I've downloaded quite a few free books over time and transferred them to an e-book reader. Below are some which relate to nursing, hospitals and women's work during the Great War and a couple from an earlier period. They form a collection of different writing styles and cover a great variety of subject matter. One or two are rather lyrical semi-fictional journeys through France and some very straight factual accounts of life at that time. They definitely won't all have universal appeal, but I've found that there's something new to be learnt in every one, and no money wasted if you don't like them. I hope all the links work, but if not they're all easy to find online.


Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front - Kate Evelyn Luard, published anonymously.
The continuation of her story, ‘Unknown Warriors’ now newly republished by The History Press

One Hundred Years of Army Nursing - Ian Hay

A V.A.D. in France - Olive Dent

Eighteen months in the War Zone - Kate John Finzi

Field Hospital and Flying Column - Violetta Thurstan

Elsie Inglis - the Woman with the Torch - Eva Shaw McLaren

Fighting France - from Dunkerque to Belfort - Edith Wharton

For Dauntless France - Laurence Binyon

The Aftermath of Battle - with the Red Cross in France - Edward Dale Toland

France in Wartime - Maud Sutton-Pickhard

My diary in Serbia - Monica M. Stanley

My War Experience on Two Continents - Sarah MacNaughtan

A War Nurse’s Diary – Sketches from a Belgian Field Hospital

A Diary Without Dates - Enid Bagnold

The Happy Foreigner - Enid Bagnold

The Sword of Deborah - Jesse F. Tennyson

Malta: The Nurse of the Mediterranean - Albert Glenthorne

The Great War and the R.A.M.C. - Frederick Sadlier Brereton

With the R.A.M.C. at the Front - Evelyn Charles Vivian

War Memories - Princess Marie de Croy

Observations of an Orderly - Ward Muir

The Uncensored Letters of a Canteen Girl - Katharine Duncan Morse

Women and War Work - Helen Fraser

A Nurse at the War - Grace McDougall

Britain's Civilian Volunteers - British Voluntary Aid Detachment Work in the Great War - Thekla Bowser

Old Glory and Verdun - Elizabeth Frazer

In a French Military Hospital - Dorothy Cator


Catharine Grace Loch, Senior Lady Superintendent, Queen Alexandra’s Military Nursing Service for India

Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands

Notes on Nursing: What it is and what it is not - Florence Nightingale