the CWGC entry, he was the son of Sir Edwin Egerton, not Major-General Granville Egerton

A Miss Exell a nurse in Paris applied to be taken on the Reserve. Application form forwarded for transmission to the War Office. Wired Marseilles for 117 Australian Nurses to proceed to Rouen with Hospital and to be distributed from there to various areas until Hospital ready – this cancelled our previous instructions. Miss Beardshaw to 5 Stationary Hospital for temporary duty, until Miss Nicol’s return – sick on leave. Miss Cribbs and 5 VADs arrived from England. Phoned instructions to Boulogne. Letter from Miss Stronach 3 General, asking for an increase to her Staff – not up to strength yet. Letter from Miss Lyde, 10 Stationary, saying Miss Deacon on the Sick List with severe facial neuralgia – worse than she has ever seen and nothing seems to give real relief.

Left for 4th Army early, arrived Beauval. To 4 Casualty Clearing Station, everything quite satisfactory in every respect. The OC spoke in very high terms of the whole staff, both officers’ and men’s divisions excellent – beautiful flowers everywhere. Then to 29 Casualty Clearing Station at Gezaincourt. Now quite transformed, entirely hutted, first rate operating theatre. Nursing Staff accommodated in Hospice, Mess in hut at Casualty Clearing Station. A dug-out had been made for the Sisters in case of need. Very full and very busy – had been operating all night. Everything in excellent order, men looking so comfortable. Many desperately bad. Camp quite pretty and well laid out. Fine hut for walking cases to dine in – Staff entirely satisfactory.

Villers Bocage
Arrived at V. Bocage, Highland Casualty Clearing Station 1.30pm. Had lunch with the Sisters. Accommodated in the Chateau, nice Mess and sitting room. Casualty Clearing Station mainly under canvas with a large Isolation division, very full – 6 bad Cerebro-spinal meningitis, various other infectious disease and a large number of German Measles. Officers’ Hospital in a building near. Fine big room, well arranged, full of beautiful flowers. The OC Lt. Col. Douglas TF very pleased with the Sister in Charge and all her arrangements. Then went on to Headquarters.

Saw DMS 4th Army, Surgeon-General O’Keefe, and his DADMS Lt. Col. Fawcus. Told him what I had been doing and he told me that he would soon be requiring a Staff for:
3 Casualty Clearing Station, 36 Casualty Clearing Station, 1 Field Ambulance, 6 Barges, and possibly an Officers’ Hospital at Gezaincourt in a Chateau, capable of accommodating 60 or 70 officers, as well as the Nursing Staff.

From there I went to Corbie and inspected 5 CCS and 21 Casualty Clearing Station. The latter has vastly improved since I last visited it. A large number of huts have been added, all completed, and supplied with many conveniences, all arranged and completed by the men on the place. The OC Lt. Col. Clements very keen, and both he and the Sister in Charge have gone thoroughly into every detail for the comfort and convenience of their patients. Staff accommodated in huts and their Mess an excellent one. They had recently evacuated both at 5 and 21 Casualty Clearing Station, leaving only the seriously ill and wounded behind.

From there returned by Amiens, where I found there was not time to stay, arriving back at 8pm, and learnt that the Artillery Band had arrived and had been playing in the Square and the DMS had invited Miss Beadsmore Smith and Miss Barbier and the 3 VADs to tea and to listen to the band which they had all enjoyed very much.

Letter from Matron-in-Chief with reference to the question of not recommending that Sisters after their marriage should return to France – wanted to know by whose authority. This was done – replied that officers’ wives were not allowed in France, and that as well there had been a certain amount of trouble with some who had already returned, that it was thought not desirable to recommend it. Will I suppose receive something official on the subject. Miss Barwell rang up about Miss Kelsey’s leave which was sanctioned. Miss Cooke TFNS anxious to see her brother, a Corporal in an Australian regiment, now at Abbeville. Arranged for her to come to the Nurses’ Home to see him and await further instructions. Arranged for Miss C. Robinson VAD to go to 5 Stationary Hospital Dieppe during Miss Kelsey’s leave, so that she might have an opportunity of seeing her mother who was managing the Canadian Officers’ Convalescent Home at Dieppe. Miss Harvey Matron 30 General Hospital wrote asking for 10 of her Staff. The Hospital to begin taking in 15th inst. Issued instructions. VAD Nurse Moore proceeded to 8 Stationary Hospital from Treport to see her brother who is badly wounded. Letter from DGMS forwarding correspondence with reference to accommodation for Nurses and VADs in Boulogne Hotels. This has now been satisfactorily settled for the present – charges vary from 7F 50 to 8F 50 inclusive. Also note from DGMS asking for additions to be made re lists of Honours and Mentions to Lady Workers – completed and returned. Sent report of visits to 4th Army to DGMS. Wrote report on nursing accommodation in various areas for DMS L of C.
Letter from Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox, saying she was returning and that she was anxious to see DMS and myself with reference to certain wishes of HRH Princess Victoria in connection with the Nurses’ Clubs. Received many letters from various Casualty Clearing Stations which received attention. Sent receipt of money in payment of damaged table done by Miss Ivin TFNS while at Northumbrian CCS to Miss Stewart Richardson to be attached to the rest of the correspondence. Wrote Miss Blakely re Miss Neville VAD, who was to have come to 2 Stationary today – not well, going to Hardelot for a few days before joining here. Wrote to Lt. Col. Waring SMO, St. Omer, telling him that Miss Wohlmann, Matron QAIMNS would be joining at 7 General Hospital, and that Miss Woodhouse would be going to Rouen. Wrote to General Porter, DMS, 2nd Army, and said that as far as it was possible, it would be arranged for Nursing Sisters travelling to Casualty Clearing Stations, should do the journey in the day.

Wrote Miss Rannie, new Assistant Principal Matron Rouen, saying I would be there towards the end of the week, and regretting very much that I would not accept the OC 6 General Hospital’s invitation to dine at the Mess tomorrow night as I was going to Calais.

Wired DMS 3rd Army asking if ready for completion of Nursing Staff for 43 Casualty Clearing Station – replied yes. Orders sent for remaining 3. Staff supplied for 3 Casualty Clearing Station. Sister Cockshott TFNS leave arranged. Circulars re leave – 2 trained and 2 untrained, instead of 3 as before to all areas. Circular re supplying discs to all new arrivals circulated. Circulars re instructions sent to Sisters in Charge of new Casualty Clearing Stations. Staff Nurse Robertson returned from sick leave, sent to 18 General Hospital, Camiers. Miss Morris TFNS, 14 General Hospital, called at office. Letter from WO re Miss Dobie QAIMNSR, who applied to Matron-in-Chief, War Office about her promotion, without any reference either to her Matron or this office. DMS saw me with reference to office expansion, in consequence of the increased work, and is considering moving my office to where the others, Miss Barbier and the VADs are working. I pointed out that we too would be very cramped, but that of course I would arrange whatever he wished. The matter is to be considered before anything final is settled.

Left for Calais 9.30am, arrived 12.30. To ADMS office and from there to Lahore British General Hospital, where I met Miss L. E. Mackay the new Matron. Went with her to lunch and to see what accommodation she had for her Staff. Accommodated in 2 houses in the town and 1 Chalet close to the Hospital. From the houses the Staff are brought backwards and forwards in ambulance – Messes at each house, everything exceedingly comfortable and well run. Good servants at each establishment. Said Miss Harvey TFNS, Matron of 30 General Hospital, who had hurt her knee, had not been seen, could not get about. Miss L. E. Mackay the new Matron of Lahore British General Hospital seems to be managing well, and has already got a grip of her work, the Hospital being an exceedingly [busy] one, owing to the constant evacuations and constant admissions from Barges bringing seriously wounded from the Front. This Hospital since it was opened had been managed most excellently by Miss Knapp, QAIMNS for India. She with the 3 remaining Sisters were recalled suddenly for service at Mesopotamia, and left last week in Hospital Ship Salta.
From there went to site of 30 General Hospital, just getting ready for occupation, at present under canvas, but will eventually be hutted. This Hospital has just arrived from Palermo, the Nursing Staff is an entirely Territorial one. The Staff at present doing duty in various units until they are required. It is expected that they will be able to begin taking in between the 15th and 18th instants, the delay being electric light and water. The laundry is another difficulty, this has been overcome by arranging for it to be sent by Hospital Ship to the Isle of Thanet Laundry weekly. This has been done so far with regard to all the washing belonging to Lahore British General Hospital, and has answered admirably, the washing being well done, and sent back regularly. After seeing Col. McNaught, the OC, returned to ADMS office and had tea with Colonel Gordon before returning to Abbeville where I arrived at about 8pm.

Rang up DMS 4th Army to ask if they were ready for Nursing Staff at 36 Casualty Clearing Station. Miss Barclay Smith ill. Miss Gardiner QAIMNS sent from 18 General to 24 General to replace her as Assistant Matron. Miss Blakely, Matron of 24 General and Acting Principal Matron of Area Etaples hard pressed. This leaves Miss Minns, A/Matron of 18 General Hospital, 1500 beds, without an Assistant. Sister Toller, Matron Villa Tino, seedy, to have some leave. Miss Ayre QAIMNS to take her holiday, leaving 11 General Hospital another (1500 beds) Hospital without an Assistant temporarily – very hard pressed everywhere. Miss Becher asked for agreement form of Miss L. Twidale, as she was taken on from WO who had nothing to do with this matter, nor was one sent to us to be completed. Wrote telling her. Sister Cook TFNS joining Northumbrian Casualty Clearing Station. Letter from A/Matron 13 Stationary, giving particulars for Major Valadier’s* special ward for jaw cases. Mrs. Johnston put in charge, operating theatre attached, all the latest appliances for these special cases have been supplied. Sister in Charge 19 CCS to say Chateau has been turned into an Officers’ Hospital to accommodate 40 officers. Matron A Section, 5 Stationary Hospital, supplied names of 2 Staff Nurses anxious for Ship duty. Letter from Miss R. Nicoll, one of her Staff, states not fit to return.

* Major A. C. Valadier, French-American dental surgeon

Letter from Lady Dudley inviting me to a special entertainment being given by Lord St. Germans for English and French Convalescents in Boulogne on 13th. Replied accepting. Staff Nurse … temporarily employed 23 Ambulance Train, wired her mother dangerously ill, could she have special leave. Wired Lahore British General Hospital to supply relief – train had already gone to the Front, so then wire Boulogne to arrange matters when train arrived. This was done. DDMS Boulogne, Acting Sister Barnes and VAD … had arrived from sick leave – ordered both to 13 General Hospital. All areas rang up to ascertain if the stoppage of leave after 18th referred to the Nursing Service too – said yes.
Left for Hardelot 10.30am arrived 12.30am, drove to 25 General Hospital. Went round Hospital and 2 villas where patients are admitted, also to marques where Hospital is expanding. Every arrangement good, mainly mild cases. On each a room has been set apart as a dressing room, where all up patients can be dressed. Nursing Staff accommodated in 2 Villas, arrangements very good. 2 more Villas have been selected. When sanction is obtained the Staff can be increased from 29 to 86 to complete Staff. Hospital now equipped for 1050 beds and expanding to 1500. The Home is well run by Mrs. Burdon, Home Sister.
Then on to Boulogne to see Assistant Principal Matron about Staff Nurse Dobie, who had written direct to Matron-in-Chief about her promotion. She was on night duty, so I was unable to see her. Miss Hordley arranged to see the Nurse. Then to 14 Stationary Hospital to see the new hutted accommodation for enteric officers and Nursing Sisters. All most excellent, the arrangements being separate to other huts, and the arrangements in every way. They have expanded considerably and have lines of marques ready for general work, as well as a new operating theatre, Xray room etc., with 2 large wards leading off them and a smaller one for very serious cases. From there to 8 Stationary Hospital where I wanted to see the arrangement for the Mental Wards, which we have been asked to supply a Staff. Unfortunately the OC was not on duty, and the Matron Miss Knowles was not very clear as to what was required. The Block was nearing completion, and the ward at present occupied was very crowded and not satisfactory. I saw a Sister who has been selected for this work as she has had Mental experience, and I told the Matron I would write to the Officer in Charge.
Returned to Abbeville arriving 8pm. Did not go to the office, but wrote my report. During the day everything had gone smoothly. The new Commissioner, The Earl of Donoughmore had called and I had unfortunately missed him.

Application from Marseilles for Staff Nurse Mackinnon Gengorm Castle to be moved from Ship duty in consequence of sleeplessness. Wired ADMS Marseilles to effect exchanges with Staff Nurse from Lahore Hospital and also asked that when the Hospital was taken over by the Australians, the whole Staff should proceed to Boulogne, to report to DDMS Boulogne for orders. DMS went to Boulogne to meet DDMS, also to see Commissioner re Baltic and Corn Exchange Hospital and the Australian Voluntary Hospital. Miss Smythe, Sister in Charge Nurses’ Home returned from Hardelot. 10 Stationary Hospital wired to know as leave was stopped and officers being recalled did it apply to Nurses– said no. Tablecloths arrived for officers’ wards which I had ordered, and were sent to 2 Stationary Hospital.

DDMS Col. Barefoot returned from leave. DGMS came for a short time on his way from Paris to GHQ. Orders sent for Miss Verne-Harcourt to proceed Nurses’ Home, to proceed as Sister in Charge with the rest of Staff, 6, to 36 Casualty Clearing Station. Miss Blakely reported that a wife who had come to see her husband who was dangerously ill, and who was accommodated at the YMCA Hostel had become suddenly ill. A Nurse was sent for and a little son was born during the night. Charge Nurse Cooper, late Military Families’ Hospital, who is on duty 11 General was sent. She took all that was required with her, and a Nurse with CMB* was sent for day duty. Nurse Conway Taylor returned from sick leave and instructed to proceed Nurses’ Home Abbeville to await orders. Mrs. Clipperton BRCS Rouen wrote, asking me to lunch when next I am in Rouen, as she is anxious to discuss the Nursing Sisters’ new quarters, which she is anxious to assist in making attractive. Miss Denne wrote to say at last the Western Australia had come in and the Staff had joined. Wrote to the Matron-in-Chief, re the withdrawal of Miss Bills, Acting Matron, for service in England, and letting her know how excellent she is – asked also when.

* Certificate of the Central Midwives Board

Sent orders for Miss Bills, also cancelled Miss Roscoe’s orders for 1 General Hospital, and instructed her to take over from Miss Bills. Informed Havre and instructed Miss Rentzsch, intended for duty on Asturias to await further orders. The removal of all the capable Regulars, capable of doing Matron’s duties, is a serious matter, especially as when they are replaced, they are not from people equally capable. Nurse Grey from leave ordered to Havre to join Asturias. Miss Beadsmore Smith to Etaples for some inspection duty. DMS left for Marseilles and Cimiez. Letter from Miss Harvey (30 General Hospital) Matron TFNS, now on duty, and to open their Hospital, ready to receive patients 18th.

Miss Hordley wrote 31 Nurses expected 15th not yet arrived. 3 of Nursing Staff for 3 Casualty Clearing Station arrived and instructed to join No.3 Canadian General until required. Bombs were dropped Boulogne last night – did no damage. Miss Green QAIMNSR resignation accepted. Miss Parsons QAIMNSR, 26 General, applied for 10 days’ leave to go and see her sister, who was ill in France – not sanctioned, unless it was notified that her sister was in a serious condition. Colonel Murray Irwin wrote about the tented accommodation for Nursing Staff at 37 Casualty Clearing Station, said Surgeon General O’Donnell thought they should be hutted. Asked my opinion – felt himself tents quite alright with good weather coming. I replied and agreed. Miss Rannie wrote about Miss Clements, 8 General Hospital. Said I would be going Rouen Thursday, when the matter could be discussed. Colonel Gallie ill in his quarters – went to see him.

Went with DDMS Col. Barefoot to Treport to see Lady Murray’s Hospital, now for French. She would like to hand it over to the English now that the French are not in this area, with the understanding that she was to remain and manage it!! Had lunch at 16 General, and everything very satisfactory. Saw Staff Nurse Grayson, CHR, who wishes to join QAIMNS – instructed her to apply officially. Also Miss O’Donoghue who has been taken on and has just completed 6 months is wishing to resign as she is not as happy as she thought she would be. A very pretty, capable looking girl, quite young, who will not brook correction, but a capable nurse. Has worked in a Casualty Clearing Station and now does not think it is necessary to be punctual! Saw and talked to 5 Australian Nurses who have just joined temporarily. Bitterly cold, violent wind. Inspected 2 new sites for 2 new General Hospitals about to be established, 1 a Canadian Hospital. Went over some of the wards at the 2 General Canadian Hospital. – untidy, ill kept, unsatisfactory – the Matron not in evidence.

Reserve Nurses from Marseilles arrived and were ordered to 7 General and 10 Stationary Hospitals. Miss Falconer returned from Convalescent Home, Mentone, joined 10 Stationary. Nurse Kewley from sick leave rejoined 12 Casualty Clearing Station. Miss Rees and Miss … from sick leave ordered to Nurses’ Home, Abbeville. DG rang up about irregular conduct which had been reported by GOC, of officers and nurses from Etaples who had been walking about his grounds. The APM has the names and the matter was being forwarded officially – the IGC had also been informed from another source. He spoke of the necessity of issuing still more rules than those already circulated. Mrs. Robertson, lady in charge Canadian Officers’ Hospital, Dieppe, came with Major Foster. Trying to arrange for a car for the Hospital, was not successful, not even after having an interview with the IGC. Wire re VAD Carpenter who wishes to be released at once in consequence of her approaching marriage. Resignation already forwarded, sanctioned, and DGMS informed. Letter from OC 8 Stationary Hospital re staff for Mental Division. Sent letter to Miss A. B. Smith and asked her to look into the matter. Letter from Miss Keene, new A/Matron Asturias, saying she is not a good sailor, but she will write again later and say how she is getting on. Miss Denton A/Sister 9 CCS writes that their expansion of 400 more beds under canvas is completed. Miss Lyde 10 Stationary to say Miss Ram from 33 CCS has influenza and is progressing favourably. Miss Kerr, A/Sister in Charge, 42 CCS wrote for tablecloths for officers’ wards. Answered all letters.

Telegram from Miss Puddicombe QAIMNSR on leave, saying medically unfit to return on Saturday, letter following. Wrote to Matron-in-Chief Canadians, with reference to Canadian Sisters constantly applying for leave to Paris, and pointing out except for rest at Convalescent Home, none of our people are granted leave except to go Home. Wrote to M-in-C War Office with reference to her letter received yesterday, and reminded her that all reliefs are sent by her, none have been selected by me, and regretting that her opinion of Miss Willetts, who will be coming out shortly, is not satisfactory. Colonel Openshaw came on his way to Rouen. He and Col. Barefoot lunched with us, just as amusing as ever, and told us many things of interest, in connection with the war – the arrangements of the Hospitals at Home, and politics. He has already visited the Boulogne and Etaples Hospitals and is very much impressed with all the arrangements. Received letter from Miss Fletcher BRCS re Nurses leaving Cimiez. Said where she wished them to go, and issued orders accordingly. Letter from Matron, Lahore British General Hospital, re Miss … , Sister in Charge Isolation Hospital, being sent to 14 Stationary Hospital with German Measles. A/Sister Armstrong is acting during her absence. Letters from Sisters in Charge 2, 12, 23, 43, 27 and 1/2 London Casualty Clearing Stations, all asking for increase of Staff in consequence of expansion. Asked that the applications might be forwarded officially. DMS 4th Army rang up about a Chateau which is being taken over for Officers’ Hospital – a Staff will be required. Asked when I could go and inspect. Have arranged next week after my return from Rouen. GOC and IGC going to Rouen tomorrow to inspect. Letter from Miss Denne, Assistant Principal Matron, Havre, saying Miss Bullen QAIMNSR resigning – wants a more responsible position. Miss D. saw her – she is doing Staff Nurses’ duties. Said promotion in the Army would not satisfy her, but that she had been quite happy during her year’s service and had enjoyed work. Miss Caulfield A/Matron 13 Stationary wrote about Miss Finnis, QAIMNSR, nervous condition. Recommended to be sent Home by OC. Miss Harris QAIMNS also in a depressed condition – another Nurse gone to 14 General, NYD, and another to 14 Stationary, paratyphoid. The weather continues to be wet, rainy, blowing a gale. Endless Australian and New Zealand Corps continue to stream through. Miss Beadsmore Smith returned after 4 days inspections at Etaples and Boulogne. Telephone message asking for the Staff to rejoin 10 Ambulance Train. Wired Rouen, instructing nurses who have been temporarily employed at 6 General Hospital to rejoin their train at Sotteville forthwith. Wire arrived from GHQ nominating 4 more Nurses for 3 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station, names having been forwarded from Medsercan. Rang up DMS 2nd Army to ascertain when they would be required.

ADMS Etaples rang up to ask if Miss Paterson, 26 General Hospital could have 7 days’ special leave, father dangerously ill – sanctioned. ADMS Havre rang up to know if Miss O’Sullivan VAD could have 7 days special leave – brother dangerously wounded, mother very ill at Home, Sister dead – sanctioned. VAD Alcock arrived from sick leave, posted to her original unit 10 General Hospital. Miss Hordley wrote fully with reference to Miss Brotherton, A/Matron, Newhaven, and the OC. Orders sent for her removal, and Staff Nurse Priestley. 3 days’ special leave granted to Miss Constance Stewart, 3 General Hospital. Miss Duncan CHR arrived from England, posted to 13 Stationary Hospital.

Left for Rouen 11.30am, arrived 2.30pm. Had lunch at … . To DDMS office – out inspecting – said I would return at 6pm. Then drove to 6 General Hospital, where I had arranged to stay, and where I met Miss Rannie, the new Matron and Assistant Principal Matron of the area, and the Matron Miss Finlay, No.1 Australian General Hospital. The Hospital is opening up in the old site occupied by 12 Stationary Hospital, where they can only expand to 750 beds, their Nursing Staff being 117, and for the present number of beds they consider 92 Nurses at least will be needed. She and 49 others were taking up their quarters at the Hospital and I promised to visit them in the morning. At 6pm drove to DDMS office, where I discussed certain matters with reference to the Hospitals, and the Australian General Hospital especially.
After dinner went to a concert at 6 General, got up entirely by the Commanding Officer, the performers being MOs and men. There was also a little play acted by some of the Nursing Staff and MOs, and which I told the Assistant Principal Matron I did not think should be continued, as I did not think the practice a desirable one. Letters arrived by DRLS.

Good Friday began early. 6 General Hospital being in it’s usual state of good order, everything working smoothly, and extra accommodation ready for increased staff when I am able to supply it.
Then to 1 Australian General Hospital which is becoming established in the old site of 12 Stationary Hospital. They are busy establishing themselves and the OC, indeed all, are regretting that they are in a [position] where they cannot expand beyond 750. They are hoping that they may be moved to a large area – this has been promised, I understand. The Nursing Staff of 117 are now distributed – they have 50 with them, the remainder are in different areas, but they are anxious to have 92, for 750 beds!!!
I then went to 12 General, which has improved enormously in every respect. Col. Openshaw who happened to be going round with the OC, also visited the Nurses’ quarters and Mess, and was much impressed with the comfortable conditions under which they were living. He, like many others, seems to think we have come to stay for an indefinite time.
Miss Rannie and I had lunch with the DDMS, and after lunch visited 8 General Hospital, where the officers’ wards are now working and are very much more satisfactory than on my previous visit. The wards in question are being much improved by the addition of many BRCS things which were much needed. The shortage of orderlies here is much felt. This unit is increasing enormously in size and had now an operating theatre both in the hutted part, as well as in the building. I unfortunately missed the OC.
From there to 3 Stationary Hospital, where the new Matron Miss Woodhouse had only recently arrived. This Hospital is as usual in excellent order. The OC is moving the Matron’s office and Red Cross stores into the Hospital – by doing this 2 rooms are released in the quarters which are very cramped.

Raining incessantly all day.
Meerut Indian General Hospital for infectious cases very full, a variety of cases, but including a large number of German Measles as well as 13 Nursing Sisters with this complaint. They are being nursed in bell tents pitched for the purpose in an apple orchard near the Nursing Sisters’ quarters. In ordinary times this is quite alright at this time of year. At the time of the visit, everyone looked exceedingly comfortable and well cared for inside. Outside there were however many difficulties for the Nursing Staff looking after them, but all were working well and cheerfully. As well as the bell tents, a marque had been pitched for the Mess and other marques were in process of erection.
1 Stationary Hospital. Everything going well with the exception of some little trouble with 3 VADs who consider they should be doing Staff Nurses’ duties. Miss Rannie, the Assistant Principal Matron is going to look into the matter and report.
9 General Hospital. Went round the quarters which still leave much to be desired, but are much improved. Went with the OC and Miss C. Mackay round the Hospital. The Bishop of Khartoum was holding a confirmation service at this Hospital in the afternoon. The OC spoke about the religious services in the wards and I pointed out to the Matron that she must be more than careful that when any special services were being held that the beds are screened off, and that it is important for her and her Staff never to forget the various denominations there always were in a ward.
5 General Satisfactory in every way, and the OC spoke in very high praise of the A/Matron’s capabilities and powers of management, and what an assistance she had always been.
11 Stationary Hospital The new Matron, Miss Allen, has settled in and everything is working smoothly. I saw the OC about the question of Sisters being put in charge of the Scabies tents, and he spoke of the lack of trained men, and the assistance the trained nurses were, but that he would move them at once if I wished. He pointed out that so many wounded, who were being nursed in the wards were also suffering Scabies. I said I would discuss the matter with the DDMS and not to move them for the present.
10 General Hospital I saw the OC and the new A/Matron, Miss Roscoe, who has just taken over from Miss Bills who had been recalled for duty at Home. Everything is going satisfactorily. I also saw Miss Dease VAD, of whom the Duchess of Bedford wrote quite recently. She is a very nice woman, is very interested and says how happy she has been. She is extending her service. Before leaving Rouen I called on Mrs. Clipperton, with reference to her kind offer of supplying BRCS articles for the new Sick Sisters’ Hospital when it opens. I thanked her and said I would let her know when the matter was settled and the final arrangements of taking the house completed. I also said I had just visited 8 General and had seen all the pretty things she had selected for the officers’ ward, and what an improvement they had made. Returned to Abbeville, arriving 8.30pm.

During my absence found that the following things had happened and been dealt with:
Lt. Col. Evans applied for Assistant Matron in place of Miss Congleton, who had been moved to 13 General Hospital to assist the Assistant Principal Matron. DMS 4th Army reported that Nurses for 3 CCS will not be required for a week or more. Miss Thomas CHR was evacuated to England. WO letter informing us that Miss Massie CHR is to return to the BEF after her marriage. This was not recommended when submitting her application for permission to marry and to return to the BEF. WO letter received notifying the resignation of Miss Twidale from 25.4.16. WO letter ordering recovery of £1.10.2d from Miss Fairland. Copy of letter sent to Commissioner BRCS re permits and passes. Letter from DGMS asking for full report of arrival of Nurses. 25 Canadian Nurses belonging to 7 General (Canadian) hospital arrived at Havre and ordered to Treport, where they are being distributed to the 3 Hospitals until 7 General Hospital (Canadian) is ready. Letter from Sister i/c 6 CCS saying the unit is moving. Letter from Matron 10 Stationary Hospital saying that Sisters Deacon and Raw are going to Hardelot for change. Miss E. Ward – leave to extend to May 1st – notification from WO. Letter from Miss Church ANSR reporting herself and the remainder of the Staff’s arrival on Hospital Ship Western Australia.
Letter from Miss Caulfield saying that in Major Validier’s wards for special jaw cases, 1 Sister, 2 Staff Nurses on day will be required, and 2 Staff Nurses on night duty. Wrote instructing her to distribute her Staff as they were required, and that when the expansion was completed her Staff would be increased. Miss Crowdy, Principal Commandant, VAD Headquarters Boulogne wrote re VADs returning from sick leave, and the supply of their Brassards and Identity Discs. Replied in future the Assistant Principal Matron Boulogne will notify all arrivals from sick leave and the ladies shall be instructed to report and obtain these … on arrival.

Easter Sunday Staff of 4 asked for 92 Field Ambulance to proceed to Amiens on Tuesday, where they will be met by Ambulance. Orders sent, Miss Whyte QAIMNS to be in charge. Wire saying Sisters Finnis, Austen and Stearns being transferred Home sick by Hospital Ship. VAD Roscoe’s mother had stroke – authority given for her to go Home. Miss Badger ordered on Hospital Ship Newhaven to replace Miss Brotherton, the latter joining at 13 General Hospital.

WO letter notifying the arrival of 25 VADs on 29th. Miss Blandy, CHR resignation accepted. Telephone message from Miss Blakely to say Miss Barclay Smith was seriously ill and put on the DI List at 8pm.

Left for Etaples at 12.30pm arrived 2.30pm. Saw DDMS with reference the recent report of Nurses being found in OC’s grounds with officers. He said that extracts of the instructions which have been sent from the beginning to all Matrons and Sisters in Charge of units under cover of OC, referring to the disciplinary side of the matter in connection with the Nursing Staff, he had had copied and sent to all Commanding Officers making them responsible that these orders should be carried out in letter and spirit. Went with him to the Duchess of Westminster’s Hospital, where I saw the OC with reference to the appointment of a new Matron, the present one being in charge of wards. The DDMS (Colonel Carr) asked whether it would be possible to have Miss Smith again in the area, as he felt the need of her; that Miss Blakely was doing all she could, but that she didn’t carry weight, nor had she the experience or knowledge which Miss Smith had. From there I went to GHQ (Montreuil) where I saw DDGMS (Surgeon-General O’Donnell) who is under orders for India as PMO. He said the AG wanted to see me and I went with him to his room. He was most pleased and interested – said he was glad I had been going into the matter. Asked what steps I had taken with reference to the disciplinary side of question – of dealing with these large bodies of ladies now working in France, and in Etaples. I showed him the copy which DDMS Etaples was circulating and undertook to let him have copies of all instructions sent to all units [and] each special unit. Got back 8.30pm. Reported visit to DDMS.

Letter written to DGMS re the question of initializing the surplus Australian Nurses in our units, No.1 General (Australian) having 117 Nurses and in their present position they are unable to expand more than 750 beds. Nurses left for 92 Field Ambulance. SMO Dieppe rang up about A/Matron Miss Milner, who the OC wished to be moved. Asked that the matter should be reported officially. Special leave 14 days granted to Miss Gibson. Matron Hospital Ship Brighton, reported through A/Matron Lahore British General Hosptial that the OC had given Staff Nurse Hodgkins CHR 4 days’ leave to be married. She, the A/Matron had shewn the instructions re marriage. Copied correspondence and forwarded correspondence to DGMS.

Matron-in-Chief Canadians wrote with reference the question of leave for the Nursing Staff in France. Wanted to know the objection. Said she would be coming to France shortly, when she hoped to see me on the subject, and wanted to know whether I had visited their 4 Stationary Hospital at St. Cloud, which was receiving French sick and wounded. This I have not done. OC Australian Voluntary Hospital asked for 4 Nurses for temporary duty, until those he was expecting from England arrived. Sent 4 of the recently arrived Australians, who are now working in our units. Sent tabulated form of nurses required in our present extension of beds to DGMS. Message from Etaples – Miss Barclay Smith had a bad night and was weaker.
The Hon. Mrs. Coke and Miss Power from YMCA hut called about Miss Ponsonby, Lady Bessborough’s niece, who had German Measles. Rang up OC 3 Stationary asking him if he would go and see her, which he did. Arranged to send a Nurse from the Nurses’ Home for the night, and tomorrow she is being transferred to the Isolation Hospital of 16 General, Miss Power is taking her there by Ambulance. Miss Barclay Smith no worse – her sister not yet arrived.

Left for 3rd Army 9.30am. To 12 Stationary Hospital, just taken over from the French, a new Hospital built entirely on English lines, with various improvements. Most perfect in all respects. Hutted accommodation for all, including MOs, Nursing Staff and personnel. Every possible convenience, the position an excellent one. From there to DMS 3rd Army at St. Pol, where I had lunch and where the DMS told me of certain units shortly to open.
Visited 30 and 43 Casualty Clearing Stations, now both at Aubigny, the latter having just arrived from Lucheux. Both in house and a Hospice which is set apart for officers only.
30 Casualty Clearing Station running smoothly and well. Staff satisfactory, first rate operating theatres just completed. 43 CCS run on same lines and is side by side with 30 CCS, the Hospice being at some distance, and in these grounds the Nursing Staff of 42 CCS are accommodated under canvas.
From there to Chateau Habarcq where an emergency Hospital is about to be established, and where DDMS asked me to inspect with a view to another Staff being established there. The OC Major Carruthers took me round. A beautiful building with spacious accommodation, which will lend itself admirably for the purpose. Ample accommodation, also for the Nursing Staff on the top floor. Already in the grounds are several huts and marques for the reception of severe cases.
From there to Avesnes – 37 Casualty Clearing Station. All going well. Then to Frevent – 43 Casualty Clearing Station, just established in French huts, and a school (where officers will be nursed). A great many badly wounded there – a great deal of work has already been done at all these Stations, the Nursing Staff are suitably accommodated and the reports of the work and behaviour of the Nursing Staff entirely satisfactory.

New scale of Nursing Staff required for an expansion of beds worked out and forwarded to DGMS – 367 more trained nurses are required. Let all areas know that 14 days’ leave is now sanctioned for all trained nurses and VADs on BEF. Report from Hospital Ship Newhaven asking that Staff Nurse Mudie, when she returns from leave after her marriage as Mrs. Parker, should not return to the ship. Wire from ADMS Marseilles informing us that Staff Nurse Hay had joined Glengorm Castle, and Staff Nurse Mackinnon was proceeding to Boulogne. Sent orders for her on arrival to join 25 General Hospital for duty. DMS 3rd Army ask for 3 more Sisters for 43 Casualty Clearing Station – present Staff 7.
Sister Barclay Smith died 8pm at the Villa Tino. DMS returned from Marseilles midday. Matron 16 General Hospital reported VAD Dalrymple transferred Home sick by Hospital Ship. Letter from Miss Walker, Matron, to say Convalescent Home at Cimiez closing and Staff returning Boulogne 30th. List of BRCS motor drivers sent,VAD members to work at Havre and Etretat. Letter received from Miss … CHR now at Lahore British General Hospital Calais, asking to return to Rouen, as sea air doesn’t suit her, and she never felt well. Wrote asking that the A/Matron should have her seen and a medical certificate forwarded.

Left at 3pm with Miss Walford VAD to Etaples to see Miss Barclay Smith at Villa Tino who is still dangerously ill. Found her seriously ill, hardly conscious, her sister with her. Everything which possibly could be done was being done. Sir John R. Bradford had visited her, but at his last visit gave very little hope. She has worked so bravely and well, that it is more than usually sad. Visited all the sick at the Villa. Everything well arranged and the surroundings lovely – beautiful flowers everywhere, and everyone looking well cared for. Returned 8pm.

Left 9.30am for 4th Army, having already rang DMS to let him know I was coming. Went first to St. Ouen, 3 Casualty Clearing Station, where I found the Casualty Clearing Station was about to move to Puchevillers.
Then to South Midland Casualty Clearing Station at Amiens, where I saw the OC and the A/Matron, Miss Bulman, who both told me of the difficulties there had been with reference to A/S Reynard and Staff Nurse Bort, both CHR, who have been recently reported unfavourably on and who were under orders for Nurses’ Home, where I propose to see them before sending them to another Station, asking for a report to be forwarded after 1 month’s further service. Then to DMS 4th Army Headquarters where I had lunch, and where I heard of still further units about to open. After lunch went to Heilly to 36 Casualty Clearing Station, which has just opened. Is entirely at present under canvas, but operating theatres and sterilising rooms are being built. Both OC and Sister in Charge spoke of the shortage of orderlies, and those entirely untrained.
From there to Warloy – 92 Field Ambulance, where 4 Nurses have just joined, Miss Whyte being in charge, established in a well built French Hospital with every convenience, and beautiful beds of flowers, forget-me-nots and pansies in the front - on their Staff among the Company are 2 Sandringham gardeners. Staff billetted in a little house opposite. Everything most comfortable, and the Nurses spoke of the welcome they had received from everyone, and the nice tea which was awaiting them. This Field Ambulance is not far from Albert.
From there to Gezaincourt to inspect the Chateau which is about to be opened for officers, and a Staff being required of 6. 60 officers can comfortably be put up here. Beautiful building situated in beautiful grounds. Was taken round by Captain, as the OC was on leave here, gone off suddenly to Dublin in consequence of the riots, as he was anxious about the safety of his wife.
Abbeville. Returned 7.30pm.

Busy all day in office. Dehorted wired that Nurses joining Harvard Unit from American Ambulance must proceed direct and not report to WO. 10 days’ special leave granted Miss Clapton 12 General Hospital. Informed DGMS that Miss Mudie now Mrs. Parker, who went on 10 days leave 5.4.16 had not yet returned. Instructed Miss Nunn, Sister QAIMNS on return from leave to join 2 Stationary temporarily as A/Matron in relief of Miss Barber QAIMNS who is joining 12 Stationary Hospital now in the 3rd Army as A/Matron. Sent wire WO informing them of Miss Barclay Smith’s death. Saw A/S Reynard and Staff Nurse Bort, with reference to their recent behaviour, the former, a capable intelligent woman who was most upset; the latter a common little person, entirely undisciplined. They are now being sent to 24 and 16 General Hospitals respectively, and a report asked for at the completion of 1 month’s service. Dehorted wired Miss M. D. Williams QR, 8 General Hospital, mother seriously ill. Repeated DDMS Rouen, sanctioning 14 days leave. Saw DMS with reference to the recent trouble at Etaples and the Duchess of Westminster’s Nurses. Wrote Miss Rannie re VADs at 1 Stationary. Special report called for on Miss Milner, Acting Matron Hospital Ship Dieppe, from OC, he wishing for her to be moved. 10 of the new Staff for 12 Stationary Hospital have been instructed to join for duty.

Miss Beadsmore Smith and I left early for Le Touquet (Etaples) for Miss Barclay Smith’s funeral, which took place 10am. A large number of Nurses from all Hospitals present, as well as officers. Her sister dreadfully upset, poor thing.
Official letter re Miss Mudie, now Mrs. Parker, to say it is now decided she is not to return – all further communications with reference to her which may be necessary are to be addressed to the Matron-in-Chief TFNS. I am glad this decision has been arrived at as we at Headquarters are satisfied that members of the Nursing Staff should not return to the BEF after their marriage. Informed that Miss M. D. Williams QAIMNSR, whose mother is dangerously ill, and to whom 14 days leave was sanctioned, last night was operated on for appendicitis – on 28th instant, an emergency operation. She is progressing satisfactorily. Learnt officially that Miss Densham, Matron of Duchess of Westminster’s Hospital, has now been appointed Matron, and a Sister has been put in charge of her wards. This arrangement is considered more satisfactory than appointing a new Matron. Letter from DDMS Rouen with reference to my recent inspection, and approving of my suggestions. DMS considers that owing to the size of Etaples areas, and the variety of Hospitals and workers, it will be advisable for Miss A. B. Smith to return there as Principal Matron. Miss Blakely to join Havre as APM, and that another Matron should be appointed for 24 General Hospital. Miss Denne to join 24 General Hospital as Acting Matron. This decision with reference to the transfer of Miss A. B. Smith, Principal Matron QAIMNS from Headquarters to Etaples as Principal Matron of that large area was given in consequence of the recent irregular behaviour of some of the Nursing Staff in that area, and the necessity of having a representative of the QAIMNS for administration and inspection duty in that area was considered necessary.

Establishments opened
69 Field Ambulance: 3.4.16, with Staff of 4
37 Casualty Clearing Station: 8.4.16, with Staff of 8
3 Casualty Clearing Station: 12.4.16, with staff of 7
29 Ambulance Train: 13.4.16, with staff of 2
36 Casualty Clearing Station: 16.4.16, with staff of 7
Hospital Ship Western Australia: 15.4.16, with staff of 4
92 Field Ambulance: 24.4.16, with staff of 4

1 Australian General Hospital: 18.4.16
2 Australian General Hospital: 20.4.16, with their own Staffs, total Nursing Staff 236 sent by Australian Government.

Arrivals during the month
Trained - 80
Australians with 1 and 2 Australian General Hospitals - 232
Canadian Red Cross Nurses - 13
Untrained – 35 VADs and also 5 VADs who arrived last day of last month.

Transferred to Home Establishment
QAIMNS – 1, Miss Bills, for duty at Home
TFNS – 1, Miss Smith, for duty at Home

Still sick in England
Since April 1915 – Trained 66: VADs 25
In April 1916 - Trained 23: VADs 9

Returned during April
Trained 15: VADs 5

Resignations forwarded - 16

VADs returning to England
On termination of contract - 6
Invalided - 2
Resignations - 4

On leave during the month - Approximately 150
Leave has been stopped during the month on 2 occasions for several days.

Deaths – 1 Miss Barclay Smith QAIMNS Reserve of endocarditis


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