Piece numbers for Admission and Discharge Registers


     On the previous page I listed all the medical units for which admission and discharge registers survive at The National Archives.  The number is very small - only about 2% of the total number originally held, but they can still be a useful and important source of information about an individual man, or casualties from an entire unit at a particular time during the Great War. Trying to find an individual unit using the Catalogue of The National Archives can be difficult, so below you'll find the piece numbers for each unit, which will hopefully allow quicker and simpler browsing.  To navigate to any particular unit, go the the 'Search the Catalogue' page of The National Archives here:

Search the Catalogue

and then put the first reference of whichever unit you're looking for in the 'Go to Reference' box at the top left of the page.  On the next page use the 'Browse' or 'Browse from here' on the right-hand side near the top, and you can then click through all the pages that refer to that unit.


14 Field Ambulance
MH106/1 to MH106/64

51 Field Ambulance
MH106/65 to MH106/127

66 Field Ambulance
MH106/128 to MH106/154

139 Field Ambulance
MH106/155 to MH106/205

149 Field Ambulance
MH106/206 to MH106/278

3 Casualty Clearing Station
MH106/279 to MH106/432

11 Casualty Clearing Station
MH106/433 to MH106/529

31 Casualty Clearing Station
MH106/530 to MH106/780

34 Combined Casualty Clearing Station
MH106/781 to MH106/802

39 Casualty Clearing Station
MH106/803 to MH106/867

Bakharitza Detention Hospital

82 Casualty Clearing Station
MH106/869 to MH106/872

2 General Hospital
MH106/873 to MH106/1076

18 General Hospital
MH106/1077 to MH106/1220

19 General Hospital
MH106/1221 to MH106/1300

28 General Hospital
MH106/1301 to MH106/1377

85 General Hospital
MH106/1378 to MH106/1389

4 Stationary Hospital
MH106/1390 to MH106/1524

County of Middlesex War Hospital, Napsbury
MH106/1525 to MH106/1587

Queen Alexandra Military Hospital, Millbank
MH106/1588 to MH106/1791

Mrs. Mitchison's Hospital for Officers
MH106/1792 to MH106/1794

Catterick Military Hospital
MH106/1795 to MH106/1886

Craiglockhart Hospital, Edinburgh
MH106/1887 to MH106/1902

Eccles Auxiliary Hospital

Bowhill Auxiliary Hospital, Selkirk
MH106/1904 and 1905

Lennel Auxiliary Hospital

Coldstream Mains

Craiglea Annexe, Edinburgh

HM Hospital Ship 'Assaye'
MH106/1909 to MH106/1960

31 Ambulance Train
MH106/1961 to MH106/2078