Left early for 3rd Army, arriving Beauquesne noon. Saw DMS who spoke about the Sister in Charge writing to friends of dangerously wounded relatives, and the importance of ascertaining exactly the patient’s condition before writing. The question has arisen owing to a Sister writing about a wounded officer, who was being transferred to the Base and whose wounds she said was not dangerous. 24 hours later from Rouen, the friends were telegraphed for in consequence of the dangerous condition and position of the wound, and the patient, Lieut. Ponsonby* eventually died. The officers’ condition was always considered dangerous, and particulars of his case, and reports from all who had seen him, in consequence had to be sent to his friends. A circular is being sent to all Casualty Clearing Stations pointing out the great importance of being quite particular in getting an accurate professional report before writing.
From there to 5 Casualty Clearing Station, Corbie, where extra help had to be sent hurriedly yesterday. Found them busy evacuating, but still very full with seriously wounded officers and men. The Nursing Staff here has to be increased to 10, in consequence of the work and scattered buildings. The officers’ wards are most excellent, in a separate building, with every convenience including an operating theatre. Then to 21 Casualty Clearing Station, very satisfactory in every way.
From there to S. Midland Casualty Clearing Station, Amiens, in buildings originally No.7 General before the Retreat. Everything very much improved, including the Sisters’ Mess which is now very nice indeed. Returned 8pm.

Arranged for moves of Miss Swain and Hewitt on return from leave, and sent Staff Nurse Whalley to S. Midland to replace Staff Nurse Slingsby gone to Base sick, abscess of breast. Wrote to Principal Matron BRCS to meet me tomorrow at Corn and Baltic Exchange Hospital. Wrote to Matron-in-Chief re Miss Chatfield a transfer from BRCS, who was allowed to go on leave by BRCS in spite of being told to report at 13 Stationary Hospital for orders – went in consequence of her mother’s illness. Wrote Matron 11 General in reply to a letter asking for more help. Explained that I was unable to supply it at present, and she must not let her people go on leave if she is hard pressed until I can procure more help. Miss Kempthorne’s resignation forwarded – reason marriage. VAD … arrived from sick leave posted Calais. VAD C. F. Pearse, engagement terminated.
Sir A. Lawley wrote IGC for authority to take the Nurses’ Rest Clubs under the care of the Joint War Committee. He replied that he wished them to remain under the Matron-in-Chief BEF and was not in favour of any change. Attached a copy of a telephone message from Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox re HRH Princess Victoria’s wishes. Miss Brodie QR applied for 4 days leave to say good bye to her fiancé ordered to Serbia – 7 days granted. Letter from OC 7 General Hospital saying the 2nd House is being retained so now a Staff of 42 can be accommodated. Matron 2 Stationary Hospital asking for more help, urgently needed. Sent 2 Nurses from 14 Stationary Hospital. Sent Reserve papers to Miss Hawkins late QAMNSI, now in Paris, instructing her to apply direct to WO – forwarded letter to Matron-in-Chief. Letter from Matron 7 Stationary Hospital saying Governor of Calais operation ‘over eye’ done by Major Leslie at Hotel de Vaux. Sister Paul QR attending daily to look after him and read to him – she speaks French fluently. Miss Whincup TFNS granted extension of leave in consequence of suffering from Scabies.

* There are two officers with the name ‘Ponsonby’ referred to during the months of January and February 1916, which makes for some confusion. This man is believed to be Lieut. Spencer Lawrence Ponsonby, 12th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission entry

Sister in Charge Highland Casualty Clearing Station wrote that Staff Nurse Wilson has fallen and scraped her hand - had had an injection of anti-tetanus serum. No ill effects so far. Letters arriving from Casualty Clearing Stations with regard to instruction of orderlies in reply to the circular letter on this subject, which was sent to all Sisters in Charge of Casualty Clearing Stations in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Army. Sister Cowie on one of the Barges reported a French girl had fallen into the canal, and had been nearly drowned. Was attended to on Barge, and then sent to Hospital. Members of Nursing Staff are now to go on leave via Boulogne instead of Havre, this saving them a long tiring and very undesirable journey in a leave train.
VAD Dickson resignation forwarded from 14 Stationary, is not signing on – in the fire lost all her kit, and in consequence is anxious to leave before her contract expires. The Staff ordered to join 19 Train still waiting. Train not under orders. Wrote Commissioner BRCS re Lady Algernon’s telephone message to explain that it referred to certain rules at the Rest Clubs and that it had nothing to do with the question of them ‘The Clubs’ being taken over by the Joint War Committee. Dehorted wired cancelling previous wire re Miss Chatfield late BRCS. Correspondence with reference to Miss Boulter, Canadian Matron, coming over from England to inspect 4 Stationary Canadian Hospital, St. Cloud, and asking for a permit to enable her to travel on her return via Etaples, Boulogne and London, instead of Dieppe. Sanctioned by IGC and permits given.
Letter from Sister in Charge 1/2 London Casualty Clearing Station with reference to Sir. R. Filmer*, a most difficult patient, who was very, very ill, and who she said the day and night nurse managed well. He eventually died poor man. Letter from Miss Worthington QR from 15 Train, thanking me for sending her and saying she will do her utmost to be successful this time. Forwarded letter DGMS, GHQ with reference to asking the BRCS to supply a Sister in Charge, and thus release a Q. Referred him to WO letter, instructing us to appoint a Regular Sister in 1914.

Left 11.30am for Etaples arrived 1pm. To ADMS office re trouble at Corn and Baltic Exchange Hospital. Then to lunch at 24 General, where I found Miss A. B. Smith, Principal Matron, had invited all the Matrons of the areas as well as COs, Commandant, ADMS and Consultants to lunch. In the Mess 80 were able to be seated in long rows. A most excellent lunch with VADs waiting most successful and cheery. It had been intended as her Christmas treat, which had now become her farewell lunch. The ADMS made a flattering and amusing speech.
Left at once for Corn and Baltic Exchange hospital, where I, with Principal Matron BRCS, saw the OC with reference to difficulties in connection with his Matron. A great deal of friction existed, he considering that she took too much upon herself, and was bad tempered, though he admitted that the Hospital was much improved since her arrival. She complaining that he did give her the position she have as Matron [sic]. The state of affairs most difficult and impossible, and the OC was about to report the matter officially. Returned and told ADMS what had occurred. Saw the Principal Matron and arranged that her orders would be sent to join here on Sunday. Letter from Dr. L. A. Smith re Miss Lawley who will be able to return shortly to France.

* Captain Sir Robert Marcus Filmer, 4th Battalion, Grenadier Guards
Commonwealth War Graves Commission entry

Forwarded particulars re Miss Maxwell-Moffat’s gratuity and insurance to DG. Wired 4 days leave granted VAD Scott – serious illness of mother. Referred question of length of contract of VADs sick for 1 month and more to DGMS. Sent agreement forms to VADs about to complete 6 months contract. DADMS Boulogne telephoned about Marine Hotel, and what arrangements would be made when 11 General Hospital went to Camiers, and their Staff of 44 left the Hotel. I pointed out that unless the Field Allowance was sanctioned, the Nursing Staff could not afford to remain there as the charges were 8F 50 a day without baths.
Received official notification that Staff Nurse Good, 4 General Hospital refused to be inoculated. Replied the matter would have to be referred to WO if she still refused and that she would probably be sent Home.  DDMS Boulogne, wired about Miss Edward’s leave application having been forwarded asking for permission to be married. The marriage arranged for 7th February. Wired Dehorted to ascertain if this was sanctioned. Sister in Charge South Midland Casualty Clearing Station telephoned about her leave, as leave now in 3rd Army is granted. Told her to arrange for it. Forwarded to DGMS proposition of identity discs for the Nursing Staff.

Forwarded Report on Corn and Baltic Exchange Hospital to ADMS Etaples. Received notification of the departure of 105 Reserve Badges from London. Applied to MFO Havre asking they might be despatched Abbeville instead of GHQ. Replied to Matron in Charge, Hospital Ship Jan Breydel, with reference to the OCs wish that the Nursing Staff should sign for equipment. Said it was being referred to a higher authority, and asked her to write officially on the subject. Miss Jacob QAIMNS now on Sick List – not strong enough for Assistant Matron duties at 24 General Hospital Etaples. Wrote saying she was much better and expressing regret at knocking up and asking if she might do Matron’s duties at 13 Stationary, so as to give her another chance, as the Hospital is entirely under cover, and she felt she would keep quite well there Wrote saying that I should not forget her, and that I would find her a small charge later. Miss Allen, Acting Matron 13 Stationary Hospital was her senior and was only doing temporary duty until Miss Walker’s return from Cimiez. Received a letter from Mrs. Furze asking that particulars with reference to the cause for which VADs were resigning might be forwarded to her direct, as she could not approach Miss Becher on the subject again, and that she considered that ‘not suitable’ was sufficient. Am writing again to point out that all official matters in connection with the VADs can only be passed through the WO and that I have very definite instruction on this subject. This I have already told Mrs. Furze.

Matron Boulter CAMC came on her way through, after inspecting 4 Canadian Stationary Hospital at St. Cloud. For reception of French wounded, but entirely composed of French Canadian personnel, Drs. And Nurses, many of whom can’t speak English. She was supplied with a permit from IGC to enable her to travel by Boulogne and London. Medical Report received from Rouen stating Nurse Brindle quite fit for Service – forwarded GHQ. Staff Nurse D. M. Woods CHR, resignation received from Boulogne but not departure report. GHQ wired, Miss Edwards CHR permitted to marry provided she is willing to sign on for another year’s service. Telephoned Boulogne – she agrees – leave granted for 10 days. Staff Nurse Twomey application for permission to resign returned to Rouen for the reason. Received signed agreement forms and Confidential Reports on Special Probationers from 24 General – forwarded GHQ.
Wrote Miss Crowdy re Passports for VADs in Military Hospitals – not considered necessary. Miss Tait VAD only having a special one to enable her to visit her mother in Lisbon. Letters from Boulogne, Dieppe, Treport, Rouen, Havre, with reference to Field Allowance being disallowed and pointing out that the Nursing Staff cannot carry on without it, and that if the matter is not reconsidered many Nurses will not remain. Wrote in reply that the matter is being dealt with. Letter from John Magee, with reference to his son A. Magee, who died of wounds at 5 Casualty Clearing Station in December, Sister Knowles QAIMNS Sister in Charge. Wrote in reply expressing sympathy. Said all particulars had already been forwarded officially and that Miss Knowles had also written. Also forwarded his letter to Sister to write again also. Another Nurse required at Isolation Hospital, Calais. Sent another Australian. Wire from Medsercan asking for 2 Sisters to be moved from one Canadian Unit to another – dealt with and Medsercan informed. Official report that 7 Sisters left for 2 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station. Wired for 7 Nursing Staff to proceed Nurses Hospital Abbeville for 37 Casualty Clearing Station, now moving to Candas.  Mrs. Furze forwarded list of 300 VAD Members working in our Hospitals to be checked, and asking if any should no longer be working with us might it be stated the reason why.

Left for GHQ 10.30 arrived 12.30, just after some bombs had been dropped, but no serious damage done. Saw 2 Taubes flying very high being chased by our people. Had lunch with DG. Discussed the question of reduction of allowances and the effect it was having on all our people, the employment of women to replace men – have arranged to see some Hospitals while on leave, where these arrangements are in vogue. Took a rough copy of distribution of Staff (Nursing) as laid down in War Establishments, and how we were utilizing them. Am including Clearing Stations and Trains, giving what is considered the numbers required. When completed, it is considered desirable to apply officially for the deficit.

Returned Abbeville 6.30pm to find that some difficulty has arisen in consequence of the ever increasing amount of work in each office here and in consequence the difficulty of getting typing done – not sufficient people to do it. Some delay had been caused through the return of numbers of Staff on War Establishment being wanted at GHQ which of course took some hours in the doing – pointed out that great care was displayed in this office in this respect, many orders being clearly written to save the typist. Suggested if we could get more rooms somewhere near, where we could expand into, and have a telephone communication between it and my office here, we could have our own VAD typist, and do all our own official work. This is to be considered, and on my return from leave a radical change is to be made. Letter from Colonel Worthington, saying everything now most satisfactory at Cimiez. Heard that Nurse Clarke ANSR mother has died, and she is hoping to return to duty – received a very nice letter of grateful thanks.

Miss A. B. Smith, Principal Matron, arrived from Etaples for duty at Headquarters. Received a letter from Miss Chatfield transfer from BRCS, apologising for going Home, by authority of BRCS instead of the Army, in consequence of hearing of her mother’s illness, and hoping she may return to France. Mrs. Priestley, Acting Matron HS Newhaven, now asks to be allowed to remain on Ship. Orders already sent. Letter from Sir A. Lawley, saying he was coming at 11am and offering to secure a cabin for me when crossing on Wednesday. He came at 11am and I saw him with DMS, with reference to the trouble at the Corn and Baltic Exchange Hospital, and they were both inclined to support the Matron, and 2 Matrons already had been moved under the present OC’s command, and the present Matron, Miss Carr, has had favourable reports from every other charge she has had. The correspondence is being forwarded officially for the OC to deal with before he goes on leave. Miss Brodie ANSR leave pass returned, fiancé already left for MEF.
Telephone message to say 3 Nurses from Isolation Calais being sent down sick to Boulogne, leaving 1only on duty. Telegraphed for 3 Nurses to join at once from Boulogne. Correspondence forwarded from APM re a Miss Rootes supposed to be a British Nurse at 2 General Hospital, who purchased jewellery at a shop in Havre giving her name and address and paying only 10 Francs out of 50 Francs due for article purchased. Return – her name not on our books. Wrote to all areas asking for their views re reduction of allowances including Field Allowances for Nursing Staff.
Wrote ADMS Calais asking that Lahore British General Hospital should apply officially for an increase of Staff, and stating whether the increased accommodation needed is available. Also asked for the Nominal Roll of the Duchess of Sutherland’s Hospital. Sent my orders on appointment as Matron-in-Chief and the numbers of trained and untrained nurses in all units in France to Col. Burtchaell. Wrote to DGMS with reference to Miss Swinburne, VAD who went sick with Scarlet Fever, was sent Home, is now employed in England and is anxious to get out here again. She wrote DG as she is a friend of the family. The DG referred the matter to me, and I advised him to tell her to extend her service as her contract is expiring shortly and to apply for Service in France. Her reports are excellent.
Wrote Colonel Horrocks, with reference to 2 Canadian Sisters, friends of his sister’s who are anxious to work in a Hospital in Havre. Said they should apply officially to either WO or Matron-in-Chief, Canadians, for Service in France, but that it would be impossible to promise that they could work in any special area.
Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox telephoned to ask me to go and see her before going Home, as she had a message from HRH Princess Victoria and asking me to stay the night with her. Replied I would go if I were able to leave tomorrow instead of waiting here until Wednesday morning. DDMS asked that 2 emergency groups of 7 for new Casualty Clearing Stations, should be ready to move at short notice. This has been done.
A/Sister C. M. Pearce QAIMNS on Sick List. Miss Whincup TFNS at Home suffering from Scabies, a medical certificate received from her MO saying she will be unable to return for 3 weeks. Forwarded letter authorizing the leave. Worked at the particulars of Nursing Staff authorized by War Establishments, and present requirements in existing units. Miss Edwards CHR agreement form signed for another year’s service received and forwarded. Difficulty in ascertaining how Staffs on Ships are to be replaced is great, owing to Ships now being pooled and sent where they are needed so that it is not known to what port they are going in time to get the Nurse at that particular base.

Went to see house with a view to have more rooms for this office. This present room still to be my office, a telephone to be arranged so that we are in communication with the house which is in the same street. Busy with correspondence all day. Telephone message from Boulogne to say Miss Beatrice Jones RRC had arrived on her way from Sicily for London, she having been cabled for. Miss Slingsby fit for duty. Letter from Miss Becher saying Sisters Evans and Smartt returning. Applied officially for 100 more trained Nurses. Letter from Miss Reid to say VAD McPhail again on SI List and her father has been sent for. Went to 2 Stationary Hospital to see officers’ wards. Getting in order, looking very comfortable, curtains for separating beds not yet arrived. When complete, this should be very very good unit, as the arrangements are good, and the huts well built, with many conveniences. This unit is working smoothly and happily.

Miss McCarthy left for Boulogne 2.15pm en route for England on leave.*
Sent to DG in accordance with instructions from Colonel Burtchaell, statement of the establishment of the Nursing Staff in new Military Units, showing War establishment, distribution as required in France, and deficiencies, showing shortages of Trained Staff to be 283 and VADs 353 for completion of Nursing Staff of all Military Units including 2 G.H., at present staffed by Americans and own Hospital (Stationary) parked.
Wrote Miss Crowdy, Principal Commandant of VADs France to kindly forward the weekly nominal roll of all rest stations giving the number of the Trained Nurses in charge of these units. Corresponded with reference to extension of leave for Miss Whincup TFNS, sent to DG as one extension of 10 days had already been sanctioned, and this lady is still stated to be suffering from scabies, suggested a Medical board should be held in England. Reminder received from DG for particulars of insurance Miss M. A. Harding (Mrs. Bailey). Wrote suggesting that all required information should be obtained from WO, as this lady sent in her resignation from England whist on sick leave, this information had been previously called for from this office to home address as shown in registers of units to which she is attached, no reply received up to date. VAD Miss A. Campbell granted special leave owing to illness of father. Departure of Special Probationer V. Stuart … who left for England yesterday on termination of contract. Circular sent to all bases, armies, trains, hospital ships and Barges, 7 S. H. and 10 Stationary, calling for nominal roll of all Trained Nursing staff with a view to supplying all nurses with identity discs, giving names, rank, corps and religion. Sent to Matron-in-Chief WO, return of members appointed to the Army Reserve, who joined Military Units in January – total – 1. WO letter received accepting resignation of Staff Nurse … CHR.

* The first time that Maud McCarthy had been on leave since her arrival in France on 15 August 1914. The next twelve days of the diary are written by Anne Beadsmore-Smith, Principal Matron.

Received copy of letter sent by C-in-C to WO re Sisters Field allowance, asking if order for withdrawal was not a mistake and if he could be informed by wire. Correspondence re Miss Good CHR sent to DG, suggesting that as this lady has conscientious objections to being inoculated she should not be permitted to renew her contract to serve in France (contract expires July 6th). Appeals received from Miss Steen (Havre) and Miss Woodhouse (7 General) re stopping of Field Allowance. WO letter received accepting Staff Nurse Kempthorne’s resignation. Application received from Rouen for second extension of leave to be granted Sister Carnelow on medical grounds, sent to DG, for medical board to be held in England. Urgent leave sanctioned to VAD Best 24 Stationary Hospital, Etaples, on account of serious illness of mother. Extension of 7 days leave granted to VAD Prentice on account of serious illness of father. Sister M. S. Williams called 12.30pm to see Matron-in-Chief, the CO of 24 Ambulance Train having accused her of making a false statement re the issue of cigarettes to patients. He suggested Miss Williams should go on leave as a temporary solution of the difficulty. Received letter from the Rector of Carnew re Miss Kearney now working at 9 General, and who has not written to relatives of late. VAD Farmer again sick, and sent to Convalescent Home at Etretat for rest (1 General).

Telegram received from Colonel Worthington asking that Miss Rooke might stay till 12th – approved by DDMS. Confidential correspondence from CO Hospital Ship “Brighton” re Miss Copland, reported irregular conduct on the part of Miss Copland, order now issued for this lady to report for duty at 6 General Hospital on being relieved by Miss Hodgkins. Rouen asked to furnish confidential report on completion of one month; wrote to Miss Reid about the matter. Wrote to Miss Reid to verify telephone message received in this office, affirming that A. Cameron TFNS, 12 Stationary had returned from leave. Wrote to Miss Steenson advising her not to take leave to Boulogne at present, in answer to letter to M-in-C. Telegram sent from WO to C-in-C stating Field Allowance not stopped for Nursing Sisters in France.
Application from 10 Stationary for employment of a fifth servant, not sanctioned. Received correspondence from OC Hospital Ship “Jan Breydel” re Sisters signing for Hospital equipment, returned quoting circular from DMS, L of C, M/249/16 d. 10.2.16., stating OCs now personally responsible for equipment. Application from 3 General (Canadian) for return of 12 Sisters lent to No.1 Canadian General at Wimereux, sent to DG for approval. WO letter received authorizing transfer of Sister Blackwell CHR to Home Establishment, forwarded to DDMS Boulogne asking for report, and date of departure to be notified by him.
WO letter received accepting resignation of Acting Sister A.S. Hill QAIMNSR. Memo from ADMS, L of C re American Nurses appeal against reduction of allowances, returned for copy of agreement to support claim, that these nurses now promised Lodging, fuel and light. Sent M-in-C WO list of changes on Hospital Ship “Cambria,” with brief reports on the new staff. Extension of leave 7 days sanctioned by wire VAD McInery, on account of dangerous illness of father and brother. Received VAD discs from Miss Crowdy – distributed. Letter from Matron 7 Stationary stating Colonel Lister had called to report most favourably on Sister Paul’s work, nursing special eye cases.

Correspondence re Baltic and Corn Exchange Hospital received. ADMS Etaples with Assistant Principal Matron interviewed OC and Matron, both are remaining, and the temporary friction has now ceased.  Extension of 7 days’ leave granted to Miss Riddle QAIMNSR on account of dying condition of father.
All Matrons written to re Field Allowance not being stopped, told orders would follow. WO letter received Staff Nurse Rawes TFNS returning from sick leave, instructions sent to join 16 Stationary Hospital. Letter from Miss Hordley saying 14 Stationary Hospital are anxious for temporary reduction of Nursing Staff. 5 moved to 13 General Hospital. Orders from DG through Col. Barefoot to move 3rd Sister off all communicating trains, acted accordingly with exception of 24 Ambulance Train, Sister Williams applying for leave. Letter from Miss Barwell complaining of undisciplined behaviour of Mrs. Jelf, Staff Nurse TFNS. Application for withdrawal of transfer to England received from Sister Briggs TFNS, provided 14 days leave could be sanctioned to sort private affairs. Leave approved and DG asked to cancel previous application. Circular sent to all areas stating that VAD members must not apply for extension of leave except under very exceptional circumstances. VAD Concannon permitted to leave 7 days before completion of contract. VAD Box 24 Stationary Hospital applied for permission to go to 5 Casualty Clearing Station to see brother whose condition is critical. Replied could go if wired for. Miss … at Marseilles taken off sick list. Boulogne telephoned “Miss Hopkins had returned from sick leave, and awaited orders.” Sent to join 13 Stationary Hospital. Name of Hopkins not on our books – asked for particulars. DG wired Matron Chicago unit to proceed to London to bring over party of 35 nurses, replied by wire that Matron Chicago Unit was in Scotland, address known to WO.

Wired to Lahore General Hospital (ADMS Calais) to supply suitable sister to replace Acting Sister Robertson on Hospital Ship Dieppe. Wrote a reply to Miss Needham TFNS Matron Hospital Ship Copenhagen re pay of Miss I. C. Smith. This lady stated she was entitled to pay at £65 p.a., authority sent for Acting Sister’s pay at £50 p.a. to be drawn while performing Sister’s duties on board Hospital Ship.
WO wire received from DG stating Sister Baker, Harvard Unit unable to return from leave on account of sickness, letter follows. Letter from Mrs. Furze enclosing one from VAD Crampton re kit lost in fire at 14 Stationary. Letters forwarded to Miss Reid and Miss Hordley asked what steps are being taken to put forward claims re their lost kits. Staff Nurse G. P. Jones QAIMNSR applied for extension of leave from England in order to get married and also forwarded an application to resign. Seven days extension sanctioned and resignation forwarded marked urgent to DG. Received Priority wire from DG saying Matron Chicago unit address not known at WO, send CO over to bring nurses across. Orders sent with DG’s authority for nurses temporarily sent to No.1 Canadian General to return to their unit No.3 Canadian General.
Letter received from Miss Hordley re Court of Enquiry held at 13 General Hospital on criticisms by Major Dow on Nursing Staff with regard to surgical cleanliness.

Received WO letter 12/Finance – 523 (QM74a) re Field Allowance not to be withdrawn. Received wire from Calais of completion of move Miss E. R. G. Robertson replaced by Miss Lloyd TFNS. Boulogne wired re their telephone message of 11th name given as “Hopkins” from sick leave, should read Hopton, returned from ordinary leave. Orders re Hopkins cancelled, and Miss Hopton instructed to join Nurses’ Home at Abbeville. Staff Nurse E. E. Evans TFNS reported for duty from England, sent to 26 General. Miss C. P. M. Chatfield, arrived from England, having been taken on Reserve from BRCS. Orders sent to join 14 General Hospital, authority WO letter 12/Reserve 9629 QM84 Military Hospitals, received from DG, agreement forms to follow. Received letter from M-in-C TFNS, Miss Hay’s resignation accepted. Received WO letter accepting resignation of VAD Dickens.

Letter from Miss Crowdy saying she could lend kits to VADs who had lost their kits in the fire at 14 Stationary Hospital, if M-in-C wished, pending settlement of claims. Letter received from Sister in Charge of Highland Casualty Clearing Station stating that Sister Wilson had been sent to 14 General Hospital with acute rash after anti-tetanic injection, and she asked for temporary sister to replace her. Staff Nurse Blandy from 16 General Hospital was sent for temporary relief. Miss Reid forwarded direct to this office (not through usual channels) letters for Matrons re stoppages of allowances, and also reported arrival of Miss Copland from Hospital Ship “Brighton.” Received forms of renewal of contract for Trained Nurses and VADs working in Military Hospitals.
Miss Fox wrote about Mrs. Prickard being dangerously ill at 14 Stationary Hospital, daughter had been sent for. Nominal roll sent from 7 General Hospital giving ages of Nursing Sisters, returned stating “Not understood, not asked for or required.” 2 Staff Nurses sent from 14 Stationary to 7 Stationary. Copy of timetable for Sisters sent to Miss Barwell, with reference to question asked as to times for night nurses. Miss Hordley wrote about VAD claims, all had submitted as “claims for kit only,” she also reported 15 Ambulance Train to be garaged 14.2.16., the staff taken for temporary duty to 13 General Hospital. Received WO letter accepting resignation of Mrs. Meddrick TFNS, and of Miss Hossack’s CHR.

Received new agreement forms for VADs. Miss Fox wrote saying that a scheme had been put forward that the Chateau Mauricien should be used as a hospital for Sisters, the Hotel Splendid thus being left entirely for officers, also stating that Miss Treherne Jones is to be operated on Monday, excision of gall bladder. Telephone message re Lt. Ponsonby 3 Stationary Hospital, saying again feverish at night T. 104 for each two nights 99 today, 97 in the morning. Confidential and private letter from Miss Luard about Miss Lord which has been placed in confidential box, stating that this lady is not suitable for work at a Clearing Station, not sufficient reserve of manner. Miss Smith reported admission at 19 Casualty Clearing Station of Lt. General Sir Charles Anderson of 17th Corps, admitted with chest trouble, probably bronchitis. Consultant physician from 2 Stationary Hospital was expected to see him. Miss Nunn QAIMNS diagnosed Paratyphoid and transferred from 8 General Hospital to Meerut British General Hospital. General Bray telephoned re house for M-in-C staff, also sent Monsieur de Breteuil round to assist in finding locality. Received WO letter stating that unless a VAD is recommended for further tour of six months’ service, the engagement should terminate on expiration of the original contract six months, inclusive of any time spent in sickness. Two sisters from Australian Hospital applied for leave to visit Paris or Ireland (Killarney), the latter is approved.

Miss Bishop QAIMNSR placed on DI list, suffering with pleurisy. Wire sent to WO. Received WO letter stating that Miss Dick had been instructed to join the 18th inst. Miss Hordley wrote asking for more staff, 1 sister from 14 Stationary and 4 VADs from 11 General sent. Miss Steen wrote asking for VADs to replace those leaving on Monday, and would be glad of extra help on account of Miss Bishop. 4 VADs sent to 2 General Hospital and 3 to 1 General, from 11 General Hospital. Miss McKay wrote about Miss Robertson Nicoll, saying she needed a holiday, wrote suggesting change to Convalescent Home. Wrote DG, asking for 500 more copies of agreement forms for renewal of contract for Reserves. Received from Havre correspondence in connection of resignation of Miss Kempthorne who leaves Feb. 29th, sent on to DG.
Wire from DGMS, from Dehorted, asking for Miss Kirk, Canadian Nursing Service 2 Stationary (Canadian) to proceed to Cliveden for the purpose of attending Court of Enquiry as a witness, now despatched to Boulogne and departure report asked for. Miss Hopton called to enquire if any order was waiting for her. Telephone fixed to office of Matron-in-Chief. General Clayton spoke to Colonel Barefoot about the kindness of the Matron of 3 General Hospital in allowing Mrs. Ponsonby to put up in the Sisters’ Quarters, whilst her husband was so ill, but hoped if it was of the slightest inconvenience, she would be sent to an Hotel. Wrote to Miss Stronach.

Fatigue Party sent to clear new office. Went over to arrange when light and telephone were to be fixed, also asked for fire baskets, provided cleaning materials for them to carry on. VAD … 24 General, applied for extension of leave on account of illness of mother, 7 days approved by wire. Etaples informed. DMS 3rd Army applied for extra sister for 30 Casualty Clearing Station, sent Acting Sister from Sisters’ Home. Miss Fox wrote about Miss Treherne Jones who had been operated on, excision of gall bladder, stone was found and also gall bladder very much ulcerated. DDMS Boulogne telephoned that 11 General Hospital was keeping open 200 beds and requested that the move of Sisters from them to 4 General Hospital might be postponed for the present, sanctioned. DGMS authority asked for, for move of Canadian Sister from 2 Canadian General to 3 Canadian General. DDMS Boulogne telephoned. Hospital Ship “Cambria” had arrived, but no relief for Mrs. Priestley who was under orders to leave ship, so she had been ordered to remain on Cambria till relieved. Staff Nurse Partfield TFNS was wired for to proceed forthwith to Boulogne in relief of Mrs. Priestley. Copy of letter from DDT(S) dated 16th February re withdrawal of our motor car from DMS, L of C, 3 cars to be provided for 4 services. Additional forms of renewal of contract for Reserve Nurses received, which were asked for on the 16th inst. by King’s Messenger. Letter from Matron-in-Chief asking for car to be sent to meet her by morning boat on Saturday 19th. Colonel Lynden Bell called. Miss Steen reports Miss Bishop’s letter, also that Miss Wood Martin VAD is being sent home by Hospital Ship. Colonel Carr called.

Sent out renewal of contract forms for all Reserve nurses in France, to all bases, GHQ, and 2 Flotilla, Ships, Trains, 10 Stationary, 7 General, 20 CCS and Armies. Extra Sister applied for from 33 Casualty Clearing Station by General Pike, not asked for by Nursing Staff. Letter from 7 Casualty Clearing Station re Miss Brereton sent sick replaced by Staff Nurse from 5 General. Miss Drage called at 1pm from Le Treport. Miss Barber wrote about engagement of Miss Hale. Wire received from Dehorted that VAD Miss E. C. Campbell had been granted one week’s extension on medical grounds. Sir Arthur Sloggett was here midday, on his way to Paris and South. Concert for Hospitals by members of Mechanical Transport Theatre. Miss Barbier and the 2 VADs went. Sister Cameron TFNS from 12 General Hospital wrote attaching doctor’s certificate for another extension of leave. No action taken as matter had already been referred to DGMS asking that a Board might be held on this lady in England. Miss Crowdy called at 2.30pm, was out so did not see her. Sent Miss Kelly nominal roll of 12 ships which call at French ports. Asked Miss Reid for report on Miss Hodgkins, transferred to Hospital Ship Brighton. Miss Blakeley wrote re Hockey Team for 20 General Hospital, of Nurses going to Montreuil to play match, answered certainly not, was quite sure it would not be allowed by Matron-in-Chief on active service. Miss Hordley wrote giving names of VADs who had lost their kit, and who would be glad of kits on loan from Miss Crowdy, she also sent me lists of those transferred to Rouen and Le Treport, so sent to those 2 places asking if kits now required there. Miss Fox reported Miss Treherne-Jones decidedly better. Box of Badges received.

Miss McCarthy returned from leave, arriving at 4.30pm. Sir John Rose Bradford called. Sister Barbier to Boulogne to meet Miss McCarthy. Orders received from WO to place Nursing Staff on Hospital Ship “Western Australia” – 1 Matron, 1 Sister, 2 Staff Nurses. 7 and 8 Stationary Hospitals applied for increase of Nursing Staff and 20 and 26 General. Wire received from 12 Casualty Clearing Station asking for 2 nurses to replace Nurse Dothridge and Patterson sent sick to Base. Miss M. Revel and Miss M. Smith sent.
Application from 29 Casualty Clearing Station for 3 more nurses on completion of new huts. DMS returned from leave at 4.30pm. Sister Hale called this afternoon. Memo from Command Paymaster re Miss D. M. Wood’s correct initials in respect of resignation papers. Replied by DRLS, “Dorothy Maud Wood.” WO letter received accepting resignation of Miss C. H. Horton CHR from March 26th. Arrival of 12 Canadians reported by SMO Treport at 2 General Hospital, arrived from England 17.2.16., forwarded to DG. Signed agreement form for Miss Latham VAD received from Calais, returned for Matron’s report from Dec. 9th to Feb 18th. Letter received from Miss Fox, saying that 12 convalescent sisters had been transferred to the Chateau Mauricien from Hotel Splendid. Miss Fox also reported favourable progress of Miss Treherne-Jones, and slight improvement of Mrs. Prickard. Miss Steen reported improvement in Miss Bishop’s condition. Matron-in-Chief reported batch of Canadians arriving from England today. Received copy of Army Council Instruction 351, QAIMNS Reserve, Renewal of Contract of Sisters and Staff Nurses.

Returned from leave. During my absence in London I had the honour to being received by Her Majesty The Queen, Queen Alexandra, and HRH Princess Victoria of England and Ireland. They were all most enthusiastic about the work of the Nurses in France, and the care and devotion shewn to the sick and wounded. HRH Princess Victoria, who is particularly interested in Nurses’ Clubs, asked me to call upon Lady Florence Willoughby her Secretary which I did. I also saw DG and the Matron-in-Chief with whom I discussed the question of replacing men by women in France when it became necessary, and pointed out the necessity of not doing it before the need was urgent, in consequence of the many disadvantages and difficulties to be faced in the country, and the necessity of having them accommodated in the Hospital compounds, and for the OC and Matron to be entirely responsible for them. I visited the 3rd London War Hospital, Wandsworth Common, run almost entirely by women. Here most attend by day and live out, and
Mess themselves entirely.
Staff asked for, for Western Australia. Wired GHQ for permission to wire Dehorted to transfer staff from Copenhagen, now no longer a Hospital Ship, to Western Australia, and instruct the 2 extra nurses not required to report to 13 General. This was permitted. Wired Dehorted accordingly. Informed DG action taken. Miss Tyler-Cove accepted by Indian Office. Application from Staff Nurse Mrs. Baker recently married to return to England as her husband has now gone Home. Recommended to DG and asking that Sisters granted permission to marry and whose services are being retained might in future be transferred to the Home Establishment. Application from Nurse O’Donaghue QAIMNS for 10 days leave in consequence of sister’s serious illness, granted. Miss Mark’s confidential report forwarded DG, copy sent to her. To DG applying to 100 nurses already asked for that their arrival might be expedited. Unsatisfactory reports on QA Ayre, QR Shirtcliffe and Roberts returned to Rouen to have it noted whether the reports had been sent to the ladies.
Miss Brotherton’s unsatisfactory report also returned to be forwarded through the proper channels. Miss Luard Sister in Charge 6 Casualty Clearing Station asking that Miss Lord QR might be transferred – not suitable for work at a Casualty Clearing Station, inclined to be frivolous. Miss Moriarty QR application to resign forwarded – reason been appointed into Indian Service. Etaples telephoned to say Miss Saygar, Chicago unit ‘Mental’ to be transferred by Hospital Ship Home – to remain in quarters till being transferred to ship – no accommodation available either at Villa Tino, or 14 General. Assistant Principal Matron provided 2 Specials with Mental experience.

Miss A. B. Smith went to Boulogne on way Home. Wire from 12 Ambulance Train for permission for Miss McMillan to have 7 days leave – brother seriously ill – granted. Assistant Principal Matron, Rouen, asked to supply temporary nurse. Sent instructions to Miss James 20 Ambulance Train, Miss Hopton 17 Casualty Clearing Station.

Wrote to Miss Hordley re VAD disc, to point out that all reports must be forwarded through the proper channels, that on the arrival of fresh reinforcements, care must be taken that all particulars of all arrivals are taken. WO letter – Canadian Nursing Sister Couillard, resignation accepted. VAD McInery applying to resign in consequence of father’s death. Correspondence forwarded to DG. Letter with reference to request that Fuel and Light allowance might be continued, taken to IGC who said Sisters ought never to have part for lighting. WO letter, informing us that Nurse C. Barker CHR was returning from sick leave – her 4th since joining – instructed to join 26 General Hospital. WO letter, stating that 34 members of Chicago Unit, and 43 Australian nurses QR, will arrive at an early date, to be followed shortly by 57 others to complete 100. Telephoned to Nurses’ Home to instruct Nurses Smith and Revel to proceed 12 Casualty Clearing Station.  WO letter informing us that Sister A. Cameron TFNS 12 General admitted to Hospital in England.

Renewal of agreement forms arriving from all areas. Telephoned Miss Reid to send Miss Martin and Horne QAIMNS to 7 Stationary Hospital, to replace Nurse Dickinson and Seale, who were making difficulties about working under Miss Barrett. Learnt that Miss Barrett and Miss Allen, Sisters in Charge 7 and 13 Stationary Hospitals respectively were admitted to 14 General with Influenza. Arranged for Miss Congleton and Miss Nye to take their duties temporarily. Wrote DGMS, suggesting that the Indian Nursing Sisters at Montreuil should be moved owing to the lack of work there, which is likely to continue, and suggesting that in the event of help being needed, temporary help could be obtained by applying to ADMS Etaples. Wrote DOS to ascertain where the list of Nurses requiring identity should be sent. Telegram from Dehorted informing us of Sister Massey’s (QAIMNS) arrival tomorrow. Sent instructions for her to join 25 General Hospital as Assistant Matron. Sisters in Charge of 12 and 33 Casualty Clearing Station wrote telling me of the constant bombing from Taubes which has been occurring on successive nights without doing any real harm, but alarming everyone.
Letter from Miss Becher, saying that Miss Hay, who I had suggested as exchange for Miss Kaberry would be no use to her, that the suggestion made her smile. Replied – glad I know now that her and my opinion of the lady entirely coincides, as she used to say she was excellent, when I spoke of inefficiency when I was at the WO, and reminded her that she had not been straight over the recent incident on the St. Andrew, with reference to the Nurse’s marriage. Application from Havre for Miss McBride to go to Le Treport for 14 days change. Sanctioned, and Le Treport informed. Miss Hale QAIMNS to see me with reference to her engagement, anxious to know if she could remain in the Service after her marriage. Told her she must apply officially on the subject. She was very sad at being moved to Havre – thought she would have gone somewhere where they could have met for the weekends! Pointed out this was not possible or desirable. Promised that they should go on leave together. Arranged for Miss McBride QAIMNS, who has been seedy to go to Treport for change from Etretat. Sisters in Charge of 4 Casualty Clearing Stations in different localities, wrote saying Taubes had been visiting their towns and dropping bombs. No real harm however being done. In one building which was a very frail one (all Officers’ Hospital) all the officers were taken to the cellar.

WO letter informing us of Miss E. Fisher, Q retired and Miss Sanderton VAD resignations being accepted in consequence of ill health. Visited 2 Stationary Hospital. The work very good, and patients well looked after, but both officers’ wards are still lacking in taste and finish. I have undertaken to get them some proper table linen and tea things. Sent application form to be filled in to Miss E. Connolly, American Ambulance, Paris, to be forwarded to War Office. Sent Badge list for 145 Nurses to WO with covering letter to the effect that 27 Nurses who have already paid for their badges have not yet been supplied with them. Miss C. Williams QAIMNS came to see me from 24 Ambulance Train on her way on leave. She finds her OC, a Territorial, very difficult. Apparently he has not been much used to Nursing Sisters. Staff Nurse Guest and Boot sent to Casualty Clearing Station to replace Nurses sent to the Base sick. Snow falling all day. Went to look at a house for our Mess. Not vacant until May, and then only for 3 months, so not suitable.

Letter from DGMS approving the removal of Sisters from Indian operating theatre, Montreuil. Letter from DOS asking for nominal roll of Sisters requiring identity discs. Letter from WO informing me of the arrival shortly of Sister Dixon, late Matron, Military Families’ Hospital, and Sister Potts QAIMNSR. Sent orders to Boulogne for them on arrival. Heard from Miss Steen from Havre that Miss F. Bishop, QAIMNSR is better, though Sir John Bradford does not consider she is out of the wood yet. Asked for Staff for 42 Casualty Clearing Station – sent 3 Sisters, 4 Nurses to follow. Miss Ritchie QR application to resign forwarded – reason approaching marriage. Miss Massey QAIMNS, expected 24th not yet arrived. Miss Barwell Matron 5 Stationary, wrote re Miss Hudson and Mrs. Jelf, 2 Reserves, great friends, who are causing trouble.
Went to Treport with Major Dill. Heavy snow storm which continued all day. Visited 3 and 16 General Hospitals, all working under difficulties in this severe weather. Saw Major Ponsonby and Mrs. Ponsonby, the former, after 10 weeks anxious time, was to have gone to England today, but owing to the heavy weather all evacuations have to be postponed. Returned Abbeville 7pm. Staff asked for 37 and 45 Casualty Clearing Stations and 23 and 25 Ambulance Trains. Still anxiously waiting for 100 Nurses asked for beginning of the month. All leave to England is now stopped. Sister Barwell about Major Banks’ death from pneumonia shortly after admission.

Letter from Matron-in-Chief’s Secretary enclosing list of 50 Nurses arriving on Monday. Reply from DGMS sanctioning the withdrawal of Nursing Sisters from Indian operating theatre, Montreuil. Sent orders for Miss Warrack to proceed herself Nurses’ Home for duty on 23 Ambulance Train, and Mrs. Kennedy to proceed Lahore British General Hospital Calais. Instructed Boulogne that in the event of Nurses being wanted in an emergency, temporary help could be procured by applying to ADMS Etaples. Miss Ellis QAIMNSR Rouen, resignation received, inconsequence of still being a Staff Nurse. Has been in the Country since Jan 15th. Has been a Matron, returned correspondence to ascertain if she is not capable of doing Acting Sister’s duties. DMS telephoned from Etaples asking that Miss Wilson and Miss Sadler’s leave might be sanctioned as a special case. Referred to IGC who approved subject to concurrence of Base Commandant. Replied by phone and wire. Miss Smythe from Nurses’ Home telephoned informing me of the arrival of 6 members of the Nursing Service, for duty on Trains and Clearing Stations. Heard from Miss Hale, not to be married for the present at any rate. Quite happy at going to Havre, 2 General Hospital. Left by evening train. Heard Miss Steen, Matron 2 General, not well. Miss Bishop still holding her own.
Wrote to Miss Tunley Matron 25 General Hospital, to ascertain if she has proper accommodation for the increased Staff when they have expanded to 1040 beds – now only 360. Miss Hordley wrote. Miss Barrett, Matron 7 Stationary Hospital still ill. Miss Allen, Matron 13 Stationary, better and able to go to Hardelot for change. Miss Wood left Hardelot, where she has been for 3 weeks for duty 25 General Hospital. Nurse Galvin telegraphed for 14 days’ extension – her mother dead, her father dying of pneumonia. Sanctioned. Wired her and informed her unit. Wrote to Miss Becher enclosing letter from Miss Pearson, asking for any information which could be given of Nurse E. G. Pearson, not able to be traced, and asking Miss B. whether she could throw any light on the matter. Wrote Miss Pearson telling her that we were unable to trace her sister, and informing her what had been done. Received information from L. Wright, Hill House, Streatham Common, that 8 bales of clothing were being sent. Letter from Mrs. Seymour, Lady Gifford’s sister, enclosing list of 8 Bales of goods which are being sent to me from friends in England. Acknowledged, and asked they might be sent here. Informed that 34 Members of the Chicago Unit had arrived 25th instant accompanied by Colonel Harrison the OC – they were met by Miss Woodford. Letter from Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox about HRH Rest Clubs for Nurses, enclosing a letter from HRH for me to see, in which she referred to having received me and that she was glad to have met me etc. etc.

Busy with correspondence all day. Sent particulars of where nurses arriving tomorrow should be sent, to Boulogne. Purchased tea things, table cloths and afternoon tea cloths for officers’ wards 2 Stationary, and wrote Miss Barber asking her to pay particular attention to the way the officers’ meals were served, and that I was anxious everything should be done as well as possible. Sent orders for Miss Hill VAD, a secretary and typist to join here for duty. Wrote officially to ADMS Etaples asking if all fuel and lighting required for Nursing Sisters in their Messes might be given from the Government issue – up to now in most Hospitals, the Nurses have been paying this from their allowances which have now been stopped. Miss Skinner’s brother came, and she spent the day with him. Miss Barber and Walford off in the afternoon. Sister Coulson, 5 General, applied for special leave, mother dangerously ill. Sanctioned, but as all the ports are closed, it’s doubtful when she will get over.
Saw Sir Frederick Treves during the week, who spoke of the excellence of the work done by the Nursing Staff everywhere. He paid a high tribute to their work at the Front, when they had to work under most trying circumstances. He said he would not fail to let them know at Home what he had seen. Letter from Colonel Hatton, Base Commandant, telling me of a house which he thought we might be able to get. ADMS Calais telephoned to say the Antwerpen had gone into dock for some days, where should the Staff go. Said Lahore British General Hospital, and if there was not accommodation for them there, they should report for duty 13 General Hospital, Boulogne. Asked them to inform Boulogne, should they be sending them. Staff Nurse Sartain QAIMNSR resignation received – returned to ask the reason. Staff Nurse Poole resignation received – wishes to leave as she feels she requires along rest to prevent her breaking down entirely. Letter from Mrs. Furze, enclosing pattern and particulars of new summer outdoor dress, which the VADs may procure in any material, but of the attached colour, provided it is made according to regulation. Boulogne telephoned to say Staff Nurse Mrs. Owens had returned from Sick Leave. Orders sent for her to go to 8 General Hospital, Rouen.

4 Nurses sent 20 and 2 Casualty Clearing Station to complete Staff. Orders received for a Confidential Circular again to be submitted to all areas for more names for Despatches. Miss Poole’s (QR) resignation sent forward to DGMS. Since leave has been stopped special leave asked for by 3 Canadian Sisters, and 2 Reserves, sanctioned as a special case. Miss Barton, Assistant Matron 2 General, wrote to say Miss Steen, Matron, off duty with gastritis. Miss Bishop holding her own still. Miss Massey QAIMNS still not arrived.
Telegram from 14 General to say Miss Wilson, 15 Casualty Clearing Station, seriously ill*. WO letter informing us that Mrs. Owen QR, and VAD Daly returning from sick leave – sent orders for them on arrival.
WO letter VAD Concannon’s resignation accepted. Telegram from Miss Galvin asking for extension of leave, mother dead, father dying – 14 days’ extension asked for and granted. VAD Blest wrote resigning. Replied, and told her to forward her resignation through her Matron at 24 General Hospital. Miss Maxwell-Moffatt and Miss Kempthorne QAIMNSR both on the sick list, their contracts expiring 29th and March 1st respectively. Both going to be married. 50 Nurses expected from England, 49 arrived.
Left for Boulogne 11am arrived 1.30pm, delayed with the condition of the road, still heavy snow and freezing. To DDMS office, then to 13 Stationary where I saw the Acting Matron and learnt Miss Allen the Matron was returning in the evening. OC operating so did not see him. Then to Chateau Mauricien, the 3rd Annexe of 14 General, now devoted to Nursing Sisters. Very full, some seriously ill, and not enough help. 31 sick, 2 Trained and 2 VADs on day, 1 on night.
Went on to 14 General. The Matron, Miss Fox was off duty so I left a note for her instructing her to put 2 more trained Nurses on duty at the Chateau. From there to 7 Stationary to see General Macdonald. Found him better but his room very untidy. Spoke to the Acting Matron about it, also that she was in her hat instead of being in proper indoor uniform.
From there to Nurses’ Club to see Mrs. Robertson Eustace who wanted to see me about a club for Rouen, which a gentleman there wanted to open, and which he had written to her to assist him in the matter and choose a house. He had £500. I said that HRH wanted to open a Club there when it was needed, and had all necessities including furniture stored, and that before she did anything in the matter, I had better consult Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox. This I did. I went and saw here, and as she is going to London on Wednesday, she will arrange about this, and look out for a suitable lady to be in charge. Got back late, in consequence of the lights going wrong – 10pm.

* This refers to Miss Wilson who had initially fallen and ‘scraped her hand’ on 2nd February

The new VAD member for the office, Miss N. Hill arrived from Rouen quite early and was taken to her billet by Miss Walford. Busy all day moving to new office, which leaves me at last with an office to myself which is only shared by Miss A. B. Smith, Principal Matron. House hunting without success. Official telegram came for name of Sister to replace Miss Kaberry arrived. Replied Miss M. C. Johnston. Wrote to Miss Becher, Matron-in-Chief giving particulars of her work out here. Official letter from WO asking when Miss Reid could be expected to be replaced by Miss Rannie – after Miss Reid had taken over and she, Miss Rannie, had had a fortnight’s leave. Replied March 6th, and wrote Miss Becher telling her how difficult this is to arrange, owing to the large numbers now off duty sick, and the heavy and increasing work everywhere here now. Letter from Miss Fox, explaining how heavy they are and how short-handed. Arranged to send her 7 from 11 General now closing, and moving to Camiers. The Harvard unit moving to Camiers also from Boulogne, where they have been established for a short time in the buildings originally occupied by the Rawal Pindi people. Letter from Pay people asking if I could arrange for arrivals to join their units at once from Boulogne, which would mean a saving to the public. Replied explaining that as far as it was able it was done, but the time of arrival of boats, and departure of trains to the various destinations often made it difficult, but special attention will be paid to this matter. WO letter informing us that Miss Kinkead QAIMNS was now fit for duty and has been posted to Millbank. Forwarded lists to DOS of members of Nursing Service requiring identification discs. Wire from DMS 2nd Army asking that Miss Kewley’s services might be retained for a few days. Said he was writing. Major Smallman went on leave yesterday – to be married today. Sent congratulating wire from us. The DMS returned from Etaples. Very satisfied with the Hospitals, but not with the Nurses’ Homes, where he thinks to make them entirely a success it is necessary to have the right people in charge. Have written to Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox on the subject.

Establishments opened
No.42 Casualty Clearing Station

Arrivals from England
Trained – 52
Chicago Unit – 33

Still sick in England since April 1915
Sisters – 33
VADs – 17

Returned during February
Sisters – 3
VADs – 2

Resignations forwarded – 6 VADs

To England
On termination of contract – 11
Invalided – 4

Leave - approximately  120